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this is how mikey turns from a 18 year old boy into a baby. i got a volunteer job at the daycare center for some community service hours. on my first day i walked in, seeing the sign that all children must be diapered. i paid little attention 2 the sign and walked in, ms lavery, the owner, asked me if i read the sign, and i said yes. she then asked me 2 come over and get on the changing table. i called her a fool and she put me over her knee. soon my pants, shirt, and boxers were takin off, leaving my bottom bare over her knee. she told me too say baby wants a new diapee or else. i gave in and walked nude over to the changing table. i sat down as she grabbed a razor and shaved my pubic hair and telling me im going to be punished by being the age i acted, two. next she pulled out a huge diaper 4 me. as i lifted my bottom she slid 2 huge diapers under me. as she powdered and diapered me my cock hardened, making it hard 4 the diaper 2 get on. i was now dressed in only a diaper as she put me in the playpen.

Soon mikey received a massive boner in his diapers as ms.lavery’s daughter, Taylor came in wearing her cheerleader outfit. As Taylor bent over he admired her perfectly formed ass beneath the skirt. The biggest turn on however was the lace thong she was wearing. Her mother also noticed the sexy lingerie, telling her that girls should not wear those under cheering outfits. Suddenly the cute brunette was stripped of her thong, then her skirt, and finally her shirt and bra. As mommy spanked her bad girl, mikey’s cock hardened to an almost sudden orgasm. Finally, the bad daughter was placed on the changing table. Since her mother couldn’t trust her with the panties she wore their was only one solution, diapers. Soon mommy’s girl was placed in pigtails, and an extra thick, custom Disney princess diaper, which was quite sexy on her. Too top it off mommy put Taylor in a pair of cute ruffled panties and handed her a pacifier, making her look like an overgrown baby. Then she was placed in the playpen alongside mikey. Mrs. Lavery then told Taylor to be a good girl and she had to go pick up a new maternity bra, which would look sexy and have her new babies want to suck her breasts. Once mommy left, taylor and mikey got to know each other. She asked mikey if he had been fantasizing about her ever since he saw her, since she could tell his cock was rock solid. He admitted his desire to have her suck him, which she blushed at. I dont know bad boy, lets take off this baby diaper and see what I have to work with. As she opened his diaper up, her nipples hardened, and she knew this was gonna be fun. How about you stick your pacifier in Babys mouth she said, opening up wide. Without hesitating he stuck his cock all the way into her mouth, and she began to give him a great bj. Right before he came she took it out of her mouth and rubbed on her tits. Instantly, mikey came over her tits. Taylor gave out a cute giggle, then claimed she was sticky and needed a change. With that mikey took off her fresh diapee revealing her bare ass. She then told him that the only way a like her could get clean was to first start from the bottom. Mikey began stroking her ass with his cock clearly arousing her. He then began to stick his dick into her ass, hoping for some baby cheerleader bottom butt sex. She definetly agreed and mikey began working on Taylors hole. Eventually she came and felt so amazing. Then her and mikey fell asleep on each other in the playpen, just after putting themselves in new diapers. Soon they someone else would discover their diaper fun………

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