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Nanny Nelly

Part 1: Eighteen years ago Dale Nelson was born prematurely. The doctor told Lucy Nelson her son would not grow up to normal size for his age. There are complicated medical problems with being born premature. Dale was 5 pounds at birth.

Today is April 1, 2010 on Saturday around 2 pm. Dale turned 18 and today is his birthday. Unfortunately Dale never grew bigger than a 5 year old. He had to be home schooled due to being so little. Dad could not handle the situation and ran off years ago. Lucy was not happy about being deserted by her husband.

No other children were added to the family after Dale’s situation. He grew up mostly with his mother Lucy. She was the perfect mother for many years watching after Dale like a hawk. Full grown Dale is just 3’ 6” tall weighing only 46 pounds. His growth was stunted badly.

Lucy was born into a rich family and inherited a lot of money 10 years after Dale was born. The divorced husband never found out about this after abandoning his family. Lucy don’t know what to do with Dale but wants a break from caring for the young boy full time. A nanny is hired named Nelly and she is moving in later today. Dale is about to find out about this.

“Mommy has a surprise for you Dale,” Lucy said, “I hired a nanny to take care of you since you are so small for your age.”

“Nanny?” “What do I need a nanny for since today I turned 18?” Dale asked a bit confused. “You have always taken care of me.”

“Yes honey and mommy will always be here for you,” Lucy replied, “A nanny can watch you so I can have some free time for a change.”

“Ok mommy since I am too small to be on my own,” Dale admitted. “I hope she is a nice nanny.”

“I made you a cake and bought you a few presents,” Lucy said smiling. “Nanny Nelly will be here in about an hour.”

Lucy and Dale have cake and ice cream to celebrate Dale’s birthday. The cake is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Vanilla ice cream is served with the cake. Dale sees several presents to open on the table.

“Open this one first honey,” Lucy said with a big present.

Dale tears off the wrapping paper and finds a brown box. He opens the box to find a stack of what looks like hand towels. He pulls one out of the box to find it is white with green edges. The hand towels are 2 layers sewn together.

“Why did you buy me a bunch of hand towels?” Dale asked a bit confused by the gift.

“Those are not hand towels sweetie,” Lucy said, “They are double thick cloth diapers for a toddler.” “You are the size of a big toddler.”

“Diapers? I don’t need diapers at my age,” Dale said, “I have not worn a diaper since I was in kindergarten.”

“Nanny Nelly works cheap since I am providing a place to live,” Lucy replied, “I told her about your occasion pants wetting and bedwetting sweetie.”

“That is not fair!” Dale replied, “I rarely wet the bed and have not wet my pants in a couple of months.”

Lucy explains she cannot make Nanny Nelly cleanup wet beds and wash peed sheets. Nanny Nelly don’t want to wash peed clothing either. She is strict and feels anyone who has wetting accidents needs to be in diapers. Lucy explained further that Nanny would charge a lot more to do those things.

“You must be kidding me mom,” Dale said, “I am not a baby.”

“No honey but you are acting like one now,” Lucy said, “you are more like a toddler to any grown adult.”

Ring – Ring, someone is at the front door. Nanny Nelly is here with a couple of suitcases. Lucy lets her in and directs her to the spare bedroom. Nanny sees Dale at the table with presents to open. She ignores the young man for now.

“Thanks for hiring me Miss Nelson,” Nelly said, “I will unpack my things and join you at the table in a few minutes.”

Nanny is pleased with her bedroom which has a double bed, TV, stereo, and a computer. There is a night stand with a lamp and a large dresser. Nanny unpacks and takes the time to get organized. She has most of her belongings stored at a relative’s house.

Dale is not happy with his first present and gets another one. He opens the smaller box to find 4 pairs of milky white waterproof baby panties in size XL which will fit him. A smaller package is diaper pins and another has diaper rash cream and baby powder.

“You gave me everything that is needed to put me back in diapers,” Dale said feeling embarrassed.

“This is for your own good Dale,” Lucy responded, “no more wet beds or wet pants that smell up your room.”

Suddenly Nanny walks into the dining room and stands by the table. She has a big smile realizing that Lucy took her advice about Dale being kept in diapers like he should be. Nanny smiles at Dale realizing he is as small as any toddler boy age 5.

“You must be the little fella who has wetting problems,” Nanny Nelly spoke up, “Nanny will put you back in diapers.”

“No mamm, nobody is putting me back in diapers,” Dale replied quickly, “I just turned 18 years old.”

“I better wash and dry those diapers right away,” Nanny said.

Part 2: Nanny takes the box of a dozen double layer diapers to the utility room where there is a washer and dryer. She starts the washer and puts in some soap and a dozen cloth diapers. They fluff up and get thicker after being washed and dried twice. Nanny is already busy doing her job.

“I suggest you don’t argue with your nanny,” Lucy told Dale, “I had to give her permission to discipline you with spankings.”

“Spankings?” “I am much too old for spankings mother,” Dale said in surprise.

Finally Dale opens a present that he likes. A new Dell laptop computer that he asked for. Dale forgets about everything else being excited about his computer. He is well skilled at using a computer due to successful home schooling. The last present from mother is a Microsoft Office program.

After the diapers are washed Nanny puts them in the dryer. She joins the family at the table again. Nanny has a small gift for Dale to open. He smiles and rips off the wrapping paper to find a 3 pack of Gerber baby bottles and a pink pacifier.

“Why did you give me these presents?” Dale asked in confusion.

“Nanny Nelly is going to treat you like a real toddler since you will be kept in diapers full time like a toddler,” Nanny replied.

“You are not putting me back in diapers and I don’t need a nanny,” Dale said feeling unhappy about all of this.

“Little boys learn not to talk back to their nanny,” Nelly said, “you get one warning but next time you go over my knee.”

Mother turns to Dale and explains that she already paid nanny for the first month since she needed the money. Dale is told he has no choice but to obey his nanny. Mother is firm about this!

“I will give you a bath before diapering you,” Nanny said.

“Sorry honey but Nanny Nelly is in charge of you starting right now,” Lucy told Dale, “I suggest you behave yourself.”

Dale is picked up out of his chair and taken to the bathroom. Nanny fills the tub with warm water and grabs the soap, wash cloth, and shampoo. To his surprise Dale is undressed like a toddler boy. His stunted growth made Dale have no leg, face, or body hair. He has a small penis too and is immature.

“Look at you,” Nanny Nelly said, “you are bare skinned like a female.” “Your hair is long like a girl would have.”

Dale is feeling humiliated as he is placed in a tub of bubbly warm water with some of mothers scented bath oil added. His thick collar length hair is washed and rinsed first. Nanny then washes Dale from head to toe. She lets him soak for a while and returns to the laundry area. The diapers are dry and put back in the washer again with a small amount of Tide laundry soap.

“I am back sweetie to dry you off and comb your hair,” Nanny informed Dale still in the bathtub.

Dale stands and is dried off while his hair is wet combed to get the tangles out of it. Nanny is amazed to see how much Dale looks like a toddler girl not a boy. She wraps a towel around his waist and takes Dale back to the dining room table.

“You never opened my second present Dale,” Nanny said.

Dale takes a seat in only his pink bath towel. He opens another gift to find white nursery print plastic baby panties. Dale is not happy about this present either. He realizes all of this is actually happening and not a bad dream. Nanny leaves to put the diapers in the dryer for the second time.

Dale is wishing he had a better birthday than this one. The nanny is bad enough but she is putting Dale back in diapers. Dale takes the time to open his laptop and read the instructions.

A half hour later Dale’s diapers are dry and fluffy white like they should be. Nanny folds them and puts them on a shelf in Dale’s bedroom. She puts the diaper rash cream and baby powder on Dales dresser. The plastic pants were washed in the laundry room sink and then dried on low for 5 minutes. Nanny puts those on the shelf next to the cloth diapers. There is a dozen diaper pins ready to use on Dale’s dresser.

“Come to your room Dale,” nanny said, “It is time to get you in diapers like you should be.”

Dale insists on remaining at the table where mother encourages the boy to go to his room. Nanny Nelly arrives with hands on her hips. She is 5’ 10” tall weighing about 150 pounds. Nanny picks up Dale and carries the little man to his room.

“The only thing nanny is going to wash that is peed on is your diapers,” she told Dale, “That includes poopy diapers too.”

Dale is kicking, squirming, and making a fuss to get out of nanny’s arms. She has a seat on his bed and lays Dale over her knees. Without the towel Dale is naked. Nanny has her little leather paddle and begins spanking Dale on his bare bottom.

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, a stinging leather paddle makes contact with both butt cheeks. Nanny explains how a leather paddle is better than a wood paddle. The leather is easier on the skin and does not leave bruises like a wooden paddle. The leather paddle does not dull the nerves like a wooden paddle will.

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Dale’s bottom begins to sting and burn enough to get his attention. Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, nanny continues to redden Dale’s entire bottom. Mother can hear this from the dining room. She feels Dale deserved the spanking from his strict nanny.

“Do you understand that nanny is the boss?” she asked Dale. “I am putting you back in diapers now and that is final.”

Part 3: “Yes mamm, stop spanking me with that paddle please,” Dale said, “I will wear diapers if you insist on this.”

“That is the right attitude sweetie,” nanny said, “as far as I am concerned you are a toddler.”

Nanny gets up and has Dale stand in the corner. She lays a diaper mat on Dale’s bed she brought with her. Nanny takes two of the just washed and dried diapers and puts them together. This makes a diaper 4 layers thick which should be just fine. The diapers are 16” x 24” and are XL for a toddler. Dale has a 20” waist so the diapers are plenty wide. The length is perfect too.

Nanny lays the diaper out ready to be pinned on Dale. She picks him up from the corner and lays Dale on his diapers. Dale is no longer resisting his nanny. She grabs both ankles and lifts Dale’s bottom. Nanny applies Desitin to the back diaper area. She then sprinkles on some baby powder. Nanny lowers Dale’s bottom on the diapers and uses Desitin on his front diaper area. She uses baby powder on the front diaper area.

The front of the diaper is folded in at each side and brought up between Dale’s legs. The back is still wider and overlaps the front pad. The length of the diaper makes it fit high in the waist just above Dale’s belly button. Four diaper pins are used to fit the diaper on snugly. The top diaper pins close up the waist. The bottom diaper pins close up the diaper around the thighs.

“Mommy knew what she was doing when she bought these diapers,” Nanny Nelly said, “they fit you perfectly baby.”

Nanny takes the white nursery print plastic baby panties and slips Dale’s legs in the small holes. She works the plastic panties up his legs and over the thick diaper. The fit is perfect just like the diapers. Dale is feeling more like a toddler than 18 years old.

“I have diapered many toddlers as a nanny,” Nelly bragged. “You need a onesie and a pair of booties.”

Nanny brought a few things in her suitcase. She has a white and pink Gerber onesie size XL that snaps at the crotch. They come 2 in a package and nanny already washed them. Nanny decides on the white onesie for today to go with the white plastic panties.

Still on the diaper table Dale is sat up and the onesie slipped over his head with arms thru the short sleeves. Dale is surprised to be dressed in the toddler’s onesie. It fits great as nanny snaps the wide crotch. Cute white booties are put on Dale’s feet. Nanny does not want the boy bare foot. She thinks of Dale as a toddler not a small adult.

“How do you like being back in diapers sweetie?” Nanny asked.

“I don’t like it one bit since you asked,” Dale replied frowning.

“Make sure you don’t take your diapers off,” Nanny warned, “you no longer need a toilet just use your diapers.”

While being diapered Dale noticed mother go to her bedroom and heard the bathtub being filled. Lucy met a nice man at the grocery store and has a date tonight. She has not gone out on a date in many years. A social life is needed now that her son is being taken care of. Lucy is 5’ 6” tall and petite at 110 pounds.

“Be good for your nanny,” Lucy said, “Stan is taking me out to dinner at the Red Lobster restaurant.”

“Ok mommy, I don’t have much choice anyway,” Dale replied.

Lucy adores how cute Dale looks back in diapers wearing a white toddler’s onesie. She feels Nanny Nelly is perfect for her job. An hour later around 6 pm Stan arrives to pick up Lucy. She is looking pretty with her long brown hair and petite body.

Lucy goes outside to greet her date and leaves Dale with his new nanny. He can meet Dale some other time when Dale is adjusted to his new life as a toddler. Nanny finds what she needs to cook supper. She makes beans and hot dogs cut up in small pieces.

Dale is happy with supper and hopes nanny is a good cook. He eats supper at the dining room table with nanny eating too. A chocolate cream pie is found in the refrigerator. That is served as dessert and is very good even if bought already made.

“What is your usual bedtime Dale?” Nanny Nelly asked.

“I stay up as long as I wish but usually go to bed around midnight,” Dale replied after finishing dessert.

“That is changing tonight since I am watching you,” nanny said, “since it is Saturday I will let you stay up until 10 o’clock.”

“I will not be tired at 10 pm,” Dale complained for a minute. “Ok 10 o’clock is fine Nanny.”

“Good boy and that will be 9 pm during the week,” Nanny said.

Nanny does not stay up late herself and wants the babysitting to be over long before midnight. She will spend some time reading or watching television in her room. Nanny likes to go to bed at 11 pm every night and she gets up at 7 am.

By the time 10 o’clock arrives Dale has wet his diaper watching television. He tried to hold it at first but that became useless after a while. Dale had been wetting his pants once in a while because he never knew when this would just occur. His bedwetting was not new but had become worse over the last 2 years.

“I enjoyed watching Mannix with you Dale but now it is your bedtime,” Nanny said at 10 pm.

Dale is picked up and taken to his room. He is laid on the diaper mat on his bed to have his onesie unsnapped. Nanny gets 2 more diapers and puts them together. She takes off the nursery print plastic panties and then unpins the wet diapers.

“You soaked these diapers baby,” Nanny said, “I will have you in a clean diaper in a jiffy.”

Conclusion: The wet diapers are put in a diaper pail with a cover. Nanny had a diaper pail in the back seat of her car. To Dale’s surprise Nanny has a short pink nightgown for a little girl to wear to bed. She lays it on the bed next to Dale.

“I hope you don’t plan on putting that thing on me!” Dale said.

“Of course it is for you sweetie,” Nanny said, “I am sure it will fit and is meant to be short.”

The nightgown is pink nylon with short puffy sleeves and a high rounded collar. Any toddler girl would love this nightgown. Dale does not love the nightgown and can’t believe it is for him. The nanny cleans Dale with baby wipes before using Desitin and baby powder again. Dale will not be getting any diaper rash.

The 2 double layer diapers are slipped under Dale’s bottom and pinned on tightly like before. He is embarrassed to be treated like a toddler at his age. A plain pair of milky white plastic panties are put on Dale this time. To his disbelief the pink nightgown is put on Dale and it fits just fine. The nightgown is short too.

“I will talk to your mommy tomorrow about some changes that need to be made,” Nanny said, “You need another 12 diapers.”

The diaper mat is folded and put away. Dale is tucked into his twin bed in a toddler girl’s nightgown, diapers, and plastic panties. Nanny teases him again about looking like a toddler girl.

“You are too little to be sleeping in a twin bed,” Nanny insisted, “I will have your mommy get a crib and diaper table.”

“No way I am sleeping in a crib!” exclaimed Dale in shock.

“You will do what I tell you with mommy’s approval,” Nanny said, “You need a crib that will keep you safe overnight.”

Dale feels his birthday was more like a nightmare. His wetting is no longer going to be ignored and he has a full time nanny.

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