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Sissy Slave

Well my friend and I were suppose to be in a wedding and and we were suppose to pick up our tuxes and dresses on the same day in the same area so I being the kind soul that I am decided that I would just drive both of us down there so we could pick them up together. Boy what a mistake that’ll turn out to be!
I got my tuxedo no problems there and we went over to where we were suppose to pick up the dress Versatile Fashions it was called. We walked in and i was immediatly embarrassed to be in there because on the walls were 100’s of corsets something that i had been longing to try on for quite sometime now. My friend walked up to the counter and told the lady working the register that she was there to pick up the dress and the lady asked to please wait there and that she’d be right back. I couldn’t help but walk around the store looking at the corsets and she caught me looking at them and came over and asked me if i’d like to try one on. I immediatly replied with a sharp no, that kind of came out rude. The sales lady came back and pulled her into the back of the store to try on the dress and make sure that it fit and so i went back to looking at the corsets.

Well by this time another sales rep had spotted me and came over and she asked me if i wanted to try on a corset and i said that i kind of had a secret desire to try one on for a really long time but was really embarrassed and she just told me that they had men come in all the time and buy/try on their clothes which calmed me considerably. So i aggreed but i told her that i would need a little help getting into one since i had never worn one before and had no idea how to put it on.

So she brought me into a changing room had me take off my shirt and took my measurements. She left the room and came back a few minutes later with a black corset. She undid the front, put it around me, buttoned the front and then told me to take a deep breath it would be my last for a very long time. I did as told and she started lacing it up my back. When she was done i found it extremely hard to breath and move but she said thats all just part of being corseted and that woman find that its a beautiful feeling….which i didn’t disagree with. So then she said lets get you all dressed up now i aggreed i came this far why not go the whole 100 yards. So once again she left and came back with some silk pink panties that almost looked like bootie shorts and told me to take of my pants and to put those on. I tried but i couldn’t get them off all the way because of the corset so she helped me out of them and then even held the panties open for me to step into. She then lifted the pink miniskirt up my waist and let it sit snuggly there.

She brought me out of the room and by this time Adriana was done getting fitted and had her dress in hand and another one that i had no idea she was getting. I was mortified that she saw me like this but not only that but when i came out she had the camera on her phone ready and took 3 pictures before i even realized what was going on. She said i looked absolutely adorable and that the girls weren’t going to let me have my clothes back and that i could wear those home. I was horrified what if someone saw me. Then she said but if you don’t i can txt message this picture to anyone i want. So i conceeded and went with the flow and drove her home when we got to her house she took me upstairs helped me out of the corset and the skirt and to my complete dissatisfaction even the panties and got some of her brothers clothes for me to wear home but she kept those just in case.

Well the wedding came and went Adriana and I had been dating ever since and had even moved into a small 1bdrm apartment together. She had even brought not only the corset panties and skirt but also that other dress i saw her bringing home that day which at the time i still hadn’t realized to my complete stupidity that that dress was for me! Well 3 months after moving in i was trashing the apartment on a daily basis and she was getting sick of it. So one night during sex she handcuffed me to the bed got my phone and picked one of my friends she got her phone went to that picture of me on my first day dressed as a girl and said if for the next 24hrs i didn’t cooperate she would send this picture to my buddy Jim. I aggreed to her terms and she uncuffed me i stood in the room naked. She went over to her dresser got out the panties pulled them up my waist and then got that other dress i saw her bring home.

She undid the front like a normal corset but the had me step into the bottom and lifted it up. I realized soon enough that it was a corseted pink frenchmaids dress. The dress was so short that my buttcheeks were ALMOST hanging out just standing there. She laced up the corset as tight as she could (which did WONDERS for my figure btw) and then grabbed the 4″ matching heals. At this point im in this dress which is too short for any woman to wear much less a man and heels that i can’t even stand in much less walk or bend over in.

She then told me the rules. That since i was such a slob and never took care of the house i would be cleaning it every day after work in this uniform. Any visitors would see me like this and i would be their servant. Weekends i would spend cleaning and would even have to do the grocery shopping dressed like this. She told me that this would start now and if i gave her any problems she would be sending the picture to anybody she knew i didn’t want to know even my parents. I aggreed and she said then she would give me a quick few pointers on how not to show too much. She told me to always keep my legs close together if it meant squishing my balls oh well its either squish them or show them. She then showed me how to sit with my legs crossed as a lady would which to me showed more than i wanted to show at least in that dress. She also showed me how to sit with my legs close together. She had always loved that i shaved my body (i was a swimmer so i had to shave my body often) and she loved that i already looked so feminine what with my skinny body slight man boobs and long hair. She took me to get my ears pierced the next day dressed in my black corset and pink miniskirt and then took me to store so we could get more clothes for me.

They recognized me the second i walked in the door and fussed about how cute i looked and that after they were done with me no one would even know i was ever a male. They put fake breasts on me that looked and felt more real than anything i had ever seen. They did my hair makeup and nails all free of charge for us. The did how ever charge us for the clothes we bought all 800$ worth of them. They included 2 more dresses 7 more skirts 15 more panties some nylons and about 6 different heels.

We then went to a sex store where she bought all kinds of things for me all as a punishment they were a vibrating butt plug, whips (4 different kinds), chains, cuffs, collars, and shackles and even an electric choke shock collar so if i tried to talk back that alone would shock me but its also remote controled so she could shock me any time she wanted as well. I still remember the day she took me out dressed in my maids uniform 6.5″ heels my shackles that connected to my hand cuffs that had another chaing going to the shock collar around my neck so i couldn’t put my hands down w/out pulling myself forward and bending over but because they were also connected to my feet i couldn’t pull them up high either which ended up forcing me to pull myself forward a little bit thus exposing my panties to the whole mall. Anytime someone started staring she pushed the button on the remote which made me yelp which drew even more attention and caused more stares plus another shock free of charge. The fact that i had all of this on and a vibrating butt plug made it very hard to sit like a lady and essentially caused me to expose way too much which attracted the mall securities attention which forced her to release my hands from my neck at least so i could walk upright. Because of this though i was undressed except for my collar and my butt plug and handcuffed to the wall standing upstraight and whipped for over an hour as punishment which got me behind on my chores which got me another whippin afterwards and another day in public.

After a while it has become natural for me and sometimes i’ll even be bad just for the heck of it just to get in trouble noone knows yet except for our neighbors and they don’t care she said she wants to start babying me now too since i cry so much especially while being whipped (who wouldn’t) so she’s going to buy me some diapers and a pacifier to start wearing to bed. I think its all been a great experience though and i hope she doesn’t get sick of me anytime soon i know i won’t ?

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