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Sissy Fighter

Dale the Prissy Boxer

Dale is set to fight the featherweight champion of the world Rico Chavez.He loves his career of boxing and also loves girlie frillies.he finally snaps and thinks”Why am I hiding this, I’ll wear my dress and beat the feather weight champ!”

The next day he gets dressed up,The press is all over him at the airport he thinks to himself”No turning back now”On the airplane he got quite a few slackjawed stares but no remarks due the fact nobody wants an asswhooping.

Later that night in his dressing room his manager suggests he not fight in his girlie wear as trunks are more mobile Dale stated”If I don’t wear my dress I don’t fight!” his manager had no choice but to accept his answer. “Well then,” his manager said”They are ready for you in the ring.”

At the ring as he stepped on instead of the usual cheers there was a unified gasp.Chavez stepped into the ring and snidly remarked”Well I normally dont hit girls,But in your case I’ll make an exception!” The bell sounded instantly Dale knew Chavez wanted him to get angry and charge in so he did the opposite and began the (rope-a-dope)
Chavez fell for it and wasted half the round tring to break Dale’s defence but after that he tired then Dale struck,He started with a powerful overhand swing that connected with Chavez’s nose and bloodied it,then procceded to string that together with two left jabs,a right hook,and double upper-cut.Chavez was ready to fall,With one last hook Dale sent Chavez to the ground.Right as the end round bell was sounded The countdown began 1…2…3..4..5…6…7…8 Chavez twitched Dale was ready for another round..9…10!K.O.

Dale then stood over Chavez and said”How’s it feel being beaten by a little girl?”Chavez got up and simply said”Humiliating!” Dale then made a victory speech”You all may wonder why I wore this dress tonight,no it was not to bring shame on my opponent rather to get rid of the same of hiding my liking for wearing frillie girlie things around,so deal with it,if not then I’ll stomp you as well!”

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