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Bethany the chosen one

Bethany is a 7 year old girl but no ordinary one for she has a destiny that makes her special.

While she sleeps she receives a dream from a higher power.

That reveals to her the destiny she nor understands nor wants but takes to it reluctantly.


Bethany is walking through a field of daffodils hugging her teddy close to her she hears a voice

The voice is sweet and kind and she trusts it for some reason.

The voice belongs to a woman or a little girl.

but she can’t see who it belongs to she begins to get a little scared she feels a little warmth spread into her pull-up but stops it from flooding out by crossing her legs then she can’t hold it anymore and she floods her thick pull-up but feeling much better.

The owner of the voice appears in front of her and it belongs to a beautiful woman with long silver hair and a kind face with just white eyes,

she has a beautiful golden dress on and has 4 angel wings.

“You are a very special child Bethany.

You have power child you can do things no other child can.

You can heal and cast spells you know because you have done it.

Now you must learn to use your powers or they will eat away at you must learn and develop child there will be need of you later.”

The figure vanishes leaving little Bethany with dozens of questions

“Who are you?”

“Why me”

“What must I do?”

Please comeback I need your help please.

She begins to sob and as she does the fields disappear and are replaced by her bedroom carpet which is pink and fluffily and the four walls of her room also pink and her own little bed.

she opens her eyes and she feels warm wetness between her legs and her think pull-up is soaked that she always has to wear to bed it is still dark so she takes of the pink Disney princess pull up and throws it away then puts another pull-up on cos she knows she will wet again


Chapter 1


Bethanys mum Marina came into Bethany’s room at 8 oclock to wake her up shes still sound asleep when she comes in
Marina wakes her gently and Bethany moans then marina talks first the same question every morning. morning Huni how are you feeling.

Its time to get up and ready for school.”

at this point Marina does not mention Bethanys pull-up
For she knows her youngest daughter is very sensitive about her “condition and she knows Bethany can sort herself out anyway.

Bethany got up finding herself dry for the time being first puts on her soft t pink panties over the dry pull-up then her school uniform. She packed her bag with her book, pencil case, reading record and 2 pull-ups from her dresser then she goes into the bathroom which is empty since Lexi: Bethanys 12 year old sister had already caught the bus to her high shool.
She undresses again wondering why she got dressed in the first place then had a shower and put her long Blonde hair in a pony tail. Then gets dressed again and goes downstairs where her mum had a bowl of jammy ready break waiting for her and a glass of apple juice.
She eats and drinks her breakfast and then is ready to go so goes into the lounge and watches cartoon till mummy was ready to take her to school.

It doesnt take long for Marina to be ready to take Bethany to school. So once they are both ready Marian says to Bethany come on sweetie time for school up you get and hop into the car
Marian follows the eager little girl out to the car and once they are strapped in Bethany on her booster seat. They set oft to the school both attend the little girl as a pupil and her mother as an art teacher. Once they arrive Marian drops Bethany outside the school gate to join her friends and then goes to park her car.

Bethany walks to the tree that her and her small group of friends hang out near. The girls dont really mix with the other girls at the school for various reasons. Bethany sees her friends and happily waves to them, they wave back and she goes over. Bethany has 3 close friends firstly There is Marium Khalid who was an Indian girl with sort brown eyes and frizzy black hair she always covered her legs because she was Muslim, then there is Jessica Sanchez who was a small slender girl who was the best under 8 gymnast I n the school and was a ballerina, she had olive brown skin and dark brown hair, she was Spanish recently come to America, finally there was Chloe Kristofsky who was a fantastic artist and loved to draws and paint. She was Jewish and had slightly pale skin and red hair that was in ringlets. Bethany sat with them and they talk about what they did over the half term holiday. The bell went and they lined up with the rest of year 2 for the teacher. The girls noticed two new girls in the class they were both red haired and blue eyed and they looked and dressed identical and they were stood next to each other.

Miss summer came and took the kids into class then when they were all sat down she told them
That the first order of business today children is to welcome Sophie and Abigail Brightwaters some twins from the UK to our little family girls would you like to come up in front of the class and tell us about yourselves?
Of course miss summer, The two girls said in unison.
Good morning every one I am Abigail and this is my twin sister Sophie our daddy is now one of the school governors. We lik gymnastics, ballet, drama and reading.  The girls both spoke
With heavy Irish accents it was clear that Abigail was the leader and Sophie followed her sister.
Miss summer stood up and told the girls to sit down. They so and then miss summer asked if any one would like to talk about what they did over the half term. There were many volunteers but not Bethany who had a really sad experience concerning her daddy.

A few girls stand up to tell the classes. The 4 of us had a pool party at Sonjas house and had a great time, and then we had a slumber party which was cool.
Wow Natasha Im glad you had a good time any more volunteers year 2?Miss Summer chuckled brightly
What about you Bethany have you anything to tell us.
Bethany goes all quiet and sullen and sad no miss summer I dont want to talk about half term not in front of the class something bad happened to daddy.
Oaky thats fine sweetie I understand. Anyone else what to say anything year 2?
Jessica stands up I went to see May family in Spain and we had paella and I got a little cousin called Antonia shes 4 months old a whole class of the 20 girls oh and aww at this.

Bethany suddenly felt a desperate need to go so she asks and goes out to the toilet but is too late so she ends up wetting her pull-up before she even left the class room. One of the bright water girls hears it since she was right next to her when it happened. Unbeknownst to Bethany her pull-up leaked a little and although not obvious would in plain sight of Abigail if she turned around which she did and then giggles and shouts at the top of her voice
Look Bethany has wet herself. Bethany goes crimson with embarrassment and sits down knowing she has been found out and starts to cry. As the twins begin bullying her calling her baby, and saying look at you Bethany baby 7 years old and you still wet your pants like a baby.
By now Bethany is crying her eyes out and is unable to speak because of the embarrassment and humiliation. She then stands up with her bag and runs out of the class room crying firstly to getaway form the hurtful taunts from her class secondly to change her clothes and her diaper, she is so upset and so angry while she rediapering herself some words come into her head but she doesnt understand them:
Abigail wethan pantarax imadall.
Sophiran wethan pantarax imadall
Strangely the words dont scare here and she realises they are being said in her voice but inside her head. She thinks back to the dream she had last night and remembers the women saying
You have power child you can do things no other child can.

The little girl in the school bathrooms in just her diaper and blouse thinks on this and decides to listen to the words and decided what she will do next time the twins upset her and see what the words do if they doe anything at all¦.. Then she puts on her clean skirt, shoes and socks and plans her next move.

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