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Baby Angelica

Now seeing a cute AB sissy maid girl when I look in the mirror makes me feel so good and tingly inside! Mommy Tiffany changed me from a lazy and rude husband Angel to her cute little baby girl Angelica! I love the feel of pretty satin and lace all over my body! Oh it makes me wet my little baby diaper! I’ll let you know the story of how Mommy made me into this cutie you see!

We lived in a beautiful mansion mostly from Tiffany since she was a famous film star. I couldn’t find a job at all but I didn’t worry since we already were doing fine money-wise. HoweverTiffany didn’t like that and made me do chores even though we had maids in our house.

One day I noticed she wasn’t being as affectionate lately. Then she told me she was really a lesbian and she was sorry she didn’t tell me before. She was just confused before but now she knew what she needed to do. I felt so heartbroken but we still remained friends and lived with each other.

Then Tiffany found a girl she loved. Her name is Julia and she moved in with us. They were having an orgy with each other almost everytime I saw them or with one of the maids. They made up the house to be completely in fem and were not very partial to any masculinity. Then one day while after having sex they thought it would be fun since I was always rude and in the way of things I needed a make over. “Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to fem up and be our babydoll? Then we would have completely the girly home we want.” said Julia. Tiffany totally agreed and said “We can make him as sweet as a babygirl and as slutty as all the sexy girls here!” Julia loved that idea as she caressed Tiffany’s bottom and Tiffany blew her a kiss. They thought it would be a way to where we could all be lovers together since I used to be her husband.

The next morning while one of the maids was making me breakfast she said Tiffany wanted me to start taking these vitamins but they were actually pills with all sorts of feminizing ingredients in them! They worked even better than the average hormones. I had to take 7 pills a day because the more I had the more feminized I would be. After swallowing them I felt different somehow. I felt a lot more emotional, happy, perky and sweet!

After I ate my breakfast the maid said Tiffany wants me to start wearing this from now on since you will be cleaning the house just like the maids. She showed me the very frilly apron that the maids wear! It said “Prissy Sweetie” in pretty letters. I was so surprised that Tiffany would want me to wear something so girly but I must do what they want me to do if I want to keep living in this luxurious mansion for free.

As I cleaned and primped everything in the house with my feather duster and maids apron I felt like all my masculinity was being washed away. Everyone even started calling me things like sweetie, baby or honey. I did like at the end when all the maids are finished Tiffany gave them all a sexy slap on the butt including me.

Later Tiffany let me know that my room was being remodelled into a spa room and that they will make me a new and better room later but until then I needed to stay in one of the maids rooms that recently moved out. As I walked past the other maids rooms who will be living next to me I could see them putting on their lingerie and make up. All of the rooms were decorated so feminine!

She said this is my room and it looked like it was made for a little girl! There was a large pink floral canopy bed and there were plushies and dolls everywhere. It had a pink carpet with hello kitty wallpaper, a very pretty vanity with make up bottles on it and a walk in closet with all sorts of feminine girls clothing! A scent of perfume was in the air.

Then Tiffany told me all my clothes were accidentally ruined while remodeling my old room but she will get me some new clothes later. It was time to go to sleep then Tiffany helped me get in bed and tucked me in. That is something she hasn’t done since before we were married. My heart was beating so much because it reminded me of when we were together.

She turned on some music from a disney princess cd player and said “This will help you sleep darling.” I heard it was baby lullaby music. I thought this certainly will not help me go asleep. What does she think I am, 3 years old? But 5 minutes later I was fast asleep. As I slept Tiffany and Julia had subliminal messages encoded into the music. I dreamt of the sweetest dreams of being wrapped in pretty little girl dresses and a thick fluffy diaper. Tiffany and Julia were cuddling and kissing me. Then I felt my whole body become very weak but petite and dainty. Suddenly I felt myself wetting my diaper! The words being said made me feel how wonderful it felt to wet inbetween my legs. They said its okay, that is what babies do and I’m a baby. Then I felt breasts grow out of my chest and my penis suddenly shrink and turn into a vagina. The music made me feel like this was the most sexually exciting thing I’ve ever felt in my life and I needed something to fill my budding pussy and my breasts to be caressed constantly. I wanted to dress so I could get that kind of attention from now on. Then I felt myself yearning to be submissive and pleasuring to Tiffany and Julia. I was filled with the urge to do everything they say. The music then taught me how to make my words, gestures and movements more girly and sweet.

When I woke up I felt wonderful but I couldn’t remember what I dreamt that night for some reason. I felt so giddy and perky I cuddled the plushies that were laying next to me! Then Tiffany came in the room loving seeing me hugging a plushie with a sweet look on my face. She said, “Morning Angie dear, I hope you feel lovely! Since we don’t have anymore of your old clothes will have to look and see whats in one of our previous maids closet.”

She pulled out a cute pastel lavender baby tee with frills on the sleeves and a teddy bear hugging a heart in the middle. “Oh this will look so cute on you! I know its girly but its the least girly thing we have in there” Then she slipped it on me and it fit perfectly. Funny something like that wouldn’t have fit me before but I looked at my arms and saw how skinny and petite they’ve become. Then I noticed that even my whole body is more petite now and my chest is a little sensitive and puffy. My waist seems to be a little smaller too! Then Tiffany pulled out some satin panties trimmed with little frills. “You will look like such a sweety in this Angie dear!” I blushed a little from the mixed feelings that were going through me. She layed me down and slipped them on me herself like I was a little girl who needed someone to dress her. I surprisingly felt a wave of excitement as she did and patted me on my pantied bottom. Which made me giggle a little bit.

She said “Now someone wearing such darling panties such as these shouldn’t be having a bump there” Tiffany pointed inbetween my legs “Little sweeties like you need to tuck your little tinkle underneath to have a nice V shape” She took the liberty of tucking it under for me and showing how to keep it smooth shaped.

“Now I have some pants for you!” She pulled out some white tight pants that stop at the knee and have lovely bows at the bottom sides of the legs. Once she slipped it on me it looked like something only a very slutty girl would wear. It tightly hugged my bottom with the zipper on the sides. She showed me to the vanity “Someone looking this adorable needs to smell nice” she said as she sprayed girls floral perfume on me.

Later the maids saw me walk in with my new lovely outfit and maids apron on. They all cooed and awwed at me and told how darling I look! I looked in the mirror and saw a very sexy maid girl. Then tears started going down my cheeks and said “I’m a sissy!” They hugged and cuddled me and said “Don’t worry dear you’ll love being a sissy! Feeling adorable and sweet is such a wonderful thing!” Then they started caressing my already sensitive nipples. It felt so amazing! I had an orgasm just thinking about it. They continued kissing me, caressing my bottom and playing with my pussy rosebud. These new feelings were so pleasuring like nothing I’ve ever felt! I totally fell into climaxing bliss.

After we finished cleaning Tiffany and Julia invited me into their bedroom. They motioned me to sit inbetween them on the bed. I did shaking my hips like a sexy girl would and as soon as I sat down they cuddled me and were playing with my sissy pussy. They said “You’ve been such a good little sissy today! Did you like wearing pretty things and being Tiffany and Julias sexy sweetheart?” Blushingly I said yes. “That settles it, you will be put in little girls clothes from now on sweety. You will be so darling! We will need to make you into our Adult Baby girl Angelica who needs Mommy Tiffany and Mommy Julia to take care of you.” I accidentally blurted out “Oh but Tiffany I am not an adult baby girl” Tiffany said “Now do babies have little wettums in their panties?” I thought yes but before I could think I looked down and I was quickly getting a wet spot that was getting bigger. You could easily see it with my tight white pants. It was as if they had a hypnotic trigger in me to make me wet anytime they wanted me to. They giggled which made me blush even more! “Aww it looks like baby wet her panties! Now thats a no no for not calling Tiffany Mommy. Naughty babies get spankings. So lay on my lap Baby Angelica.” said Julia. I layed on her lap and it made me stick my bottom way up in the air. I’m sure I looked like such a slutty girl. Julia gave me 5 slaps which I couldn’t believe made me wet even more! Then they said “Is Baby Angelica gonna be a good girl?” I said “Yes Mommy”

“Yay lets get you out of those pants sweety” They slipped them off and layed down on the bed and said now I’m going to have lots of girly fun! I didn’t know what they meant but moments later Julia came back with a big 10 inch strap on. It was pink with a pretty bow around it and matched her lingerie. Tiffany showed me how to make a slutty pose invitingly with my sissy bottom and breasts out. After Julia lubricated the strap on she gently slid it up my new sissy pussy. I felt it filling and stretching my sissy bottom. It felt amazing, my whole body just filled up with pleasure. Now I really was a pussy girl! I felt so confused because I’ve never wanted to be the girl being filled before. Tiffany giggled at how small my tinkle was even when it had an erection. The feminizing pills made it just 2 inches now when it was erect. She kissed me and rubbed my nipples as Julia penetrated me. Tiffany said “Oh your getting nice sensitive nipples now sweety! Pretty soon you’ll have budding breasts like your Mommies dear. We can give you big lovely breast implants for your Mommies to play with and a sweet little pussy. How would Baby Angelica like that?” In the middle of my lovely orgasm I said “Oh yes Mommy Tiffany pwease make me your baby girl!” Then I climaxed and fell into Tiffany’s arms.

A couple of months later this is me *giggle* I love prancing around the house like a sexy little baby girl maid. They dress me up in all sorts of french maid outfits when I’m cleaning and adorable babydolly outfits the rest of the time!

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