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Casual Fridays

Brian awoke in the morning just like he did every morning; he got out of bed, showered, shaved, and got ready for work. He was a 19 year old boy with incredibly feminine features. Everything from his long hair to his skinny body and his tiny womanly figure. He cursed his looks and sighed. All the girls at work thought he was gay because of his body size. It made him regret ever being born.
The thought of work popped into his head and he looked at the clock over by his bed and grumbled. “Great, five o’clock in the morning…if I don’t get going I’ll be late.” he threw on his suit and brushed his blond locks out of his face before hopping into his car and starting the journey to the place he so loathed.
It wasn’t even five minutes into his shift when he was called directly into his boss’ office. His boss was a woman in her mid 30’s at most, she was a very busty woman with long curly red hair and full pouty lips that made her seem so sexy. She was a also a fairly thin woman and for Brian that was a plus. He had the biggest crush in the world on her, but he didn’t want anyone to know…because he feared being thought of as even stranger for having a crush on such an older woman. Her name was Marie Sophias, a lovely French name for a beautiful French woman. She smiled as Brian entered her office and offered him a seat, “You ‘ave been very diligent with your work, monsieur Malcombs.” she said with a smile, “I think it is ‘igh time for a raise…maybe even a…promotion?” she with her soft French smile.
Brian couldn’t believe it! He had been with the company for two years and he figured his work went unnoticed in the place, but apparently not! “I would like that very much…” he said softly.
“Indeed? Well zen, shall we discuss this over…dinner?” she asked plainly.
“D-dinner?” he asked shocked, “Well…sure!” he said with the biggest smile he had ever had in his whole life.
“Good! I will geeve you mon address and you will be zere at 6 pm sharp, ok?” Brian nodded and his boss wrote her address down for him. “I will see you zen, boy.” she said with a smile as Brian exited her office.
For the rest of the day all Brian could think of was his boss’ hot body and how she wanted to see him after work hours…he felt his manhood start to grow in anticipation, erect his member was only around five inches, but he knew how to work it, and that was all that mattered to him. When he got off he still had two hours to kill. So he popped in his favorite porn, one of a strict boss and a submissive employee.
As he watched, he removed his pants and went into his bedroom where he put on a pair of silk lingerie and came back in just as the boss was inserting her finger into the employee’s rectum, the young male screamed with delight as his boss fingered his ******* and jerked his long hard cock, Brian took his own cock from the silken panties and began to play with it gently. He wanted to get it nice and hard while he fantasized fucking his boss’ tight pussy while she fingered his virgin rosebud. He must’ve masturbated a good five times and had five amazing orgasms. His panties were stained with his seed and he was covered in sweat. When he looked down he noticed he had been doing something new, he saw that he had inserted two fingers into his ass and had been pumping them fiercely in and out.
When he finally had removed them he let out a loud and gassy fart and actually made him quiver a bit. He then felt a strange warmth that made him feel like he was in heaven, it seemed to cover his bum like a hot spanking from his boss. He finally came off of this cloud and stood up, when he did…he gasped. The panties sagged a bit and his living room smelt like poo. It took a second to put the two together but when he did he nearly fainted…he had pooped himself!

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