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It had been a mild warn day. 5 young girls between the age of 6 to 9 years old played in Raven Wood Park of Raven Dale.

A local old village area, the sort that not many people know about. The girls were playing on the swings, on the slides and on the roundabout.

A gang of ten lads. all with back packs on their backs, came strolling through the park. The gang was made up of one 16 year old boy, three 15 year old boys, three 14 year old boys, two 13 year old boys and one 12 year old.

The leader of the gang was called Ali Hassan. He had been born in India, but had been brought up in England.He had long jet black hair, raven black eyes and was of medium build.

Most of his gang were the same, apart from the youngest member of the gang, who was skinny. Ali was black in skin colour, not brown. His mother was of African origins, her gene pool was more dominant than his father’s. Ali smiled as he saw that all of the girls were all wearing short, pretty frocks.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A bunch of pretty girls in pretty frocks. Let’s see what kind of pretty underwear you are all wearing.”

Ali’s gang all smiled as they began to surround the girls with no means of escape. In turn, each lad grabbed a girl, whilst the other boys began to rip off the girl’s dresses.

“Hey, this girl is wearing a pair of saucy, red satin knickers” remarked Paul Copperfield. He was an American, He was 15 years old and had short blonde hair and navy blue eyes.

“Hey this girl is wearing a cute floral print pair” remarked Chang Lee. He was Chinese, he was 14 years old and had short black hair, greased with hair gel, and he had jet black eyes.

“Boring.” All chorused the other lads uninterested. “Say, this girl is wearing a very cute pair of pretty frilly pink knickers.” remarked Mark Bentley in snickering delight.

Mark was the one who was skinny, but he was however, a spoilt posh brat that could even annoy a nun, Worse than that, he was also a perverted geek too.

Mark had short curly golden blonde hair, which made him look almost like Shirley Temple, he also had baby blue eyes.

All of the lads turned to look at the girl in question, who was forced to turn around for all to see It was not long before all of the lads did terrible and despicable things unto those innocent little girls.

After they had finished their terrible deeds, the lads had left them all naked. Mark had taken the pair of pretty, frilly pink knickers for his sordid collection.

He had put the knickers into his back pack. Then the lads had ran off, they had some place to be at and on time. The place in question was Hallows Manor, and it had the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in all of England.

But such claims had been debated, and there was no conclusive evidence either way, to prove or to disprove if the manor truly was haunted. The manor was in the middle of nowhere, with the only access to it being from a lone country road.

An investigative team of ghost hunters had gone to the manor, only to claim that the manor was utterly empty, which completely had contradicted other claims that it was a fully furnished, but abandoned manor house.

The investigative team’s evidence had been tampered with or so they claimed, but no one actually believed them. But one claim above all made by a an 80 year old man, had been the most wildest and the most outrageous claims of all time.

The man in question was called Henry Baxter, he had very white hair, but no beard to speak of, but according to him this was because of what had happened to him, his claim was that the house was evil, it was possessed by ‘Devil Dolls.’

They had been little girl dolls, who curse wicked naughty boys, he had been a boy once until he was turned into a little girl doll and that he had been that way for hundreds of years.

Henry Baxter’s claims had an obvious flaw, due to the fact of his physical age, when he had been questioned about this, his lame excuse was ‘Doll years are completely different to physical years.’

The dolls had released him after being such a good little girl doll for so long. Suffice to say that Mr Henry Baxter was not only disbelieved, but he had been put into a mental ward in Raven Dale General Hospital.

Ali had been determined to prove for himself that Hallows More was haunted and he had roped his friends into joining him for an overnight stay there, hence the reason for the gang of lads carrying back packs on their backs.

The only quickest way to get to Hallows Manor, was a short cut through Raven-Wood Park, across Moore land, then onto the lone country road with the turn off point, a drive-way up to the manor itself.

As Ali and the gang now approached the entrance up to the manor house, they all looked on in fear and awe, as Hallows Manor was very Gothic in design, that it looked like it was the manor right out of The Adom’s Family Movie.

It had gone unusually dark, the very moment the gang had left the little girls all naked and in tears. It had only been mid afternoon and it had been a nice warm day, the sun had been out, the sky had been blue and there had been very few clouds aroun.

The sky had suddenly turned black, clouds had appeared from nowhere, heavy laiden, yet rain had not fallen, there was a cold air around the gang of lads, as they all went down the drive-way towards Hallows Manor.

There was a flank of big Gothic looking glass windows at the front, with a heavy set black Gothic looking door in the centre.

To Ali’s surprise there was curtains that hung down, he walked over toward one of the windows to see if he could see what was inside, but the closed curtain was one of those Victorian like heavy thick velvet red curtains, like the sort you get in theatres, as in music theatres.

Ali could not see through the curtains. “Say, someone find me a brick to smash this window with.” The gang gladly began to look around for a brick or anything that would get the job done, but to no avail, there was not a single solid object to be found.

“Sorry Ali, we have looked every where, honest and we can’t seem to find a blody thing.” Replied the gang in alarm. “What?” Ali gasped in utter disbelief . “Oh come on guys there has to be something around here.”

“There isn’t, we swear.”
Ali could hardly believe his ears, he sighed as he took off his back pack, then his waterproof jacket, which he wrapped around his right fist and he swung at the window with all of his might.

Much to his shock, the window did not smash, it did not even crack, Ali blinked in disbelief. “What? No way! That window should at least be broken.”

“Not so.” Uttered Mark pompously. “That is a good old fashioned solid crafted glass window, the sort that were made to last you know.”

Ali wanted to punch Mark in his smug arrogant little face, but decided against it, he went over to the front door and tried to open it or force it open instead.

Ali’s hand clasped around the the black carved odd shaped door handle with all of his might and he braced himself against the door. But no matter how hard he turned the handle putting all of his weight against the door.

It would not budge, or brake open. “What kind of a f… door is this?” Mark was only too happy to reply. “That door is of solid good craftsmanship, made to last, like the glass window.”

Ali turned to face Mark with a fierce stare. “One more remark like that from you Mark and I will see to it personally myself that you end up wearing those pretty frilly pink knickers that you have in your back pack.”

Mark looked as though he was going to burst out crying, but he didn’t. Ali let out a huge sigh. “Man this is disappointing, come lads, let’s go home.”

“Yeah, good idea.” Remarked Ian McMillan, he was 15 years old and he was Scottish, he had short brown hair and dark brown eyes.

“Yeah, let’s all go back home.” Agreed Mahamid Hassan, he was 14 years old and he was Ali’s brother, they both looked identical apart from Ali looked older, the gang of lads all turned around and began to make their way back up onto the lone country road, disappointed that there was no way into Hallows Manor.

They had not gotten all that far, when suddenly, those dark looming clouds burst wide open, streaks of lighting ribbon-ed across the dark sky, a heavy thunder roared like a demonic beast and a savage wind cut right through the boys heavily drenched, soaked wet through clothes.

“Quick… back to the manor.” Shouted Ali above the roar of thunder just to make himself be heard.

“But Ali, we can not get into the place.” Replied Roy Stevens, he was American, he was 13 years old, he had short Ash Blonde hair and Milk Chocolate Brown eyes.

“May I suggest something?” Asked Mark timidly, as he did not want Ali to carry out his threat “What?” Snapped Ali in anger. “There is the matter of the back door that we had neglected to try out.”

Ali just simply slapped his forehead in annoyance. “Darn, I should have thought about that in the f*** first place, come on.”

He shouted to his mates, the gang of lads followed Ali as they all made a mad dash back to Hallows Manor, they immediately went round to the back of the manor and sure enough, there was a a back door which was oddly blood red.

It had a an odd Golden shaped handle, Ali turned it and the door opened, the gang of lads all rushed inside, Ali closed the door behind him.

“What the f*** is this?” Ali naturally enough as did his mates, had at least expected to see a kitchen, with the room being at the back of the manor, or perhaps a dinning room, a room that one would expect to find at the back of any house.

But the room everyone had entered into was filled with wall to wall Victorian style made, display cabinets, their shelves were all filled with little girl dolls, they were the size of an average sized porcelain doll.

Each cabinet had gold guild-ed brass handles, each and every little girl doll was wearing a Victorian like frock with frills on and lace.

“This seems to be some sort of a display room, though it is rather an odd place to be.” Remarked Mark. “I warned you.”

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help.”
“Do me a favour, shut up…” Ali went over towards one of the display cabinets, he opened one up and took out a little girl doll.

It was dressed in a pretty frilly pink dress with pink lace trim, it had short puffed sleeves, he then turned the doll upside down.

His lips pursed into a slight smile, as the little girl had on underneath her dress, a pair of pretty frilly, pink, plastic pants, but underneath this was a miniature sized nappy.

Ali looked mortified and confused. “What the…”
“Oo… cute, but those are wrong.” Remarked Mark as he pointed to the frilly plastic pants.

“What are you talking about?” Enquired Ali in annoyance. “That is a Victorian dressed doll, it should be rightly wearing frilly drawers.”
“Oh, and how would you know.”

“I do happen to have an A Level in Period Clothing you know.”
“Why am I not surprised…” Ali sighed, now he was really was tempted now to make Mark wear the pretty frilly knickers that he had in his back pack.

“OK, I say that we all split up now that we are here, I bet this place is loaded with loot, we may as well help ourselves whilst we are here.”

“Yeah, great thinking Ali.” Remarked David Holden, he was English, he was 15 years old, he had shoulder length Mousy Brown hair and Hazel Brown eyes.

“OK, whilst you lot do start to go on the look out for loot, you can all also be on the look out for clothes we can all change into and any means in which to keep us all warm. Right, now then, David and I shall check out the North Wing of this place, Paul, you and Chang are to check out the East Wing. Ian, you and Roy are to go and check out the South Wing, Mahamid, you and Sean are to go and check out the West Wing and finally… Jerry, you and Mark can start to check if any of these dolls are made out of porcelain, as porcelain dolls go for a small fortune.”

“What, all of them?” Cried out Jerry O’Brien in dismay, he was Irish, he had long Red Rose hair and cat Green eyes, a rare genetic trait in his ancestral blood line. Ali rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“yes… of course I mean all of them, now get a move on.” Jerry held his head down, everyone else just all obeyed Ali without question, then again, these boys were your typical pathetic set of teenagers willing to follow whom ever was in charge. Ali and David Holden went off towards the North Wing of Hallows Manor.

Paul Oldfield and Chang Lee went off towards the East Wing, Ian McMillan and Roy Stevens went off towards the South Wing Mahamid And Sean McCarthy went off towards the West Wing, Sean was Scottish, he was a typical Scot with a mop of short Orangey Red Hair and Orangey Brown eyes.

Ali and David entered into a room that was filled with suits of armour. “Great, this stuff is no good to us…” Remarked Ali in annoyance.
“Too right, no way we could carry this stuff.” Agreed David.

Paul and Chang had entered into a room that was oddly filled with wax works dummies that were all little girls, all in various types of clothes, going as far back to what little girls wore in the Medieval Era.

There was one particular wax work doll that caught Paul Oldfield’s attention, it was a wax works dummy of a pretty Prima Ballerina, she was wearing a pretty frilly, pink tutu, white tights and pink Ballet shoes.

Paul began to remove his back pack, Chang Lee looked on curious, Chang smiled as Paul began to take out of his back pack two sets of cans of spray paint, he handed two different colours to Chang, who gladly took them.

Paul began to unscrew the caps of the two cans of spray paint he had for himself, Chang did the same thing and removed the caps of his cans of spray paint, Paul began to defile the beautiful Ballerina wax works dummy.

The beautiful Ballerina wax works dummy had been completely and utterly ruined by bad Graffiti, Paul and Chang then began to work on defiling all the other wax works dummies, Chang suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Say, those two were not there before, were they?”

Paul looked at Chang as though he had gone mad. “What on Earth are you talking about?”
“Those two little girl dolls, just right there…”

Remarked Chang in alarm as he pointed just past where Paul was stood, he turned around to look and sure enough, two little girl dolls dressed like babies had suddenly appeared from nowhere.

“What the… how did they get here?”
“How the Hell should I know?” Just then, to Paul’s and Chang’s horror and disbelief, the two little girl dolls eyes glowed a demonic red, then they began to grow to the the size of an adult.

The first girl doll moved toward Chang and then grabbed hold of him from behind in a Full Nelson which forced him to watch helplessly Paul being grabbed by the sides of his arms, by the second girl doll.

Paul’s body suddenly became limp like a rag doll, his clothes melted away from his limp body, as though some one had poured corrosive acid all over him, the girl doll that held Paul, gently placed his naked body on the floor.

Then she glided wraith like across the floor and grabbed hold of the defiled Ballerina wax works dummy, by the side of her arms, she suddenly crumpled to a pile of dust under the girl doll’s inhuman grip, as the pile of dust hit the floor, only the tutu, the white tights and the pink Ballet shoes had remained all in one piece.

They fell, but suddenly they all appeared neatly folded over the girl doll’s, now out-stretched arms, she glided back towards Paul’s limp naked body.

She then began to put the tights over Paul’s feet, then pull them all the way up around his waist, then on went the pretty pink ballet shoes which somehow were made to fit Paul’s boyish sized feet, then on went the pretty frilly pink tutu, which was of Paul’s size too.

A dainty pink tiara was put on-top of Paul’s head, then suddenly, all of Paul’s flesh stiffened until it was all completely turned into solid wax, with Paul’s transformation now complete.

The first doll that held Chang, now suddenly let Chang go, who ran off screaming like a girl, but as he took the first turn, everything somehow began to change around him.

Even so, Chang ran on crying his eyes out, but he had become trapped somehow in some sort of a twisted ever shifting maze.

Meanwhile… Ian McMillan and Roy Stevens had entered into a room that was filled with double wardrobes and dresser drawers. “What? This Manor house is crazy.” Remarked Ian to Roy, who laughed. “Yeah, I see what you mean.”

“I bet you anything that all of these wardrobes here are all completely filled with baby girls frocks and that these drawers are all filled with those awful girly pretty plastic baby pants.”

“Oh come on, I refuse to believe that.”
“Oh yeah… so what do you think that’s in these wardrobes and the dresser drawers?”

“I bet you anything that the dresser drawers are actually are all filled with precious jewellery and that the wardrobes are filled with very expensive suits.”

Ian’s lips pursed into a wide smile, as Roy was the sort of boy who always wore suits, which Mark always approved of. Ian loved to bet and he now had a sudden idea.

“OK, you’re on, if I win the forfeit for you is that you have to wear any of the baby girl clothing of my choice.”

“What? No way.” Remarked Roy in protest. Ian smiled, as he taunted Roy. “Are you afraid to lose? If I lose you can impose the same conditions if you want to or anything else for that matter.”

Roy could not refuse the bet, he smiled at Ian. “OK, in that case I will if I win, you have to wear those pretty frilly pink knickers that Mark has in his back pack.”

“You have your self a deal.”
Ian approached the wardrobe and opened it’s doors, Roy’s heart sank as a rail crammed full, there were rows upon rows of pretty frilly dresses. “Man I hate all these frilly things, girls clothes are really weird.”

“Yeah, Sean hates that stuff just as much as you do.” Roy laughed nervously, hoping that Ian would not now make him carry out the forfeit.

However Ian went over to one of the dresser drawers and opened the first drawer and picked up the first pair of plastic frilly pants he laid his hands on, the entire drawer was filled with with a variety of those frilly plastic pants.

Roy looked on as Ian approached him holding up a white and pink laced pair of plastic pants, just then Roy panicked.
“Say, they won’t fit me.”

“A bet is a bet and a forfeit is a forfeit. Besides, these seem to be just exactly your size.” To Roy’s horror, they were.

But just then Roy froze in shock looking past Ian’s shoulder. “Where did they come from.”
“What the f*** are you talking about?”

“The two dolls that have just appeared right behind you.”

“Yeah, right. Nice try Roy but you’re not squirming your way out of this one.” However, two little girl dolls had suddenly appeared from behind Ian, they grew to the size of an adult, the first girl doll moved towards Roy and grabbed him in a Full Nelson.

The second girl doll grabbed Ian by the sides of his arms, Roy watched on in utter horror as Ian was suddenly altered on a subatomic level and was turned into a pretty frilly pale pink frock with white lace trim.

The first doll that had held Roy, now let Roy go and he ran out of the clothes room screaming like a girl only to face the mysterious maze.

Meanwhile… Mahamid Hassan and Sean McCarthy who were in the West Wing of Hallows Manor, they had found a room that was filled with various valuable antiques, like silver goblets, candle stick holders, etc.

“Man, this was a lucky find wasn’t it?” Remarked Mahamid to Sean. “Ya got that right right.”

Replied Sean in his thick Sottish accent, both boys began to open up their back packs and began to load up as much loot as the could.

Meanwhile… Jerry O’Brien and Mark Bentley were checking as many dolls as they could from the display cabinet in the room of dolls, soon Ali and David Holden return to the room of dolls, as so did Mahamid and Sean.

Suddenly Chang Lee ran right into the room screaming his head of and crying like a girl, but Paul Oldfield was not with him, seconds later Roy burst into the room of dolls also screaming and crying like a girl, but Ian McMillan was not with him.

“What the f*** is going on here? Chang, where’s Paul? Roy, where’s Ian?” Both boys all at once began to blabber out their tales of terror. Ali was furious. “Hold it… one of you at a time. OK, Chang, you go first and go slowly.”

Chang began to tell Ali what had happened, but he and all of the other lads did not believe his tale, Roy then told Ali what had happened to him and his tale was equally as absurd as Chang’s tale. “I do not believe either of you two.”
“But it’s the truth, we swear.”

Ali was not amused or impressed with Chang or Roy. “Yeah, right! OK, here is what we are going to to do. David and I shall check out the wax works dummies room in the East Wing, Mahamid, you and Sean can check out the baby clothes room in the South Wing, as for you Chang, you and Mark are to fetch some more loot from the West Wing, Roy, you and Jerry are to check the bedrooms, as that is one place that hasn’t been checked so far.”

The gang of lads simply obeyed Ali’s commands. Mahamid and Sean had soon reached the room that was filled with the double wardrobes and the dresser drawers, exactly as Roy had described the room to be.

“Well, at least Roy was right about this room, maybe, just maybe he may be telling the truth about those dolls.” Remarked Mahamid to Sean. “Oh come on… Ya dona believe in that crap do Ya?”

Mahamid just shrugged his shoulders. Sean opened up one of the wardrobes. “Yuck… frilly feminine trash.”

Sean took off his back pack and opened a side pocket from which he took out a lighter, he went back over to the wardrobe and lit the lighter, Mahamid looked on in shock.

“What are you doing?” It was too late, Sean had already set on fire one of the pretty frilly frocks which had burst into flames, just then Sean tossed the lighter over to Mahamid, who looked down at it in confusion.

“Well… go on then open those drawers and set fire to the whole plastic sissy pants in them.”
“I will do no such thing.”

“Fine, I’ll do it myself then, I hate those things more than those sissy frilly frocks.” Sean went over toward one of the dresser drawers, he opened a drawer which was filled with pretty frilly plastic pants, he soon lit up his lighter.

But just then… two little girl dolls suddenly appeared from nowhere, they grew to the size of an adult, the first girl doll moved towards Mahamid and grabbed him in a Full Nelson.

Mysteriously, the fires had gone out and none of the baby clothes were burnt, much to Sean’s utter disbelief, but he was soon grabbed by the sides of his arms by the second girl doll.

Mahamid watched in utter shock and horror as Sean was transformed into a pair of pretty frilly pale pink plastic pants with white lace trim, the girl doll that held Mahamid, let him go and he ran off screaming like a little girl only to end up facing the mysterious maze.

Meanwhile… Chang Lee and Mark Bentley can not seem to find the loot room in the West Wing, they did manage to find a room, but it was filled with wall to wall shoe racks, all filled with little girl like shoes.

Chang in his fury went over to pick up a pair of red Mary janes and threw across the far side of the room.

Mark looked on amused, Chang picked up another pair of Mary janes and threw them across the far side of the room, Mark soon joined in and then the whole thing became a game to see who could throw the furthest, nearest to the far side of the shoes room.

But just then two little girl dolls suddenly appeared, they grew to the size of an adult, the first girl doll moved over towards Mark and grabbed him in a Full Nelson.

Mark was forced to watch on in horror as Chang was grabbed by the sides of his arms and was transformed into a pair of pale pink Mary janes, the girl doll that held Mark, let him go and he to ran off screaming like a little girl and was caught in the mysterious maze, which will release it’s victims when the time was right.

Meanwhile… Ali and David Holden had arrived at the East Wing, but the room they had entered into was not filled with wax works dummies, instead it was filled with an array of vanity cases, mirrors, the whole room looked almost like a girls bedroom.

There was even a few sets of small chester drawers, which Ali opened to see what was inside, there was several bundles of silk ribbons in a variety of colours, hair bands and hair pins.

In a fit of fury Ali took up a pair of scissors he had found and began cutting up the pretty silk ribbons to tiny pieces.

David laughed, but joined in as he took up a pair of scissors too and began to cut up as many pretty ribbons as he could, but just then two little girl dolls suddenly appeared.

They grew to the size of an adult, the first girl doll moved towards David and grabbed him in a Full Nelson, he was forced to watch as the second girl doll grabbed Ali by the sides of his arms and he was transformed into a tightly wound ball of wight silk ribbon.

The girl doll that held David, let him go and he ran of screaming and crying only to be caught in the mysterious maze.

Meanwhile… Roy Stevens and Jerry O’Brien had found the staircase that led up to the bedrooms, they had climbed the stairs and they came to the first bedroom to their left and opened the door…

“What the…” Roy gasped in shock and disbelief, Jerry was Shocked too. “This isn’t possible…” What should have been a bedroom, wasn’t.

Somehow as impossible as it was, both boys had entered into the room of dolls and waiting for the two boys were two adult sized little girl dolls.

Their glowing red demonic eyes were hypnotic, as both Roy and Jerry froze where they were stood, then they both passed out, the tow girl dolls took them by their hands and then they all vanished together.

Meanwhile… David Holden, Mahamid Hassan and Mark Bentley all returned to the room of dolls all at the same time as each other.

But waiting for them were three adult sized little girl dolls, David, Mahamid and Mark soon passed out under the hypnotic gaze of those little girl like dolls.

David was the first to awake, he was in a in a neon lit room that had a pale pink move around him, he looked up and saw some kind of an overhead mirror and too his utter shock and horror, he was completely naked, strapped to a kind of medical bed.

He was also held in a neck brace, so that he could not move his head in any way. David looked all around him, he was not alone, his mates, Mahamid, Roy, Jerry and Mark were all strapped to simular medical beds too, not only that, but the room was surrounded by those adult sized little girl dolls.

David try to scream, but he could not, one of the girl dolls stepped forward and spoke to him, though here lips did not move, the sound of the girl doll’s voice was emotionless.

“Hello there, you are to be the first to become one of us and your friends shall watch, as so they shall know what fate lies before them.”

Suddenly Mahamid, Roy, Jerry and Mark all woke up unable to scream, they all too were held by neck braces, but their overhead mirrors oddly showed David’s reflection, not theirs.

Mahamid, Roy, Jerry and Mark all watched mortified as David holden was first put into a thick white Terry Towelling nappy by the leader of the girl dolls, she pined the nappy into place and then a hand-maiden girl doll came forth carrying with her a pair of Lilac floral print pretty frilly plastic pants with bright pink lace trim.

The leader of the girl dolls pulled these up, over and around David’s feet until they fitted snuggly around his waist.

Then another handmaiden girl doll came forward with a pair of white frilly baby socks with an embroided flowers at the top in one hand and a pair of Lilac coloured Mary janes in the other hand.

The leader of the girl dolls put the frilly socks on to David’s feet and they were a perfect fit as so was the pair of Lilac Mary janes, another hand-maiden girl doll came forward carrying a pretty frilly Lilac floral print dress with bright pink lace trim to match the pretty frilly plastic pants, the dress had short puffed sleeves and a lacey Peter-Pan collar.

The leader of the girl dolls suddenly released David from his bonds, but he made no attempt of escape. David in an almost half robotic and half Zombie like way, sat bolt up right, got off the medical bed.

Then, he stood before the leader of the girl dolls and raised his arms high up into the air, as the leader of the girl dolls placed the dress over him, the dress had sewed in lairs of petticoats, which puffed out the skirt of the frilly dress, then the dress was buttoned up all the way to the nape of David’s neck.

The leader of the doll then touched David’s head and his hair grew several inches longer.

The leader of the girl dolls then proceeded to brush David’s new longer hair, another hand-maiden girl doll came forward carrying a tightly wound ball of silk white ribbon, a pair of light pink handled scissors suddenly appeared in the leader of the girl dolls right hand.

Suddenly the ball of white silk ribbon changed colour, before it was cut to length, the left hand of the leader caught the ribbon with her left hand, the ribbon was now of a Lilac floral print to match the dress, the leader of the girl dolls, cut the ribbon into two equal halves.

The scissors then vanished and the leader of the girl of dolls bunched up David’s hair into pig-tails, then tied them up with the Lilac floral print ribbons. The leader of the girl dolls spoke again.

“Your transformation is almost complete, I now name you Daisy.” She placed her hands around the sides of Daisy’s arms, who suddenly shrank in size to that of a porcelain doll, only that Daisy now was made entirely out of plastic.

Mahamid was next to be transformed, like David before him he too was put into a nappy. Then he was put into a pair of Marigold Yellow and white lace trimmed frilly plastic pants, white filly socks with yellow trimmed lace were put on Mahamid’s feet, then put into a pair of yellow Mary janes.

Mahamid was put into a Marigold Yellow and white lace trimmed frilly dress, it also had short puffed sleeve and the sewed in petticoats underneath Mahamid with his hair already being long, the leader of the girl dolls simply brushed it.

The ball of silk ribbon had changed colour again to Marigold Yellow, it was cut to length, then cut into two equal halves, Mahamid’s long hair was tied up into pig-tails.

“I now name you Molly.” Remarked the leader of the girl dolls and Molly was transformed into a little girl doll too, Roy was put into a nappy next, then put into a pair of red and white laced plastic frilly pants, frilly white socks with red lace trim, red Mary janes, a red and white laced frilly dress and two red silk ribbons were tied into his new long hair.

“I now name you Rebecca.” Remarked the leader of the girl dolls, Rebecca was then suddenly transformed into a little girl doll.

Jerry was next put into a nappy, then a pair of white and light pink lace trimmed frilly plastic pants, frilly white socks to match and a frilly white and pink laced trimmed dress.

Jerry’s new long hair was tied up with two white silk ribbons. “I now name you Jessica.” Remarked the leader of the girl dolls, Jessica’s fate was now sealed, as she was also transformed into a little girl doll.

Lastly Mark Bentley was next to be put into a nappy, a hand-maiden girl doll came forward carrying a pair of pale pink and white lace trimmed plastic frilly pants.

The leader of the girl dolls pulled these up and over Marks feet, until they fitted snuggly around his skinny waist, another hand-maiden girl doll came forward carrying a pair of frilly white baby socks with pink lace trimmed in one hand and and a pair of pale pink Mary janes in the other.

The leader of the girl dolls placed the baby girl socks on Mark’s surprisingly dainty feet, then on went the pale pink Maryjanes, the leader of the girl dolls released Mark from his bonds.

And just exactly like his mates before him, he sat bolt upright, got off the medical bed, stood up before the leader of the girl dolls and raised his arms high into the air.

The leader of the girl dolls pulled the dress over Marks outstretched arms and over his head, then buttoned the dress up at the back right up to the nape of Mark’s neck.

The leader of the girl dolls touched Mark’s head and his golden curls gree longer and more fuller, the ball of ball of silk ribbon once more had changed colour to pale pink.

The ribbon was cut to length, but this ribbon was tied to Marks crown head of hair where a cute dainty bow had been tied by the leader of the girl dolls. She spoke again in that clod emotionless tone of hers.

“I now name you Missy.” The leader of the girl dolls held Missy by the sides of her arms and immediately, Missy shrank down to the size of a little girl doll, the other girl dolls gathered around their new collection.

They all smiled, satisfied and they began to play with their new play mates, lifting up their skirts of their frilly dresses, laughing gayly at the sight of their sissy frilly plastic pants, soon they all vanished with their new found playmates.

They all appeared now inside their own display cabinet, there had been one display cabinet the once gang of lads had failed to notice, where there was an empty shelf, but it was empty no more.

So, all of you naughty boys out there, who should dare to brave Hallows Manor, be forewarned, for now you know the dark secret of the House Of Dolls.

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