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The Wish

My name is Andy. I have always had a fantasy of me being a very pretty and shapely young girl. Ever since I was a kid, I used to steal my sister’s panties and night gowns so I could secretly dress up.

I had built a tree fort deep in the woods behind my house so I could hide my treasures there and dress up when ever I wanted. I would fantasize about being the Maiden trapped in a castle and being rescued by a knight in shining armor.

As I became an adult and got out on my own, it became easier for me to have my little stash and hide away place to put all my favorite girl clothes. When ever I was alone, I would even sleep in a baby doll night gown I had always thought was cute.

I had gone to a party one New Years Eve. We had all had just a bit too much to drink. There were several of us sitting out by the pool in the dark watching the stars. We noticed a falling star. One of the girls with us said for all of us to make a secret wish.

I did … I wished I could be a very beautiful young girl.

Just about that time, the falling star exploded into a beautiful shower of reds, blues, yellows, and greens. It lit up most all the horizon very brightly before it faded away. We all sat stunned at this heavenly display of pyrotechnics.

One of the guys noticed it was exactly midnight and made a joke about the Gods tossing the first fireworks to usher in the New Year. We all laughed and forgot about it as we went about partying and watched the fireworks others were setting off.

It had gotten really late and I had decided to walk home instead of drive. I knew I had a bit too much New Year’s cheer for my own good and thought it best. Besides, a nice walk home is always best to clear the head.

About half way home, I noticed a woman sitting under a street light on a bench. She had on an almost transparent sarong. It was tied with what looked like a golden belt. She had long very light brown hair and sandals.

As I started walking near, she turned and noticed me. She stood with a grace that was poetry in motion and looked at me.

She said in a voice like music, “Hello, is your name Andrew?”

I was stunned. No one had called me that since mom did when I was in trouble as a kid.

I asked, “How did you know my name? Have we met before?”

She smiled a beautiful smile and replied, “We have met, although I really doubt you would remember. My name is Dianna. I have been waiting for you to come by.”

I was extremely surprised. She was waiting for me? I felt a chill run up my spine. She was fabulously beautiful, but I was slightly leery now.

I ask, “How did you know I was coming this way?”

She replied, “You left the party because you had too much to drink and you didn’t want to drive. The quickest way to your house is this way. I wanted to talk with you and here was the perfect place.”

It was more than obvious that she had no weapons. There was no where she could have hidden them. The outline of her very shapely form was more than visible through the sheer material her sarong was made of.

She said, “don’t be afraid, I just want to go home with you and talk.”

I was more than willing to have a woman this beautiful come home with me. I wasn’t afraid. She was beautiful like a Goddess.

I said, “Sure, I live over there about 1000 meters.”

She followed me slowly along the walk. She had taken my hand as we walked. I could feel an aura seemingly radiating from her. She had on a perfume that was so soft and delicate, yet so attractive. I was really becoming intoxicated with her before I got to my house.

We entered and I showed her to the sofa. She sat gracefully as I went into the kitchen to get us some more to drink.

We sat and sipped our drinks and talked. I really enjoyed talking with her. She was more than intoxicating. Even with all I have had to drink, her presence was more intoxicating still and took me to even deeper realms.

I don’t know how, we had started to kiss and caress each other. Her hands were magical. She knew exactly how and where to touch me to induce exquisite pleasure. I was putty in her soft hands.

She whispered so softly in my ear as she caressed my chest. It felt heavenly. My chest tingled and felt so wonderfully strange. She kissed me and caressed my face so softly. It was like being touched by an angel as my face tingled every where her fingers touched.

I was in heaven as her hands caressed between my legs. I was totally helpless. The experience was beyond anything I could ever hope to describe. I felt so wonderfully strange all over my body. I could feel waves of pleasure radiating everywhere.

I heard her ask a question. Tell her my most heart felt deepest wish … I didn’t even think, I answered. I heard her tell me my wish has been granted and not to be afraid that everything has been taken care of.

I drift off into the most exquisite sleep I have ever had.


I wake slowly. I feel more than wonderful. My body tingles all over and I feel brand new.
I sit up and then it hits me … This room. The bed … where in the world am I??

I am in a very nicely decorated girl’s room. I see teddy bears and dolls on top of a very nice Rosewood Dresser. I see a vanity with all the necessities. In the mirror, I see a very pretty young girl, with shoulder length light brown hair, and a most surprised look on her face looking back.

I quickly take the covers off. I am wearing a babydoll night gown just like my favorite one. I am not male anymore. I am shocked.

I jump out of bed and go quickly to the door. When I open the door I get a terrible sense of dejavu. This is my parent’s house. I haven’t been in this house since I was a kid. I hear noises from down stairs.

I quietly descend the stairs. When I go into the kitchen, I see my mom making breakfast. She was young again. I am totally mind blown. She turns and sees me.

She smiles and says, “Good morning Andreea, how is sleepy head this morning?”

I didn’t know what to do or say. I am totally stunned. Mom just smiled and handed me a plate.

She says cheerfully, “Cat got your tongue this morning?”

She bends and give me a kiss on my cheek then continues, “Guess you should go wake your brother. We will be off to the lake in about 2 hours. I bought you that new bikini you were wanting. Now’s a good time to wear it. You can wear the terry romper over it till we get there. Now hurry, your father will be back shortly and you and your brother need to be ready.”

She swats me playfully on my bottom and takes the plate back from me. I stand stunned for a second longer, then run upstairs. At the top landing, I realize the room I was in was my sister’s room. I find my hand is over my mouth as the realization set in. I am now my sister. I can’t believe it.

I walk up to the door of what used to be my room. I know how I used to act when my sister came unbidden into my room. I am slightly afraid, I almost know what’s coming. I knock on the door.

I say sweetly, “Andy??”

I hear a young male’s voice say very irritatedly, “What is it, sis?? Can’t you leave me alone??”

I giggle. I can’t help it. I know now my wish was granted and who Dianna was. She’s the Goddess Dianna. I am totally disbelieving. I am also over joyed.

I say sweetly, “Andy! Mom says you have to get up. Dad’ll be back in a few minutes and we have to be ready to go to the lake.”

I hear him say amid loud bumps and slams, “What? Darn!! I stubbed my toe.”

I giggle again. I know even what he tripped over. It was my … I mean his back pack that was always lying in the floor right by the closet. I never understood why I always left that stupid thing right there to be tripped over. At least I won’t ever do it again. It’s not mine any more.

I ask, “Are you all right?” And rattle the door knob.

He shouts, “Stay out girl. You know you’re not allowed in my room. Besides, I don’t have on any clothes.”

I giggle again. I am ecstatic. I say, “Mom says hurry and get ready to go to the lake. Dad will be back soon and breakfast is ready.”

I hear him mumble, “yea, yea, ok.”

I’m a girl!! I absolutely cannot believe it!! I run back to my room and shut the door. I look at myself in the mirror. I am as beautiful as my sister was. I giggle some more.

Mom said she had bought me a new bikini. I was actually going to go out as a girl. I am more than ecstatic.

I open my dresser. I see panties and bras folded neatly in the top drawer. In the next drawer, I find night gowns and stockings. All mine! In the 3rd drawer, I find my romper and the new bikini mom bought.

I take the romper and bikini out and put them on the bed. I take off my nighty. I tie the straps and slip the top on. I put the cups over my budding young breasts. It feels heavenly. I make adjustments in the ties. I tie the straps to my panty and put it on. It fits perfectly. Mom knew exactly what size to buy.

I look at myself in the mirror. If I were still a boy, I would definitely want to find some way to go out with me. The bikini looked fabulous on me.

I stepped into the terry romper and zipped it up. I put my sandals on and went down stairs to breakfast.

I start the first day of my new life as a girl. I am more than happy and quietly thank Dianna in my heart for granting me this wish

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