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I found myself standing naked in the bar of the club with the lights out.I made my way to the door, but found it locked and started to panic.Then a familiar voice made me Jump.”Hier Babes hows my pretty little Chicken”The lights went on and there standing behind the bar was Jean the stewardess.Jean was no oil painting.She was overweight,plain face with no makeup and a large squashed ugly nose.She was wearing a bright orange large dress.Her fat tree trunk legs covered with black tights.Jeans red hair with now touches of grey at the sides was done in a curly perm.”Well,well what have we got here”.I was starting to feel very foolish and told Jean that i now wanted to be called Belinda. Jean laughed and told me as she was now 57 years of age she wanted some kinky fun.I was like putty in Jeans hands and went down on my knees.Jean giggled and then said lets get my daughters down to help me.Jean shouted out loud “Kimberley!!!!” “Karen “!!! “come down stairs and meet our new sissy baby.”.Kimberley was the first to arrive.She was a tall girl of 37 years of age with long blonde curley hair.Not very attractive but was sexy.Kim had a big nose like her mummy but it was longer and thinner.She was wearing tight black leather trousers and a pink flowered silk blouse.Then Karen came in,the prettiest of the family.Tall ,short blonde hair and was 23 years of age.Big nose but very cute.She wasnt very intelligent but a blonde that you couldnt refuse as your pretty mummy.Jean looked straight into my eyes and told me there was no escape.” You see Belinda,Im your nanny Jean and ive got a cold coming on and neeed cheering up.Kimberley picked me up in her arms and i snuggled into her pretty silk blouse.


Chapter 2. NO ESCAPE FOR BABY BELINDA by sissybelindababes (X) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Breast Feeding)
Warnings: none


Kimberley held onto my hair and wiped my face into her breasts covered by her tight pretty blouse.Then sat me on the bar facing Nanny Jean.”Hier Belinda babes whose nanny Jeans little grandaughter then”. Kimberley laughed as i let her cut my pubic hairs off then finishing it of by shaving them .Jean was sitting on a chair behind the bar and slowly lifted up her orange dress revealing more of her black tights and pair of enormous green nylon panties.”Do you like my panties belinda babes.”Of course you do all sissy babies love nanny Jeans panties”Lots of sexy words like panties you are going to have to learn my kinky little chicken”I was feeling embarresed and was going redder as kimberley and Karen wer nearly wetting themselves laughing..Jean pulled her dress down and then to my digust sneezed into my face.A shower of snot trickled down my face,but Kimberley held my hand behind my back and had to allow Nanny Jeans snot to remain on my face and trickle down over my mouth.”Ooh! Belinda babes whose Nanny Jeans snotty faced little grandaughter then.”Say something you dirty little girl”I knew if i opened my mouth Jeans snot would go inside and Kimberley realised this and held my nose.I thought i was going to be sick but to my shock i actualy enjoyed the taste of Jeans snot.It was salty but i started to feel aroused and felt i had to say something.”Ok Nanny Jean you win,but please be gentle with me”Jean laughed as she took a large flowed hanky out of her bag and blew her big nose rather loudly.”Ooh Babes i think i want much more than that” Tell me you love me properly”Kimberley went behind the bar ,lifted me down and put over Nanny Jeans Lap.My willy rammmed tight across Jeans orange dress.”Now then Belinda babes,why not tell the readers of this story your real name and a few of your naughty secrets”Nanny Jean then gave my bum one hell of a smack that i nearly fell of her knee.”We are all waiting Babes SMACK!!,the quicker you tell us all about yourself the sooner we can dress you up in very pretty frilly girlie baby clothes”The next smack was much harder and Jean was blowing her nose in a provocative way with her other hand.Kimberley was running her hand through my hair and Karen was making funny faces at me.”Ok my name is Alan and im 48 years of age.I call myself Belinda after a girl i was once friendly with.I love shopping for baby clothes and enjoy stuffing myslf with baby food.Love buying girlie clothes especialy pretty panties”.” My middle name is Amy and i have a kinky obsession with womens noses and their pretty hankies.”I love you Nanny jean and i love you Auntie Kimberley but most of all i love Pretty mummy Karen” Jean kept smacking me hard then stopped and wiped her very snotty hanky all over my face as Kimberley wiped baby lotion all over my saw bum.Karen who had been quiet up to now came up to me and lifted me off Nanny Jeans lap.I felt foolish with my face caked with Nanny jeans snot.Karen took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom>Jean and Kimberley remained downstairs.Karen sat me on her bed.Then with a pink flannel washed my face.”Oh yeah Alan you are in for some humiliation.”You know i have a real baby girl called Carly well my auntie Francis is looking after her for a few days””So i would like you to replace her for the time being and you will have to change your name from Belinda to Carly ok”How could i refuse.” Yes mummy Karen,my name is Carly and im your pretty baby girl.Karen was delighted. and to my horror took out from a plastic bag a very soiled pampas nappy.”Oh yeah Carly i can see your getting excited.its full of Carlys pooh and wee wee,nice and fresh and im proud to say that you can wear it after my baby”.I was put on a changing mat and Karen forced the soiled nappy on to be.It was nice and tight and i could feel the pooh sticking to be.Then Karen put a pair of pink frillly baby panties over my nappy followed by pink lacy baby tights.Then to my delight a pink satin baby grow and a matching baby bonnet.Karen wet a dummy with her saliva and put it in my mouth.Gave me a wet kiss on my lips and carried me downstairs in to the bar.Kimberley gasped with delight and sucked my lips with a wet sloppy kiss but Auntie Jean had the last word.”Oooh Alin i mean Carly you look so pretty come and sit on Auntie Jean lap””Atishoo!!! Atishoo! oh dear Carly you have Nannny Jeans snitchy snot all over your face again”.I just sat there and giggled and made baby noises.I didnt want to leave here now


Chapter 3. A FEW HOME TRUTHS AND FURTHER HUMILIATION by sissybelindababes (X) [Reviews – 1]
Genres: (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.)
Warnings: none
Summary: I had now changed from Alan to Belinda and ended up being Carly.I felt pretty in my baby clothes but still a bit uneasy (700 words)


Nanny Jeans hands were sroking my baby grow and she was talking in a babyish voice at me.Mummy Karen was already unbuttoning her blouse amd unclipping her bra.Auntie Kimberley had removed her blouse and bra and i gasped at her large breasts.She was now squeesing her nipples and filling two baby bottles with her breast milk.Nanny Jean laughed and i started to struggle ,but Jean had a firm grip on me.” where do you think your going Carly babes”Nanny Jean sat me facing her on her lap and tryed to hypnotise me with her big blue eyes”Nanny Jean why are you doing this to me?”Kim laughed and bottle fed me with her fresh breast milk.Nanny Jean spat in my face then appeared very annoyed.”Well babes this is pay back time for the the money i used to lend you and never got back and of course taking my paper hankies out of my coat pockets.””Oh Yes babes you have a lot of pay back to do”I started to cry and gulped down Kimberley,s breast milk and was soon on my second bottle.”Look in to my eyes babes and feel yourself changing into the pretty baby girl you have become”In between my breast milk Nanny Jean forced three tablespoons of co liver oil down me.I was nearly sick down my baby grow.I felt myself changing knowing there was no escape and that i was so prettly dressed that i was better off just excepting i was Mummy Karen,s sissy girl called Carly.Nanny Jean put me onto Karens, lap after drinking both baby bottles.Karen forced my lips on to her right breast and i was soon sucking warm sticky breast milk from mummy Karen.Her breasts were full of milk and i was soon on her other breast sucking away very happily.Then the cod liver oil started to act and i did an enormous runny pooh in my already dirty pampas.After i had sucked mummy Karen dry i was placed back on Nanny Jeans lap who to my digust was now picking her big fat nose.” Ooh Caly babes would you like a nice big green bogey to eat before your supper”Kimberley laughed out loud and Karen put her hand to her mouth and gasped..”Yes please Nanny Jean i want to eat your nice fresh bogie.Jean smiled and pulled a big fat sticky bogie from her nose and it was stuck on the end of her finger.She put it to my mouth,Kimberley held my nose and i sucked the bogie offf Nanny jean finger.”Ooh Carly babes you dirty little sissy girl.” I order you to pick my snobby nose and eat anything you can find”I didnt hesitate and was soon happily picking Nanny Jeans nose.Jean was delighted and wiped my mouth with her snotty hanky.”That was yummy Nanny Jean and your nose is nice and clean now”.Jean Snogged me hard on the lips and i was put in a babies high chair and Karen served be chocci banana baby food.from a bowl with my name on it.Karen then decided it was time for my bed.Kimberley first put me in her arms and snogged me for about five minutes then Nanny Jean gave me a long wet sloppy snog.Mummy Karen toook me upstairs undressed me and bathed me.Then put a clean pampas on me followed by a pink frilly satin baby nightie.I was then sat on her lap and was given another big sloppy wet kiss.Then she put me down into a babies crib with frilly blankets and pillows.It was only six in the evening but it was my bedtime .Karen let me suck her finger then she wet a dummy with her saliva and put it in my mouth.”Nightie night my pretty Carlie.Il awake you at five in the morning for yor brekkie”I smiled at her and broke wind.Karen laughed.”Night night Mummy Karen i love you so much”.Karen turned out the lights and i fell asleep.


Chapter 4. BREKKIES AND VISIT TO MY KINKY NURSE by sissybelindababes (XXX) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Masterbation)
Warnings: none


I was awoken by Mummy Karen at 5am.I felt uncomfortable in my soaking soiled pampa and cryed into Karen,s nightie as she picked me up and changed my pampas.Then she powdered and put lotion all over my bum and private parts.Then i was taken to the kitchen for my brekkies.Auntie Kimberley was making it and Nanny Jean was eating her porridge .Nanny Jean loved her food as you could see by the size of her and eat noisly smacking her lips and sucking her fingers.Karen put me in my babies high chair and told me she was going to get ready o take me out in my pretty pink buggie.Jean gave me a lovely smile.
“Hier Carly and how is my pretty kinky grandaughter then”.
“Hier Nanny Jean im feeling lovely today but im very hungery”
Kimberley laughed and brought me an enormous bowl of lumpy porridge.Jean passed her some of her dirty paper hankies and they were added to the bowl.Kimberley then held her nose and snotted into my porridge .Then her and Jean spat in it.Kimberley fed me with the spoon That Nanny jean had been using.I ate the lot as fast as i could.Nanny Jean came over to me and i knew she looked menacing.Snot was running down her big ugly nose as her cold was still not improving.
“Oh Carly babes my nose needs cleaning up again so you can start by licking my snot away from the end of my nose”
“Yes Nanny jean anything you say,lick! Lick! mmmm salty and yummy nanny jean snot ”
Jean laughed then forced her large nose into my mouth and ordered me to suck .My mouth was soon full of nanny Jeans gooey snot.Kimberley picked me up and breast fed me from both her nipples.I was a contented baby who had just had a delicous breakfast.Mummy Karen then came in looking sexy in a grey trouser suit.She had fresh pink lpstick on and looked so pretty.
“Come on Carly into your buggie and lets go and see Nurse L ynda for your check up”
Nanny Jean and Auntie Kimberley snogged me goodbye.On ,my way to the nurses i must have been kissed by at least six elderley women and had my nose wiped by their hankies.Among these was Auntie Joan,Auntie Sonia and my best friends Mummy Auntie Diane.We were soon in the Nurses room and Karen spat on her hanky and washed my mouth before the door opened and Nurse Lynda walked in wearing her sexy navy blue nurses uniform.Lynda was a tall women with medium dark hair.An enormous nose and glasses.She was a women from heaven who loved blowing her nose in paper hankies.I lifted my dress up and showed her my frilly panties.Lynda laughed .
“Well hi there its Alan isnt it and what have you been up to sweetie”That is a pretty dress and just look at your panties”
Karen gave a sickly smile
“This is Carly my sissy baby girl,she eats my bogies”
“Ah thats so sweet hi Carly the same name is my daughter who is now 24 and is a hairdresser”
Lynda sneezed three times into her blue paper hanky and blew her nose then wiped her snotty hanky in my face.Then her hand crawled up my skirt and fondled my frilly panties.I soon was rock hard.
” Im afraid Karen that your sissy Carly needs to be masturbated.Lets get my breasts out first for Carly to suck my nipples”Would you like to fondle my panties Karen?
“Oh yeah Nurse Lynda let get my hands up your uniform”
Lynda was moaning with pleasure and firmly held my willy and sroked it up and down.i screamed out loud.
karenn laughed as i pumped my warm semen into lynda,s hand .Karen fondled lynda,s panties until she has an orgasm.I was still shooting my load
lLynda laughed and let me pick her nose.It was soon all over and \Mummy karen put back into the buggy and took me down to the cafe.Nurse Lynda waved us goodbye..


Chapter 5. KINKY FUN IN THE CAFE by sissybelindababes (X) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Vaginal Sex)
Warnings: none


I t wasnt long before we arrived in the cafe.Nanny Jean was there eating as many cream cakes as she could.Hayley was serving behind the counter,About 23 years of age with long blonde hair.Had a loud common voice but a cute little face which made me go weak at the knees.Karen lifted me out of the buggie and sat me on the counter.Hayley smiled at me
“Well hier i think i know you dont i?Its Alan isnt it oh im sorry of course your cutie carlie”
Hayley laughed out loud and to my horror saw that the cafe wasnt empty.As well as my Nanny Jean there was Auntie Sonia a women of about 65 but looked a lot younger for her age.She wore far to much makeup especially thick red lipstick.Also i was shocked to see a girl from my office where i worked.Her name was Stacy and she was about 20 years of age and wore pretty pink lipstick.Hayley asked what she could get us and Karen suggested that i licked a cream cake that had ben pushed into Hayleys face.Karen grabbed a cream doughnut and wiped it over Hayleys face into her mouth and on her nose then i was told to lick Hayleys face clean.I did what i was told.Everyone laughed as my tongue darted up Hayleys nostrils to make sure i hadnt missed any.
“Well thank you very much Alan lets get you a babies high chair.Karen asked her mummy whether she could look after me as she wanted to do shopping.Karen snogged me then left.Nanny Jean looked in a wicked kinky mood.
“Hier Carly Babes lick this cream from nanny Jeans fingers and this piece of cake which has been in my mouth,theres a pretty babes mmmmkiss!!!”
“Hello! Carly remember me Auntie Sonia”
“Oh yes of course hi Auntie Sonia”
Sonia came up to me grabbed my hair and kissed me sloppely on the lips .Her fresh red thick lipstick was smothered all over my mouth.Nanny jean then got both her breasts out and breast fed me making me wave at Stacy who was wearing a short denim skirt.She showed of her little white sain thong to me.Sonia then pulled me away from Nanny Jeans nipples undressed me and said it was time i grew up.But i could only wear adult clothes for the next hour.Stacy picked her pretty nose as Auntie Sonia undressed her.Then Sonia dressed me up in Stacy’s small white thong,bra and black satin top.then her short denim skirt was put around my waist and i felt very grown up.Nanny Jean laughed and made me eat a bogie off Stacys finger.Stacy promised to tell everyone in my office what i had done.Hayley pulled in a matress and layed it on the floor.Then she snogged me with her tongue.Auntie Sonia was very pretty for a 65 year old and i was soon on top of her opening her pretty white blouse.She had left her beige booties on and i was told to pull down her white trousers .Sonia put more fresh lipstick on.Sonia’s bra came of easily and i pulled down her pink cotton panties with my teeth..Sonia lifted up my short denim skirt and fondled my white satin thong.My willy as i liked to call it as it was babyish grew about 6 inches and was rock hard.I was soon on top of Sonia and we were having very kinky sex.I snogged at her heavy red lips and was soon inside this very sexy women.Stacy took pictures to take back to work.Stacy looked stunning naked but Auntie Sonia was the one for me and i was soon pumping her with my warm semen.Then Hayley and Jean got on top of me and was soon joined by Stacy and there was soon one hell of an orgy going on.Karen arrived back about 2 hours later but by that time i was back dressed as a baby and the the others were acting as if nothing had happened,But i could taste Auntie Sonia all the way back to my house as Karen pushed my pink buggy.


Chapter 6. KINKY SEX IN NANNY JEANS BEDROOM by sissybelindababes (X) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Feminization), (Breast Feeding), (Vaginal Sex)
Warnings: none
Summary: Nanny Jean after seeing me bonk Auntie Sonia wanted me all to herself today for kinky sex. (593 words)


After Mummy karen had dressed me up in pink satin panties and pink satin pyjams i was carried upstairs and pushed into nanny Jeans bedroom.It was the afternoon on a very hot July day.The windows were closed and the heating put on.Nanny wanted it to be a very sweaty encounter.Nanny Jean lay on her bed with head sat up on her pink pillow.She was wearing a short black baby doll nighty over her fat bloated body.She wore no makeup and was sweating like a pig.I was starting to feel a little nervous and watched nanny Jean devour a large box of chocolates in 5 minutes.She crammed 3 at a time into her mouth then after she had finished she sucked the chocolate stains from her chubby fingers.Then out came her paper hanky.
“Hier Carly babes come and Join nanny Jean on her pretty bed clothes.”Dont be shy babes”
I did what i was told and we soon had each others arms round each other.Jean nearly squeezed the life out of me and i soon had to watch her blow her nose hard into her blue paper hanky.The snot overflowed on to her hand.I was told to lick her hand cleanJean then stroked my pink pyjams and i was getting very hard indeed.We were both sweating pints.Nanny jean pointed to her feet and told me her feet were very sweaty after doing the cleaning and would i lick them clean for her.I obeyed and made sure i cleaned the bits of dirt between her toes with my tongue and chewed any lose bits of skin from her feet.
“Thanks carly babes now let me breast feed you”
After Gulping down nanny Jeans breast milk from both nipples i licked the sweat from her face and start to snog her.Then picked both nostrils of her nose to make sure she was clean all over.If you have never eaten Nanny Jeans bogies i recommend them .They are delicous and gooey.
“oooh carly babes i want you to bonk me now.”
I lifted up Nanny Jeans nighty and she opened her fat legs wide.Her hairy bush was all mine i dropped my pyjam trousers and Nanny jean ripped off my panties and i was soon inside my big fat nanny.We snogged with tongues and i licked her teeth which had remains of her breakfast and chocolate on.Jean groaned as we both made love
“ooooooooh Carly you naughty little girl”
“ugh! Ugh!ugh! cor nanny Jean i love you nanny
The springs on the bed strained as i bounced up and down on top of her.I took her big fat nose in mmy mouth and sucked more snot from her nostrils.
We were both so hot that we sweated over each other and soaked the bed .I finally couldnt hold my semen for any longer and exploded my warm semen inside Nanny jean.We made so much noise that Karen and Kimberley came in and recorded it on video.Karen was so proud of me she shouted’

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