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From Bulls to Lambs

This is my first attempt at a story. It’s the story of a man named Jeremy who mysteriously wakes up in a strange hospital, to find out; it’s a hospital for babies like him. Please go easy, it’s my first!

From Bulls to Lambs
Jeremy rubbed his eyes as he slowly opened them, waking up to see what seemed as a really bright light. As everything came into focus he realized that he was in a hospital, one like he had never seen before; it was full of bright colors and nice drawings that appeared friendly and creative. At first he thought it was a dream, as the atmosphere of being where he was, was so surreal. After looking around for awhile in a state of confusion, a beautiful blonde nurse walked in. It was a nurse like he had never seen though, she had her hair in pigtails and was wearing a pink nurse dress with an emergency symbol hat, she had beautifully laced, white pantyhose with ribbons, and gorgeous high heels. He couldn’t help but stare as she came in just looking at her clipboard.

“Well, Hello there little one…” she said in a calming, but sexy voice… “You’ve waken early” As Jeremy looked back at her, he asked “Early? What do you mean? What is this…? Where am…” before he could finish she put her clipboard down and looked at him stating “Where are you? You’re in a hospital for those who need help. And you certainly need help” as he looked but confused and somewhat aggravated, he responded back to her telling her that he didn’t need help, and that he was fine, he just wanted to know how he had got there, as he didn’t remember anything. She told him to lay back and relax, and that there was no need to worry, that he would be taken care of and fine. She
had come though to give him some medication, and when she handed it to him, he nearly refused to take it. “What are the meds for?” he asked, “I don’t feel comfortable taking meds for no reason. She responded him telling him the purpose for the meds was to help him relax, and calm down his nervous system and free him from any pain. “Right now you may not see a purpose Jeremy, but please, don’t make this hard… You’re in here for a reason, and it can’t be explained right now, but we’re going to help you…” after calming down from resisting the argument he took his pills and laid back, she thanked him and left the room, and told him that she would be back in awhile to check up on him, and if he needed anything to ring her up. Before she left he asked her what her name was, and she told him. “Tammy…” she said, “Nurse Tammy.”

As Nurse Tammy left the hospital room, Jeremy continued to lay back in relaxation as he turned the TV on. As he did so, the first thing that popped on was a series of what appeared to be children’s TV shows, he began to get flustered as he flipped through the TV channels seeing all that was on was shows such as Barney, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, and some other shows aimed for a younger audience. After awhile of finding nothing to watch, he turned off the TV, leaned back, once again frustrated, and just looked around. Rather to think of getting up and leaving the room to discover what was out there, he just layed there, as somehow he felt he needed to. As he layed there he began to hear sounds, not bad ones, but sounds that would seem odd for a hospital. He heard what appeared to be babies crying a lot. As he leaned up to look out the Hospital door (which he was unable to see much of) the sound of the bed sheets moving around caught his attention to the other side, as his roommate woke up. “Rise & Shine…” said Jeremy, in an aggravated voice.”What… where… WHATS GOING ON?!!?!” his confused roommate blurted out… You’ve woke up here, just like I did. He looked back at him, as he noticed the room around him being strangely decorated. “Where am I?” Jeremy replied back that he didn’t know as much as he did, and that he woke up here just like his roomie did. As they continued to talk about what was going on in a confused manner, his roommate suddenly blurts out, “I think…. I think I just peed, all over the bed” Jeremy looked back at him confused, “What?” he said. “I think I just peed, I did!” Jeremy got up from leaning over. “Its okay dude, just, call a nurse… she’ll help you out. You’ve probably been in an accident or something and lost temporary…” his roommate interrupted and started to tear up “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m scarred!” As their confrontation slowly ended, another nurse followed by Tammy walks into the door with a large table. It appears what looks like a stack of white puffy diapers lay on a pile, along with baby whipes, and some other baby accessories. Jeremy watched them going over to his roommate, crying like a big baby, he watches them begin to pick him up and get him organized, before he can finish to see what’s going on, the other nurse beside Tammy, pulls the sheet around the bed so that Jeremy cannot see them. Confused more than anything, he began to really wonder what was going on, but before he could dig any deeper into his roommates problems, he began to feel himself falling asleep; he suddenly became tired, exhausted, out of all energy. He layed back, closed his eyes and immediately went to bed, sleeping like a baby.

Jeremy woke up again, this time it felt weird, the first thing he heard was his roommate, he was leaned over on his bed sucking from a bottle. Jeremy’s hands were shaking and he felt kind of cold…”Nu… Nur…… Nah.w…w…” it was hard for him to talk. He rang the note for the nurse to come, and before he could get up, he smelt something bad; he looked over at his roommate and at him, feeling the smell from his own bed and pulled up his sheets. “OH…. GO….” he stopped and began to get confused “What’s going on” he thought to himself…. then, he broke out, he got so scarred and confused that he began to cry, and cry, and cry. Suddenly the nurses came back, Tammy, and the other, which, he didn’t get her name, came in with the large table he had saw earlier. Seeing this confused him even more, and as he saw them come in, he started to try to talk to them, but was over crying so they couldn’t hear it. Suddenly Nurse Tammy picks up Jeremy and puts him on the table; he’s light somehow, like the weight of a baby. She lays him on the table and he looks up at her still crying, begins to talk. “What’s….? Wha…ga…gaga….. Shaga, gooo……” Nurse Tammy puts her finger on Jeremy’s lips. “Shhhh… Its going to be okay Jeremy…” he looks down as his robe is stripped away from him, Nurse Tammy is leaning down to him, she picks up a baby whipe and begins to whipe his messy bottom up. “It looks like someone made a messy!” Jeremy just listens to her talk, somehow her smooth calming voice, is calming him down, and he feels pampered. “Someone made a mess!” she continues to clean him up and she leans down and picks up a diaper. The sound of crinkling makes Jeremy start to giggle, but he’s not laughing like himself, he’s laughing like a little baby! Jeremy has a lot of thoughts going through his head, he’s trying to think why this feels so right, and not odd at all, but he’s losing thoughts, the only thoughts that are going through his head are how good it feels to be getting a clean diapey. As nurse lifts his legs up in the air, she slides the diaper underneath him and puts his legs down. He begins to kick his legs like a little baby, as she pulls the straps over and folds them to tape it on.

“There we go! Allllll done!” as she gets done cleaning him up, she looks at Jeremy, just staring at her breasts. “Oh….” she looks over at him.”You must be really hungry!? I wish I could… but that will have to wait for your Mommy!” she picks him up and holds him to her shoulder, he has his hand on his mouth sucking around on his fingers, its never felt so fun to suck. “I can give you some milk though…” she hits the button and tells one of her fellow nurses to bring a bottle ASAP to room 201. As she lays Jeremy down on the bed, she begins to talk to him… “You see Jeremy; it’s all going to be clear for you now, the hospital you’re in. It’s for babies like you. This hospital itself is a company. Our
goal is to turn Bulls to Sheep, to Lambs, and that’s what we’re doing…” he stared at her, though the more mature adult talk seemed harder to understand, Jeremy could still understand it for the moment, and had to take in everything the nurse told him. “See right now, you’re just a big baby. A few days ago you were at a bar… this girl really liked you. You hung out, but… you got a little abusive…” Jeremy suddenly remembered everything, and he couldn’t cry, because the nurse’s voice was so soft, it just warmed him… Suddenly another nurse came in, with the bottle; she sat Jeremy up on her lap leaning him against her and began to feed him from the bottle. “Jeremy… she came back for you. We’ve advertised everywhere for young women who have been mistreated, know, or want a baby like you… you see, this isn’t revenge, this isn’t punishment, its simply a form of justice to turn even the meanest bull, into the most gentle thing alive, a baby.

Jeremy continued drinking from the bottle. She then started to explain that this girl, Alicia, had got some of her girls to go back to Jeremy’s apartment and inject the “antidote” she had bought from the company; she never planned on using it, unless she absolutely had to, and by this means, she had to. “You see, the drug knocks you out, and begins to change your system so that your body feels reversible, a sudden boost, or acceleration of aging backwards, rather than forwards, we call this regression, and this drug happens really fast. Remember the pills I gave you earlier? Those weren’t only to calm you down, but for your PHYSICAL changes. In the next couple of hours of your stay here, you will begin to regress in bodily from to a point, your height will greatly reduce, your hands, and feet, will become smaller, you’ll still resemble you, but you’ll be really really small…” As Jeremy continued to drink from the bottle he began to feel himself falling asleep again. Nurse Tammy put a pacifier in his mouth as he continued to suck on it as he was dazing off, and laid him against the bed and tucked him in. She gave him a kiss on the head and closed her eyes. “I wish… I could have a baby like you Jeremy. Being a nurse I have to deal with babies all the time, and the sight of them leaving me, leaves me heartbroken… maybe someday I will have a baby of my own, like you. She turned the light off and left the room, looking back at him for what she knew would be heartbreaking to see him leave.

As Jeremy woke up the next morning, wet, he went through the same routine with another nurse, but things were different this time. When he woke up he was so small! He looked like a toddler still with the body of a 20year old somehow. As he was getting his diaper changed by a new nurse, named Nurse Betty, she began to talk to Jeremy. “Today is the day! Today is the day you go home with your Mommy!” Jeremy somehow understood what she had said, as understanding “adult” talk was very hard anymore. Nurses would come in frequently and talk while they were changing his, or his roommate’s diaper, and it would sound like complete gibberish! But being that he was going to meet his Mommy was the most exciting thing ever, he bursted of energy and began to giggle and laugh. As she finished diapering him, a stroller came in just for Jeremy; it was Nurse Tammy pushing a stroller for him. “Let’s go and get your mommy” she said to him.

They pushed him out to a large waiting room where a group of girls were sitting, the one that Jeremy first noticed was a brunette with long curly hair and deep, brown eyes. The girls stood up and this girl in particular just stood there looking at him, she put her hand over her heart and nearly began to cry. Nurse Betty pushed it directly to her and the first thing she said was “Here he is, he’s of innocence now, he’s perfected, he’s gentle, he’s a lamb… He’s” The brunette interrupted with “Beautiful, he’s so beautiful…” as she leaned down to him he just stared at her in amazement… he tried saying something, and to the best of his ability he got as much out as he could… “Mahm…. Mommy…?” she started to laugh in happiness, “Yes baby!” As she smiled at him, she leaned over and his kissed his cheek and said “We’re going home now….” Nurse Tammy said goodbye, and to take good care of him, he’s amazing, and leaned to Jeremy and said “Goodbye Jeremy, you be good to your Mommy!” what she said was sluttered adult talk, but he pretty much got the message. Jeremy’s mommy, and her friends, began to push Jeremy out as he would be going to his new home.

Coming out from the Hospital, her friends drove her there, so that she could take Jeremy home ASAP. They admired him the whole way home, as she sat next to him just holding his hand while he sat in his car seat. “He’s so adorable!” blurted one of her friends. “Look at him; he’s got the most adorable eyes! Aww!!!” the comments were making Jeremy feel really good, he was feeling more and more babyish, and just continued to regress his mind as the only thing he was thinking about was his mommy, he wanted her love, her passion, everything. Her friends dropped her off at her house, and asked her if she needed any help, she insisted that she would be alright, and that they could all hang out later, and come to see the baby more often. When they got home, Jeremy noticed this big house; she opened the door, and walked in with him where it was like heaven. She was just holding him in her arm, against her shoulder as she sat her things down and carried him around. Would you like to see some of the house? Yessss, yes you would! He was smiling graciously, he felt so innocent. She took him around, the first thing she did was show him his bedroom. It was beautiful! But to his surprise it was amazingly feminine and girlish. He wasn’t too much confused as he started to feel feminine somehow. “Do you like it?!” He looked up in awe, as there were pink walls with rainbow paintings, stars, and hearts, a nearly mountain full of stuffed animals and a large stuffed unicorn which he noticed. A beautiful white crib and a changing table right next to it with lots and lots of diapers. He noticed the package labeling and saw “Princess” on a package, but could barely make out the words, he just saw the beautiful pictures of Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella prints on the diaper and wanted one right now! “Pwinshw shaaa, goo, ga, beja…” she started to giggle. “What? Were you talking! yess…. yess…” as she cuddled up to him he felt so in place, he loved her so much, and she loved him.
Before she could finish taking him around the house, he started to stare at, he was getting pretttttty hungry. “hwa ah, gooaaaaa, foo” and started to whimper. “I bet your hungry aren’t you?!” he looked over her, and it was like she could read him,
after all, he was her baby.

She took him to the kitchen where he saw an adorable placed highchair, she sat him down and put him into place, with a bib that says “I love my mommy” on it. As she went to the cabinet to get his food, he was so hungry that he started knocking on his highchair like a baby. Not angered, just a constant patting to let him know that he really wanted food. As she came over to him, she pulled up a chair and opened the baby food, it was Gerber, bananas! She put her spoon into it and pulled it up to his mouth. He hadn’t eaten like this in a long time, but seeing his mom feed him like this was amazing to him, he began to laugh as she put the spoon into his mouth, before he could eat the food, it began to fall all over his mouth so she had to help him out. She continued to do this as he giggled and she started to make funny noises. “psshhhhh here it cooooomes! here comes the plane, vroooom!” he laughed and laughed, he was so happy. As he
finished up his food, his mom wiped his mouth and smiled at him.

Suddenly he felt the urge to pee and poop for some reason. He tried telling his mommy but it came out. Small farting noises were followed by him messing. He tried to hold back
the urge to pee, but for some reason he forgot how, and he couldn’t hold it, it just came out, and he began to pee in his diaper. He sat there so embarrassed. What would his mom think of him? He is a messy baby! He began to cry…. She went over to him and he thought she would be angry, but she just comfortingly came over to him with a soft voice and began to talk. “No…. noooo hunny, its ok, your a baby! You make mistakes. You won’t be able to control yourself anymore sweet girl!” Sweet girl? Did she just call him sweet girl? What’s going on?

As she took him to the bedroom, she layed him out on the able and removed his messy diaper. What had happened? He began crying like crazy, he got scarred, he noticed something…. his penis was gone! What’s going on? “SHhhhhhhh! Shhhhh shhhh shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” she began to whisper in her ear “My girl, your fine” and she was suddenly comforted, the sound of his mom talking to him, now her, calmed her down… She picked up a princess diaper from under the changing table and began to clean her up, as she powdered her and gently placed the diaper on. She looked down and began to explain that when the medicine he was given to regress him not only regressed him, but would change his sex…. He almost didn’t understand anything anymore, except that he was a girl, a baby, a baby girl. And he began to think thoughts like a baby girl; but she now had a continuing growing love for her mommy. As she sat her up, she told her that the certificate name they had given to him was now “Jessica Nichole” she loved her new name. She smiled at her mommy and stared at her, in her beautiful eyes. Suddenly she felt hungry again… but she needed milk, She was staring at her mommy’s breasts… “Yes, Jessica. Now you can have them.”

She went and sat down as she placed Jessica on her lap and began to unbutton her blouse, She unstrapped her bra, and picked Jessica up against her right breast, just letting her suck on it. Jessica had never felt so amazing. Everything felt right now, and she no longer had any remembrance of her life as Jeremy, she was now a baby. She continued to suck as the milk went into her mouth, just loving every minute of it. Jessica’s Mommy felt so amazing breastfeeding and nursing her new baby, and whispered to her, “I’m going to love you forever, you mean so much to me, you’re everything I wanted… Your a lamb” after that, she began to sing to Jessica, and Jessica slowly fell asleep knowing that she had a new life as a baby girl. She knew that not only had she regressed to a couple of months old, but her transformation was complete, and eventually she would start growing into a fine, beautiful young woman, but for the time being, would enjoy and cherish every minute of being babied by her Mommy.

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