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The Journal Cultural and Social History Volume 15 Issue 4 Paperback October 2018

Price: 4.49 GBP

The Journal Cultural and Social History Volume 15 Issue 4 Paperback October 2018


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Cultural and Social History

The Journal of the Social History Society

Volume 15

Number 4

October 2018



From scholarship Boy to Social Historian: J.F.C. Harrison (1921-2018):

An Appreciation Rohan McWilliam

Physical Attractiveness and the Female Life-Cycle in Seventeenth-Century England 

Tim Reinke-Williams

 ‘Fear of Giving Offence Makes Me Give the More Offence’: Politeness, Speech and Its Impediments in British Society, C.1660-1800 

Elizabeth Foyster

 Experience and Experiment: The Domestic Cultivation of Silkworms in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland

Leonie Hannan

 ‘Mothers Have Become Monsters’: Danger, Distress and Deviance in British Evangelical Depictions of Indian Motherhood, 1757-1857 

Andrea Major

 In Loco Parentis, Corporal Punishment and the Moral Economy of Discipline in English Schools, 1945-1986

Andrew Burchell

 Feminism, Masculinities and Emotional Politics in Late Twentieth Century Britain 

Lucy Delap

 Popular Politicians: The Interaction Between Politics and Popular Culture in the Netherlands,1950s-1980s

Harm Kaal

Book Reviews

The Littlehampton Libels: A Miscarriage ofJustice and a Mystery About Words in 1920s England,

 by Christopher Hilliard  

(Reviewed by John Carter Wood)

Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media, 

edited by Anca L. Lasc, Georgina Downey and Mark Taylor

(Reviewed by Clare Taylor)

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