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My sister and I

My family had left and I was sitting at home thinking myself why is it that chicks get these beautiful clothes to wear and I have to wear these plain old cotton t-shirts and stuff so I decided to go upstairs and try on some of my sisters things. I went up and pulled up a pair of her panties then a pair of pants which was a very unusual feeling having something on me that tight and then one of her shirts. Then I heard the garage opening and realized everyone was home so I took everything off as fast as I could but couldn’t quite get the panties off and my clothes back on so I kept her panties on until I could take them off the only problem with that was I never got the chance and ended up having to wear them all day. That night I had forgotten I was wearing them so when I went to get ready for bed I saw them and freaked out because I realized I couldn’t put them back but I didn’t want to get caught with them so I stuck them in a drawer under some of my boxers and figured I’d put them back asap after I washed them.

Little did I know that my mom was doing all of our laundry that weekend. So when I went to wash them and they were gone I got a bit scared but my mom never said anything about it so I didn’t worry. Then my sister started doing ballet and I was so jealous but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to be thought weird for wanting to do a girls thing. So instead I went behind my families back and would wear my sisters panties leotard tights and tutu every possible opportunity. Then the inevitable happened I got caught. My family was out and I was dressed in the tutu and all and they were on their way home to get my sisters ballet things. Well they got home and they were all missing and I’m in my room in a tutu and tights and then came clean telling my mom that I wanted to dress as a girl and do ballet.

So she told me that it wasn’t to late to register for beginner ballet so we grabbed my sisters spare clothes and left I was registered for beginners ballet (in the same class as my twin sister) but it was pretty embarrassing being seen in front of all of these little girls in their tutus and such and then walking in as a 13 year old boy in all pink! Well unbenounced to me my parents decided to also let me dress as a girl as long as I wanted (as a matter of fact I didn’t really have a choice). My mom sent my dad home while I learned new stretches and such he went home and removed all of my boy clothes and replaced them with one set of my sisters. When I got home I went to change and realized none of my clothes were there anymore so I asked my mom and she told me that her and my father had decided to allow me to live my dreams and dress as a girl as long as I wanted and that they were going to take me shopping the next day.

So I just went to bed (I had had a long day) and when I got up I showered and put on what they had put in my bedroom and my mom and sister did my makeup but I was still very boyish looking so my mom had an old wig that she put on me. I looked in the full length mirror and WOW did I actually look like a girl. So we went to the mall and just started buying we already knew my size because I was the same size as my sister. So my mom would just held the clothes up to me to see if it would look good and then just take it. We got me my own tights and leotard and tutu for ballet and also went down to the school district and transferred my sister and I to a different school where no-one knew me so I could go in my disguise as a girl w/out being disturbed. I was taught how to sit and act just like a girl and essentially became one. I hung out with all the girls and when we started dating I even dated boys. We would go to the mall and hang out and my sister and I looked so much alike we told everyone we were identical twins and we both hung out with the same group (we even dated brothers together). In high school we joined the cheerleading team and my sister became captain. We both still do ballet and I would never even dream of going back to wearing boys clothes.

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