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Sissy Ballet Costume

Jonathan was not sure what he was going to be for Halloween.

He had hoped he might be a cowboy or maybe even a monster.

However, his mother had other ideas.

Jonathan’s mother was going through her daughter’s old ballet costumes.

She thought it might be cute for Jonathan to be a ballerina for Halloween.

The costume she chose was one of her favorites.

A black and white top with a white tutu and white tights.

She remembered how darling Joanie had looked in it.

It would now fit Jonathan perfectly.

Jonathan’s teacher had requested that all of her students wear costumes to school on the holiday.

The teacher would have prizes for the best, the most original, and authentic.

Jonathan could hardly wait.

That evening he got the surprise of his life!

Johnathan’s mother showed him his costume.

He said he would not wear it.

“Don’t be so silly darling; you’ll look so cute.” said his mother.

“Let’s try it on you.”

Jonathan removed his clothes, down to his cotton briefs.

However, his mother insisted that he could not wear them with such a lovely costume.

Instead, she had him step into a pair of white nylon undergarments.

She then helped him into his tights and costume.

He looked so darling!

She furnished him with a pair of ballet slippers

The Ballet slippers had large pom-poms on them

The pom-poms matched his costume and gloves,

For a finishing, touch she placed a large white bow in his hair.

Jonathan never felt so awkward in his life.

But the next morning was even worse.

Not only did she dress him in the same costume but added a necklace and a touch of lipstick.

All the way to the schoolhouse Jonathan tried not to be seen by fellow students.

When his mother took him into the classroom the boys and girls just looked in disbelief.

At first, they thought he was one of the girls.

When they realized who it was the girls went ooooh and aaaah.

However, what with boys being boys

They just all roared with laughter.

The final blow to Jonathan’s dignity was when he was called up onto the stage to accept a prize for the cutest costume.

His mother had arrived just in time for the judging.

She was so pleased with the way he looked that she had already entered him into the contest at the local mall.

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