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Miyuki Chan In The Nursery Land

It had been a few of the cuter stuffed animals that had brought Miyuki into the store. She had not thought that it was a baby furniture place when she had walked in. She was disappointed to note that toys that had brought her into the store were not even for sale.
She looked about, a little disappointed about the lack of anything she wanted to buy. Miyuki, in her blue pleated skirt, sailor blouse and yellow neck scarf-all part of her school uniform-did not really look like someone who would be shopping for baby furniture.
At the back of the store the owner, and old woman, drowsed on the counter, hardly aware of her customer.
Miyuki was about to leave when she heard a soft creak. Turning about she saw a door at the back of the store, partially open. She did not remember a door being there before, but maybe she had just missed it. Curious, though she should have known better, she walked over to the door, peaking around it, wondering what was behind it. She could see nothing.
Suddenly, out of that nothing, came a hand. Miyuki jumped back slightly, a little shocked. The hand, she assumed that the arm and the rest of the body were just hidden by the darkness, made a beckoning motion to her. She moved closer. It spread its fingers. Again, Miyuki should have known better, but she reached out and took the hand. It gently clasped around hers, then suddenly yanked her into the darkness.
Miyuki found herself falling. She let out a surprised scream, pushed her skirt down, it was threatening to blow up above her waist, and quietly wondered why these things always happened to her.
She fell for a time, though she could tell she was not gaining speed, nor falling particularly fast. That was nice. Other times she had been in such situation she had been sure she was to fall to her death. Though that had obviously never happened.
With a suddenness that shocked her, the darkness was gone and she came a abrupt stop, landing in a pile of stuffed animals. A number of teddy bears, kitties, puppies, and other toy animals shot into the air, then rained down upon her. Miyuki floundered around in the mountain of toys before finally righting herself and pulling herself free. She half slid, half rolled down the side until she came to the bottom, a hardwood floor.
As she stood up she was perplexed to note that the pile of stuffed animals did not seem that high at all, coming up no farther than her waist. It was very odd. The room she was in was decorated in bright colours and fanciful murals covered the walls. She was turning around, looking at everything, chests of some sort, a small table and chairs, a few doors, when she came face to face with a woman.
She was a very attractive woman with red hair and blue eyes. She wore something that looked like an old fashioned nurses outfit. Victorian, Miyuki’s mind supplied her with an era. “Good day young miss,” the woman said in a warm voice.
“Uh, um,” Miyuki stuttered. “Where am I?”
“Your name young miss?” the woman asked, not answering Miyuki’s question.
“Uh, Miyuki.”
“Miyuki,” the woman said, reaching down to take her hand. “Such a pretty name. Come along,” she turned and started off, pulling Miyuki along with her.
“Wait!” Miyuki said, already not liking things. Why did it seem things like that always happened to her, and why did so many women want to take off her clothes, and do more with her? “Where are we going.”
“Come along,” the woman said. Miyuki tried to resist, to break the woman’s grip, but she could not. She was simply pulled along, like a little child.
They exited the playroom through one door, and entered what looked like a child’s bedroom. The woman propelled Miyuki forward, into the arms of another woman, this one with black hair and brown eyes, dressed identically to the first.
“This is Miyuki,” the first woman said.
“Hello Miyuki,” the second said as she reached up and began to undo the yellow scarf around Miyuki’s neck.
“Wait,” Miyuki gasped, trying to bat the woman’s hands away. Before she could put up any sort of concentrated effort she felt the first woman loosening her skirt.
From there it was something of a loosing battle. As she reached around the try to keep the second woman from taking off her skirt, the first woman suddenly pulled her blouse up, forcing her arms up, and blinding her. At the same time the skirt was taken off her. The blouse came fully off at about the same time she felt her panties-marked with cute pandas-being taken off. She was about to stop that when the second woman started taking off her bra.
In short order she was stripped naked. Before she could do anything about it, the woman began to dress her, with the same quick, effective manner in which they had stripped her.
Very quickly she stood in clothes that looked like a child’s copy of her school uniform. A sailor suit with a very short skirt that showed off thick cotton panties, marked with even cuter pandas. Miyuki was a little stunned as she looked at herself, looking over her shoulder to try to get a better idea of what she was wearing.
“Why…? What…? How…?” She began, more than a little confused.
“Perfect,” the first woman said, admiring her handiwork.
“Yes.” The second woman nodded. “Now I think Miyuki should take a nap.”
Miyuki, who had long since learned that running was ultimately the best option in such situations, did just that. Her short skirt flipped up as she bolted for the door. It opened easily and she found herself in a hallway.
“Miyuki!” one of the woman said sharply. “Get back in here now or you’ll get a spanking.”
“Someone help me!” Miyuki yelled as she ran down the hall as fast as she could go.
It seemed an impossibly long hall, with many doors on either side. Worried that she might be pursued, and of the threat of a spanking, Miyuki turned and tried one of the doors. It opened in her hand, presenting her with a bathing room.
A woman dressed in only in an apron smiled at her. “Time for your bath Miyuki,” she said.
Miyuki slammed the door and continued running down the hall. The place was mad, even worse than Wonderland, and that was saying a lot in her opinion.
She was considering trying another door when she felt someone grab her and yank her into one of the rooms.
“If you’re running like that, it can only mean one thing,” a platinum blonde dressed like the first woman said as she swung Miyuki into the room. “Here we go.” With one smooth motion she had pulled Miyuki’s panties down around her ankles, pushed her skirt up about her waist and pushed her back onto what turned out to be a child’s potty seat. It had a duck’s head in front, with handles coming out either side. The woman put Miyuki’s hands on the handles then stepped back. “Now just do your business Miyuki,” she said sweetly, then knelt down to pull Miyuki’s panties completely off her legs.
Miyuki discovered she could not let go of the handles. Neither could she stand up. Also, she suddenly felt the telltale pressures that she was indeed about to do her business. As the woman examined the panties she had removed from Miyuki, then praised her for keeping them dry and clean, nature took it course with Miyuki. She flushed deep red.
“Good girl,” the woman said, pulling Miyuki forward. Her hands were still stuck to the handles so Miyuki found herself in the rather embarrassing and undignified position of sticking her naked butt into the air. The woman produced some toilet paper and began to clean Miyuki up. Miyuki flushed deep red from her head to her toes and decided that she much rather be involved in another game of strip majong than what was happening.
The woman finished and Miyuki found she could release the handles. Before she could do anything the woman was drawing a pair of pink panties up Miyuki’s legs. It was only once they were around her hips that she realised they were training panties.
“Wait! I don’t…”
“Come along Miyuki,” the woman said, grasping Miyuki and leading her to the sink. She slid around behind her and then helped, forced actually, her to wash her hands. Miyuki tried to fight, but it was useless.
“Good girl,” the woman said, pushing Miyuki out the door. She directed Miyuki through another door, down some stairs and into a kitchen. She directed her to a chair then pushed her down into it.
“Now you just wait there and I’ll get your meal ready. For now you can have some juice.” She put a child’s cup down on the table in front of Miyuki.
“I got to go,” Miyuki said, getting out the chair and running for the door.
“Come back here young lady or there will be no desert for you!”
“Fine with me,” Miyuki told her as she pushed open another door and found herself climbing a long flight of stairs.
A door opened on one of the landings. A tall woman wearing a severe suit leaned out, behind her was a room that looked like a nursery school. “Time for school young lady,” she said.
“Maybe later,” Miyuki called out as she avoided the woman and continued up the stairs.
At another landing a woman dressed more like a modern nurse stepped out of a door. “I hear you are sick,” she said, waving a rectal thermometer.
“I’m fine,” Miyuki yelled, dodging the woman’s grasp as she continued up the stairs. Her short skirt bounced up and down, revealing her training panties in their entirety.
Finally the stairs ended. Just ahead of her was a door. “I’ve got to get out of here,” she cried, pushing the door open. She swung about and pushed the door closed behind her, leaning up against it, breathing hard, her eyes closed. “I’m going to die,” she said softly, gasping for breath.
“Miyuki, finally,” she heard a voice.
Her head snapped up, her eyes open. Standing in front of her was another woman, wearing the Victorian style nurses uniform, though she had a rubber apron over it. “Uh, I better go,” Miyuki said, reaching for door knob.
The woman grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from the door. Miyuki let out a little scream as she was propelled across the room backwards. The back of her knees hit something and she fell over onto her back. Fortunately the surface was soft and yielding and she was not hurt.
“Now you can’t go running away like that,” the woman said. “We have to take care of you.”
Miyuki tried to get up, but much like the potty seat earlier, she could not seem to move.
“Now, let’s get you ready for your nap young lady,” the woman said.
The changing table Miyuki had fallen onto seemed to raise up to a higher level, making it easier for the woman to work. She stripped off Miyuki’s clothing quickly and efficiently, leaving her only in her panties. “What’s this,” the woman said, pulling the panties down Miyuki’s legs. “You’ve wet these quite thoroughly.”
“That’s impossible!” Miyuki said.
“It certainly is not,” the woman said, pulling the obviously sodden garment from her legs. “Well, not to worry.” She dropped the wet training panties into the diaper pail where they made a sodden thump. Then she reached under the changing table and produced a diaper.
“No!” Miyuki almost screamed. “I won’t wear…”
“Don’t fuss so little girl,” the woman said as she pushed a pacifier into Miyuki’s mouth. “Now, let’s get to work.”
Miyuki could not spit the pacifier from her mouth and could only mumble around it. The woman produced a damp washcloth and used it to clean Miyuki up, gently running it between her legs. She then poured some baby lotion into her palms, rubbed them together and smoothed it all over Miyuki.
She slid the thick cloth underneath the squirming girl. After dusting Miyuki with baby powder she pulled it up between her legs. Miyuki felt the soft, thick diaper enfolding her, pushing on her all over. The padding underneath her was like a pillow and it forced her legs apart. The woman slid a large safety pin into the folds on the right side, then the left, securing Miyuki in her diaper.
“There we go,” she said, stepping back for a moment. She reached under the table again, removing a diaper cover. It was pink, with a teddy bear on the front. She put that on Miyuki, wrapping it around her, then snapping the six fasteners on the front close. Each one snapped close with a sound like a gunshot to Miyuki.
Now she could feel the padding about her, and every little movement caused the diaper cover to make a soft rustling sound.
The woman left Miyuki lying on the changing table for a short time while she went to one of the closets. She returned with a pink and white romper that she put on Miyuki, closing the snaps at the crotch.
“There we go,” she picked Miyuki up and deposited her into the crib. “Now you just take your nap and after that we’ll bathe you,” she said happily, raising the side. “We’ll take care of you forever.”
Miyuki finally managed to spit the pacifier out of her mouth. She tried to pull the romper off, but she could not unsnap it, and the material would not rip. She grabbed the bars of her crib and looked out at the departing woman. “Let me out!” She cried. “I don’t want to be here. I’m not a baby!” She wailed, closing her eyes.
There was a chime, and Miyuki opened her eyes. She was back in the store.
“Excuse me,” a young woman said, sliding around Miyuki as she walked towards the counter. The old woman seemed to be waking up.
“What was that?” Miyuki said, looking around, not sure what had happened. She shook her head, turned around, and almost ran from the store.
She did not notice that attached to her briefcase with a pink ribbon was a pacifier

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