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Reduced to a baby

I was walking down the street with one of my friends. we were talking and laughing but we got to her house. she asked me if i wanted to stay and call for a ride but i declined. I started walking home knowing i should have invested in a car, when i feel a needle in my neck i reach back to pull it out but its a tranquilizer dart and a faint..
i wake up with an odd sensation. Wettnes, between my legs, it was at that moment i realized i was wearing a diper and it was messy and soaked. I also realize at this time i have lost something…my man hood i have now been reduced to baby girl. at that moment a very attracktive redhead(i love redheads) walks in amd she leans over the crib and says”is my little girl awake, we better get you changed.” She picks me up and pats me on the but which i find disturbing. she changes my diaper and puts the “cutest” out fit on me and puts me in a playpin in a living room. i have now been completely babyified and my thoughts and emotions have somehow been transformed as well im playing with toys on the ground that i woudnt normaly find fun. Selfconsisly i wet myself and i start sobing and a different person comes in followed by the redhead. i see your enjoying your self now we wanted a baby so we captured one but your not a girl so we made you one now you have to be our baby until were sick of you. I start to sob and the redhead picks me up and takes me to the other room to change me.
Part 2
after a few weeks of this i was begining to become fully in the infant state and i was beggining to love my mommy. She started calling me felicity which was weird but i couldnt do anything about it. one day she had to leave and i didnt want her to go but she left a baby sitter who was quite the looker. she was about 5’11 blue-eyed bloned she picked me up and huged me close and took me back to the nursery, at this time my diaper was soaked she took it off but gave me a bath as she read off a note. the next thing was “dinner”. The note said use a bottle from the fridge but she said no way. and took me to a rocking chair and unbuttoned her top this was awkwark because i havent been nursed for years and years. but shur enought the baby instincts had kicked in and i was suckleing on a 26 year old’s breats. that night i fell asleep in her arms it was wonderfull but it was good to be in my mommies arms again the next morning so i woke up got my normal change ate my breakfast and was crawling around and i found myself soiled bad and i fell backwards on my butt with the poop splattered all over. for this i was given a bath and redipered and fell asleep i woke up with the wet sensation but still had a little left and i went then i heard laughing and giggleing i opened my eyes to find i was in natalies house my friend i walkied home sometime ago. and i was wearing a diaper which was weird cus why would she have one for me. and worse yet she was changeing me. i was thinking “god please be a dream” but it wasnt and i go over to her house alot and i wear a diper and i still wonder what happend in that month of babyness.

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