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The Transformation

I don’t know how it was done, all I can recount is what happened.

It all began years ago when my girlfriend Lisa and I were on a date early one Saturday afternoon. We were driving through the county to my hideaway cabin in the woods to have some time alone together. She was dressed very sexy in her tight hot pants and halter top. I kept looking at her out of the corner of my eye and thinking how lucky I was to have found her

It was a surprise when she asked to go to the cabin with me for a week. She was extremely excited to see all the land and the lake area. I had walked in and seen some of the cloths she was packing and knew there was more on her mind. I of course had been wishing for her to make love to me for a long time

Every chance I got, I would give her a little kiss. She had just reached over and begun to rub my inner thigh when we heard a roaring noise like a large jet plane was crashing on our heads or a huge something anyway. What we saw was a space ship of some sort fly rapidly, and very erratically, across the road in front of us. There was a short space of time, then a very large flash of light followed by a roaring rush of hot air that was powerful enough to force my car off the road and blister the paint on Lisa’s side of the car.

I made sure that Lisa was not hurt, boy, she was cute in her tight fitting blouse and short shorts, then went off into the woods to see what was left of the object. I found it sitting askew on the ground in the middle of a burned out circle over 100 yards around. All the trees and brush on the outside of the circle were blasted and had the look of being caught in the middle of a hurricane.

As I entered the area, I could still feel the heat caused by its landing seeping through the souls of my shoes and could feel a cold sweat breaking out on my body from the intensity. For a time, it became warmer, until I reached within 20 feet of the craft. There, the heat had dissipated and I could feel a little coolness seeping from the hull of the ship.

There was a mist curling out of several nozzles in evenly spaced locations around the hull. The mist created a very light cool fog that made it pleasant instead of hellishly hot. I found an opening into the hull

however, it looked more like this hole had been blasted and was not intended to be there. I peered in, seeing nothing out of the ordinary and being the adventurous sort, I climbed in.

With my heart in my throat and blood pounding in my ears, I walked down the corridor to my right which ought to take me foreword to what my common senses told me should be where the cockpit ought to be. The look of the place told me that some sort of calamity had been going on and the landing was more than likely done as a controlled crash.
I came to several bulkhead doors and they opened with a swooshing sound. I came finally to a door that opened into a little room, which I entered. the door closed behind me and a voice spoke in a language I had never heard before. The voice startled me so I fell against the door which promptly opened with a whoosh and deposited me on my keester in the corridor again.

I sat for a time thinking about who or what would be talking to me and wondering why they had not come after me. It finally dawned on me that the room had a good chance of being an elevator and the voice wanted to know what deck I wanted to go to. I got up, rubbed my sore butt and entered through the door again. Again the unintelligible voice spoke and became silent. I looked around and saw only one button on what looked like an intercom. There was a bar running around the room about waist high with what looked like rubber hand grips evenly spaced around it.

I put my hand on one to see what it felt like, the voice spoke again.

This time, a section of the wall seemed to become transparent then became a map. I couldn’t read the words, although I did figure that the red blinking dot at the bottom of the shaft was where I stood, and the blue dots that were moving off in 3 directions were the directions I could travel.

I said aloud, ” Boy, I hope I’m not getting into something I can’t handle.”. Again, the voice spoke, ” handle?”. There were some mechanical garble noises.

The voice spoke again, “Something you can handle?”.

Feeling strange I replied ” Yes, so I wont get into trouble.”

The voice replied in my language ” You are on manual control. turn the handle toward you to go down, away from you to go up, twist left to go left, right to go right, and return handle to center to stop. Vehicle will automatically stop when further progress is no longer possible.”

I happened to look at the map again and found that the words were now readable.

I asked the voice “Can you take me to the bridge?”.

The only response was the door opening and the voice saying ” Bridge.”.

I looked out and found the corridor had changed. I exited the elevator with a whoosh and slowly walked foreword toward another bulkhead type door. This door opened onto a room that dazzled me for a second. It was like walking into the control room of a submarine or a huge aircraft. I felt foolish because that was exactly where I was and, oh well, humans are stupid some time don’t you think?

I looked around and found a very beautiful young lady lying across a control panel. Her seat belt had broken and she bashed her head on a view screen and broke the screen and cut herself very badly. I undid the rest of the belts and bandaged up her head with a strip of cloth from her torn clothing.

I looked at the control panel and saw red lights coming on one after another, and gages going into the red on what was the high end of their scale while others went to the low end of theirs.

Buzzers began to sound and a voice, speaking in the same unintelligible language began to repeat some thing over and over. I noticed the fourth word changed about once every minute and the hair on my neck began to stand up. I remembered some of the Science Fiction movies I liked so much and realized that the ship was getting ready to explode or catch fire like in the next few minutes.

Picking up the young lady, I carried her through the bulkhead door into the corridor. The events here had changed for the worse. Large fires were burning causing smoke to choke the corridor. There were devices spraying a foam onto the fire that didn’t seem to help much. I took her aft and entered the elevator.

The voice was speaking my language now and was saying, “Evacuation safety margin fifteen.”. I said, “Take me down to where you got me!”. The voice replied, “Unknown destination, please repeat. Evacuation safety margin fourteen.”.

I grabbed the handle and turned it toward me as hard as I could. The door opened with a whoosh and the voice responded, “Cargo deck one. Evacuation safety margin thirteen.”

I looked at the manual control map on the wall and the blinking red dot was at the bottom of the shaft. I turned and ran the best I could with my load toward the rear of the ship and the hole I remembered being there.

By the time I had gone through the second bulkhead, there was a very large explosion ahead of me that bucked the ship so badly I fell to the ground and banged my own head. I must have been fuzzy for a minute, because the problem was critical when I regained my senses. The bulkhead between me and safety was buckled in such a way as not to open. the only thing to do was to return to the elevator and try to bypass this area and come out on the other side.

The fire was an inferno by the time we reached the elevator. The door whooshed shut behind me and cut off the searing heat. Another explosion farther away could be heard booming through the ship.

The voice said, “Evacuation safety margin eight.” I thought to myself that this is one I got myself into I might not get out of. I looked at the map and noticed that many of the previous destinations were no longer accessible by elevator and that others were continually vanishing from the map.

I said aloud ” Take me to cargo deck one, loading bay one.”.

The door opened with a whoosh and the voice said, ” Safety evacuation margin now three, all egress hatches are blown, mandatory self destruct now in progress.”

Good thing I was in the corridor, because at this point the elevator shuddered severely and became a big hole with large flames bursting out of it. I saw an opening to the rear and ran as fast as I ever had even with the young lady draped around my neck.

Just as we reached safety, I jumped behind a large rock. Some of my lower body was exposed when the bulk of the ship blew. Oh God how it hurt! I remember lying on what was left of my back and seeing the young lady looking down at me with horror on her face. I also saw Lisa looking at me with the same look. Things became a little fuzzy, and I’m not real sure what happened except that someone arrived who Lisa was deathly afraid of.

They took us all to some sort of aircraft and the last thing I remembered was Lisa screaming something about Aliens and kidnapping and then deep swirling darkness over took me. No more pain, just darkness.

I awoke enough to tell that I was in a hospital room of some sort and that people in white were dashing all around. I could see Lisa sitting in a chair in a corner out of the way. She looked strange and had a weird look in her eyes. It was almost as if her body was there but her mind wasn’t.

The beautiful young lady walked up to me and looked at me. The wounds on her face were bandaged and clean. There were a few burns on her hands, but nothing really serious.

She said to me, ” My name is Jennifer. I want to thank you for saving my life back at the crash site. I would have died if you hadn’t gotten me when you did.”, she looked at Lisa and continued ” don’t worry about her, she’s in shock. Our Doctor is very good and she’ll come out of it fine.”.

She looked at me with a very worried look and said, ” It’s you that has all of us concerned. Your body sustained a tremendous amount of damage when the ship blew up. We can repair enough of you to keep you alive on the support machines, except your body won’t truly be living.”.

She pulled down the covers and what I saw almost made me pass out. My head became fuzzy for a minute and I could feel something being injected into my neck. After a second, my head cleared. I looked back down and saw my insides all contained in a clear container of some sort connected to a machine. I had one arm, a neck, and my head sort of intact. She held up a mirror and showed me the left side of my face had been replaced with some sort of shiny substance. Fortunately, my eyes were unaffected.

I asked, ” what will become of me now? I have no body, and by God, I don’t remember this kind of technology any where on earth.”.

She smiled and said ” No, this technology doesn’t come from Earth. We come from a place so far distant that your telescopes couldn’t ever pick up a glimmer of light. There is something we can do for you. Unfortunately, you may not like the end results. I am the only one who can grant you this because I am the daughter of the Ruler of my planet.”

I asked her, ” What can you do to change this? Am I going to become some sort of living machine?”.

She laughed and replied, ” No my friend, You will have a very much flesh body, however because of the distance we have to travel and the urgency of your injury along with the time limit involved, I guess you will have to live with it.”

You mean I have no choice!?” I gasped.

“The only alternative choice you have is a living death in which your cells slowly deteriorate away until you are nothing but a lump of jelly supported by a machine. In another few hours, that will be the only choice you have.” she replied calmly, “and I’m sure that isn’t what you want.”

I felt something being injected into my neck. It was hot and hurt a little. My head began to get extremely fuzzy.

Before I went out she said ” when you awake, don’t be alarmed at the strange perspectives you observe things from nor the end results. I and your friend will be there to help you adjust.”.

At this point, I fell into a soft darkness.

To see yourself from someone else’s eyes, or just to see from another place that which used to be you. It is a dream, yes, nothing else. What I saw couldn’t have been real, could it? I mean things like that we just don’t have the ability to perform… but she said they weren’t from here!

Oh, my God, this isn’t a dream, I can see what’s left of my body through some sort of glass! That man, he… he’s holding my skull in his hand! I want to scream… I can’t scream, no mouth, he has my mouth attached to my skull. Oh God, What have they done to me? I’m worse off than I was before.

I’m almost out of my mind! Got to get a grip, Jesus, I’m… I’m loosing it really bad. Can’t close my eyes no face only… only what? What am I? They notice me, they look very concerned. I can see one of them pushing a machine over to… me? I see his hand go above my perspective and then I hear… voices in my…head? No, in my mind.

The man said, ” Hello Larry, I’m Doctor Pptyre. Don’t try to talk, it isn’t possible at this point in the procedure. Try to calm down. We realize that this is something totally with out comparison in your life. We are monitoring your brain activities and are communicating with you through direct neural induction. As soon as your brain has stabilized from the removal (did he say removal… Oh God… I have nothing now!) we will be able to give you some thing to allow you to sleep. We are giving you a small dose of a tranquilizer to help you cope, try to relax.”

I feel calm now, no panic, much better. I see someone pushing a table into the room. Someone is lying on it, and they have them covered with a sheet from head to foot. I can see the rise and fall of the sheet, so I know they are not dead. Judging from the form of the sheet, this is a female. When they remove the sheet, I see a very beautiful and very young girl. She has a blank expression on her face. The top of her head is removed and a machine is wired to the inside of her skull. I can see the top of her head in a small clear container filled with some kind of fluid.

A sort of panic starts to rise in me, just as quick, something causes me to calm down. Boy, I feel real good at this point. I see Dr. Pptyre put the girl on a table and start doing something inside her head. I can see her twitch and wiggle every once in a while and see the people nod approvingly. They look at me, They move towards me, I suddenly realize what’s coming next… ” Nooo…! Don’t, I can’t be…!”.

Sleep. Sweet, soft, sleep intermixed occasionally with strange sensations, twinges, and some strange pains.


Soft light, softer voices… can’t quite understand… they aren’t speaking a language I can understand. It sounds familiar, like a dream from long ago… can’t quite place it. I open my eyes, things are unfocused, my head swims strangely, I feel very strange. I’ll try to turn my head…oooh, bad idea… feel nauseous, I’m gonna be real sick.

One of the people talking comes and puts a hand on my head.

They ask gently, ” Would you like us to give you some thing to help the vertigo kitten?”.

Kitten? who’s she calling kitten? Too sick to worry about it.

I mumble, “Please, I’m… I’m very sick.”.

My voice sounds really strange… still, too sick to worry about it now.

The lady says softly, ” I’ll be right back. Don’t turn your head, it only makes it worse. It will pass shortly and you will be OK.”.

I feel a needle prick in my arm. My stomach quickly settles, my dizziness doesn’t recede though. I open my eyes and try to focus, extremely difficult at best. I see the lady I pulled from the ship that exploded.

She leans down to me and says, “Don’t try too much right now. You’ve just awakened from major surgery and the shock hasn’t worn off yet. By tomorrow, you’ll start feeling a lot better and will be in for a real surprise. I’m giving you a little gift.”

With this she placed a necklace around my neck. It was a beautiful choke collar with a clear stone in it just like the one she was wearing except the stone in hers was red with white and blue swirls moving in it. She kisses me on the forehead and leaves me.

A necklace? Too sick to remove it or to even wonder about it. A surprise? Everything that’s happened has been surprising. Wow, what a dream I had… it was so… so real. Was it a dream? Could it have been real? Naaah, I was banged up real bad in the explosion and all that was a hallucination… but, it seemed so real… still feel too bad to worry about it right now. I’m starting to feel better though. I’m very sleepy, feel so strange, I’m… going back to sleep… Rest, the best thing after major surgery right?

I awaken at what seems to be a very early hour. All the lights are turned low and the only noise I hear is the soft buzz of a machine on one wall. It’s almost too dark to see and I have to go to the bathroom. I turn my head, a slight swimming sensation but nothing I couldn’t handle. As I sit up, I notice that I’m dressed funny and that my body feels very strange. I couldn’t explain it, but as I sat up, I could feel a major difference.

I look at myself in the soft darkness, I can see I am dressed in a soft, sky blue baby doll night gown.

“what kind of stuff is this?” I thought. ” They must have a real bad case of sick humor.”

I continue looking down and notice that I have bumps on my chest. I feel them to see what they might be and the realization dawns on me.

“My God!! It wasn’t a dream, what I thought I saw was real!” My head begins to swim… don’t think very clearly, must find light to look at my self. I get up out of bed, center of balance is wrong, must grab hold of the bed to keep from falling at first. Balance comes quickly. I see a door and walk toward it. There is soft light coming from around the frame. I open it and walk into a room with much electronics in it.

There is light here. I look down at myself and see that I am a very shapely young girl dressed in a very appealing baby doll night gown. My hand goes slowly to my crotch. I slip my fingers into the panties only to find that I am truly a girl. An electric tingle goes up my spine as I touch the spot where my clitoris is.

Someone is in the room with me, I turn and see Lisa. I feel extremely embarrassed. Lisa says,” Don’t be afraid, I’m going to help you to adjust to being a girl. They put these collars on us so that I am your playmate and you are my pet.”

I see Lisa’s collar. It’s just like mine except that the stone is dark blue with red and white swirls.

“We have no control over when they activate them, but we will love each other very much. Jennifer is the Princess that you saved, and she wears one of these collars too. It seems that since you saved her life, you have the right to make love to her and try to make her pregnant. Since your body was destroyed in the explosion, it was decided that she also will become your and my pet. I will be the dominant one in the relationship.

” I tell Lisa, ” I have to go to the bathroom.”. She takes me by the hand and leads me there. She pulls down my lacy string bikini panties and I see that I am really a girl!

I sit on the toilet and relieve myself. Ohhh, what a relief. I stand and Lisa wipes me very gently. I see my reflection in a mirror, and the stone in my collar is clear with red and blue swirls moving within it. I see my beautiful young face looking back at me. My hair is golden yellow and my eyes are emerald green. I turn and look deep into Lisa’s eyes and feel myself falling into them. She pulls up my panties and holds my hand softly.

I feel very strange as something opens my soul and pours information in. I see Lisa feels it too. My name… it’s… it’s Amy… No, please… can’t help myself… things are becoming my way of thinking… can’t control… Soft, understanding, and loving. Lisa takes me back to my room and holds me close as I cry my heart out while the collar reprograms me to be the little girl that is Lisa’s and Jennifer’s loving pet.

I beg Lisa to bring this madness to a halt. She looks at me very strangely and says “I love you Amy.” . I’m feeling words enter my soul that are not my own. No, please, don’t… it’s, it’s taking away what I am and making me something else.

Lisa moans and a tear drops from her eye. She smiles at me very tenderly and unbuttons her blouse then takes off her bra. I hear her mumble, ” I’m a girl… oh, please don’t, I love Amy very much… not like that.” I see a strange look come into her eye as she looks down at me and smiles very tenderly again.

I feel it now. A soft feeling of love entering my soul. I look deep into Lisa’s eyes and feel a warmth spreading in my crotch as I fall into the deep blue of them. I need her to kiss me… to, to kiss me and hold me. Her soft lips touching mine, I gasp, I’m in deep passionate love at this point… can’t help myself.

I gasp out,” Lisa, please love me, I need you.”

Lisa kisses me again; her tongue darts into my mouth. I relax and intertwine my tongue with hers. Her arms are around me, her hands are on my bottom, and I can feel her rub down between my legs. A strange sensation comes from this. I, I’m almost helpless in her arms. What… what’s happening to me? Lisa gently lays me on my back, I open my legs slightly with an excitement growing in me. She gently puts her hand on my knee as she kisses me passionately again. Her hand glides slowly down my thigh to my crotch. She rubs my eager virgin vagina, I let out a squeak as it catches me by surprise.

My hands go to hers and I feel so strange… I can’t resist… I’m all hers. My hands rest on hers as she gently starts to massage my clitoris. It sends electric tingles up my spine, I feel a strange sensation in my chest… wait… my breasts are getting hard… my nipples are standing up and I can see them through the gown I’m wearing.

Lisa whispers to me, “Amy, I love you very much. Please don’t be afraid. I’m… I’m going to make love with you and sleep the rest of the night with you.”

I whisper shyly back, ” Lisa, please be gentle,”, I wrap my arms around her ,” I’m all yours… I… I can’t resist.”.

She smiles and touches one of my nipples. This gives me a most exquisite sensation of pleasure.

I look at her and say, ” I freely give my love to you Lisa. I love you very much.”

I see her slowly unzip her shorts… a thought comes to mind of how much I wanted her to do that before… the thought becomes foggy as before is a very far off and dim memory of something all but forgotten. A joy of expectation fills me as her shorts come off and fall on the floor. She is wearing lacy white string bikini panties.

My hand goes to her crotch, she gasps and looks at me with a surprise on her face. She wraps her arms around me and holds me as she kisses me passionately. My gown top comes off and I can feel the cool of the room on my erect nipples. I’m in love… I’m excited beyond control… she takes off my panties… I feel strange, her hand is… it… it’s… unh…unnnh, oh, my! Her finger is… it’s entering me.. feels so strange to have this happen.

I want to push against it and feel it in me. I whisper again, ” Ohh, Lisa I love you so much!”

I push against her finger, it hurts… but it feels good all at the same time. I’m so wet there I worry if I’ve wet the bed. Lisa takes her finger out of my vagina… her head is between my legs, I can feel her tongue lapping at me. She wraps her arms around my legs and holds them open. She opens the lips of my eager vagina with her fingers. Her tongue laps deep into me. I’m out of control… It’s extreme pleasure… I feel a building then an explosive release as I cum for her. I can’t help it, I cum again. I look down and see Lisa with a big smile on her face as she rubs one of her shapely breasts against my clit. I’m very excited and cum for her again.

Lisa and I hold each other as I cry softly in her arms. She gently rocks me back and forth as the voice in my soul continues to change me into a young, sexy, and loving girl.

My hand goes slowly to her vagina, she gasps as I penetrate her with my finger. She’s so soft and warm there… it’s getting so wet. She lies back on the bed and opens her legs… a strange sensation overtakes me… I go between her legs and start lapping at her clitoris with my tongue. I see a strange look in her eye that melts away to love, and then she cums for me too.

I penetrate as deep as I can with my fingers… I open the lips of her beautiful vagina, I lick her lovingly and she starts to moan… just when she starts to cum again, I hear that voice in my soul… makes me feel strange… tells me to push my fingers deep into her, into the obstruction… I feel a tearing sensation with my fingers, she gasps, a look of rapture intermixed with surprise and pain. I hold her gently as she weeps softly. We kiss often and drift off to sleep.

Just before I go to sleep, I feel Lisa’s finger gently penetrate me, I moan softly.

She kisses me and says, I love you very much Amy.

I drift off to sleep at this point with a full feeling between my legs where Lisa’s fingers are gently probing.

I awake and find Lisa gone and that I have my gown on again. The memory of the night before still fresh in my mind and body. I still tingle all over from it.

The room now looks like a bedroom. I see the door where the bathroom is and feel the need to bathe. I look in the chest of drawers in the room and find only clothes a girl can wear. Some of the clothes in there and in the closet are just plain the sexy. I don’t select any, I just go into the bathroom and take off the baby doll nightgown I have on and put it in what looks like a laundry slot.

The water of the shower feels great. I make it a little warmer and feel the spray on my young breasts. Ummmm! This feels great.

I turn and see Jennifer taking off her clothes. She has a beautiful shapely body. I catch myself as I start having a fantasy about her. I can feel the voice whispering in my most secret place in my mind. I can’t control or stop it from changing me or making me do or think things.

Jennifer seems to know what’s on my mind and says ” It will change you into the person you would have been if you were born female. I know it’s hard to handle sometimes. The only exception is that Lisa is our playmate and we are her pets. She loves you very much Amy. I too will love you very much.”

She steps into the shower with me. I feel excited and embarrassed all at the same time. There is a very strong attraction to her. She looks into my eyes, I try to turn away, but I feel I’m falling into her soft brown eyes. A strange look in her eyes changes quickly into one of love. I feel the warm feeling in my soul too. A familiar tingle and warmth in my crotch tells me I’m her’s as well as Lisa’s.

She takes the washcloth, soaps it real well, and begins to lovingly wash my body. By the time she is washing between my legs, I must be kissed. Our lips meet, her tongue is in my mouth, and I intertwine mine with hers. My arms are around her and I feel very much in love with Jennifer. She takes her hand and runs it slowly down my back to my bottom. I feel her taking my bottom in her hands and gently squeeze. This excites me very much as I feel her breasts against mine, her shapely body pressing against mine.

We step out of the shower and she takes the large fluffy towel and gently dries me off. She had brought some clothes for herself which she carries out with us. She lays on the bed and pats the bed beside her. I can’t resist, I go and slide into the space beside her. She wraps her arms around me and we kiss again. Her mouth goes down my neck with little kisses until she reaches my young breasts. She suckles them passionately which brings moans unbidden from me. I… I feel her hand on my stomach… it sort of tickles.

She… She’s… Ummmh! Ummmh! Ummmh! Her finger… Ummh, is penetrating me Ummmh! Ummmh! Li… Like when Lisa… when we made love. I want to push against her finger. It still hurts some but it feels real good too. She’s more aggressive than Lisa, but I like it.

Jennifer says, ” Relax.

With this, she lays back and opens her legs. I sit up and look at her.

She says, ” I love you very much Amy.” This makes me feel strange, She continues “I am most grateful you save my life.”

Then my heart opens and I truly love her too. I can feel the same words in my soul as with Lisa. I lap at her clit with my tongue until she is about to cum. Just as she is on the very edge, I thrust my fingers deep into her vagina, into her obstruction. There is a tearing I can feel with my fingers. She gasps, there is a look of rapture and pain on her face. She takes me in her arms and kisses me passionately.

I whisper softly, “Jennifer, I love you very much.” Our lips meet in a soft loving kiss. I’m laying on my back and Jennifer is between my legs. Her tongue is lapping deeply into my eager vagina. I feel a building inside me… I’m out of control… madly in love… can’t help myself… I cum for her very hard three times.

I find myself between Jennifer’s legs. I’m lapping deeply into her. She’s moaning and cums for me too. I do it again and get her to cum two more times before we hold each other and weep softly together. We whisper our love and kiss often.

She finally gets up and puts on her cloths. she opens my drawers and selects a pair of black bikini panties and a very sexy jumper. She helps me to dress and puts a small ribbon in my hair which give me a pony tail. I go and look at myself in the mirror and I’m as cute as I can be.

I turn and look at Jennifer, we hold hands as we walk out of the room into the next with all the equipment. Jennifer tells the Technician something in that strange language and we leave to see a new world.

I walk out into bright sunlight. It is warm and the air smells like fresh rain. There are flower beds every where and I see parks and trees teeming with birds, butterflies, and small things that look like fuzzy balls with tails. We walk hand in hand down a side walk through a stand of trees to a small pond by shallow stream.

Lisa is there sitting sweetly on a blanket reading a book. She is dressed much like me. My heart leaps for joy. I call her name and run towards her. She stands up and holds me tight and we kiss passionately.

Lisa, I gasp, ” I love you so. Why didn’t you wake me when you left this morning?”

She replied, ” Because Jennifer wanted to make love with you too.”

Lisa then whispers to me ” About ten minutes ago, I… I became mentally strange.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She said, “Well, It was like I became a baby girl in my heart again. It’s strange and I feel like a little girl again. My other thoughts are becoming dim.”

I say,” Don’t worry about it Lisa, I still love you regardless.”.

With this, we all play on the grass, run, jump, and tumble like young girls are suppose to.”

I see a bed of flowers down by a small pool. They make me feel good. I’ve never been attracted to flowers before. Now, I feel a definite attraction. I think of Lisa and Jennifer and pick some extra for them to enjoy. I look in the pool and see my reflection. I am an adorable girl. I am as pretty as Lisa and Jennifer.

My eye spots a small fish in the water that was looking back at me. This tickled me in my heart. I saw some very beautiful butterflies flitting around the flowers I was picking. Their colors brought me much pleasure.

I finally get a large bunch of flowers and have butterflies flitting all around me. I giggle sweetly. This tickles me in my heart too.

I go back to where I left Lisa and Jennifer. When I get there, I see Jennifer holding Lisa and kissing her passionately. I find a clear spot in the grass under a tree and sit to watch.

I feel strange as I see Jennifer undoing Lisa’s jumper. Lisa moans softly as Jennifer slowly rubs her between the thighs. Lisa looks strange as her jumper slides down to her waist and Jennifer slowly caresses and kisses Lisa’s young firm breasts.

I watch as Lisa’s panties come off and Jennifer is between her legs lapping with a passion. Lisa is on her back, gasping with pleasure. There is a strange look in her eye as she cums for Jennifer.

Lisa turns her head and sees me watching. A longing look comes over her and I can almost hear her calling to me to come and do this instead of Jen. The call becomes very strong and I stand and start to move towards them. I have very strong feelings for Jen, but I know how Lisa is feeling. I would rather make love to Lisa.

Jennifer seem to know this without looking up. She stands and goes to the stream and wades in nude.

I approach Lisa and kneel beside her and she takes me into her arms. I ask if she enjoyed Jennifer’s love making and she said it was great, but not anywhere as good as ours. With this, Lisa untied my romper’s shoulder straps and gently pulled them down to reveal my young breasts. Gently she kisses them. My nipples get very hard and sensitive.

I begin my new life as a girl who is loved very much by the girl who was my fantasy since grammar school.

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