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Sissy Baby School

Splashing in early morning puddles of rain
Dressed in satin and lace, I heard mommy call my name
And I ran into her warmly waiting arms
Securely placed in my seat in the car, so afraid I could hear my heart
Beat away at the thought of attending a sissy baby school
Never had I ever felt like such a fool.

Struggling to glance beneath a glowering haze
The building came into view, too late to turn away
I knew there was no place for me to hide
It was sunny now as mommy calmly explained
About being well behaved when playing with others my age
Suddenly, tears of sorrow got in the way.

I cried, turned and slipped– fell hard against both my shins
Exposing my plastic diaper to students who giggled passing by
The whole time my eyes were closed until mommy set me on my toes
Once I saw their dangling pacifiers and frilly clothes
I could only smile and breathe a sigh.

Looking back, mommy proudly waved goodbye
I brushed off my dress with her smile clear in my eyes
And hurried left, towards the side entrance doors
So colorful was the tile hallway, busy with diapered classmates
Most were crawling swiftly along in lovely petticoats
Sweet instances of baby powder and perfume filled my nose.

I tried hard to find which class I was in, when the bell began to ring
I could already feel the looming fear of falling behind
Suddenly I lost control and wet until my diaper was soaked
Just as Miki, the school nurse grabbed my hand in kind
She quickly changed me, dressing my hair with a beautiful bow
I was escorted to music class holding a special pink note
Happily saved on my very first day of sissy baby school!

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