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Summer as a baby girl!

It all started about 2 weeks before graduation before I was done with high school forever! I couldnt wait that is until my parents told me they were going out of town for 6 months and Id be staying with my old babysitter and current principal. She was always really nice to me and I got out of a few tough spots in school because of her but the longest I had ever stayed at her house was a weekend and 6 months there was a long time. I was going to 18 in 3 more weeks but they just didnt trust me in the house by myself for that long. So the day they left was a school day and I went to school like it was any other day everything was normal until I got a message before last period to see the principal after school.
I went to her office and she told me to sit down she just had a few more things to do then wed go home. On the way home though I realized I didnt have any clothes at all for the next 6 months because everything I had packed was still at my house I asked her if we could stop at my home and pick them up but she said no it would be fine she had some things at her house that I could wear until this weekend and we could go shopping. I agreed because I didnt really have anything for summer packed anyways and it was already starting to get really hot during the day. When we got to her house she told me to go take a nice hot shower while she prepared dinner so I did.
When I got out though I noticed my clothes were missing and called out for Mrs. Price she told me to come to the bedroom at the end of the hall thats where my clothes were. I went down to that room and took a step back when I saw it, it was a pink room with Hello Kitty and Care Bears all over the place. It looked like a room for a girl of about 4-6 she told me this had been her daughters room before she went off to college and that this is where Id be staying for the next 6 months. She went over to one of the drawers and produced a pair of pink hello kitty panties for me and told me to take the towel off of my waist. I was a little hesitant until she reminded me that there was nothing to be ashamed of she had changed my diapers until I was 4 anyways (I was a late trainer). When I thought about it didnt really make a difference but I did still want to dress myself at least but I guess letting her do all the work is easier for me anyways.
I let her pull the panties up to my waist and then she went to another closet and produced a pair of white knee high socks with little pink bows on top of them and told me to sit down she slid them up my legs and then led me to the closet where she produced a pink miniskirt and a pink hello kitty t-shirt that said princess. I said no way am I wearing that why cant I just wear jeans and one of the normal shirts in there. Her reply was simply Because Im your guardian now and what I say goes and Im telling you that this is what your going to be wearing its either this or nothing. So I let her pull up the miniskirt and put the shirt down over my head. After that was all done she led me over to the vanity mirror and sat me down and did my make up and tied my hair which at that time was still ½ down my back and blonde and tied it into 2 little pigtails.
During and after dinner she explained the rules to me that I would be in her daughters clothes for the next 6 months. She then taught me how to sit like a lady (especially in a miniskirt) how to act and even how to talk like a lady. She told me that I would be attending the senior dinner dance as a girl and that this weekend while shopping we would be getting a formal gown for me to wear to that and that this week I was to get one of my guy friends to take me and the date I was planning on going with to the dance.
I told her I dont think anyone will agree to take me but Ill try. So the next day at school (I was wearing pretty much the same outfit except no hello kitty on it, it just said princess) I went up to my normal group of friends and it took them a minute to recognize me but the second I say hey whats up they were all like MICHAL? I said yea according to Mrs. Price its Michelle though now shes making dress like this until my parents get back but at least I can still have a normal life its just in different clothes and hey its not too bad the skirt is really airy and feels really good during the summer. But anyways she wants me to ask you guys if one of you will take me and Amanda to the dance next week. My buddy Toby agreed (anything to be with Amanda all night). So other than that the rest of the week was pretty normal. Saturday I was awoken pretty early by Mrs. Price to go shopping we bought a lot more panties for me and a few skirts and some shirts and a couple of hand bags a few pairs of shoes but the main thing was the formal dress for the dance it was a pink backless silk dress with 13 rows of petticoats underneath and was just beautiful it actual made me look forward to going to the dance even dressed like that.
Again the rest of the week was the rest of the week we had our finals then went to grad night (which was at Disneyland) and then it was time for the senior dinner dance. That day Mrs. Price took me and got me a full make over. My hair was streaked and styled I got acrylic tips put on and painted pink my toenails were painted pink as well and my make up was done professionally. I got home got into my dress and waited for my date to pick me up when he got there he put the corsage on my wrist and we went and got into the limo where Amanda was already waiting for us. When we got there we gave them our tickets and then Mrs. Price came out of nowhere and told Toby that he had to dance with me tonight whether he wanted to or not and the same goes for me and that shell be watching us and that Id get punished when we got home if I didnt do as she told. I had no idea what more she could do to me she was already dressing me like her daughter so I didnt think there was anything else but I didnt really want to find out.
After the dance though we went and all got into the limo and again Amanda was the first to be dropped off and Toby actually came over and sat next to me and even tried to hold my hand I backed away though and he just looked at me like he was mesmerized I reminded him that I was still a dude and I could still kick his ass and he still came closer to me. When we got to my house he got out of the limo and led me to the door step and said he had a real good time tonight (I think he drank some of the spiked punch or something) but then kissed me on the cheek and got back in the limo. When I got inside I just went straight upstairs and took off the dress. I was so tired and shocked I didnt even bother putting on any jammies on and just went to bed.
The next day was graduation and I was awoken early so I could once again get my hair and make up done and then I got into this really short curve fitting dress and 3 heels for the ceremony. It was a shame my parents had to miss it even dressed like that but it was really funny when the crowed went silent after hearing Michale Andersons name called and then seeing what looked like Michelle Anderson go to the stage. After that night Mrs. Price and I went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and had dinner where she told me that Ashley (her daughter) would be returning home from college for the summer. At that I nearly spit my food right back out there was no way I wanted her to see me dressed like this¦the girl Ive had a crush on since I was like 10 was coming back and going to see me dressed as a girl.
That night due to all of the excitement and me being so anxious about Ashley coming I actually wet the bed for the first time in about 15 years. When I woke up I immediately changed my jammies and took the sheets off to be watched. When Mrs. Price finally came downstairs though she asked me why I was doing laundry and my reply was just that I wanted the sheets clean for Ashley when she got here and she said Aww thats sweet then I heard her go upstairs and a few minutes later came back down and just stared at me. I wasnt sure what was going on so I asked her what and she said the mattress upstairs was wet you werent lying to me and wet the bed last night did you? I said no of course not I havent done that in over 16 years. I felt that I just dodged a bullet and in actual I had.
That night though I felt something in panties and I woke up to find Mrs. Price with her hand down my pants and I yelled WHAT THE HELL? well I knew you were lying to me last night so I waited by your bed all night until I saw it get wet now get out of bed. I did as I was told and she immediately pulled off my wet pajama pants and my panties she put me over her knee and gave me the spanking of my life just like she use to if I lied or misbehaved. She let me up and put a clean pair of panties on me and told me to get into her bed and go to sleep while she put these in the laundry I did as told and was soon asleep although I did feel her getting into the bed with me. The next day we both woke up (I went and put a pair of pajama pants on before going down for breakfast) and we had breakfast we didnt speak of the days events or anything and the day continued as normal. I went and met up with some of my friends (I didnt want to lose touch with them just because we werent seeing each other every day anymore).
That night I went to get ready for bed and once again found Mrs. Price in my room but this time she had something in her hand I couldnt tell what it was at first but eventually realized it was a diaper. She told me to lay on the ground I did as told (I was use to it now and I didnt want another spanking plus who was going to know¦oh yea) and she took the towel around from my waist lifted my legs up in the air and slid the diaper under my butt and brought the front up between my legs and tapped it tightly and snuggly. I have to admit it did feel good to be diapered again but also very embarrassing. She pulled the pajama bottoms up (shorts tonight) up over the diaper and then pulled the shirt down over my head and told me to get into bed.
That night once again I wet the bed although this time it stayed dry thanks to the diaper it stayed dry I awoke to Ashley standing there staring at me hey there cutie I heard her say and immediately wet myself again thank goodness for that diaper. She asked me is my little baby girl wet? for some reason I actually nodded and she said lets get you out of the bed then and out of that diaper I crawled out and laid on the ground and she pulled my shorts down untapped the diaper cleaned my area with a wipe and put a fresh diapee on me then took me downstairs for breakfast where she fed me my oatmeal. It was all so embarrassing but for some reason I just couldnt stop myself from letting her do any of it. So then Mrs. Price came down and saw her feeding me and I just froze like I had been caught doing something naughty. Ashley just kept feeding me and said now thats a good girl and Mrs. Price came over and asked me if I wanted to stay a baby girl for the rest of the day and again for some reason I actually said yes. I was kept in diapers and dressed by Ashley all day fed by her and she just became my babysitter and I was her baby it was exactly like the days before the only difference being I was in a diaper and not feeding myself. And basically thats how the rest of the summer went I accepted my fate as a baby girl and they bought me some onesies on the net but for the most part especially if we were going out I was just in regular girls clothes with a diaper on. My friends asked me why I was in a diaper when they found out and I just told them Ashley came home and for some reason I had an accident Mrs. Price put me in a diaper and I havent been allowed out of them since. When my parents came home they were pretty shocked to see that their boy had become a baby girl over the 6 months but they too accepted that painted my room like Ashleys and got me a bed like hers and everything and my life as a big baby girl continued.

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