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Valerie’s Sissy

Hello, my name is Marcie and I am Valeries sissy slave. I do anything Valerie wants me to do. I love her so much even though she makes me do the most disgusting and horrible things. I still love her so much. It wasnt always like this. It started almost a year ago, right at the beginning of the school year. I just moved here and started in this school and right away, I knew things were going to be different.

My name used to be Mark and I was kind of a nerd but since I had a fairly athletic body, the jocks accepted me and let me hang around with them whenever I wanted. But I fit in better with the nerds because I was smart. I never had to study very hard because everything came so easy. That pissed my sisters off because they had to study all the time just to get average grades. The ultimate was one of my math teachers. He was really cool. He used to just make up his exams on the fly, just making up the questions as he went. Then he would use my test paper as the answer sheet to grade everybody elses. Yeah, that didnt go over well all the time.

I wasnt too difficult to look at but I was very shy when it came to girls. I really had a hard time trying to say the right thing and I would stumble over my words. Needless to say, I didnt have many dates. That is, until that one fateful day.

Up to that time, I spent a good part of my time day-dreaming about Valerie. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was also the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. Everyone understood that she was already spoken for. She and Brad, the captain of the football team, were an item and everyone just took that for granted. They must have been dating since kids or something because thats all you ever heard, how Valerie said this or Brad did that. Everything was Valerie and Brad. But to my extreme good fortune, Valerie lived right across the street from me. Yep, what torture, the most beautiful girl in the school living right across the street. I cant count the days I sat watching her come and go, sometimes dressed in her cheerleader uniform, and always making me dream about her. Oh well, Im sure it could have been worse.

Anyway, I was on my way home from school one day during the early part of the school year when Valerie yelled to me as I was just about to go in my house. She asked me if I could give her a hand. Well, you know I didnt waste a second running across the street, almost tripping over my own feet, to see what she needed. When I got there, she looked at me with those adorable baby blue eyes and asked me if I would help her out with some homework. To be honest, I would have fallen to my knees to help her do anything but I tried to remain somewhat dignified and told her that I would be glad to help any way I could. She invited me into her house and I found that the rest of her family was out doing something somewhere, didnt matter to me, I was alone with the most beautiful girl in the world.

She invited me up to her bedroom and my heart was pounding as I went through the door and looked at what was probably any typical teenage girls bedroom but I just had to examine every minute detail, hoping to catch a glimpse of some panties or bras thrown about. She just looked at me and giggled before she asked me to sit down at her computer desk.

She placed a pile of papers in front of me and began to explain that this was her homework and that she was a little late on a couple things. We sorted through the papers and it seemed that she was having more problems with algebra and trig more than anything else. Since these assignments seemed to be the most overdue, I told her that I would help her with these first. She pulled another chair over beside me and scooted real close. She acted like she was real interested in what I was doing but I didnt even get a chance to start before she put her hand on my arm and smiled at me. **** that smile, she could always make me melt with that smile.

I tried to start explaining the first problem when her hand just sort of slid down my chest into my lap. She looked at me and said, Marky, I would really like if you could just help me by finishing those up for me. And with a sweet little wink, she continued, Ill be glad to make it worth your time.

My heart was about to explode. Oh my God, I couldnt believe this was happening. Well, maybe I can, she just wanted me to do her homework for her but she was going to make it worth my while and I cant think of any deal better than that. I told her that I would be happy to help her do whatever she needed and then I looked at her with my sad little puppy dog eyes and hoped that she would take the lead and tell me what she wanted from me. I had no longer wished for it before she just started unbuckling my pants and unzipping me and I would have fallen over backwards if it werent for the chair holding me up.

I finally got up some nerve and put one of my hands on her shoulder before slowly moving down to touch her breast. Wow, she felt just like heaven. I softly squeezed her breast while she just smiled and worked my cock free from my jeans. Then she began to rub it and stroke it, making me grow hard instantly. Then she floored me when she said, my my Marcie, you have a pretty little cock. I didnt know how to take that. I never thought of myself as small. I mean, just comparing myself to the other guys I saw in the shower after gym class, I thought I was a little above average in size. And I was a little concerned about the way she called me Marcie instead of Mark or even Marky. Still, I didnt want to do anything to discourage this hot chick from touching me so I just smiled back meekly and continued to fondle her breast.

She played with my cock for a little while before she told me that she wanted me to be one of her special friends. She went on to tell me that a boy had to earn the right to be one of her special friends and that she hoped I would like to play along. At this point, she could have asked me anything so I just looked into her dreamy eyes and told her that I would do anything she wanted. She smiled and stopped touching me. She got up and started looking around her room like she had lost something. Then she told me that what she liked to do the most was play dress up and pretend that I was one of her girlfriends.

I was pretty much speechless at this point but just looking at her made everything okay. I wasnt about to do anything that might disappoint her, so I smiled and told her that I would love to play along and that anything she suggested would be great. She told me that part of earning her respect would require me wear whatever she wanted and that she wanted me to sit and do her homework wearing nothing but her panties. Stunned, I just sat thee for a moment before I slowly stood up, looking pretty ridicules with my dick hanging out of my jeans, and I began to remove my shirt. She just watched with a smirk on her face as I tossed my shirt onto her bed and sat down to remove my shoes and socks. Then I stood up again and pushed my jeans and underwear down to my ankles before stepping out of them.

I watched as she looked around and then picked up a cute little pair of panties that were lying on the floor over in the corner. She told me that she had worn these the day before and that I needed to put them on right now. I took the panties from her hand and opened them to see a small wet spot in the crotch of the panties. I slowly stepped one foot and then the next, into them. Then I looked at her as I pulled them up my legs, over my thighs, and finally, up around my waist. My cock had become pretty limp from my embarrassment and was only capable of making an unsightly bulge in the front of the panties. She told me to tuck it down between my legs before sitting down to work on her assignments.

I was a bit shocked and puzzled by what was happening but nonetheless, I sat down and picked up a page of her homework. She sat down beside me and her hand once again wandered down to my crotch, but this time, she just rubbed the panties on my cock and smiled while she placed her chin on my shoulder. She made it very difficult to concentrate but I managed to work through the first couple of problems on the first page that she had to turn in. Valerie seemed very pleased with my efforts and offered to get us some drinks while I finished the first page. I worked quickly to get through the rest of the problems and finish the first page just as she was returning. She handed me a glass of orange juice and watched as I drank it. Then she told me that I had done enough homework and invited me to come over to the bed for my reward.

I was still quite embarrassed about being dressed in nothing but her panties but I watched in awe as she started taking off her shirt. Opening it and slinking it off her shoulders, she revealed an incredibly pretty little bra holding her beautiful breasts. I couldnt take my eyes off the pretty lace that held her so tenderly and she took full advantage of that. She crawled onto the bed and propped she herself up with her pillows before she wiggled her finger and motioned for me to join her. I climbed on the bed and moved up to kiss her but she stopped me and told me to lie down beside her. She began to fondle me through the panties again and she helped straighten out my cock so it could poke out above the waistband. Then she continued to stroke and rub me until my cock was straining and my breathing became rapid. The she got up on her knees and I watched as she undid her jeans and wiggled out of them. I felt like I was in heaven. I just stared at her pretty panties as she swung a leg over my chest and sat on top of me.

I felt like I was looking up into heaven as I looked up at her magnificent body sitting on my chest and her pretty smile gazing down on me. This had to be the best minute of my life so far. She looked into my eyes and with all the warmth and sincerity I could imagine, she told me that she wanted me to please her now. With that, she worked herself forward, moving one knee at a time, over my shoulders and bringing her wonderful pantied crotch with an inch of my mouth. I could smell the luscious aroma emanating from her panties and I couldnt wait to feast on her. I knew what she wanted and I wanted it as much as she did. I immediately started kissing all around her upper thighs and across her panties, which were still hiding her most feminine treasure. Once I had kissed her directly on her pussy a couple times, she aligned herself and pressed her pussy into my mouth. I began to suck on the material of her panties and I could taste her deliciousness. She moaned a little and reached down, taking a finger inside the leg opening of her panties, and stretched them to one side, exposing the treasure I had only dreamed of till now.

She was completely shaved and her pussy was so soft and pink and I just wanted to be lost inside it. My tongue reached up inside her and I hungrily lapped and sucked, trying to capture all the essence of her femininity. She started pressing harder and working her pussy into my mouth. She was almost smothering me but breathing didnt seem important to me, as I was tasting the essence of the most perfect supreme love. I just wanted her in me, in any form, and however she wanted.

She worked herself to a shuddering climax, making me drink all the love that drained from her body, before she rolled off of me and lay down beside me. I wanted to crawl on top of her and put my cock in her but she put a hand on my chest and held me still. She told me that we havent gotten that far yet and it would be some time before I was allowed to do that. She could sense the frustration I felt and she reached down to fondle me and quickly brought me back to a raging hard on. She kept going, rubbing me faster and faster, until she could see me start to twisted and strain. She wrapped her hand around my cock and pumped it really hard, making me spurt rope after rope of gooey sticky sperm up across my stomach and chest. After she pumped me dry, her fingers quickly dove into the mess on my stomach and I just watched as she scooped up as much sperm as she could gather on her fingers and she brought it up to my lips. I didnt want to comply but I felt compelled to do so as she wanted so I opened my mouth and allowed her to stick her slimy fingers in my mouth and I sucked the sperm from each of her fingers. Over and over, she scooped up more sperm and fed it to me until she finally just smeared the remainder around my face. Then without any feeling, she told me that I had to go because her folks would be home soon.

I got up and started to remove her panties but she stopped me and told me that she wanted me to keep them and to make sure that I wore them to school the next day. She told me that she was going to check on me and that I had better behave and do what she says or I wouldnt get any more rewards. I had no intension of displeasing her so I pulled my jeans on over the panties, put my shirt on and said goodbye. I left her house and crossed the street to my own house just in time for dinner. I sat down to eat with my sisters and mom and I totally forgot that Valerie had rubbed my cum all over my face. My mom and sisters gave me a bunch of funny looks but nobody said anything so I just finished dinner and went to my room to do my own homework. That night was filled with the hopes and dreams of a million teenage boys. I must have jacked off a dozen times before I fell asleep, exhausted, still wearing Valeries panties.

To be continued¦

Part Two: The Next Day

Going to school the following day was tormenting. I saw Valerie chatting with her girlfriends and I approached to say hello. She was laughing and introduced me as Marcie, which embarrassed the hell out of me. I wanted to correct her and tell them all that my name was Mark but she and her friends were all laughing at something really funny and said they had to go because they were in a hurry. I just watched as they walked away, occasionally looking back and still laughing hysterically.

I spent the rest of the day constantly being reminded of Valerie because of her panties holding my cock. I tried to be careful not to bend over in front of anyone so they wouldnt catch a glimpse of the panties sticking out above the waist of my jeans. I didnt have PE on Tuesdays or Thursdays so I didnt have to worry about that on this particular day. Toward the end of the day, I saw Valerie again and I asked her if she needed help with her homework again. She told me that she wanted me to come over to her house at four oclock. I was walking on air as I finished the day and headed home. I knew that there was a good chance that I would be scoring again so I ran nearly all the way to my house so I would have time to get cleaned and ready for our date. I was still wearing the panties that she gave me as I sat watching the clock until it was time to go over to her house.

When I got there, I knocked and she answered the door dressed in her cheerleader uniform. I just stood in the doorway mesmerized, looking at what was the most perfect fantasy a teenage boy could ever have before she told me to come in and close the door. I followed her up to her room just like an obedient puppy and I sat down at her desk. She showed me another pile of papers and told me that if I wanted, I could just take them home and do them later. It seemed like she was more interested in playing than doing homework. I was not about to discourage her in any way and I was willing to anything she asked because, hell, she was the most popular girl in school and here I was, getting to be in bed with her, I mean, isnt that every boys dream?

She told me to get undressed while she went to get us something to drink and returned shortly with a glass of orange juice for me and a soda for herself. I thought that was a little odd but I wasnt going to complain so I drank the OJ under her watchful eye. Then I watched as she slowly did a strip tease for me and when she got down to her bra and panties, she climbed on the bed and invited me to join her. I didnt try to assume anything and just laid down beside her, letting her control the situation. She took the initiative and climbed on top of me, rubbing her sex all over my body before working her way up to my face. It wasnt long before she was smothering me once again and bathing me in the pure sweet essence of her delicious femininity. At some points, I thought she was going to suffocate me and Im sure she could sense the panic in me as I began to wriggle and buck, using my hands to try and lift her but she had too much leverage holding onto the headboard and just forced herself down against my mouth. With her knees across my shoulders, I was pretty much at her mercy and I think she enjoyed seeing me struggle like that. I couldnt complain though, because this was as close to heaven as I ever wanted to be. She pretty much directed the action but I could tell when she wanted me to suck and nibble on her clit and when she wanted me to reach up inside her and lick as deep as I could. She rocked back and forth, mutilating my face and driving herself to several explosive orgasms before she slowly crawled off my chest and lay down beside me.

Once again, I was forced to lay there while she worked my cock with her hand until I couldnt hold back any longer and she said, Thats my good little Marcie, let it all out, thats a good girl. Hearing those words come from her shocked the hell out of me but it also made me shoot harder than ever before. I dont know whether it was the first or second spurt, but one shot landed on my chin. I was panting and out of breath. Who was I to complain about what she calls me? I just experienced the must shuddering climax of my life. I could feel my heart beating a hundred miles an hour. I couldnt imagine being happier or more satisfied because I just got to taste Valerie even if I was lying there in a pair of girls panties eating my own cum. When she was done feeding me, Valerie made sure I had a new pair of panties to wear home and again, insisted that I wear them to school the next day.

It didnt dawn on me till I got home but I had PE the next day. Oh god, I was in real trouble. I just couldnt defy this wonderful girl but I couldnt wear panties to PE. I mean, I had to take a shower afterwards with all the guys and how would I be able to hide the panties. ****, I would have to think of something. I mean, I had to wear them. The following day, when it came time for PE, I figured I could slip in early and slip back out before the other guys got in the shower. If I was quick enough, I could keep my little secret hidden. I found it wasnt too difficult and I could pull it off a couple days a week and being with Valerie definitely made it worth it.

After my last class, I saw Valerie outside talking with her friends and she told me she was busy but then she asked me if I was behaving. I wasnt sure what she meant but my face started to turn red standing there in front of her friends while she smiled at me. Then she just reached down and rubbed my backside and said, I hope Marcie is being a good girl, before she started laughing. Then she told me that I could help her the next day, and to be ready when she called. She and her friends walked away laughing while I just stood there embarrassed and red faced.

I went home somewhat disappointed but then I was shocked when one of my sisters threw a letter at me and said she thought it was from Valerie across the street. It was a large envelope and you could smell a certain fragrance that I quickly recognized. My sister just stood there a second waiting for me to open it but I tried to act like it wasnt important and just tucked it in with my books and papers. She gave me one of those sly smirks and walked away. I ran to my bedroom and tore open the envelope to find another pair of worn panties with a note saying, Be a good little girl and wear your panties for me. Needless to say, I fell asleep with visions of Valerie dancing on my brain.

I woke the next morning and quickly accessed the horror of my situation. My bedroom door was wide open and I knew my sisters had to walk right past it on their way to the bathroom. And there I was, lying on my bed, no blankets, dressed in nothing but Valeries panties, and dried cum all over my stomach. Oh God, I felt like I was becoming lost in this web but at the same time, just thinking about Valerie made me want to do anything she asked.

I took a shower and got ready for school and was quite relieved when my sisters didnt mention anything. I did catch them looking at me and smiling but I tried to play it off and act like everything was just fine. Besides, I had offered to do the dishes last night so my older sister could get ready for a date. I just wanted to do whatever I could to keep things peaceful and calm, and especially to keep them from getting too nosey.

The next day, I got to visit Valerie after school to help her with her homework. At least, this is what I told everybody. It seemed logical and nobody had a problem with it so I figured our little secret was safe. This became the routine for weeks and I was getting quite good at getting all her homework done as quickly as I did my own. Valerie seemed a lot happier, probably because she was getting a lot less static from her teachers for not turning in her assignments late but I liked to think that it was the way I was satisfying her almost every day. And for some reason, I was becoming a lot more compliant and easy to get along with around everyone, including Valerie and my own family.

As it turned out, and without me having any idea, Valerie was feeding me strong doses of female hormones. I learned much later that she and her best friend Beth, spoke in great detail about how her mom was on HRT and that Valerie wanted to see if she could take a boy and turn him into a wimpy little sissy with them. So she found a place online where she could order placebos that looked identical to her moms hormone pills and she was then able to switch them with her moms pills and keep the real hormones for her own use. Her mom was periodically retested and upon finding extremely low hormone levels in her blood, she was given even stronger dosages. This left Valerie with a constant supply of very powerful female hormones.


So, without my knowledge, I was the subject of an experiment by this wild cheerleader and I had no idea how many other people knew about it. It wasnt until recently that I found out that Valerie told Beth that she didnt want me to turn into a girl. She wanted my balls to stay intact so I would remain conflicted, thinking of myself as a boy that was forced to dress like a sissy. So she varied the times and amounts that she gave me the unsuspecting glasses of OJ to try and make me develop just the way she wanted. She had told Beth that she wanted me to grow small breasts that I would have trouble hiding, even when I had to, but large enough to be undeniable when exposed, with or without a bra on. She figured that during the course of an entire school year, I would develop enough to never be able to get away with wearing a guys swim trunks again. She wanted me to have to wear a girls swimsuit by the next summer. I had no idea of her intensions, of course, and I never questioned the drinks she seemed to always be offering me.

Whats more, I had no idea that Valerie had used black nail polish to cover the little red LED on her webcam and that our little episodes in her bedroom were being broadcast live, over the Internet, almost every day, after school. Of course, that would explain why all of her friends would laugh hysterically whenever they saw me. It never occurred to me that the computer was on and working because she just switched the monitor off to make it look as though the computer was in standby or something. It turns out she had planned and prepared this whole encounter with quite a bit of forethought. I was the laughing stalk of the entire school and I had no idea what was going on.

After a few more weeks, Valerie said she wanted to try something new. She wanted me to sit there, at her computer desk, and do her homework there, while she did something else to me. So she got me all relaxed, in her panties, sitting there working, and then, she showed me a breast pump. She told me that she wanted to apply the pump to one of my nipples and see what it did to me. I couldnt refuse her so she set it up and in a minute or two, I felt my nipple being distended into the pump and the strangely awkward feeling of having my breast pumped. Of course, after about five minutes, it began to hurt some and I complained but Valerie insisted that a little pain was a small price to pay for the reward I would receive. After ten or fifteen minutes, it was extremely painful but Valerie told me to concentrate on her homework and try to ignore what she was doing to me. I was in agony by the time she removed it and then I had to go through the whole ordeal again on my other nipple. I had no idea what she was trying to do but I was in love and I was willing to let her do anything to me. If I had only known that all her girlfriends were watching me getting my breasts pumped, I would have died right there.

After she tortured my breasts for what seemed like hours, I got to get in bed with her for my reward. It started out pretty much the same but then I got the surprise of my life when after she was satisfied and it was my turn, she produced a dildo and told me that I had to practice on it if I wanted to cum. So with one hand, she stroked my cock while the other hand was working the dildo in my mouth. I felt very bad about letting her put that thing in my mouth but I couldnt do anything that might make her upset with me and end our little relationship together. I let her pump the dildo in and out of my mouth while she worked my cock up to its usual conclusion. Then she surprised me by dipping the dildo in the puddle of sperm on my stomach and making me suck it from that cock. As embarrassing as it was, she made it seem so natural and I just couldnt say no.

Valerie had things to do a couple days a week but we kept up a regular schedule at least four days a week and often times, on the weekends too. One day, when I showed up at my appointed time, she called me up to her room and told me that she had been waiting for me a long time. She went on to say that she had been playing with herself and she really needed me because she was so horny. My heart jumped at the opportunity to be really needed so I striped down to my panties and climbed onto the bed and in between her legs. I buried my face in her luscious pussy and sucked her so sweetly. She must have been playing with herself for a long time because she was so juicy and swollen. I just loved licking and sucking her. She was the most delicious girl in the world.

It turns out that the joke was on me again because she had already talked to Beth and she had everyone watching the webcam. Whats more, Brad had come over right before football practice for a quickie. It turns out he was good for that, just a real quick one two three and he was out of there. I had no idea that Valerie told everyone that I was going to get my first taste of Brad that day. Without knowing it, I sucked Brads sperm out of Valerie and she just smiled at me while I did it. I had to follow that up with dildo training, which was getting more severe each time. She would work that thing in and out of my mouth while she played with my cock but every once in a while, she would shove it real deep into my throat. She told me that she loved me and she didnt want to hurt me but I had to learn to take it real deep sometimes. Most of the time, I would choke and gag but she tried real hard to teach me to swallow the end of it so I could take it down my throat and hold it there. What I sight it must have been to everyone watching on his or her computers.

Even when I was done with that, I still had to endure my breast pumping session and it soon got to the point where my nipples were very distended and tender and pumping them made them ache. Valerie saw how much my nipples were bothering me and she told me that she wanted to help me. So she produced a bra and told me to try it on. My first thought was to leave but I just couldnt give up what we had together so I submitted and tried it. I was really embarrassed letting her help me into a bra but I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt and I found out later that it did prevent my shirt from rubbing against my nipples and actually made my nipples feel a lot better. I hated to admit it but it did feel very good. I was really afraid of letting other people see me wearing a bra because it was very difficult to hide under my shirt. I could just imagine what my sisters would say if they saw me dressed this way. But it did feel really good and somehow, it felt natural and it was what Valerie wanted so I just had to do it.

So, starting then, I was sent home wearing a bra and panties. I asked Valerie how I was going to avoid getting caught wearing a bra and panties and she told me that I just needed to be more helpful at home. She went on to explain that from now on, I should do all the laundry. This way, I could make my mom and sisters very happy and I would have a chance to wash all my panties and bras the same time I washed theirs. By this time, I had amassed quite a collection of panties and now I was going to be adding bras to my wardrobe. Once again, I didnt know that Valerie had already talked to my sisters and told them some of what she was doing. Mainly, she told them that she was teaching me to be more compliant and helpful and that they could soon take advantage of this and start using me to help themselves as well.

Things seemed to progress just as Valerie wanted and I was just falling more and more in love with her. My sisters noticed this but they were very supportive because I was doing the majority of the housework and making their lives much easier. If they noticed that I was wearing a bra at home, they didnt say anything even though my breast development was becoming pretty evident. It was getting near Christmas time and I was looking forward to the break from school. PE was getting more and more difficult because the development of my chest was much more than I could explain away and it was very difficult to hide all the time. Valerie tried to console me and said it was completely normal for some boys to grow a little bit in that area during puberty but that it would go away. But I was getting concerned because now, I could easily overflow in an A-cup bra. To me, there was no denying that I had girls breasts because I could feel them move about as I walked or did anything. I was really getting concerned because I was beginning to feel much more comfortable wearing a bra even if it was only at home.

To be continued¦

Part Three: The Turning Point

It was during the Christmas break when Valerie finally broke the news to me. She told me that she wanted me to come over but that she wouldnt be alone. When I got there, I found Brad was waiting there and that they had already been messing around. Valerie was running around in nothing but her panties and she dragged us up to her bedroom before she let the bomb drop. I was upset but I tried to remain calm and Valerie had me drink a glass of OJ to relax. Then she told me that she wanted to see me in my underwear. I told her that I couldnt do that while Brad was there but she insisted. Then she told me that everybody had already seen me dressed that way. She turned on the monitor on her computer and I could see myself on the screen. It only took a minute for me to realize that the webcam was on even though there was no indicator light to let you know it was on. Then I realized that it could have been on the entire time I was visiting Valerie and I just about collapsed with embarrassment and fear.

Still reeling from the humiliation, Valerie insisted that I get undressed right then and there. I was trapped and what could I do? I slowly removed my shirt revealing my pretty bra holding what was most certainly a pair of pubescent female breasts. That got a whistle and a few comments from Brad before I removed my jeans and showed Valerie and Brad my sexy panties. Brad said that I needed to start shaving my legs just like a girl and that he wanted to see if my training was coming along okay. I didnt catch it right away but then it dawned on me that Valerie had told him that she was training me on the dildo. Then Valerie looked at me and said, Thats right Marcie, I want to watch my sissy sucking on that huge cock. I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. I must have been dreaming. She couldnt have just said what she said. But then, she told me that everyone had been watching me eat Brads sperm for weeks now and that I ought to be used to it. Once again, I had to hold onto a chair to keep from falling over. My life was over, at least it was over in the way I thought it should be.

Valerie walked over and stepped behind me only to push on my shoulders and force me down to a kneeling position. Then Brad stepped up to me and Valerie told me to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. Then she made me kiss it and then put my mouth on it. From there, I felt Brads strong hands on the back of my head, driving his mammoth cock into my mouth and down my throat. Thank God for that dildo training. Valerie had me turn and she repositioned Brad so that my profile and what I was doing could easily be seen on the computer. I could only imagine how many eyes were watching my performance that night. I was reeling with embarrassment and my legs felt like rubber but not wanting to disappoint Valerie and wanting to get this over with quickly, I sucked real hard while Brad fucked my face and was soon, I choked and gagged as I was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm which I was forced to swallow to the applause of both of them.

When I had sucked Brad completely dry, Valerie told me that she was sure that everyone who watched, had enjoyed the show and that it was common knowledge that I was a sissy so, from now on, it was okay for me to start wearing my bras to school every day. My humility and manhood couldnt have been tromped on any worse than what I felt at that moment. I felt like I was left with no choice so I conceded and told Valerie that I would come to school wearing a bra and panties under jeans and shirt. She just laughed and told me that I could do that for now but soon, she would help me pick out all my clothes.

Valerie sent me home with tears rolling down my face. When I walked into the house, my older sister and both my younger sisters were sitting there like they were waiting for me. I expected to get attacked for being such a pervert and a sissy but instead, they sounded very supportive. They tried to console me and told me that everything would be okay. They said that everybody already knew not to give me a hard time and that they would help protect me at school. I could only imagine what I would be facing the next time I had to face my classmates. I was sure that it would be useless to try and act like the guy I use to pretend I was. I had to face the fact that I was a sissy and that everyone knew it.

To be continued¦

Part Four: The Final Humiliation

I thought my whole world was turned inside out and I didnt know what to expect from that point on. I looked to Valerie for guidance because I really didnt know what to do or how to act. She still seemed to like me and she even let me please her on a regular basis but she wasnt returning the favor quite so often. You see, it was taking me a lot longer to get hard and her hand would get tired before I would cum. So sometimes, she would make me masturbate myself while she watched and everybody else watched on her webcam. She still made me eat all my cum, on top of eating all of Brads cum every time they hooked up.

I became used to answering to the name Marcie at school and I was very surprised that I wasnt being picked on more by the other kids. It was becoming painfully obvious that I was wearing a bra even when I tried to hide it under a bulky shirt. The teachers, who once regarded me as a teachers pet, now looked at me with disgust and tried to pretty much ignore me. I felt like the laughing stock of the entire school but still, I got to visit Valerie a few times a week and that seemed to make it all worth it.

My sessions with Valerie changed a bit as she started experimenting with a strap on and using me in the most indecent ways. After I would lick and suck her to her hearts delight, she would fit herself into a strap on and fuck me angrily. It soon got to the point where she would fuck me until I would cum all over her bed. Then she would lie there and laugh at me while I licked it up. She noticed that she was able to make me cum on several occasions without my dick getting hard. Just the strap on rubbing up against my prostrate would induce me to ejaculate through my soft limp penis. That was really humiliating and she saw how much it affected me. After that, she started experimenting with other toys and finding ways to make me cum at will without every getting hard or experiencing any kind of climax. She called it, milking her sissy. And she loved doing it and even did it in front of Brad while he watched and mocked me, calling me a sissy ***ot and a cocksucker.

It was getting close to the end of the school year when the day came that Valerie told all her friends that she wanted to prove that she had complete control over me and that she could make me do anything she wanted. So, she was going to make my soft limp cock sperm and soak the crotch of my pretty panties, just like a girl, while I was sucking sperm out of another cock. I was unaware of her plans when she bought me what looked like bridal underwear that included a garter belt and stockings, along with the prettiest bra and panties I had ever seen. The panties were fairly full cut and made of the purest white silk that you could almost see through but not quite. The bra had so much lace and I think it was a B-cup because it fit me perfectly. Putting on the underwear made me feel like a princess and a total slut but it felt so good and natural at the same time. After she had me dressed just they way she wanted, she put some lipstick on me and had me kneel on a little pillow. She had a camcorder hooked up to her computer and I could see myself on the screen. She spent quite a bit of time getting a couple lamps set up just right and focusing the camera on me before she asked Brad to join us. On the computer screen, I could see myself kneeling there, looking like a slut in heat. What the camera didnt reveal was that Valerie had positioned one of those vibrating eggs up my ass, resting directly against my prostrate. She had the wire coming out of the back of my panties and the control tucked into the back of my garter belt.

She told Brad to stick his cock in my mouth and she told me to start sucking him the way I was taught. I had to use one hand to cradle his balls while the other hand stroked his long hard shaft while I sucked him like a lollipop. I was suppose to keep my eyes open and peering up into Brads eyes while he cradled my head and occasionally gave me those real deep thrusts that left me choking and gagging for air.

I guess Valerie had audio set up this time because she began to narrate the action. She started calling me the most horrible names and telling me that I was nothing but a dirty little cock sucking whore that got off on drinking sperm. She kept moving all around Brad and me using the camcorder to catch every bit of the action. She asked Brad if I was sucking him okay and he could only moan that if felt great to him. She made sure to catch as many shots of Brad shoving his cock into my throat as she could.

Valerie kept going on and on about how I was totally useless except for draining cocks and made a point of getting some close-ups of my obvious breasts. I mean I had enough cleavage to make it a no brainer that I had as much up there as the average girl my age. Then she told her audience that she was going to offer the final proof that would reveal that there could be no argument that I was a total sissy. Even though it may be possible for her to coerce me into sucking cock, there was one thing that would ultimately prove what I really am. Then from between Brads legs, she focused in on the front of my panties. All you could see on the screen were these beautiful white silk panties with the obvious bulge of a limp cock tucked down in the front of them. She told Brad that as soon as he was ready to cum, to reach down behind me and turn the control to the vibrating egg on. Brad laughed and made a few more deep plunges into my throat before I felt him bend forward. His bending that way forced his cock deeper into my throat and all you could hear was me coughing and gagging on his cock. Just then, I felt the vibrating start and my legs began to tremble as my body wriggled and churned. Brad started to pump his load into my throat just as I listened to Valerie exclaim to everyone that she had the proof right here. Watch the sissy cream in his panties! He loves drinking sperm so much that he just fills his pretty panties with sissy cream.

Then Valerie zoomed in on the rapidly growing wet spot which quickly became nearly transparent because of how thin the silky white material was. It was easy for anyone to see the end of my limp cock, nestled in the crotch of my panties and how the cream just oozed out in regular pulses. It was obvious what I had done. There was no way to ever deny what I had become. There I was, gagging on a sperming cock while I filled my own panties. It was crushing to think that all of her friends and countless other people were watching me do this. Who knows, maybe even my sisters had seen my performance. Regardless, I was going to spend the rest of my life living and doing exactly what Valerie wanted me to do.

I was afraid to go to school the next day. What if some guy told me to kneel and suck him? I didnt know what I was going to do. All I could do is hope that Valerie would protect me and tell everyone that I belonged to her. Thats what I would say, I would tell anyone who gave me a hard time that I belonged to Valerie and that they had to see her if they wanted me to do anything. Giving myself a little feeling of relief, I got ready to go to school. It was ridicules trying to find a shirt that hid my breasts. The bra made me stand out just enough that I couldnt hide them. I had to go to school displaying the fact that I wasnt really a guy anymore.


When I got there, the torture began early as girls that I didnt even know would walk up to me and say things like, Very pretty panties, its a shame you made such a mess in them, here, this might help, and they would hand me something wrapped in soft pink plastic. I opened it to reveal a full size Kotex. My heart stopped beating for a moment and the tears just rolled from my eyes. This is what I was reduced to. I looked around to see everybody laughing at me. I was sure that I would get killed before the day was over.

Then I ran into Valeries friend Beth. She smiled warmly and gave me a hug, but then I felt her hand moving back and forth across my back. She was playing with my bra straps while she told me that there was a party tonight and that she wanted me to ask Valerie if I would be able to go. It was difficult to speak at all but I managed to squeak out an, Ill ask her, in a wimpy girly voice.

I went to class and sat near the rear but then I got to see everybody turning to look at me and I had to listen to all the laughing and hear the cruel jokes going around the room. I tried to lean forward and hide my breasts but it was no use. People would walk by me and I would feel a hand on my shoulder and it would always find a bra strap. I could hear wolf whistles and cat calls as I walked down the hall and often times, I would feel a pinch on my ass of even my breasts. I felt like I was in a daze, not knowing which way to go.

When I saw Valerie, she told me that she expected me to be at that party tonight. It was going to start just after the big game and all the football players were going to be there. She told me that I needed to come over to her house to get ready and to make sure I was there by eight. I figured that I was just going to be paraded around as Valeries sissy and that I would probably have to perform some pretty embarrassing things for her. I didnt want to go but I also knew that I didnt have a choice.

I managed to get through the day and show up at Valeries just on time. She was acting very sweet and made me take a bath with her. Of course, I had to lick and clean her till she was very happy so it wasnt too terribly awful when she had me shave my legs and splash on some perfume when we were done. I started to put on my panties and bra but Valerie stopped me and told me she had already chosen my outfit for tonight. Then she showed me a cheerleaders uniform that matched the rest of the teams. I felt dizzy and I thought I was going to pass out as she handed me a pair of ruffled panties that I was sure didnt go with the regular outfit. Then I put on the remaining parts of the uniform and when I stood in front of her mirror, I stared at a boy wearing a girls cheerleading outfit and I broke down into tears.

Valerie sat me down and dried my tears. She held me for a little while before she told me that we had to hurry and get ready to go. My hair had grown long enough for her to put two pink ribbons in it, giving me cute little pigtails on each side. She put some pink lipstick on me and told me to keep the tube of lipstick with me because I would need to reapply it quite often. This went right over my head, as I was quite lost in the moment. After she finished getting ready, we walked, hand in hand, down and out to her car, and were off to the party.

When I got there, Valerie started dragging me around, introducing me as Marcie, her darling little sissy. It seemed like only a half hour or so when most all of the team had arrived and Valerie announced that it was time to start the entertainment. Thats when I was lead into the biggest room downstairs and left standing in the middle of the room while Valerie got out her camera and started taking pictures. Then she told the guys to start and suddenly, I was overwhelmed with hands and arms, reaching out and grabbing me, pushing me down on my knees. Then my eyes almost exploded when I saw several huge cocks right in front of my face. Somebody behind me grabbed my head and held it while the first huge cock aimed straight for my mouth and moved in. I was in no position to resist so I just opened my mouth and accepted what was about to happen. I felt my skirt being lifted and my panties being pulled down. Then I felt that warm soft sensation of a cockhead searching for my hole. I had one cock pumping in and out of my mouth while I felt another one violate me from behind. Soon, I was lifted into the air and was suspended between these two cocks, one pumping me from each end and only their hands holding me up off the floor. They pumped together, forcing themselves deep into me and I was helpless to prevent any of it. I could hear the laughter and applause as I was tossed about like a rag doll and fucked mercilessly. One after another, I felt cocks explode inside me. The ones in my mouth made sure that I drank every bit of sperm pumped into me. And my backside felt like it was on fire but it also felt like I had to go to the bathroom real bad. I knew my backside was just bursting full of sperm.

After I had sucked every cock on the football team and they had their way with my ass, I was left lying in a heap on the floor, in the middle of the room, right in front of everyone as they laughed and continued their party. Valerie came over to me and acted as though she wanted to help me. She made me get up on my hands and knees and then she had me lift one of my legs up in the air as high as I could. Then she showed me a tampon and pushed it up my ass. She told me that she didnt want me dripping sperm all over their carpet so I had to wear the tampon the rest of the evening. Then she just laughed at me and told me to behave until I was needed again. I just sat on the floor watching everybody else laughing and having a great time while my stomach churned from eating so much cum. My bum felt like it was burned with a torch but I still couldnt help sitting there admiring the pleats in the skirt of my pretty little costume.

The night ended only after I sucked every cock at least once more and leaving with my stomach bursting full of sperm. Valerie told me that she was very proud of me and that I would make a good substitute cheerleader. She told me to go home and wash the uniform so I could wear it to school the next day. When I got home, there was no hiding any of this from my mom any more so I tried to explain what was happening to me. But I ended up just telling her that I didnt want to be Mark anymore, that I wanted to be Marcie because I thought she could deal with that better than the truth. She just shook her head and ignored me so I just went to my room to change. I ran into two of my sisters and they were appalled at the way I was dressed and took the opportunity to make fun of me while I got ready for bed. I found a pink nighty on my bed that I was sure one of them had left for me and I just put it on as though it was the normal thing to do.

I washed and dried the uniform before I hit the sack and started reminiscing over the events of the day. When I fell asleep that night, I dreamt of all the cocks that I had tasted and I pictured Valeries pretty face, smiling at me, and calling me her sissy. But I really just focused on the word hers because belonging to Valerie still seemed to make it all worthwhile. I wasnt going to be a girl. I was going to be a boy, Valeries boy, Valeries sweet sperm drinking sissy boy, and this is what my life was now. From that day on. I was definitely Valeries sissy slave.

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