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A Rebel to A Sissy AB

Nathaniel was an average young man.

However, he loved to be a rebel.

In fact, he may be loved to rebel a little too much.

Far too much so for his mother’s liking.

Nathaniel’s mother, Julie, was a single parent, who was totally at the end of her tether.

She needed to put an end to Nathaniel’s rebellious ways once and for all.

One day, when Nathaniel’s mother has had enough, she decided to plot something, that would finally put an end to Nathaniel’s rebellious ways.

She decided that she was going to turn Nathaniel back into a docile baby boy.

A docile baby boy that she, oh so much missed.

Nathaniel’s Mother had found out about this place to help out

Single parents with Rebellious offspring

“Oh my! could this be what I have been looking for?”

Nathaniel’s mother smiled as she typed away to fill out the necessary stuff,

Nathaniel’s mother then got on the phone to speak with a rep.

She booked an appointment and date.

“Thank you so much!”, said Nathaniel’s mother, with such joy.

She was overjoyed that she was finally going to end Nathaniel’s errant ways, once and for all,

” you will not regret this miss Valintine.” The Rep said as she hung up.

Nathaniel’s mother was so excited and glittered with glee,

She was finally going to have her good little boy back, and they would be closer than ever!

One day Nathaniel came home from school.

Finally, he was home for the winter break.

“Yessssss! finally, winter break!” he yelled with much enjoyment.

His mother greeted  Nathaniel with a smile.

“Arnt you a happy camper?”

Nathaniel smiled.

“yea,  I will finally get some stuff done that I want to do, and maybe even hang with some friends”

Nathaniel’s mother smiled.

“That is good dear”,

“I have a little surprise for you”, she continued, “However it is not going to be here until tomorrow. In the meantime, I will let you wonder as to what it is going to be.

This time her smile was a little more cunning.

Nathaniel continued to pester his mother as to what the surprise was.

He gasped. “common!! tell me!!” he pleaded, wanting to know more than anything.

However, there was no way on heavens earth that she was going to let on.

Nathaniel sat in his room wondering what this surprise was going to be.

”augh!!! I wanna know”, Nathaniel. “Maybe it is a computer game”

Nathaniel was now starting to throw little tantrums.

This was all because his mother would not tell him what the surprise was.

It was common practice for Nathaniel to throw tantrums when he did not get his own way.

He was so annoyed with his mother for keeping him in suspense.

However, eventually, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

He sighed, and just gave up

This was not before he had rudely called his mother a few choice names.

Early, the next morning Nathaniel saw a big Blue truck, out in the driveway of his house.

He overheard his mother talking to someone in the other room.

Slowly but surely he approached the door to listen in.

Nathaniel could hear the despair of his mothers’ voice.

“He is so unruly, he never respects me, he always does whatever he wants with no consideration to others, and I am sick and tired of it.

Nathaniel’s mother continued,

“I so miss the sweet little boy I used to have, that did as he was told. I would do everything to make sure I could be the best mother in the world.

Suddenly Nathaniel heard another voice.

“Well miss Valintine, we offer a way to get your boy back, and maybe if you chose to do so, we can turn him into a sweet little girl.

” Nathaniel’s mother gasped and had an excited tone in her voice. “a-a-a girl?!  You can do that these days? i.. kinda would have loved a  baby girl..”

Nathanielgasped, he covered his mouth as he heard someone approaching,

“oh no” he whispered.

Nathaniel tried to make a dash for it.

However, it was too little, a little too late.

Someone grabbed his shorts and dragged him into the room.

“Let me go !” he shouted as he desperately tried to scurry away.

Nathaniel’s mother laughed as she saw her son struggle.

Finally, Nathaniel was getting his comeuppance.

Nathaniel suddenly stopped and turned over.

Recklessly he slammed his fist into the woman’s leg,

What a silly, selfish, spoilt boy Nathaniel is.

A total embarrassment to his poor long-suffering mother.

Nathaniel’s mother did not bring him up to lash out.

Especially not on women.

Nathaniel needs to be taught a lesson once and for all.

As Nathaniel’s mother gasped the woman visitor jumped up, and landed on him.

Making Nathaniel lose his breath.

“Damn it, you wretched boy. how dare u strike me!” she said as she got up and then pulled a pill out of her handbag.

With his mother’s help, they finally got Nathaniel to take the pill.

Nathaniel tried to cough the pill back up but it did not work.

Nathaniel was now doomed.


Suddenly Nathaniel felt nub.

He couldn’t move, as his body was unresponsive.

“There, that will keep that wretched boy on the ground till we need him to move, said the woman visitor.

Nathaniel’s mother was a little shaken but knew this had to be done.

Nathaniel’s behavior was out of control.

So this was all for his own good.

Nathaniel started to cry.

All his big talk had now finally subsided.

Both Nathaniel’s mother and the woman visitor laughed.

“See, he’s just a little baby, who needs to be taken care of.” They both smirked.

Nathaniel’s mother was a little shaken.

However, she couldn’t wait till he was her new baby girl.

Nathaniel woke up in a bed.

His world now was soft, and fluffy, and his body was barely able to move,

His hands, and feet had mittens, and booties on them,

He couldn’t grab anything or even get up right.

His speech was muffled, by a pacifier, he spat it out, but a robot arm put it back in. he did it again,

but then it again put it back in, and a shock shot up his arm,

Nathaniel squealed in pain.

He stopped and looked around.

His vision was near sighted, and unfocused.

He could see himself.

He was in a babys dress, with mittens, and booties.

He tried to raise his arm,

But his muscles were barely able to move his fingers.

He just gave up and passed out again.

“sweety? sweety..”

he woke back up who knows how much later, to see his mom there.

“Nathaniel gently smiled and tried to reach for her.

She smiled back and held his hand.

“I know this is sudden, but i missed the sweet little baby I had, and i just wanted that back.. ”

Suddenly Nathaniel had a surge of strength.

He got up and pushed his mom away trying to get out of the room.

Suddenly another surge of electricity shot through his body,

Nathaniel screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

Nathaniel’s mother wanted to cry, but had to suck it up.

She didn’t like to see her baby in so much pain.

Nathaniel’s mother started to wonder, just what she has done.

The moral of the story is.

Be careful what you wish for.

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