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Birthday Spanking From Your Principal?

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This Principal apparently gives a swat he calls “whammies” with a hockey stick . He also hands out pencils and calculators at the same time. I guess it’s supposed to be all good fun, but some kids (and parents) don’t like it.

What do our contributing contributers think? Should he carry on as before? Should he be reprimanded? Terminated (sacked, not killed)? Prosecuted? SCP is illegal in Iowa.

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Eisenbarth described the “pat on the backside” as a birthday tradition. He celebrated each child’s birthday with an announcement on the school intercom, followed by an invitation to the principal’s office.

Eisenbarth gave students pencils and calculators, sang “Happy Birthday” and spanked them once for each year of their lives, the letter said.

It sounds a pretty weird sort of tradition to me, and a pretty weird sort of guy doing it. I’m not surprised that parents or children were not amused. Not the right sort of person to continue being Principal of a school in my view.

There is a world of difference between kids having their own birthday traditions between themselves and adults trying to impose them.


Birthday spankings like these are imprudent but obviously not considered police blotter material in some schools and communities for they wouldn’t be left up on youtube. One of the young ladies looks like a young Paula with one of her paddles. I feel for the 11 year old boy who submits non-consensually to the embarrassment of a birthday spanking. They did avoid touching the boy on his bathing suit.
The first video should have led to at least an unpaid suspension. The girls may feel sexually exploited for they know what part of their bodies attract boys and he should not be acting like one. I’m not sure he would have done it with as much enjoyment it were two boys.

The second warrants a good chewing out by the principal. She could have been one of them.
What starts as childish birthday spanking often becomes an occasion of boys enjoying touching girls in a areas they wouldn’t not be able to touch for a lack of consent on the girl’s part in the latter teen years. By the time they reach the age of consent it becomes a staple of beer drinking birthday parties.

There are even restaurants where a patron (not surprisingly usually a guy) are chosen to spank the birthday girl while out with their girlfriends.

USA is not the only country that has birthday spankings. We have ours every year while Poland has a very painful one for girls as they turn 18 with a belt. There is always the theme of one to grow on until the end of the nubile years. Here is a birthday spanking at the older end and so most painfully. Not all 23 are shown but you get the idea by how difficult it is for her to stay and position. Modestly.





Simple answer : terminate him . A grossly unacceptable practice introduced why? Why didn’t he discuss it first with the school board, his management team or superintendent?


In light of your statement under the gender agenda italicized from Gender Agenda should this man be terminated and would you fell the same if it were a woman teacher. Also, would you terminate the three presumably teachers, that occurs with the fifth grade boy.

On a lighter note, I was out recently on a Friday night with my son dining with his favorite (English style fish & chips) and a young lady received 21 whacks from her girlfriends but it was a ploy to be served underneath the minimum age. I believe the age should be 18 (right of passage in Poland) and applied that as my house rules as long as we were in the house and had the car keys. As a freshman in college the administration celebrated a significant anniversary with Sly & the Family Stone (WE ARE FAMILY) by having a keg party just before the age became 21 because of the intervention of National Highway Safety Council that would refuse highway funds to each one of the 50 states that refused.

They did the same about lowering the speed limit only to be overturned from lowering it to 55 and then returning it to 65. This is a reason why TWP are on the same page about the federal government usurping the power of the state. It comes down to my belief in the principal of subsidiarity. Constitutionally, I make an exception to that when it comes to the judiciary who have all the right as in integration. The deep south got a black eye on that account and some carry that over into the corporal punishment sphere and perhaps more so if those states become the last to permit.

The disparate issues I have just written about have little to do specifically with this thread, and admittedly this posting is all over the place but for my convenience it is better than taking the time that it would take from posting under different threads that I need to express myself.

Fish and subsidiarity are revelatory of what? You only get partial credit if you say I’m crazy.


In light of your statement under the gender agenda italicized from Gender Agenda should this man be terminated and would you fell the same if it were a woman teacher. Also, would you terminate the three presumably teachers, that occurs with the fifth grade boy.

I would certainly formally discipline them . I can’t say definitively, if I would dismiss but , if one of them was the Principal , and it was a no spanking state .yes .She at least would probably have to go .

Why? The issue isn’t if they hurt the kids concerned , they probably didn’t . However, to flagrantly defy a clear prohibition regarding the required relationship of student and teacher in that state. Firstly , you shouldn’t draw parallels between ‘punishment’ and fun. Embarrassing kids for no good reason also should be out . In the first case the gross issue was he INTRODUCED the policy without discussion , and clearly he upset some of the kids and parents. He was a total Jerk. As I said we can only surmise his reasons.

As to the Ladies shown , actually I thought the third one was far less jovial than the other two. Three ‘play spankings’ one after the other both crazy and self indulgent, and raised other uncomfortable issues to me, redolent of those unanswered about the sisters of no mercy over the years !!!! The whole classroom scene showed pitiful judgement on behalf of three grown women , as did the stupidity with the fraternity paddle. Frankly the whole thing is somewhere between sick and creepy!

What happens in families and between friends is one thing : what happens in the name of the state in public education, funded by public money completely another. Where’s the accountability ?


Thanks prof n The question would be what would birthday spanks have to do with punishment in the kids eyes in a school setting if corporal punishment hadn’t been used in decades by many schools and perhaps this one. There may be a less draconian sanction than terminating if the principal was one of the three for it didn’t raise the ire of the parents and within the standards of behavior permissible among the parents. The principal has a higher authority within a school system that parents could turn to if they had.

OTOH the man with the two girls was not a secret when it’s on the world wide web where people may be enjoying it for all the wrong reasons as opposed to just having a laugh. They are minors and perhaps not fully aware of some proclivities. The man deserved a severer sanction because he applied corporal punishment in a dangerous manner that could have damaged the tailbone or pelvis. Had he paddled those girls in a disciplinary context he made a mockery of it as a sanction.


See perhaps my view on this is a bit straight laced.  I see two scenarios.

One where there is no cp. We know it is abolished in school but some, especially younger kids may get it at home. Their ability to discriminate MOTIVE from ACTION is a tough one at that age unlike older kids and adults .

Whilst the school might not use ‘spanking’ , it may have a connotation with/of punishment to some kids. Furthermore, most abolitionist states/school districts, have a very clear idea that abolition may indeed mean no touching /no contact between staff and students. It may be PC but it can be the way. And then there is the Bathing suit area question ……..

On the other hand , where the paddle is used it is completely confusing for an action to be used in one context as punishment and in another as play. Where do you draw the line so youngsters understand…….if kids spank each other is that fighting/bullying, or just following teacher? Much more difficult if you don’t restrict the action to have one unambiguous meaning.Not all violence, or involuntary touching of rear ends is wrong ( thats difficult enough in the case of cp in general, let alone the nuances in this context). Confusion or ambiguity doesn’t aid discipline or accountability. And what if you use the same paddle for fun and punishment ?

I agree on the use of the frat paddle that was just stupid. Again one has to question the motivation of the teacher concerned.

It isn’t good enough just for motives to be unimpeachable , in a public school situation it has to be demonstrated. That’s where drawing a clear line is important , not being a spoilsport.


The idea of a paddle is to keep the hands off the erogenous zones. The juvenile position of over the knee was not used nor was the child’s buttocks struck. Spankings are not the norm, albeit not specifically ruled out in every district, so there would be little connection with the punitive. I suspect that classroom festivity elicited a “ho-hum” by the parents who probably thought the classroom was just an extended family gathering of friends.

Birthday spankings are best to celebrate at parties with rites of passages as with Michelle reaching her legal age.

There is something disturbing about teachers being so chummy with their students. This should not be happening until after they graduate where they are free to spend money on their own and not the taxpayers as college students.



Hi Nev; I don’t know what this guy was thinking. He is smart enough and educated enough to be Principal of that school yet he does something like this. Maybe it was all in good fun but it was a serious lapse in judgement. It will probably ruin his career in education.


Why wasn’t it taken down even if it only elicited a reprimand. The attire is typical of the growing trend where dress codes are often hard to enforce with uniforms that abound in inner city schools. Perhaps there are many blacks in that school. Is it safe to assume that he is a principal and not a teacher or a coach teaching math. It sounds like when he is frustrated by their lack of compliance that he says GET THAT BIRD (what does it sound like ). Did the paddle have a handle? It’s a strange looking instrument of correction. Let’s hope that it is a historical artifact. By the accents it does seem to come from the southern region but it is not necessarily a public school. If it’s like Memphis or New Orleans they may be less opposition. I cannot make out the logo on the man’s shirt.


Ive looked at this on the big screen TV , but unfortunately the resolution breaks down before you can see the emblem in legible form. Surround sound gives you ‘The’re both turnin’ around hit that bird ,hit that bird ‘

My guess ? Inner city academy?LA?AL?MS? I’m pretty sure not TX GA, ( take your point on dress and accent) Coach doubling as a teacher/VP. Some sort of maths science classroom , but an old , not well maintained building. Classroom looks tired and shabby. The class participants are clearly a mixed racial group.

The object looks like a board , (it’s NOT a frat paddle : I was totally off beam there) . There is no handle, it could almost be the seat board from an old fashioned desk, or some sort of largish demonstration board. The black girl is quite ok it seems with the ‘joke’ the white girl seems much less comfortable veering between laughter and concern . The expressions on a 50″ TV screen tell a lot .

I dont ‘get’ the demeanour of the coach at all : that’s not surprising , I didn’t always read their ‘alternative’ humour very well for real. If this were white middle class suburbia I guess the video would have been down now.

It reminds me there is a very fine line in teaching .when the PE staff and games coaches used to slipper some poor miscreant for failing,to perform the rest of us little wretches used to laugh . Why? Was it fun at his discomfort or relief that it wasn’t us. But we wouldn’t have dared not laugh, because if we had doubtless we would have been given a dose for not participating in the Roman circus.

Now this isn’t that level of abuse, but its ‘uncomfortable’ it seems for the participants, and certainly for me as a spectator


I saw in a news reports that the principal concerend has resigned and is now on state pension and benifits to $3000.00 a month.

He made the mistake of private spankings in his office, which was not a wise thing to do, giving a birthday spanking at a party in school where all can see whats going on is one thing, but in a office behind closed doors does lead to questions being asked!

I was birthday spanked as school from 1st to 5th grade, but the teacher did it in front of the class, mostly if the class had a birthday party. My last birthday spanking was at 5th grade age 11 and I was firmly spanked and it did hurt a bit as well, much to the enjoyment of the class

My own son now in 4th grade has been birthday spanked by me from the first grade age 6 at his class birthday party, which the parents pay for a outside firm to come in with the food etc, I last spanked him, must to the glee of the class on his 9th birthday, he got 9 light spanks and one stinger spank to grow with


Nothing surprising about a note from a girlfriend asking for a birthday spanking. But in 1922. Not so sure? I wonder if birthday spankings were common in school. But then again California is always ahead of the curve. 

If your not adventuresome no need to scroll down for I have shared the text below. … 11/page-9/

Note to Phone Girl Breaks Up Home SAN FRANCISCO May 5 1922.

The idea of her husband spanking a pretty telephone operator didn’t appeal to Mrs Ruth M Kirkwood. So her reconciliation with A. P. Kirkwood was called off today.

The two had separated and then become reconciled according to statements in court and then Mrs Kirkwood alleged, she found a note alleged to have been written by her husband to “My Darling Sweet Girl,” which said among other things:

“Have you had your birthday spanking yet? Well If you fail to get it just let me know.” According to allegations the “darling sweet girl” was a San Francisco telephone operator.


I do no have a problem with teachers or principal giving out birthday spankings as long the the child is not forced into it and no physical harm is done. In this goof balls case I remember reading that some students did not want it and they got anyways. To me that is irresponsible and he should lose his job over such a stupid thing.

I got a few birthday spanking in elementary school in front of the entire class and it was all in good fun. Heck until I was 13 would do the spanking tunnels at my birthday parties.


I don’t know if any age is appropriate but an 8-year-old is getting a little too old for this sort of thing. If all nine were of the same intensity as the one at 50 seconds. The video will be much more embarrassing in years to come.


Why chose between 7 birthday spanks and 7 hugs? Would it be greedy if she wanted both? Honestly like the birthday spanking tradition as long as nobody is hurt and everybody consents to it.

These can be a lot of fun and can’t wait until my daughters birthday 😛


American Way Wrote

“I don’t know if any age is appropriate but an 8-year-old is getting a little too old for this sort of thing.”

I am almost 33 and both my parents still spank me on my birthday. Never to old for a birthday spanking lol


I fully accept that the little girl in the clip American Way posted doesn’t seem distressed and most of the strokes with the ruler were very light, but the last one definitely smacked into her bottom a bit and must have stung.

I don’t think us Brits will ever understand the strange concept of “birthday spankings” I mean why, what’s the purpose?


Genuine school paddle used for a birthday spanking.





This is a paddling from Morehead Elementary School from Lee County MS of Shannon High School fame recently highlighted in As Recent As It Gets thread.


Given the size of the children the paddles do seem excessive.


8 or 9 is one thing but 15? This comes closer to hazing than a birthday spanking and the school should take appropriate action.

Over 100,000 people have viewed this and I wonder how they as professional educators feel about an instrument of correction entrusted to them to be used in this manner. Does the school know how they are looked upon by school authorities?

Although I posted the video awhile back it is worth mentioning that this is a paddling not all that different in intensity from a typical school paddling. Were the two women there before or did they just enter the room in time to spare him the last of the usual 3 swats? If these were girls being paddled it would have gone viral and the teachers would be out of a job or at least I would hope.

Birthday spankings appropriate for schools?


There is a big difference between an adult submitting to a public birthday spanking knowing it will be in cyber space for eternity. Consenting adults means just that whether private or public. Mitigating circumstances like alcohol may impair judgment as in bars and restaurants. Just ask Bubba

I don’t think us Brits will ever understand the strange concept of “birthday spankings” I mean why, what’s the purpose?

I bet we both belong to that segment of the British population which is over the age of 40 and still retains the ability to think for itself without being unduly influenced by the US entertainment? industry.

Surely, the species you allude to have gone the way of the dinosaurs? Of course, it might depend on what you mean by “think”, “unduly” and “entertainment”. Are feelings of rage, despair or acute boredom undue?


I am intrigued that someone so vehemently opposed to school corporal punishment can be a supporter and indeed apparently an enthusiastic advocate of birthday spankings.

I wonder if this is because birthday spankings are traditional (in your culture) and (usually) consensual?

What then of the situation that seems to have existed (and for aught I know may still exist) in some US schools where an authority figure says to a student:

  • You have breached the disciplinary code, you have to be punished, you can have a choice of Saturday detention (or suspension or other non-CP measure) or swats.</li>

And the student says:

  • OK, I’ll take the swats.</li>

Now there we also have tradition, since punishment for wrongdoing at school is about as traditional as you can get! And the punishment is consensual. The breach of the school disciplinary code requires that a penalty be exacted. The authority figure offers alternatives for that penalty. The student selects one of them. They both consent to and agree the resulting punishment.

I presume that you would object to such a punishment. However it meets the same requirement of being traditional and consensual as a birthday spanking. Just as the birthday spanking is intended to impress on the recipient that they are now whatever age the birthday is celebrating, so the school swats are intended to impress on the recipient that they have misbehaved but are now discharging that misbehaviour. Both experiences are, in a sense, rites of passage. So why, in your terms, is one just fine whereas the other isn’t?</div>


Interesting point. I actually remember a spanking tunnel at a party for someone’s when I was about 7 , in birthday party right here in the UK. But to take up your point about the films and TV, it is , as I’ve said before, very odd that in the US , if you exclude the slightly saucy ‘adult ‘ spankings as shown by American Way in his cinema threads, there are very few examples of paddling on commercial TV or film. Whilst i could understand it today , when only a minority of states retain the paddle, in the 50’s and 60’s it was a ubiquitous feature of school life , public or private throughout nearly the whole of the US. Films like ‘Walkout’ do show it , but many more, even ‘pseudo historical’ stories about say busing in Northern cities, never make reference let alone SEE a paddle in action.

OK ‘Dead Poets’ is an exception…………but thats supposedly an ‘elite’ school. I can’t even think of having seen the portrayal of a military college with cp, only some cases in Catholic School ….nothing much ‘mainstream’ As I’ve said before even ‘dazed and confused’ uses it in hazing but not teaching and ditto ‘family guy’, and , in the episode where you would have found it (deep Louisiana) in ‘To live and die in Dixie’ not a mention!

Is this something the US doesn’t want to export? Again if you look at the supposed ‘dates’ for the setting of films like ‘Carrie’ and (the original) ‘Buffy’ feature film,let alone ‘Back to the Future’. No paddles. and ‘Fast times at Ridgemont High’ (California)made in 1982 when CP definitely was in use, not a squeak!

Compare that with the UK , films such as IF…., KES, Leaving, you could go on for hours. We don’t seem to be ashamed of our history : seems the US film industry wants to rewrite much more than how the ‘enigma’ code was cracked !!!!!!!!!Kids today don’t even know there was just as much protest in the Bronx about integrated schooling as there was in Mississippi, maybe not the KKK versus the Deacons but a mass parent and student movement in the white community, yet I only can think of one film dealing with this ……….quite a relevant issue given yesterdays date


You said above:

Surely, the species you allude to [that segment of the British population which is over the age of 40 and still retains the ability to think for itself without being unduly influenced by the US entertainment? industry] have gone the way of the dinosaurs?


No, there’s still a good number of us left. Happily “Here’s tae us; wha’s like us? Gey few, and they’re a’ deid” isn’t quite the appropriate toast – not yet anyway!

But when I look at halloween and the associated silly clothes and extortion of cash, and school proms with the accompanying even sillier clothes and stretch limos, both of which have become ‘traditional’ not just in my adult lifetime but in the last few years, I do indeed despair! No rage or acute boredom though. Just despair at how easily the mass of the younger population is influenced by what they see on TV and in films.


A very interesting response, thank you, and I would commend to anyone who may have missed it your recent contribution in another thread with rather more detail on what does and doesn’t get depicted in US films with regard to corporal punishment.

You said above:

Ah, but was it a ‘birthday spanking’ per se, or was it just a spanking, for instance as a penalty or forfeit associated with some game? I can certainly recall spankings in the latter context at birthday parties, and indeed, as you recall, spanking tunnels.

I was an avowed party avoider as a child. I hated them! Even at a very young age I preferred to pick my companions and my activities and not have them imposed on me. Other children were upset when they weren’t invited to birthday parties, but I was upset when I was, because my Mother might insist that I went despite my protests! So I didn’t go to many birthday parties, and if I can recall spankings they may not have been all that uncommon, as I recall, as a forfeit or similar.

But in the context of birthday spankings we are surely talking about a spanking imposed specifically on the person celebrating the birthday for the purpose of marking that birthday. A spanking often involving one spank for each year of the new age attained. I don’t remember anything like that. But as I say I didn’t go to many birthday parties, and I’m open to evidence to the contrary. Not from recent years of course. As noted the habit will almost certainly become established here, and the volume of stuff on YouTube may already be having an effect!


Another_Lurker is correct, I do belong to that segment of the British population which is over the age of 40. I suspect he is also correct that it may well be yet another thing we end up importing.

I think the concept of “consensual” is not as clear cut as it might seem. If someone is forcibly held down and hit hard with the intention of causing real pain that is clearly non-consensual, if the whole thing is very light hearted and the recipient sees it as enjoyable then it is consensual. What concerns me is in between. For example peer pressure, is it consensual if the recipient feels under pressure to accept a painful spanking for fear of being regarded as a wimp, ostracised or even bullied?

I submit to dentistry because of the consequences of not doing so, not because I’m happy about it and certainly not because I enjoy it


Birthday Bumps. 5th June 1930: Day trippers give the bumps to the birthday girl at Brighton seaside resort in East Sussex.


Day trippers bathing at Brighton seaside resort in East Sussex.


India IIT B’s Powal Campus is banning them. They can be dangerous especially with the brutal accouterments that are traditional.



Or just another excuse for a guy to touch a girl outside the bathing suit covered area.

Scotlands take on the bumps now which in typical Scottish style do not beat around the bush and are administered by a straight-up though casually soft smack to the backside. The one bonus for Scottish birthday folk comes by way of a pound note to accompany each smack for every year being celebrated plus on more for luck.

Given what little I know of Scotland I’m not in the least surprised. (;


Same gender.

International school in Washington D.C.

More dangerous than spanking.

On a lighter note as I’m fond of saying.

St George Slays ’em for £13,000 at York Dinner! 29 April 2013, 1:04 pm



Lastly, the Beatles.


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