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Baby Johnny

1. Night out/babyfication by sissybabyjohn (PG) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers)
Warnings: none
Summary: John’s journey to babyhood (192 words)


John was going out with some friends that evening. They picked him up at about 7:30 pm in their SUV. They headed to Steve’s house and got out the snacks and sodas and everything. After about an hour on of the boys fixed some coffee and offered some to John. It wasn’t until he finished that he realized no one else had any, but by that time he was falling asleep.

When he woke up he felt something strange between his legs, but having had so much to eat and drink the night before, he ignored it, having to go to the bathroom badly. Only when he opened his eyes did he realize there were bars on his bed. They were pink. he quickly reached down to feel in between his legs, but he discovered he was wearing gloves that kept him from gripping anything. When he sat up and looked at himself, bumping his head on the ceiling at the same time (it was carefully attached to be unable to take off from the inside), he found himself wearing a diaper and a little frilly baby nightgown.


2. learning of babyness by sissybabyjohn (PG) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers)
Warnings: none
Summary: he learns about diapers (401 words)


With the ceiling on top of what he now realized was a crip, John was unable to even stand up. when he tried to pull off his diaper, he discovered that the gloves prohibited the dexterity to pull it off, or his nightgown or the gloves themselves. He needed to use the bathroom Very badly by now and was going crazy hitting the side of the crib and trying to rip himself out. Suddenly someone entered the room saying, “Has little Johnny gone poo-poo in his dy-dee yet? No? I guess he better stay in his crib for a while then.” and saying that, he left the room. After a few hours John couldn’t hold it anymore and let his pee soak his diaper. He then felt his poop oozing in after it to fill it up. he waited and waited for someone to come, having tested the entire crib throughly. A couple hours later Steve’s girlfriend and some of her friends walked into the room and found John sleeping in the crib, exausted from his fighting.

Steve’s girlfriend and her friends quietly opened the top of the crib and slid a child restraint device onto John, binding his arms and legs. As John woke up shouting, they got out a little princess dress and some frilly plastic rumba panties to put on him.

They slid his nightgown off and pulled the rumba panties onto his very full diaper and slid the princess dress onto him, it’s pink rim coming to his butt. Getting tired of his cursing, they strapped a binky covered in sour onion juice into his mouth and tied it tight.

Steve came in with a little walking learner and took John and put him in it, while john continued crying from the onion juice. His soppy wet diaper squished on his bottom as he sat down on it. He started to feel more poo-poo swelling up in it causing loud gurgling sounds which Steve found hilarious. His diaper was very absorbive and expansive, so as to fit a lot of waste… By now his bottom was HUGE with his full diaper and panties, and the bulge stuck out from under the pink hem of his dress. Steve took a camera out and snapped some photos of him while he sat there, then left him by himself in the room.


3. Going out by sissybabyjohn (PG) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers), (Crying Like A Baby), (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.), (Holiday)
Warnings: none
Summary: John gets out (360 words)


After sitting in his diaper for a while, the girls walked into the room and took him out, then strapped him into a pink baby stroller and put a sunbonnet on him. Rollin ghim outside they set off down the street towards the mall. While he continued to struggle, everyone kept staring at him and inching away from the stench. They sprinkled some more juice on his bonnet to make him keep crying and went in the front mall entrance to the santa area. While waiting in line they pulled out the binky and quickly slipped a pink bottle into it for him to drink (it was laced with castor oil).

He went up to sit on Santa’s lap, feeling his full diaper squish when he did so. As santa talked to him he continued to cry and when he tried to talk all he got around his pacifire was “gool gal soofo wasswaaaaa”. The girls were laughing at him the whole time from the side.

After Santa they had him drink 2 more bottles of castor oil baby formula and then took him to the playground and left him there. Finding himself left at a playground in the mall, wearing only a big messy diaper, a princess dress, rumba frilly plastic panties, a pink sunbonnet, and a pair of no-grip gloves, and having his arms and legs bound from much movement, he tried to crawl out the entrance.

As he got to the entrance his girlfriend Jessica just *happened* to be walking by and saw him. She had always dreamed of dressing him up, and discovered that he really was a little baby inside to her delight. The lady at the entrance asked if she knew him, as he was apparently left there a while ago, and Jess said yes, she did, and she would take him home with her. She put him into his stroller and on the way out of the mall, stopped at a store to buy a carseat for him. Taking him out to her car she strapped him into the baby seat and talked babytalk to him all the way home.


4. Jessica’s house by sissybabyjohn (PG) [Reviews – 0]
Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers), (Spankings), (Crying Like A Baby), (Breast Feeding), (Bondage)
Warnings: none
Summary: He learns… (289 words)


When she got inside she took him to a changing table and pulled off the soggy brown mess of a diaper and wiped him all clean, holding his legs the whole time. After a nice powdering she slid a big fluffy white diaper under his butt and strapped it on tight. Sliding the rumba panties back on she took him to the couch for some fun.

‘now Johnny baby, you’re going to nurse from your mommy for a while now, and you better be good….”. She slid her shirt off and un-snapped her bra whlie his eyes got big. Removing his binky and sliding her nipple in before he could talk, she felt him bite down hard and she yanked it back out sliding a bottle into it’s place. The bottle was filled with about 2 oz of tongue numbing solution. She squeezed his nose tight and held the bottle there until he drank and swallowed it all.

John’s tongue went numb and he couldn’t make adult sounds at all. When he tried to talk, all he got was slurred baby sounds. Jess flipped him onto his tummy and brought her hand down hard on his diapered bottom. Even with the extra padding it HURT!!! After 5 spanks he was wimpering, and after 10 he was screaming like a little baby.
Finally she stopped and put her nipple back in his mouth and, still simpering, he started to such the breastmilk. After a while she switched breasts saying “what a good girl you are johnny baby!” Johnny started to feel a wetness between his legs, and he realized he was peeing and didn’t care, thinking that thought he fell asleep, still sucking.

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