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A Brother in Need, Is a Sister Indeed

I’ve always been a sissy at heart. My father was wealthy, a drunk, and disappointed in me. I was not a great baseball player, a football star, or any kind of athlete, unless you counted a fair to middling game of tennis that my father rated as a wimp playing a girl’s game. Oh well. My early memories seemed filled with my mother holding me on her lap. I can feel the soft material of her skirt, and see the lace of her bra though the blouse, and just the lacy edge of her slip as it crept out from beneath her skirt. I felt safe and loved when she held me, and safety and lace just seemed to go together.
Fast-forward to my junior year in high-school. My mom has been dead for 2 years from a hit and run accident, and my father has climbed so far into the bottle that I rarely see him. He comes home from work and gets drunk, almost every night. Now, either no one knows, or no one cares. I’m not sure. You see, Dad owned his own company, and made a pretty fair chunk of money We had a guy come by to do the lawn, and a lady to clean the house, and all that, so things looked okay from the outside. But to my sister Carol and me, things looked very dark and dreary.
Carol is 3 years and a few months older than I am, although since I have such a puny body (according to Dad), we are within a half-inch of each other in height, and built about the same, except Carol looks a lot prettier without clothes. (I peeked!) As for me, I’m right at 5’6″ tall, and weight about 155 pounds. My hair is just a bit darker than folks would call honey-blonde, although that’s the color it turns in the summer. I have hazel eyes, with long lashes, that Carol always said should have been hers. Carol looks so much like me, that folks think we’re twins.
As I said, I associated lacy things with safety, and after Mom dies, I took a couple of slips from her room. Many nights found me holding a slip like a baby blanket, and crying myself to sleep. I would have those nights that were unbearable. A bad day at school, followed by a drunken berating from Dad, and I would be in bed, clutching that smooth nylon slip, and crying myself to sleep. That’s what I was doing when Carol came in my room. She had come home from college for a few days of her spring break, and had a day like mine, and wanted to talk, which was pretty rare. She just stood there in her little satin baby-doll nightie, and watched me cry, then came over to the bed, sat down, and pulled my head to her shoulder, and held me like a baby. We both stayed like that for a long time, as I cried for mommy, holding her tightly as she rubbed my back and made little noises in my ear, like a mother comforting a baby. Finally, I was all cried out, and we talked for almost 4 hours about Mom, Dad, our family, and our feelings.
Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, I confessed to my deepest darkest secret. I had worn mom’s slips, and found out that I liked to wear panties! They made me feel soft, and somehow secure, like a little baby. I had even borrowed some of Carol’s things, and swiped a few things from friend’s sisters. I told her that I had even tried to make a diaper out of a towel, and wear it, with less than fantastic results. For some reason, Carol didn’t laugh at me, and I sort of forgot all about the incident for about a month or so.
On evening in June, Carol came into my room while I was just lying on the bed, listening to the radio and reading. It was a rainy, dark, and dreary day, and I had just given up doing anything constructive. Dad was in Chicago, or New York, or somewhere, on a business trip, and we were here by ourselves. Carol was standing by the door, just looking at me, kinda funny. “Whatcha need, Sis,” I asked. “I just wanted to give you a present or two, little brother,” was her cryptic reply. It wasn’t my birthday, or Christmas, or any holiday I could think of, and then I looked at her again. She looked like she had just stepped out of an old television show from the sixties, or fifties. She was wearing a sort of sheer blouse with white satin cuffs and collar, a long pink skirt, and a pair of white high-heeled pumps. Around her neck was a single strand of pearls, and her hair, usually long and straight, was pulled back into an elegant braid against her head. Her nails were just a shade darker than the skirt, and her lips were painted pink to boot. I just stared! My sister is more the tight jeans and halter top, or whatever is on MTV this season. She looked elegant, beautiful, and, and, like MOM! She just stood there, with her hands together in front of her, one foot behind the other, like a debutante waiting to enter a room. She smiled, and then made a “follow me” gesture with her finger, turned around and headed down the hall to her room.
Well, what could I do but bounce up off the bed, and follow her, although I felt a little less than dressed, since I was just wearing an old pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. When I got to the door of hr room, she turned and told me to close my eyes. She then tied a large scarf around my head like a blindfold, and led me into the room. We stopped, and she did a very, very strange thing. “Put your hands up over your head,” she said. I did, and she pulled my t-shirt off. Then, without any warning, she yanked down my gym shorts, and I was standing in her room, blindfolded, with nothing on but a blindfold, and shorts around my ankles! At this point she pulled off the blindfold, and told me to look at her bed. I opened my eyes and saw a short pile of white cloth, some…some…diapers? Yeah, that’s exactly what they were! A pile of diapers, some diaper pins, a couple of pairs of plastic pants, and some pink garments of some type, in a box. Before I had time to think, Carol pushed me down on the bed, and pulled my shorts off my ankles. “Raise your cute little bottom up, sweetie,” she cooed, and I just did it. She slid a diaper up under my bottom, and then grabbed a tin of baby powder, and the sweet smell just about made me cry. She then brought the material of the diaper around and pinned it in place, leaving me snug in thick cotton. Then, she grabbed a pair of plastic pants and showed them to me. They were pale pink, with little circus animals on them. She took one leg, and then the other, and guided my feet into the panties, then pulled them up my legs, finally settling them in, covering the diaper. I was now in a diaper and plastic pants, and Carol was playing Mommy! I was happy, confused, and turned on, all at once. I didn’t know what to think, so I just lay back and let it just happen. “I got hold of one of Daddy Dear’s platinum cards, and did a little internet shopping over the last month or so.’ She said with a little grin, “I hope you like my choices, Melissa.” Melissa, I thought, who the heck is…oh…me! I just lay there with my own silly grin on my face. Then, she put her hand under my neck, and sat me up. With one hand caressing my longish hair, the other one dove into the box on the bed. When she drew it out, there was a large pacifier in it. She popped it into my mouth, and then tied a ribbon around my head, like a gag. Then it was back into the box for another “gift.” This time, she pulled out a pair of what looked like pink satin mittens, but they didn’t have any thumbs. “Put your fingers together, Missy dear, and hold out your widdle hands.” She crooned. I did as I was told, and the when she had slid the mittens on my outstretched hands, she tied the ribbons at the wrists, so they wouldn’t come off. I flexed my hands, and found that there was a thick piece of some kind of material between the layers of satin, and that my hands were now useless. Next, she dipped into her box, and pulled out a garment of some kind. She held it up in front of me, and I could see that it was a short, pink satin, short sleeved dress, with lots of white ribbon trim and ruffles. I was told to put my arms up again, and the soft, slithery dress was slid on. I felt like I was in a dream, and never wanted to wake up! She laid me back down, and brought out the final item, which was a matching pair of the most girly, ruffled pink satin panties I had ever seen! “I found these at Big Baby Fashions, on the internet, and I thought they would be perfect for my widdle girl,” she said softly, as she pulled the panties up, and snugged them in place over my plastic panties.
Finally, she sat me up again, and sat beside me on the bed, and just held me. I broke down and started bawling like the little baby I was, and once again, she held me, and softly told me that everything was going to be all right. “You’re my widdle baby now, Melissa,” she whispered in my ear, “No one is going to hurt you while I’m here. There I was, just turned 17, dressed like a sissy baby girl, satin and diapers, while my 22 year old sister was playing Mommy. Again, I didn’t even think about it, I just went with the feeling, and the feeling was good. Carol untied my pacifier, and took out a hankie and dried my tears, and then held it for me to blow my nose, like a little child. She held out a pink baby bottle to me, and I allowed her to put it in my mouth, and began sucking at the apple juice, while she cradled my head on her chest. I could feel her breasts as they moved with her breathing, and could feel the girdle around her waist, and without even thinking about it, I began to rub my satin-imprisoned hands over her body. She didn’t say a word, but her breathing increased a bit. I finished my bottle, and she handed me a second one, and told me to be a good little girl and finish it all. I did like I was asked, and when I had drained the second pink plastic bottle, I looked her in the eyes, and started to talk, but she held her finger against my lips and said, “Shush, Missy, babies can’t speak.” I looked deep in her eyes, and started to gurgle and coo like a baby, and then I began nuzzling her breasts through her blouse. Without a word, she reached down and started to undo her buttons. The blouse opened, and I was greeted by the sight of a lacy bra. Again her hands were busy, and lo and behold, it was a nursing bra! She opened one side, and I locked my lips on her nipple, and sucked and licked contentedly, while my cock was doing its level best to break through the layers of cotton, vinyl, and satin that held it tight. Sighing, she opened the other cup, and I transferred my attention to the other nipple. Meanwhile, Carol is stroking my like a baby, occasionally allowing her hand to caress my bottom, or to rub my cock in its cocoon of girlishness.
All of a sudden, I had to pee, and pee badly. Years of training told me to hold it in until I got to a toilet, but I KNEW I was wearing a diaper, and I knew what was expected. I fought with myself, until Carol whispered, “its okay, Sweetheart, that’s why Mommy put you in you widdle diaper!” Not wanting to disappoint Mommy, I finally let go, and filled my diaper with warm, wet pee. With a look of supreme contentment, Carol just beamed at me, and told me what I good widdle girl I was for peeing in my didee!
After a few minutes, she pushed my face away, and refastened her bra and blouse, laid me back down, and proceeded to take off my dress and pretty panties, and pulled a short nylon baby doll nightie over my head, and replaced the pacifier gag. I noticed that it was very large, and really worked as a gag, especially with the plastic piece pulled against my lips by the ribbon tied around my head. She unpinned my diaper, and pulled the soggy cloth from me, and then began to clean me with a baby wipe. She seemed to notice my hard cock for the first time, and wrapped her hand around the shaft, and soon brought me the relief that I craved. I was in heaven, and my sister was the most beautiful angel in the world! She cleaned me up again, and put a clean diaper back on me, and pulled my plastic panties back on. She then tucked me into her bed, and proceeded to undress. Pulling on a white nightie to mach mine, but with nylon panties, instead of vinyl, and got in beside me. I drifted off to sleep holding my new mommy, and hoping it would never end.

A Brother In Need, Is A Sister Indeed!

Chapter 2
by Missy Satinpanties
When I awoke the next morning, Carol was not in the bed with me, and I started to stretch, only to find I couldn’t! I realized that my ankles were tied together with something soft, as were my still mittened hands, with a rope running from wrist to ankle. Not only that, but I had to pee, really, really bad! It all came slowly back to me, and I smiled, relaxed, and filled my diaper (What a lovely sound those words still have, “my diaper!”) with a warm wet flow. Remembering my “lesson” of the night before, I waited a while, then began softly crying, not wanting to break the spell of being a baby. Soon, my efforts were rewarded by Carol’s return.
Gone was the “Leave it to Beaver,” perfect housewife’s dress. What replaced it was a gorgeous full length satin peignoir in ivory, and trimmed with pale blue ribbon. She was wearing a pair of marabou trimmed high heeled slippers, and to my eyes, never looked more beautiful! “Ah, we’re awake and wet, are we?” she cooed. “Well, wet Mommy change my widdle baby Missy, and then we can get some nice milk.” “By the way,” she continued, I’ll bet you wondered why I tied your widdle hands and feet, huh? Well, I wanted you to remember that you were a baby, not a young man. You see, I was afraid that you would have just jumped out of bed as usual, and headed for the bathroom. I wanted to keep my Missy Babykins a little while longer.” I could only coo and smile at my sister, the angel. An angel she might have been, because I was in heaven as she lifted my bottom to slide a plastic sheet under me. Next, she untied my ankles and hands, but left my mittens on. I had the use of my arms, but not my hands. Then, it was off first the satin followed by the crinkly plastic panties, the wet diapers, and then I felt the cool softness of the baby wipes. As she was placing the fresh diaper on me, and pinning it in place, she looked at me with a more serious look on her face.
“Missy,” she started slowly, moving to the plush little dressing chair in her room, “I want to know what you want. I mean, what you really, really want.” I started to speak, but she hushed me, and said, “I have a little proposition for you, and I want you to listen to me very carefully. You will listen carefully, won’t you sweetheart?” I sensed that the time to play baby was over for a moment, and I assured her that I was listening to her every word. There we were, in my sister’s bedroom, her sitting there in an elegant satin peignoir and high-heeled slippers, and me sitting on the bed, wearing a pink baby-doll nightgown, diapers, plastic pants with satin panties over them, and a pair of pink satin mittens that made my hands almost completely useless. Hardly what I would have thought of a week earlier if I had imagined having a serious conversation with my sister. I wasn’t sure what was coming, but I was a little afraid of what she might have to say. Maybe last night was a total mistake for her, and she was ashamed. But if that was the case, why did she continue this morning? Maybe she was going away, and this was her last present to me. But then again, but no, but…I had no idea what she would say, but I knew that I had to listen closely, or I would miss something very important to me. Her look told me this much.
“Little brother,” she began seriously, and then giggled. “Maybe I should say baby sister?” “Whatever makes you happy, Carol. You’ve made me so happy these last hours, I don’t care what you call me, as long as you’re happy with it,” I replied sincerely. “Well, baby sister-brother, here’s the deal,” she began, serious again. “I’ve had an offer from a man to move in with him, and I’m going to take the offer, and want to take you with me.” I sensed that this was not an offer from a lover, or fianc, and kept my mouth shut while she explained. “A man wants me to be his paid, live-in lover, or I guess mistress or escort. He’s a little, well, on the, I guess you could say, kinky side. He wants me to dress in corsets, and maid outfits, and a few other get-ups that he hasn’t shown me yet. That whole ensemble I wore last night, as well as what I’m wearing now, came from him, sort of on deposit. Now, where do you come in? First of all, last night was the first time I have ever seen you sleep through the night without whimpering and crying in your sleep. Yes, I’ve heard you for a long time, ever since Mom died. You seemed truly happy and at peace last night, and I made a decision during the night that I wanted you out of this house, and with me. I love you very much, and want you to be very, very happy. Toward that end, I called Eric late last night, and discussed it with him. If you came with me, there would be conditions, sort of a fee for room and board. Now, my sweet little brother, who looks so cute as my widdle babykins, here is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, or rather questions. Question one is, do you want to live with me, away from our father?” That one was easy, and I was sitting there bobbing my head up and down. I noticed, for the first time, that I had stuck the pacifier back in my mouth, and didn’t remember putting it in! “Okay, Melissa dear, here’s the second and much more difficult question. Do you want to, or can you, live as a girl for a year? This would mean doing everything, and I want to emphasize, everything, a girl does. You would spend some time as a baby girl, and some as a young girl, and some more grown-up moments, all to make Eric happy.” I was dumfounded and confused. My mind was churning at a million miles an hour, and getting nowhere. I was also a little turned on, no really turned on, as I was hard as a rock under my diapers. (I do love saying that!) “Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you really understand?” She asked me, staring at me intently. I took the pacifier out of my mouth, and looked deep into her green eyes. “I think I understand, at least I hope I understand. We will be together, out of here, and I get to stay a little girl, and feel ever so safe and happy. But, I would like to know a little more about this guy. How did you meet him, why the whole arrangement, and probably a thousand other questions once I calm down and think of them!”
My beautiful sister just sighed, her small, perfect breasts rising and falling under the satin. She looked down at her hands, her thick, shiny, dark golden hair falling in curtain on either side of her soft face. Quietly, she told me the story. Instead of waiting tables in a chain seafood restaurant like she told us, she had been working as a stripper at a small club. She told me that she could make as much in one night there, as she could in 2 weeks as a waitress, and she only had to work 6 hours a night, 4 nights a week. On a good night, some yahoo might stick a twenty in her g-string, in amongst the singles, fives and tens, or maybe even a fifty, and even though these large bills almost always had the guy’s phone number on them, the bank took ’em just the same. Well, one night, this older gentleman came in and sat near the stage. His suit was expensive looking, but not flashy, and he had a thin watch on his wrist that was almost surely solid gold. She had seen him in there at least 3 or 4 times before, but always sitting at the bar, sipping a drink, and not really seeming to be interested in the meat market on stage. This night, though, he sat right up front, and when Carol came on to dance, he watched her like a cat watches a mouse. Finally when she was down to just her tiny little red panties, and dancing near the edge of the stage for her “tips”, he leaned forward, and instead of pushing a bill under the elastic, he held out a little black cloth bag, and quickly tied it to the g-string. She could feel that it was kind of heavy, and she looked around for one of the bouncers or the manager to see what she should do, but they were just watching it happen, so she quickly finished her promenade, and headed for the dressing room. She threw the loose bills into a cigar box, put on her robe, and then opened the little bag. Inside were ten crisp new hundred dollar bills! A thousand dollars! There was also a note, not scribbled on a napkin, but written in elegant script on a piece of heavy stationery. In it, he asked to meet with her to discuss certain living arrangements, which would pay a lot more for the year than stripping in a smoky club for a bunch of local buffoons. If she was interested, she should get dressed, and come out into the parking lot in 15 minutes. If she was afraid, one of the security men should accompany her, by all means.
To make a long story short, she went, and met with Eric, who told her that he wanted her services as a live-in mistress and escort for a year, or maybe longer. She would be at his beck and call, wear whatever he wanted her to wear, go wherever he wanted her to go, and do anything he wanted her to do. The only thing Carol told him was that she didn’t, and wouldn’t touch any drugs. Eric laughed at this, and told her that when you had power, money, and the total services of a beautiful 22 year old, who needed drugs!
“Well, my sweet widdle baby sister, Missy, what do you think of your “Mommy’s” story?” She asked, looking at me again. “Please don’t bother trying to talk me out of it, because I’ve already signed a contract with him, for my services. In return, any clothing he buys me, and any jewelry is mine to keep, along with any other gifts that he gives me. I suppose I could even keep a few of the “costumes” if I chose. He will also pay all of my expenses while I am living with him, including full coverage medical and dental insurance. Once the contract is ended, he will pay me twenty-five thousand dollars in cash, pay to move me anywhere in the country I want, and will either help me secure a good job, or pay one-half toward college tuition at almost any college I want. That $25,000, plus the almost $5,000 that I have saved up by dancing, plus the $6,500 that I got from Mom’s life insurance, should add up to a nice little nest egg to get my life started in a year. Eric has also agreed that if you sign a contract with him for the year, he would give you the same deal, except for ten thousand, not twenty-five. At then end of the year, with the sixty-five hundred that we both have in the bank from Mom, and our “wages”, we should have around fifty-three thousand dollars to split between us, and college half paid for!” I laughed as she breathlessly recited this, and sat there with my mind spinning. “Uh, Sis, or Mommy,” I started. “Yes my sweet?” I can add another four thousand or so to the total. You see, I’ve been sneaking Dad’s ATM card out when he’s passed out, and taking five hundred dollars out at least once a week for a while now. It was going to be my escape money for this summer, as soon as I had graduated.” Carol just threw up her hands and laughed, a pure, clear laugh that told me that all was right. I looked at my wonderful sister, and confidently told her, “You tell Eric, that if he puts the contract in front of me, I’ll sign. At least if you take these mittens off long enough!”
Carol’s smile beamed at me like a searchlight through the fog. She jumped up, and threw herself on me, and before I knew it, she was kissing me deeply, our tongues fighting for space in each other’s mouths. I tried to pull up her gown, but with my hand-hobbling satin mittens sliding on the satin of her gown and robe, I got nowhere. Finally, Carol broke away, and stood up. She had a wicked gleam in her eyes, and asked me if I was ready to begin my year of servitude. I looked at her without a word. She pushed me back on the bed, and grabbed the soft ropes that she had used the night before. Quickly, my hands were tied to the bedposts, and my ankles followed suit. Truth be told, I didn’t put up much of a fight! Slowly she reached up and undid the clasp that held the robe of her peignoir closed at the throat. It hit the floor in a soft heap. She reached up, and slid the thin straps of the gown off her soft white shoulders, and the satin slithered to the floor around her ankles with a soft, sibilant whisper. My sister, my sister, now stood naked in front of me, wearing nothing but white high heels and a white satin thong. Slowly she peeled the thong down her smooth legs. I could see her beautiful B cub breasts, with deliciously firm nipples, heaving with each breath. I followed the delicate curve of her stomach to see her shaved pussy, already glistening. She climbed on the bed, and I strained to lick her breasts, but couldn’t reach them. She just sat there, with her legs straddling my body, my body still dressed like an infant girl, tied to the bed, with a cock so hard under my diaper that I’m sure it would have been able to split wood! Slowly she moved up my body, until that pussy was right over my face, and then she lowered herself onto my waiting mouth, and told me to lick her until she came. That was one command that did not need to be given! I had never eaten a girls pussy before, in fact, had only seen them in a magazine, but with Carol’s guidance, soon learned how to pleasure a woman with my mouth. When she came, my mouth was flooded with a pungent, salty fluid that was the pure essence of my sister. I loved it! She moaned, and shook, and came a second time in just moments. Finally, she rose off my tired, but happy tongue, and looked down at my cum covered mouth. “Missy,” she whispered breathlessly, “That was wonderful! I have never had two orgasms before, and never had one this good!” She closed her eyes, and sort of shuddered. Opening them again, she fixed me with those wonderful green eyes and asked if I was ready to pass a little test. Test? What kind of test? What was she talking about? I was confused, and wanted to ask questions, but she lowered that wonderful pussy back onto my face and told me that she had to pee. PEE?!? NOW? HERE?!? Did she mean in my mouth? Suddenly a warm salty flow began, and without thinking about it, I began to swallow the sour, sharp tasting pee. I didn’t think she would ever stop, but finally, she raised herself a bit, and told me to use my tongue to clean her up. I did this without really thinking, as my brain had ceased to function. I just knew that the pee had come from Carol, I loved Carol, and therefore, I loved her pee. It all made sense, in a way.
As she sat over me, she was smiling like the Madonna. She reached over, picked her thong up from the floor, and picked up my pacifier. She drug the skimpy little panties back and forth over my face, and I could smell the combined scent of her perfume and her wonderful pussy, all the while tasting her pee in my mouth. Suddenly, she shoved the thong into my mouth, and forced the pacifier in on top of it, tying the ribbons very tightly behind my head. I was gagged with my sister’s panties! She began kissing my face, and then lifted the baby-doll nightie, and began kissing my stomach, moving up to my nipples. I had never thought about a man’s nipples before. Girls had nipples that were to be explored, guys just had ’em. Now, I learned differently! She began to suck and nibble on my very sensitive nipples, until I thought I would go nuts! Finally, I felt her hands pulling down my satin panties, and then my plastic panties, as far as my bound and spread legs would allow. She slowly undid my diaper pins, and as the thick cloth came loose, my cock sprang to attention. Lovingly, she began to lick my cock and balls, and all I could do was moan around my gag, and try to hump more of my cock into her soft, warm mouth. Finally, she took all 5 inches of my cock into her mouth, and began to suck it to the back of her throat. That was it, I came almost immediately! My sister, whom I had always thought of as just my sister, another person living in the house, who just happened to be a girl, no make that a beautiful girl, had just given me a blowjob! I’ll admit to a few fantasies about her as she got older, and became a young lady. I’ve even peeked in her door while she was dressing, and the sight of her back, clad only in white panties and a bra was very exciting. But she was my sister! You didn’t even think about sex with your sister! Yet here I was! She looked up at me with a sly smile, and asked if I had enjoyed it. What a stupid question!! I had just received my first blowjob, got it from a beautiful girl who had just fulfilled fantasies I didn’t even know I had, and she’s dumb enough to ask if I enjoyed it??? All I could do was try to talk through my gag, and bob my head up and down as hard as I could
Without untying me, or removing my gag, she slid out of bed, and slipped back into her gown and robe, and slipped her feet back into her sexy heels. She leaned down and stroked my cheek, and told me that I could look forward to this and more, some things I hadn’t even thought about, and some things I might not enjoy, if I signed the contract with Eric. With those cryptic words, she untied my pacifier, and slowly untied my hands and feet, and helped me sit up. She walked over to her desk, and took a paper out of the drawer, and placed it in the center of the desk, along with a pen. She then walked over to me, and took my sweaty hands out of their satin prisons. She pointed at my satin panties, and told me to put them on, and then led me to the desk. She told me to read the paper very carefully, and then if I really wanted to go through with it, sign not only my real name, but my “new” name at the bottom. I read the paper twice, and what it said was that in return for the monetary compensation that Carol had described to me, I was to be Eric’s servant, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a period of 1 year. I was to serve him, and anyone he designated in any way, including sexually. Punishment, in the form of bondage and spankings could be given out for non-performance of my “duties.” At the bottom of the paper there were two lines, with a typed name next to each one. The first line read “Michael W. McMurray,” and the second read simply “Missy Melissa”
“Melissa,” Carol said softly from behind me, with her hands on my shoulders, her hair around my neck, and her soft perfume filling my nostrils, “I want you to really think about this, make sure it’s what you want. If you sign this, I’ll call Eric, and he will send a car for us tomorrow. You can take anything you want with you, and Eric will put it in safe storage for you. We will leave a letter for Dad, pack your things, get dressed, and get in the car, and leave. No looking back, no regrets. I want you with me for this, but more importantly, I want you happy.” Without a word, and with my hands shaking, I picked up the pen, and signed both my “old” and “new” names on the contract. Carol reached over me, took the contract, and slid it into a manila envelope, stepped to her dresser and picked up a cell phone. She hit a speed dial and waited a moment. When the person at the other end answered, she only said that I had signed the contract, and would be joining her at the estate tomorrow. The other voice said something, and she repeated, “Two O’clock, dressed as per instructions. Yes.” With that, she hung up, and wrapped me in a soft hug that took all my fears away.
Carol took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. There, she sat me on the rug while she ran a bath, and added some scented oil to the water. While the tub was filling, she told me to stand up, and take off my nightie and panties, and to stand with my arms stretched out. She then took a bottle of depilatory cream, and smeared it all over my body, paying close attention to the crack of my ass and my armpits. I stood there, with the cream kind of burning, for about 10 minutes, and then Carol started the shower, and told me to step in. The hot water sluiced off the cream, along with any body hair I had. Then, she turned off the shower, and led my to the now-filled tub, where she washed me like a little child, even washing my hair for me with a flowery scented shampoo. Stepping out of the tub, I was dried off, and then she used a powder puff to dust me with perfumed talc that smelled like the bath oil; soft, flowery, and very feminine. Finally I was led back into her room to begin getting ready for the next day. Carol shaped my fingernails and toenails, and painted them a soft pink, plucked and shaped my eyebrows, which hurt, brushed my hair until it glowed, and finally tied it into a pony tail with a pink ribbon.
We spent the rest of the day doing my “lessons.” Carol showed me how to walk in high heels, how to curtsey, and how to talk like a girl. I still looked like a boy who dressed in girl’s clothes, but I was starting to get into the role fairly well. The lessons were mixed with periods of kissing, hugging, and some serious oral ministration to my “Mommy’s” delicious pussy. Finally, after supper, she told me that I had two more lessons that I must learn before I could go to Eric’s with her. She reminded me that I had signed the contract, but since she still had it on her desk, it could be torn up at any moment, if I so desired. So far, I had no such desires. That almost changed, though.
I was now wearing a formal gown that Carol had worn to her high school junior prom. It had a burgundy satin skirt, with an almost sheer white top, capped short sleeves, and an ivory satin bow in the back. I was surprised that it fit almost perfectly! I had on a pair of white satin panties that tied in cute little bows on the side, a camisole, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of high-heeled pumps with 4 inch heels. This was what she was using to teach me how to walk and talk like a girl. Now, she told me it was time for my final lessons, and these were going to be the ones I might not like. She told me to open my mouth, and in moments I was back in the panty and pacifier gag. Then she led me down the stairs to the living room, and behind a low backed leather chair. With some Velcro straps that were stashed under the chair, she secured my ankles to the chair legs, and then told me to bend over the back of the chair, while she ran ropes from the Velcro cuffs that were now on my wrists, to the front legs of the chair. I was now helpless, and bent over in a very compromising position. I knew what was coming, but was scared nevertheless. Carol whisked the long skirt of the dress up over my back, and now I found out why the panties were tied into place. As she pulled at the bows, the satin panties fell away, leaving my ass naked and vulnerable. I saw several flashes, and knew that she was taking pictures of everything, like she had all day. Finally she moved around to in front of me, and took a picture of my gagged mouth and pleading eyes with tears beginning to form, telling me that these were going to be e-mailed to Eric to prove that I had passed these little “tests.”
She then moved behind me, and I felt her run her hands all over my hairless and stocking covered legs, and then run them up to my naked bottom. I was shivering with dread and delight, as she cupped my balls in her soft hands, and gently ran her finger nails along my cock. I wanted her to continue, but she left my cock and balls, and soon I felt her finger at my rosy little butt hole. “Relax widdle Missy,” she cooed, “The more you relax, the less it will hurt you, my sweet widdle babykins.” I tried to relax, and soon her slender finger was in my ass all the way. It was a bit odd and a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt as she moved her finger in and out, and then pulled it all the way out. Next, I felt her finger smearing something cool on my ass, and then the finger was back inside, smearing what had to be lube inside my sphincter. Now I tensed up! More cajoling and cooing from “Mommy’ soon had me calmed down again, especially when she told me that if needed this to stop, all I had to do was to snap my fingers 3 times, and we would stop, I would get untied, and the contract would be shredded. I knew I really didn’t have a choice, but it was nice to know there was an escape route available if I needed one.
Now, I felt something hard and cold against my bottom, not like Carol’s warm soft finger. “This is a little butt plug, my baby darling,” she said softly as she pushed it against my muscle, and then all the way in. This one hurt, a lot! I yelled into my gag, and was openly crying. Carol told me that she was going to leave it in for 10 minutes, and then she would be back. I was alone, tied to a chair, dressed like a girl, with a plug up my ass! What in the Hell was I doing?! So far, I had been dressed and treated like a baby girl, gotten a blow job from my sister, and peed in my diapers, twice! I had eaten my sister’s pussy, and then had her pee in my mouth! Now I had signed a contract to be a slave and sex toy for a man I had never met! I suspect Carol had given me these ten minutes to think about exactly this, and when she returned, she confirmed my suspicions.
“Melissa, my sweet little darling, have you been thinking about what’s happening?” she began, and even though she was behind me, and I couldn’t see her, I started nodding my head yes. “Well, baby doll, do you want your Mommy to stop, or should she keep going? Snap your fingers twice to keep going, and once to stop. I want you to know I won’t love you any less, no matter what decision you make. To me, you will always be my baby brother, and deep down, my Missy Babykins.” I thought very hard, and almost before I realized it, I heard my fingers snap twice, and Carol laughing and cheering me! “Oh Babykins! I love you so much, and I’m so glad you decided to go along! But now, it gets a little harder. With this warning, she walked around in front of me, and I saw that she was naked, except for completely sheer black robe, a pair of black stiletto heels, and, and, a…oh God! A realistic strap-on dildo was bobbing in front of her like a man’s cock! She warned me not to speak, and she removed my pacifier and soggy panty gag, giving me a moment to work my mouth around to get rid of the stiffness. She then stooped down in front of the chair to retrieve something from the floor. It was another cock with a harness on it, and I couldn’t figure out where it would go, until she told me to open my pretty little lips. I balked, looking at the long, horribly thick, and very realistic cock that was facing my mouth. As she pushed it against my lips, she reached up and grabbed my nose, pinching it shut. I held out for a moment, and when I finally opened my mouth for a breath, she forced the monster into my mouth, and tightly secured the harness around my head, so the there was no way to force out the intruder. Then, with cooing encouragement, she moved around behind me, and slowly slid the plug out of my ass. Quickly, I felt another intruder, although she told me that it was just another plug, but a lot bigger than the first one. This one went in easier than the first, but it still hurt, and I could feel my butt hole spreading wide for this new intrusion. “Now, darling, this is where it’s going to get very, very difficult. Try to be brave, and be my good widdle baby girl, and I will make it up to you later. This is going to hurt, and you have my permission to cry, sweetie.” With these words ringing in my ears, I felt a new, and very unwelcome sensation, as an unseen paddle cracked across my naked and plugged bottom! I began screaming into the cock-gag that completely filled my aching mouth, and the tears began to flow like rain down my cheeks. Blow after blow landed on my tender bottom, and the searing pain and heat were almost unbearable! But, for some reason, maybe love for Carol, maybe because I really was a submissive widdle sissy baby, I never used the escape route. Finally after what seemed like a million blows, but which turned out to be only 15, my beautiful Mommy put down the paddle, and began rubbing a soothing lotion on my sore bottom. I felt her fingers fool around my crack, and then the plug was slowly, ever so slowly, pulled from my abused hole. The relief, though, was short lived, as I felt her hands on my hips, and I suddenly remembered the strap-on monster. Slowly she forced this final indignity into my completely helpless, tender, and much abused *******. It was pain beyond belief, coming on the heels of the first spanking I had gotten since I was 6 or 7, and that was only Mom’s hand, NOT a paddle!
Ignoring my squeals, my tears, and my violent squirming, she continued to force the monster cock up my defenseless bottom, until I could feel her body pressed against mine. Reaching forward to caress my cock, she drew back, until it was almost out of me, and then drove it forward with a vengeance! Harder and faster she fucked my ass with the plastic cock, all the time massaging my stiff cock, until I couldn’t tell where pain ended and pleasure began. Her voice, constantly telling me how much she love me, and wanted me to be happy, became ragged, and her breathing became louder as she approached her own orgasm, from the end of the dildo embedded in her pussy. My own orgasm was building, and as I shot a load of sissy cum all over the back of the chair, I could hear “Mommy” about ready to orgasm behind me. With a final moan and a shudder, she came to rest on my sweaty back, and I could feel her breasts against me, heaving with exertion. After a few minutes, she slowly pulled out of me, leaving my ******* feeling empty, somehow. The large butt plug, though, was replaced, and she came around in front of me, and released my hands, and took out the horrible cock gag. My hands were still hooked together by the Velcro wrist restraints, and with a quick ripping motion, my hands, and then my feet were freed. When I turned around on legs of jelly, Carol had dropped her cock and harness, and wrapped her arms around me, and began hugging and kissing me, like tomorrow would never come.
My darling, lovely, Sister-Mommy led me back upstairs, and took me into the bathroom, where she drew another bath. While it was running, she gently pulled out the butt plug, and told me use the potty like a big girl, and then get undressed. She sat me in the warm fragrant water, and told me sit there for a few minutes, allow the hot water to soothe my aching muscles, and sore bottom. She left the bathroom, telling me that “Mommy would be right back.” I relaxed and replayed the day’s events over and over in my mind. Could I go through with this? Could I really pull this off? Did I want to back out? The truth was, that even with the pain of the evening, I loved being dressed in satin and lace, and adored being loved and cared for. The sexual release was almost secondary to the feeling of love, safety, and security. That’s what finally made my decision for me. Eric wanted me, Carol wanted me, our father didn’t care. I would go with Carol, and not look back. I would be the best little girl, sex toy, slave, or whatever Eric and Carol decided I should be. My mind now at ease, and the pain in my bottom subsiding, I relaxed completely in the girly bubble bath, waiting for Mommy to come and get me.
We spent the rest of the night, with me dressed as a baby girl, and Mommy back in her white satin peignoir. Around 10:00, the sexual tension got the best of both of us, and found a naked young lady, on top of what looked like a very large baby girl, fucking like 2 minks! After I came in her sweet pussy, she moved up over my mouth, and without a word, I knew what to do. I licked and sucked our combined juices out of her, and brought her to two more orgasms before she collapsed on top of me, and we drifted off to sleep.
The next morning, after a shower and a quick touch-up with the razor, we packed up all the things that I wanted to keep. I was surprised to find that it all fit into two suitcases, without forcing. After setting the bags by the front door, we went back upstairs where Carol pulled 2 large boxes out of the closet. Telling me that these were the clothes we were supposed to wear to meet Eric, she opened the first one to reveal a white satin corset, on top of a mass of white satin and frothy lace. Withdrawing the corset, she set it on her body, and hooked up the front. Grabbing hold of a bedpost, she told me to pull it as tight as I possible could, and then tie it off. When I had it as tight as I could, Carol’s waist was pulled in farther than I thought possible, and her pretty little breasts were pushed up and out so they looked larger than before. With my help, she then rolled white silk stockings up those beautiful legs, and hooked them to the garter straps. A matching white satin panty went on next, over the garter straps. Finally, I helped her put on a pair of white high-heeled sandals, with a cute little ankle strap, that…they had locks! She instructed me to put the little brass locks on the straps. I asked her where the keys were, and was told that they were with Eric. Finally, she pulled out what I saw was a beautiful white satin and lace bridal gown, with sleeves that came right down to the back of her hands, with little loops that went over the middle fingers. I zipped up the tight dress, and I realized that even as slender as my sister was, this dress would never have fit without the corset. When Carol was dressed, it was time to get me ready.
Step one was to put the hated butt plug back in my rear end, and then covered up with a super-thick diaper, with some sort of extra material between the legs, that kept me from putting my legs anywhere close to together. Pink plastic panties came next, although these had a covering of pink nylon, and several rows of white lace on the bottom. As she was pulling them up my legs, I noticed a thin chain running all around the waistband, which my Mommy locked behind my back. Next, she lowered a white petticoat over my head, and as it settled around my waist, I could see that it had lots of layers, and stuck out almost a foot from my body, and wasn’t even really long enough to cover my plastic panties! A pink satin party dress came next, zipped up the back, and then fastened there with a button, so there was no way to easily get undressed. White nylon socks with stiff pink lace came next, followed by pink patent leather Mary Janes, that, just like Mommy’s high heels, were locked onto my feet with tiny brass locks. A sparkly pinafore, tied in back with a big fluffy bow finished the outfit, or so I thought. Mommy brought out my mittens again, and with a request to “hold my widdle hands out, with my widdle fingers tight together, she slid them on, and this time, ran two more of the little brass locks through a couple of eyelets in the wrists, before tying the ribbons. A big brimmed pink satin bonnet was tied onto my head, and my mouth was once again filled with a pair of used panties and my pacifier, tied tightly under my bonnet.
Now, I was surprised to see my sweet Mommy take the cock gag that she had used on me, and place it in her own mouth, buckling it behind her head. She placed a silk flower tiara on her head, mostly covering the straps. Finally, although it was hard to bend down with her corset and very high heels, she got the last items out of the box. Before I knew it, a pair of handcuffs were locked around my wrists! Then, to my surprise, she threaded a small cable around my waist, and locked the handcuffs to it, pinning my useless, satin-mittened hands to my front. She took a similar cable out, placed it around her own waist, and with a little bit of effort, soon Carol’s delicate little hands were cuffed and pinned in front of her, just like mine. Now, bound and gagged, we weren’t going anywhere, except where the mysterious Eric wanted us to go. I waddled over to my Mommy, and snuggled against her, making cooing sounds, trying to help us both relax. Almost 20 minutes went by, then the door opened, and a man in a dark grey suit opened the door, picked up my bags, and motioned to us to precede him out of the door.
Parked at the curb was a white van, with no windows, like a workman’s van. There we were, bound, gagged, dressed like a bride and a baby, and being led out into the broad daylight, for all to see. The worst part was that we did it to ourselves, and had no one else to blame. Slowly we walked to the van. Carol walked slowly due to the extremely high heels she was wearing, and I could only waddle, due to the huge bulk of diaper between my legs. Once we got to the van, we found that there were no real seats, and we were told to kneel on heavy pillows, as chains from the roof of the van were hooked to our handcuffs, and pulled tight to hold us in place. What kind of place were we going to? What kind of man wanted us this way? We would find out, to our pain, and our pleasure, soon enough.

Well, that ends part 2, where I let my sissy imagination run way the heck away with me, and dream all the little sissy dreams I can dream. Let me know if you like this, and want me to continue, or let it die a peaceful sissy death.
With love, satin, lace, and bows
Missy Satinpanties

A Brother In Need, Is A Sister Indeed!

Chapter 3
by Missy Satinpanties
When we had finally walked those agonizing 50 feet to the van, the man opened the sliding door, and motioned us in. There were no seats in the back, just two cushions. He finally spoke, and told us to each kneel on a cushion, which we did. He then unhooked our cuffs from the chain around our waists, and then hooked them to eye bolts on the roof of the van, leaving us gagged and chained, and only able to look at each other. Without another word, he closed the sliding door, got in the driver’s seat, and off we went. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I was scared and excited, and worried. We were kneeling in the back of a van, both gagged, both in costume, and all we could do was look at each other.
We rode like this for about 15 minutes, and when we stopped, we were warned not to move, or to do anything until we were told to. The back door on the van now opened, and I could see that were parked next to a gleaming white corporate jet. The man now crawled partway into the van, and unhooked us from the roof, and led us out onto the tarmac. Our hands were once again attached to the chains around our waists, and we were led into the plane
I had never seen so much leather and wood in my life! This slender tube of aluminum was the most luxurious space I had ever seen! We were led back to a long, deep maroon, leather sofa along the side of the plane, and there, our handcuffs were removed. He now introduced himself as Edward, and told us that we had a 3 hour flight ahead of us, so we were to be comfortable. At that moment, the door closed, and the plane quickly taxied out and took off. A few moments later, Edward stood up and told Carol to take off her dress, and hang it in the closet so that it did not get overly wrinkled. He also told her to remove her gag, but not to speak. When she was done, I was looking at what I thought was the most beautiful woman in the world, dressed in white satin panties and corset, with these horribly high heels, and at once I was proud, horny, and worried that she might be hurt. Eric then told her to take off my dress, and hang it with hers. Now I was sitting on the sofa, diapers, plastic panties with satin overlay, a bonnet, mary jane shoes, and these mittens that reduced my hands to useless. My gag was also removed and I was given a baby bottle of apple juice, and my beautiful sweet mommy was given a glass of white wine. Oh well, I guess babies can’t be choosy! We sat on the sofa and cuddled for the rest of the flight, listening to the quiet classical music on the speakers, and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.
About 20 minutes before we landed, our gags were returned to our mouths. I was in rather a lot of pain, and discomfort as I had had the butt plug up my, until so very recently, virgin bottom, and it was not very comfortable! I had also had to pee in flight, and of course, was not allowed to use the bathroom. My diaper was wet, cold, and irritating. Edward then told her to change my diaper, and to remove my plug. I lay on the floor as my sister/mommy changed my diapers, with this stranger watching, and felt a wave of intense humiliation wash over me. What in the world could be worse than this?????
We were finally led off the plane, and into a waiting car. Instead of a van, we were now in a large sedan, again cuffed, secured, and gagged, but at least we could see where we were going. As we rounded a curve, there ahead of us was what looked like a private lake, and the largest house I had ever dreamed about, let alone ever saw! Edward spoke up from the driver’s seat and confirmed my thoughts. “That is your new home for the next year, little girls,” he said. “I hope you are ready for what awaits you inside, because you may not like it. I know I will, but you may not!” This he said with a very nasty tone in his voice that sent shivers up my back, and caused me to look into Carol’s soft green eyes, and try to pass on a message of hope and love.
We pulled up the long graveled drive, and two of the most beautiful maids in the world were standing there. Both were in the traditional fetish outfit of black satin, short full petticoats, very high heels, caps, aprons, and cuffs at their wrists. They both had long, thick, black hair, large breasts, long gorgeous legs, and looked like twins. We found out later that they were sisters who had come in a few years ago, the same way we did, and then stayed on as well-paid servants.
These living dolls helped us out of the car and then led us up the stairs to the huge flagstone porch and through doors big enough to drive a truck through. We entered a wide hallway, decorated with enough small tables, side chairs, and love seats to fill a living room, and were promptly led through a large door.
Once inside, my stomach dropped. There were a few chairs and sofas along the walls, but the only other furniture in the room was a, a, I didn’t know what it was. It was wooden, with a thickly padded leather covering, and consisted of two rails, about waist high, and about 3 foot apart. The vertical parts were of a dark rich wood, while the top pieces were padded with leather. The carpet that covered the rest of the floor ended in a 12 foot circle around this strange piece, and that floor was marble. Now one of the maids took my arm, and the other took Mommy, and we were led to either side of this device. With a warning to keep silent, our gags were removed. The maid attending Mommy Carol then took her chain off of her waist, and led her to the leather cross piece. Here, she was bent over, and her cuffed wrists were secured to a chain that led up from the floor. Her ankles were then bound to the vertical pieces with straps. Finally, the maid reached down to the floor behind Carol, and lifted her dress up to her shoulders. There must have been a hook, because the back of the dress now was pulled up, and her sweet bottom was on display through her white satin panties. Soon, I was secured in the same manner, the only difference was that my plastic panties were simply removed, so I stood in nothing but my overly thick diaper, and my little baby dress and crinolines.
We were told to look at the maids, and we did. They removed their black satin panties, which I saw had 3 rows of white lace on the backside, and Edward appeared with a large box. One of the maids opened the box, and pulled out the biggest, pinkest, double-ended dildo in the world! It looked to be 3 foot long, and as thick as my arm!! They worked each end into a pussy, and began to fuck each other with it. After a few moments, Edward made them stop, and one of the maids took the now pussy-juice covered dildo out, and walked over to us. Carol was told to open her mouth, and one end was forced between her lips, and moments later, the other end was forced into my mouth. Almost at once, my jaw began to ache from the huge intruder. Then a nylon strap device was run behind each of our necks, with one strap that led across the top of our heads. These were hooked to the floor, and our upper bodies were pulled down, while at the same time, our heads were forced up and facing each other, pulling us together, ramming the huge dildo deep into our throats. Our bodies were bent down, and our necks were bent up so that we looked like some perverted vision of Tour de France cyclists, bent over our bars, looking for the finish.
I looked deep into Mommy Carol’s eyes, and saw a tear of pain there. I wanted so much to kiss it away, but I was bound tight, and connected to my darling sister and mommy by a huge pink gel dildo. I could see her painted lips stretched tight over the rubber monster, and thought that she looked so helpless, yet so sexy. I could feel my own mouth full of the dildo, could smell the maid’s pussy, and was so turned on, and so scared that I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, my diaper was removed, and I could see the maid behind my sweet Carol with a large paddle, and I knew that the other was behind me. The first whack almost made me pass out, as the paddle landed on my tender bottom with a force that I didn’t think was possible, while at the same time, forcing the gel monster even deeper into my abused mouth. In synch they paddled our poor bottoms, until we were both crying and screaming into the dildo gag. What hurt even worse than the paddling and the monster being rammed into my throat was the fact that my wonderful, sweet, Mommy Carol was getting the same treatment. I had just discovered how tender and loving she was, and now she was being beaten with a paddle that I just knew were leaving marks on her perfect, smooth bottom. I also knew now that when I was paddled in the living room, Carol had not hit me as hard as I thought she was. These maids were wailing our bottoms like a lumberjack cutting into a tree! As suddenly as it started, though, it was over. Our bottoms were now being rubbed with some kind of cooling ointment that probably had an anesthetic in it, as the pain went down considerably. Out of the corner of my eye, I now saw that Edward had been joined by another man, and they were both watching with great intent. I wondered who he was, and what was going to happen now. I didn’t have to wait long, as I saw the maids draw away, and then return. Now, each of them had a huge strap-on dildo bouncing in front of them, and I knew now what was coming. Without any prelims, the strap-on cocks were buried in our backsides as the maids fucked themselves to a climax. This was not only a bigger strap-on than my sweet Carol had used on me, this gal wasn’t concerned about anything except the nub buried in her snatch, and pounding me as hard as possible. None of the fondling and sweet-talk of last night, no sir! I could only cry and grunt into the huge gel dildo buried in my throat, and watch as my darling, sweet, and loving sister had her beautiful soft bottom abused.
Finally, the maids used a small bar sink built into the wall, and washed the two strap-ons, and the pulled their panties back on. They seemed to me moving in slow motion as they minced over to us on their impossibly high heels, and then began to unstrap our heads from their diabolical harnesses, and finally pulled that horrible dildo out of our mouths, leaving us drooling, licking our lips, and moving our aching jaws around, trying to get rid of the pain.
At this point, Edward and the other man walked over to a couple of large and ornate chairs in the corner of the room, the only chairs that were facing a wall, and not the center. As they sat down, the unknown man waved his arm and the two maids took our arms and led us over to the two men. Edward pointed to me and looked at the one maid and simply said, “Diaper her, and gag them both.” With that the maid told me to lie on the floor, and she walked over, picked up my diaper and panties, and proceeded to “dress me.” Carols cock gag was strapped back into her mouth, and Carol’s panties and my oversized pacifier were jammed back into mine, and the ribbons tied tight. When I was finally back in my super thick diaper and satin covered plastic panties, and Carol’s dress was lowered back down, we were told to sit on a wooden bench, facing the two men.
“Hello,” the unknown man began, “My name is Eric, and I will be your host, and your owner and master for the next year. You may want to know what just happened to you in this room. You were both punished. Why were you punished? Because I could punish you. I want to remember that. You are both here to serve me, to serve Edward, and to serve anyone else I choose. You, of course, may refuse. At that time you will have the choice to be punished, or to be thrown out in whatever clothes you are wearing, with no money, and no help, and your contract will be null and void. Take the punishment, finish the contract, and the money, clothes, transportation to wherever you choose to go, and the payment of any education tuition will be yours, as per the contract. The choice is yours, and all you have to do is say the words, “void the contract” and I will. Do you both understand?” We both nodded our heads yes, and he smiled.
I took a closer look at Eric. He was wearing a pair of cream colored slacks, leather deck shoes, and a yellow Hawaiian shirt, open at the neck. He appeared to be about 40, and had the look of an athlete, not muscle-bound, but more of a track and field man. He had curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and was in fact, much younger than I expected, and very good looking. Beside him, Edward, still in the slacks, shirt, and vest of his suit, looked a bit younger, and had more of a linebacker look to him, under a mop of sandy blonde hair, and grey-blue eyes that seemed to be very cold.
After a moment, Eric told one of the maids to take me to my room, and introduce me to “Nanny.” I was taken by my useless, satin covered hand, and led waddling down the hall. We went up a flight of stairs, and as I was climbing, I couldn’t help noticing how pretty my escort was. Her legs were so perfect in her heels, which in turn were so high, I didn’t see how she could walk in them. At the top of the stairs, I was pulled down the hall to a door. The maid knocked, and it was opened by an older lady, maybe about 45 or so, who was dressed in a white cotton dress, and sensible shoes. This, I knew, was a no-nonsense lady, and I also figured out that she was going to be my nanny, and be in charge of me.
I stood in the doorway, and suddenly came face to face with what I was doing. I had been bound, beaten, and gagged with a dildo, but now… I was wearing a satin baby girl’s dress, diapers, satin covered plastic panties, a matching bonnet, little ankle sox, and Mary Jane shoes. I was, for all intents and purposes, a baby girl right now. As I looked around the room, I could see that it was an oversize nursery. Pale pink walls with a pink baby print border around the top, pink lacy curtains over the window, and right in the middle of the room was a large white crib with pink and white blankets and mattress. Against the wall was a rocking chair, and what I could only assume was a changing table.
Nanny took me by the hand and led me into the room. She showed me each piece of furniture, and then opened up the closet. I just stood there, aghast. It was crammed full of baby dresses, jumpers, school girl dresses, lots of dresses in various shades of pastel satins, and the shoes! White, pink, black, silver, high heels, ballet slippers, Mary Janes! As she closed the door to the closet, I was hard as a rock, and my mind was reeling. Nanny then told me that it was time for me to get ready for bed, and I looked at the clock on the wall. It was only 7:30, and I was about to protest, when I looked again at Nanny’s face and saw that protest was NOT the way to go.
Nanny easily lifted me up onto the changing table and unbuttoned, then removed my dress. She pulled the crinolines over my head, and took both over to a large hamper in the corner. She then laid me down, and removed my diaper and plastic pants. She picked up my legs and examined my burning, aching bottom. Clucking softly, she began to gently clean my bottom with wipes, and then rubbed an ointment into my bottom, and even stuck some up my now stretched and sore bung hole, which cooled me down, and took away almost all the pain. Now I was re-diapered, and put into a pair of plain pink plastic panties (my what alliteration!). Now, as I lay there, still gagged with a very soggy pair of panties and my pacifier, and my hands still useless in their satin and plastic (?) or leather (?) mittens, Nanny began to explain what was going to happen for the next year.
“I think you are a pathetic, silly wimp of a boy, and you disgust me,” was her opening remark. “However,” she continued, “I am getting paid very well to do whatever Mr. Eric requires, and if he requires me to take care of a sissy ******, then I will take care of a sissy ******, change his diapers, and do whatever else is needed.” At the word ******, I began to try to protest through the gag, and had my thigh slapped, hard. “Be quiet, you mewling sissy brat!” She yelled. “You will be put to bed whenever we choose, each night. You will be put into your sleeper, and then given a bottle. What goes into the bottle depends entirely on your behavior. Each morning you will be awakened, fed, and then will undergo yoga instruction, dance lessons, deportment lessons, and whatever other training we feel you need. You will NOT look forward to meals, as you are too fat for a little girl, and you will need to lose weight.” “Lose weight!? I was already a slender boy, how much more weight would I need to loose?” I wondered. “You will also be given shots of vitamins,” She continued. “These will help your skin, and keep you going on a limited diet.” “Now,” she got settled into her role, “As to your “duties.” You will be expected to be at Mr. Edward’s beck and call whenever he wishes to play with you. Since he normally likes real little girls, I’m not sure how often he will call for you, or what games he may wish to play. You will also be made available to such guests as Mr. Edward or Mr. Eric feel appropriate, and they may do with you, and to you, as they wish.” What the heck had I gotten myself into, I wondered in almost a panic. “Now,” she barked, “Lie still and let me put your sleeper on you.
I was silent as she walked around the changing table and picked up what looked like a pair of pink satin pajamas. These were the kind that had feet, and she started to push one leg, and then the other into the PJs. I quickly found out that while there were feet sewn into the garment, the legs were one opening, and it was very, very tight on me. As she pulled it up over my diaper, I realized I was being put in yet another form of bondage. When the thing was finally on, my hands had been removed from the mittens, but were now in mitten ending sleeves of satin that were sewn tight to the body of what could be described as a combination of sleeper pajama and mummy sleeping bag, but much, much tighter. Now my arms and my hands were useless, as were my legs. Nanny then zipped the bag all the way up to a little ruffled neck opening, and clicked a little padlock to the neck. I was truly a prisoner. She picked me up and moved me to my crib, and gently lay me down on the mattress. Now, she undid the ribbons that held my pacifier in my mouth, and removed the sodden panties, tossing them into a second hamper in the corner of the room. Now she moved to a small bar at the side of the room, and lifted a baby bottle out of a pan of warm water. I saw that there were 2 bottles there, and she hesitated as she chose one over the other. As she returned to the crib, she sat the bottle on a side table, and then reached in, and began pulling wide straps over my legs. I had planned on trying to sleep curled up on my side, as I really hate sleeping on my back, but here I was being strapped into bed, with no way to move. One strap over my ankles, one over my thighs, one over my chest, and I was as immobile as a long-dead Egyptian mummy. I also noticed, seemingly for the first time, that the satin covered pillow was really a block of foam that held my head straight, and wouldn’t allow me turn it to either side more than a centimeter or so. Now Nanny began crooning to me like I was real baby
“Widdle baby thirsty?” she lisped. “Open wide widdle baby, and Nanny will give you your baby bottle.” The translucent plastic bottle descended towards my lips, and I noticed that the fluid it held was a pale yellow color. “Now widdle baby, wet Nanny expwain that if widdle baby doesn’t drink every widdle dwop of the nice bottle that Nanny fixed for you, that you will not be punished.” I did not like the emphasis on the word you. “If widdle baby doesn’t dwink every dwop, then your pretty widdle sister will be brought in here, tied up, gagged, and naked, and I will beat her ten times for every ounce in this bottle. By the way, there are eight ounces in da widdle sissy’s bottle.” I shuddered to think of my darling Mommy Carol being beat 80 times on my account, so I made up my mind that I was going to drink whatever was in the bottle. Finally the large nipple was forced between my lips and took my first drink, and almost gagged.
Piss! I was drinking a baby bottle of warm piss! “That’s right, you little ****** sissy, you’re drinking a bottle of my pee. If you are a good baby, each night you will receive a bottle of apple juice, with a little something in it to help you sleep. If you misbehave, it will be a bottle of my pee for your nighty-night bottle.” With that pronouncement, she began to laugh, then sat down in her rocking chair to watch me drink her pee while she chuckled to herself. My life in Hell, with side trips to Sissy-Sexual Heaven, had begun.

The final episode of this story will deal with Mr. Eric’s, and Mr. Edward’s use, abuse, and humiliation of your’s truly, and my dear sweet sister/mommy, Carol. I would like to point out that part 1 was based, a bit, on a real episode, but quickly degenerated into pure sissy fantasy. I hope you enjoy, dear readers! Missy Satinpanties!

A Brother in Need, Is a Sister Indeed

Final Chapter
by: Missy Satinpanties
I don’t know how I managed to sleep, but I somehow did while strapped into a crib, on my back, in a satin sleeper that was more bondage than sleeper, with the taste of a baby bottle full of pee in my mouth. Mind you, my dreams were more than strange, and a little scary, but I did manage to sleep.

I awoke to a full bladder and to sheer terror at not being able to move. The terror passed in a moment when I realized where I was, and with that realization, I also knew that peeing in my diapers was the right thing to do. As the warmth flowed around my middle, I looked around the “nursery.” I saw the oversized changing table, a rocking chair, and two large armoires; all painted a creamy white with pink trim. The walls were of a pink satin stripe wallpaper, with lacy white curtains on the windows. Since the block of foam that was my pillow didn’t allow my head to turn much, I couldn’t examine my new world too closely, but I did see a large rocking horse in the corner, with sort of an odd seat, instead of the usual saddle. I lay there for a few moments, and then noticed the transmitter of a commercial baby monitor hooked to the head of my crib, so I tried crying softly to see what results it would bring.

Within a few short minutes, the door opened and I heard footsteps across the carpet. Nanny had arrived. She unlocked the cage-like lid of the crib (What a joke! I was in a one-piece sleeper that allowed me no use of hands, arms, legs or feet, and then was strapped to the bed. I wasn’t going anywhere!) and undid the straps holding me down. She lifted me up, and took me to the changing table, where my bondage PJs were removed.

She quickly slid my hands back into the locking mittens, and then proceeded to remove my wet diaper. Instead of re-diapering me, though, she turned to a chair, and picked up a pink plastic apron, and put it on. She then picked me up under the armpits, and carried me into an adjoining bathroom. There was another changing table there, and she sat me down, pushed me down onto my back, and quickly bound my arms to the table, then a strap across my chest. She reached down below the end of the table, and raised what I knew were the same stirrups that a woman endures when she gets a gyno exam. My feet were strapped into the stirrups, and was now tied down, helpless, with my little butt exposed. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and did not have long to wait. She rapidly set up a very large rubber bag, with a hose running from it, and the slipped the nozzle up my backside. When she opened the valve, I began to fill with warm liquid, and soon was in a lot of pain. When I said something, she immediately shoved a ball gag into my mouth and told me shut my mewling sissy mouth! The she pulled out the nozzle, shoved a plug in its place, and I was stuck.

After what seemed like hours of cramping pain, I was released from the straps, and carried to a toilet. There, she told me half squat, and she ripped the plug from my bottom, and shoved me down on the seat. With a loud, liquid sound, my bowels emptied themselves for a long, long time. When I was finally done, I was exhausted. But, no rest for the sissified. She removed my mittens, picked me up, and sat me in a tub of hot bubble bath, and proceeded to wash me. Not roughly, mind you, but there was none of the loving attention that my sister and mommy Carol gave me. Clean, I was toweled dry, and led naked into the next room. Here, I had my first, and almost my last, choice to make.

Here was another lady, and she was standing next to a gurney. She told me to get up, and lie down on the gurney. She then explained to me that I had to be hairless around the house for the next year. I could either have daily shaves and periodic waxings, or I could have my hair permanently removed. She then applied a wax strip to my thigh, let it cool, and ripped it off. I yelped in pain. “This, my little sissy, is what waxing feels like,” she explained in a clinical tone of voice. “If you choose this route, your underarms and your pubic area will be waxed at least once a week. If you allow us to use the laser, you will feel no pain whatsoever, but will never have body hair again.” THIS was a no brainer! I opted for the laser, and over the next 6 weeks was given a two hour treatment every morning, and lost every bit of my body and facial hair, including my pubic area, my bottom, my armpits, and my little pee-pee.

After this, and my enema, I was starved. Nanny took me back into the bedroom, and put a fresh diaper on me, along with a pair of plastic panties, little nylon ankle socks, black Mary-Janes, and a onsie-type romper. My hands were once again placed into the mittens, and I noticed that the plastic panties had a little cable running through the waistband, and was locked at the rear, making it impossible for me to remove them.

She then led me to a large high chair, and hoisted me up into it, locking the tray in place, and then fastening my ankles to velcro straps. Here, I was given a bottle of apple juice (Thank heavens it was juice!). Nanny then pulled a plastic kit from her pocket, and took out a syringe and a small glass bottle. She expertly filled the syringe, and gave me a shot in my thigh. “Vitamins, my little sissy brat,” she cooed. “You won’t get much solid food for a while!” She was right! My apple juice was followed by a small portion of barely sweetened oatmeal, and 2 baby food jars of plum puree. Not the most filling meal I’ve ever had!

My face was wiped, and I was led back to the nursery. There I was stripped and ordered into a pair of pink leotards, ballet slippers, and a pink t-shirt for my yoga lesson. Stretching, twisting, and sweating for the next two hours was hell on a darn near empty stomach, but the thought of my misbehavior causing my lovely Sister-Mommy to be punished made me shut up, pay attention, and do my best. (After a year of yoga, dear reader, I was in wonderful shape, and continue it ‘till this day!) Another short bath followed yoga, and I was dressed back in my diapers and plastic panties, but this time with a plain yellow gingham dress and 3 inch pumps. Thank heavens Mommy made me practice some in heels, or I would never have made it! I then went through 2 hours of etiquette and deportment. I was taught how and when to curtsey, how to set a table, how to sit at a table, how to stand up, sit down, get in a car, get out of a car, how to speak, walk, sit, stand, and any other conceivable lesson a little lady should learn. The lessons were not hard, but the riding crop on my thigh for messing up was not what I considered fun, and my feet, legs, and back were tired and sore!

I finally was allowed to look at the clock, and saw it was only eleven in the morning! I must have been up since the crack of dawn! I was very, very hungry, very tired and sore, and really and truly wondering if I should use those words, “Void the Contract!” I thought about Carol, and decided that I could get through this, because at the end, we would be together.

Lunch was a tiny (to me) piece of fish, some rice, peas, and a roll. Desert was another bottle of apple juice and another vitamin shot, all served to me in my high chair, with me back in my onsie. The afternoon was spent in the playpen, coloring, or playing with dolls, or watching selected cartoons. The only contact I had was Nanny checking my diaper every hour, feeding me at dinner, and tucking me into bed at half-past six, thankfully with a baby bottle full of apple juice and sedative to send me off to sleep in my bondage crib. This was my routine for the first two weeks. One Saturday afternoon, though, things were to change!

After my tiny little lunch, I was brought back to the nursery, and stripped. I was pretty weak from very little food and a lot of exercise and training. I thought the shots were to help me, but even they seemed to drag down my strength. I was flexible, and wasn’t really tired, but seemed to have a lot less upper body strength than I had when I got here. Since Nanny seemed to be in a happy mood, I took the gamble and asked her about it. “Vitamins!” She laughed, “You silly little pansy! Female hormones are more like it! Touch your little boobies, and tell me if they don’t feel a bit tender!” I did, and they did. Now the truth dawned like a bright and scary morning. I truly was going to live as a girl! I instinctively reached down and grabbed myself, as though shielding my bit of manhood from the world. “Don’t worry about your thingie, little girly! They have given you just enough of the female hormones to start the process. If they wanted a girl, by **** they could pay for a hundred real girls. No, they wanted a cross-dressing, c**k-sucking, pansy-arsed sissy boy, and with you, they got one!” She laughed so hard that she had to sit down in the rocker. “Oh well,” sighed, “Let’s get you dressed for your first visit to Mr. Edward this afternoon. Now, what is your most favorite color, little one?” I looked at her, and knew that the only proper answer was pink. “Pinkies Nana,” I lisped in the high voice I had been taught with the riding crop. “Okay, then, pink it is.” I was stripped, taken to the bathroom, and secured to the enema table again. Again, that horrible nozzle was shoved inside of me, and again, I was filled until the point of passing out with the pain and cramping. But, this time, after I expelled all the horrible stuff, my bottom was wiped, and again, I was subjected to a second gut busting enema. Finally, sore, sweating, and shaking, I was lowered into the tub of flower scented bubble bath, while Nanny washed me, with a lot more gentleness than she had shown in the past. If she was being nice to me, I was worried!

Dried off, I was carried back to the changing table and powdered and diapered, Nanny turned to the armoire and started looking through the dresses there. Finally, she pulled out a pastel pink creation with capped short sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, and white lace trim around the neck, sleeves, and hemline. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen, and felt myself getting very hard at the thought of wearing it. She then went to another hanger and withdrew a frothy mess of crinolines, and laid them on the bed next to the dress. Now, she stopped, and looked at the phone. Picking it up, she didn’t dial a number, just waited. She asked to be connected to Mr. Edward’s room, and when he finally answered, she merely asked which shoes and underwear. Nodding at the answer she got, she walked back over to where I was laying on the changing table. She reached over and started to unpin my diaper, and looked me in the eyes. “Look, brat,” she began sternly, “The master doesn’t want you in a diaper, so you had best remember that you can’t pee anywhere and anytime you like! You do, and you know what your bedtime snack will be! And you know what? Your sister will just have to join you in being punished!” I resolved right then and there to hold it until I died!

I was dressed in a pair of double layer pink satin panties, with a mass of lace at each leg opening, across the bottom, and a big white bow in the front, with ribbon ends that came down to the leg openings. Then it was on with a pair of pale pink sheer stockings that had big pink bows at the top. A pair of pink satin (dyed to match the dress, I’m sure) pumps were slipped onto me feet, and then I noticed that there were little ankle straps with little locks that meant I wasn’t taking these off by ‘myself.

I was helped off the table, and that was when I noticed that these shoes were much higher than the others I had been practicing in. It only took me a moment to adjust, but I was sure my legs and feet would be hurting badly, and soon. Nanny told me to stand with my hands over my head, and she slipped the mass of crinolines over my head, settling them around my waist, and fluffing them up so that they stood out, away from my body. I could see in the mirror that they did not cover my panties, and assumed the dress would be just as short. In that, I was right. The dress followed, and it came almost to the bottom of the lacy crinolines, leaving no doubt about what this sissy was wearing under his or maybe her dress. Nanny pulled up the back zipper, and fastened the top button, and I turned back to the mirror to see my reflection. The face was androgynous, but the dress and other clothes screamed little girl. I was now sat back down on a stool so Nanny could do my hair. She brushed and brushed my hair, not even pausing for an instant when she hit a tangle and I yelped. My dark blonde hair was now shiny from the shampoo and the brushing, and she put a pink hair band on my head, with a pink bow on the left side of the band. She stood me up, and then reached for a box that was on the dresser. “Let’s see,” she mumbled, “He wants the f**got in pink, so pink he will get!” With that, she turned to me, and told me to open my mouth. A thick, pink, p*nis-shaped gag was shoved into my mouth, and the strap was buckled behind my neck, under my hair. She then grabbed my arms, and held them behind me, and told me that if I moved, or even flinched, I would get 10 lashes from the crop, and Carol would get 20. Her threat worked! I sat dead still as my arms were wrapped in some kind of sheath, and pulled cruelly tight. “This is called an arm binder, and if you think it’s tight now, just wait until the day I can lace it all the way up! Your elbows will be touching!” She laughed as she made this announcement, enjoying my pain. Finally, she knelt in front of me, and showed me a tiny silver chain with what looked like a bracelet at each end. “This hobble chain is only 16 inches long, and will be hooked from ankle to ankle, and that is all the longer your steps will be.” She stood me up, pushed a button on the intercom, and just said, “Come and get the sissy.”

I stood there, my arms already on fire, and waited. Fifi, one of the maid sisters came in. I had been told that when they were on duty, their names were “Fifi,” and “Suzi.” I guess it went right along with the over-the-top, black satin maid’s uniform. Anyway, Fifi looked me over, giggled a bit, and told me to come with her. She started walking down the hall, and I found out what 5 inch heels and a hobble chain could do to your ability to walk! I could only take mincing little steps, and when Fifi got to the end of the corridor, she spun around so her already short skirt would fly up, and watched me struggle down the hall with an amused expression on her face. We got to the stairs in the front hallway, and I was surprised when she didn’t turn and start up to where I assumed Mr. Edward’s bedroom was. A moment later, Mr. Edward came striding into the hallway, wearing jeans, a white oxford shirt, and a brown leather sport jacket. He was also carrying something pink in his hand. I didn’t have long to wonder what it was, as he took the pink leather dog lead and collar, and attached it to my neck. He then told me to come along, and to cooperate in every way if I wanted to avoid punishment for the whole family. He led me to his black suburban, and told me to get in back. I started to panic, I had no idea where I was going, or what I had to do, and I was as helpless as a newborn baby! He saw my concern, and told me that I would not be hurt, and if I was a good girl, little Melissa would be back home, in a nice warm bath, in just a few hours. I nodded, got in the SUV, sitting sideways on the seat because of the way my arms were bound.

Mr. Edward got behind the wheel, put on some old Led Zeppelin music, and drove for about 45 minutes. When we stopped, I saw that we were parked at a seedy looking adult bookstore, and to judge from the parking lot, it was packed!! He got out of the car, and walked around to my door, opened it, and took the leash. I was so frightened that I didn’t know what to do, where to turn, or anything. I was helpless, gagged, and dressed in little frilly girly clothes, and now I was to go inside an adult bookstore! Mr. Edward tugged on my leash, and I finally slid out and stood up. He walked up and whispered in my ear, “This will not be pleasant for you, little Melissa. You will not like it at all. If you want to stop, now, all you have to do is nod your head three times. I will untie you, and we will end the contract, now. Nod once if you understand.” I slowly nodded once. “Now,” he continued, “Nod three times to end it all, or nod one more time to continue.” I thought and thought, and slowly nodded my head, once. With that, he took my leash and led me into the shop.

The room was huge, and filled with racks of DVDs and videos, with one wall nothing but magazines and books. There was a high counter in the middle of the floor, with display cases featuring dildos, butt plugs, whips, and many other fetish toys. Mr. Edward walked up to the counter and gave the man some money. He almost didn’t see the money, because he, like every man in there, was staring at me! I now know what is meant by a hungry look! A tug on my leash, and I minced my way to the back of the store. Every man I passed reached out and touched me, stroked my ass, or my legs, and one grabbed my crotch and started laughing. I felt hot from the embarrassment, but could do nothing about it. We were buzzed through a door, and I found myself in a corridor, with lots of doors on either side, and lots of men lounging in these doorways.

I was led down the length of the hallway, and every few feet, Mr. Edward told me to stop, and grabbed my wrists, forcing them up behind me, which forced me to bow, and which allowed everyone a good look at my lacy satin pantied bottom. We got the end, and I was turned, and we walked back, giving the same view every few steps as before. I’m sure my face was blindingly red from embarrassment! He finally led me to one of the doors in the middle, and pushed me inside. In the very dim light, I saw a TV screen with a lit red button above it, but the screen was just snow. Mr. Edward pushed the button, and a scene of a white girl sucking a black man’s c@ck came on. Another push had two women by a pool making out. He pushed again, and now there were two men kissing, and fondling on a bed. Mr. Edward then reached in his pocket, and pulled out two pieces of what looked like sheepskin, each about 6 inches long and about 4 inches wide. These, he laid on the floor, and turning me towards the wall, told me kneel on them. Now, I saw the huge hole in the wall, right at the level of my gagged mouth. My gag was slowly unbuckled, and the pink monster pulled from my mouth. I didn’t have much time to relish the feeling, as a long, skinny cock poked through the hole. “There’s your first admirer,” Mr. Edward said with a wicked chuckle, “You had best make him very happy! If I hear any complaints from anyone, punishment awaits.” Anyone!?! How many men would there be? I looked at this c@ck, and then forced myself to stick out my tongue and lick it, then take my first c@ck into my mouth. It was warm, and hard, but sort of soft, and tasted like he didn’t shower enough. But, this is what I said I would do when I told Mommy Carol that I would do anything, so I went to it. When he blew his load into my mouth, thankfully very quickly, I swallowed it, and waited. Very quickly another c@ck poked its way into my mouth. This one was shorter, but very fat, and he took a lot longer to satisfy. My mouth was getting tired, but when he pulled out, number three moved in. At this point, Mr. Edward told me to stand up, and he pulled my sissy panties down to my ankles. He then told me to bend over. I felt a cold sensation as lube was smeared on my bottom, and then he forced me to bend my knees, so my bottom was pushed against one wall, and my face against the other. Within moments, I had a stranger’s c@ck in my mouth and another was pushing roughly into my bottom!fe On and on this went, with at least a dozen strange men ramming my poor bottom, filling me with their seed, while another dozen filled my mouth and my belly. My arms were in agony, my legs were on fire, my mouth and jaw were cramping. Finally, Mr. Edward told me it was over. He then took out a tampon, and shoved it into my well stretched bottom. “That will keep your panties, and my car seat clean,” He said. Then he put his hand on my shoulder, and helped me to stand up. He removed the arm binder, and gently massaged my shoulders, forcing blood back into my numbed and tingling arms. He removed a handkerchief, and wiped my cum-stained face clean, allowing the hankie to just fall on the filthy floor when he was done. He told me to sit on the little bench and watch the movie for a minute, and he would be back. A moment or two later, he stepped back in, handed me a bottle of water, and told me to drink it all. I didn’t need to be told, and guzzled the water. It tasted better to me than the finest wine, as my mouth was parched, and tasted like, well, you know.

About this time I head a voice yell out, “It’s comin’ on now!” Mr. Edward looked at the screen, frowned, and pushed the button twice. Suddenly, there it was, or actually, THERE I WAS! The picture was of me being led down the corridor, showing my pantied backsides off to one and all. Then, the whole degrading episode in the booth was replayed in high definition, crystal clear sound, and living color. Each penetration, each c@ck in my mouth, each sucking sound and whimper being caught on one of 6 cameras positioned in the booth, which were now pointed out to me. I wanted to die! I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, never to be seen again. I was forced to watch the whole, degrading thing until it was over, and was then re-gagged, leashed, and led out into the main part of the store. I was applauded, and whistled at, and many, many lewd comments were made about me and towards me, so I was very happy indeed when we made it out to the parking lot, and to the Suburban.

However, instead of opening the side door, he opened the rear, and motioned for me to get in. I did, and was told to lay down with my feet towards the open rear door. I was so afraid of some new and painful indignity, that I started crying. I was very surprised when Mr. Edward removed my hobble chain, gently removed the pink leather arm binders, unlocked and removed my shoes, pulled down my panties, and told me to lift my bottom. He then slid a white fluffy diaper under me, and pinned it tightly into place, replacing my lacy satin panties with a pair of pink plastic ones. A pair of cloth booties were placed on my feet, and I was told to crawl forward and sit on the seat like a good girl. The ride home was much more pleasant that the ride to the book store, although the memory of all those strange men pumping their seed into my bottom and my mouth made me nauseous and a little disgusted. But oddly enough, there was just a hint of pride at the back of my mind that I satisfied all those men, and that they wanted ME sexually! My own father never seemed to want me in any way shape or form, so acceptance on any level was good, wasn’t it?

Once “home,” I was led into the house by both Fifi and Suzi, who led me all the way to my nursery. I didn’t see Nanny anywhere. Fifi, or was is Suzi, began to remove my gag and dress, and then I was told to go into the bathroom, where I was laid on the table, my legs placed into the stirrups, but not strapped down. Lovingly, my diapers, plastic panties, and the tampon were removed, and the nozzle of the enema bag placed gently into my rear. The pressure was much easier, and they did not fill me nearly as full as Nanny. While I was on the table, the tub was filling with hot water and lilac scented oil. As soon as I was full, I was led to the potty and allowed to evacuate the warm water, soap, and semen that inside of me. I was given my Sesame Street toothbrush and told to brush my widdle toofies, and then to use some gargle that they said would make my mouth and throat feel better. Finally I was lowered into the warm, softly scented water, and allowed to soak. It felt like heaven! I was really confused, though. Finally, one of the “maids” informed me that this was the reward for being a good widdle girlie today, and making a nice movie for the Master to watch. I didn’t care anymore about the movie, just the fact that my knotted muscles were finally beginning to relax, and that I felt clean again. Once out of the bath, I was dried with a big fluffy towel, and led to the chair and basin, where my hair was washed in lilac scented shampoo. After two washings, a rinse and a blow dry, I finally was free of the scent of cigarette smoke from the porno shop, the taste of semen, and the smell my own sweat.

I was led back into the nursery, and placed back in a fluffy, safe diaper, plastic panties, satin panty cover, and a satin baby doll nightie. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and secured with a pink scrunchie, and I was placed into my playpen with a bottle of apple juice and my coloring books. The television was turned on, and one of the nice maids put in Toy Story for me to watch. I lay there, diapered, warm, and feeling safe, half drowsing and half watching the movie for the next hour and a half. It was now about five or five thirty, and Suzi came back into the nursery, and told me I had to get dressed for din-din. She lifted me up over the play pen rails, and sat me on the changing table. First, she checked to make sure my diaper was dry, and then she removed my nightie. Again I was dressed in a frothy satin dress, but this time in a soft yellow color. Crinolines underneath, once again showing off my bottom, this time in a plastic lined, yellow satin diaper cover with some lace around the leg opening and three rows of dainty lace across the bottom. It also was equipped with the hated locking cable, and I knew that no matter what, it was not coming off until someone in charge wanted it off. White nylon anklets were next, followed by black patent leather MaryJanes. A pinafore of white sparkly satin was placed over the dress, and tied off with a big bow in back. Once I was dressed, she removed the scrunchie, and began to brush my hair until it shone. Again, none of Nanny’s pulling at the knots until it hurt, she was as gentle as, well, as gentle as my “Mommy Carol.”

“Now,” Said Suzi, “We’re going to get you some din-din. I’ll bet you’re a hungry little girly-boy!” I nodded and cooed, like the baby I was supposed to be. Instead of being led to my high chair, though, she opened the door, and led me down the hallway. We stopped in front of a door, and this sexy creature, who was perched so daintily on those impossibly high heels that had killed me for the few hours I wore them, knocked on the door, told me to wait, and swished away down the hall.

A moment later, the door opened, and there stood my sister-mommy Carol! She was wearing a floor length silk peignoir of the most beautiful sapphire blue, adorned with what I later learned was hand-made lace, and a pair of silver high-heeled sandals that made her look both sexy and oh so elegant! I grabbed her and we hugged like we had been apart for years! We were both babbling, and laughing, and crying, all at the same time. Once we got control of ourselves, she pulled me into the room and closed the door. It was a beautiful room! Lots of dark oak paneling with deep blue carpet on the floor set off the either antique or fabulous reproduction Victorian furnishings. I just stood, holding Carol’s hand and looked around. There was a big canopied bed, dresser, make-up vanity, along with a desk and chair, sideboard, bookshelves, and several big soft-looking easy chairs in a silk brocade fabric. Very feminine touches such as crystal perfume bottles, silk drapes on the bed, dried and live flower arrangements made the room very much a homey kind of place, that is if your home is very, very expensive!

As we stood there looking at each other, there came a soft knock at the door, and in came both Suzi and Fifi. One was carrying a folding table, and the other pushing a cart. We watched in amazement as an elaborate dinner was set up for us by these two sexy and exotic creatures. Shrimp cocktail and champagne for starters, followed by lamb chops and baklava and coffee for desert. Not a huge meal in terms of size of portions, but after my meager meals, it was three feasts in one! As we ate, we filled each other in on our lives, and Carol told me that as a reward for being such a good girl today, not only were we allowed to eat this special meal together, but we could sleep together in the same bed! Of course we had to wake up early, so I could go back to my routine, and Carol to hers. That night was heaven for me! She provided the most exquisite yellow silk gown for me to wear, and we snuggled, kissed and talked far into the night. I wanted to touch and taste all of her, but when my roving fingers reached the top of her sweet thighs, I found a leather and stainless steel chastity belt that kept me from my Mommy’s honey. Yes, we were allowed a treat, but not THAT treat. We went to sleep, happy, but frustrated.

I won’t go into detail about every day of that year, but some of the “highlights” include the parties. At one, I was led into the ballroom by Suzi and Fifi, this time in pink satin maid’s outfits. The huge room was filled with couples in tuxedos and beautiful ball gowns, with enough diamonds, jewels and gold dripping from fingers and ears to feed a third world country for a year. Some seemed to be in their twenties, while others were well into their sixties. What was I wearing? Well a little pale blue satin skirt that did nothing to cover my bottom, which was encased in lace encrusted satin panties, thigh high white stockings, again with lace at the top reached down to my shoes, which Nanny called my punishment or ballet pumps. They had a 6 inch heel which forced me to take very tiny steps, and hurt like heck from the moment I stood up, until I was allowed to take them off. For a top, I was wearing a little satin crop top that matched the skirt, with a matching hair bow, and the almost mandatory gag. This one was a huge ball gag that only allowed me to drool a bit, and grunt.

When I got into the ballroom, all talk ceased, and all eyes looked my way. Giggles, outright laughter, and finger pointing followed my slow mincing progress across the floor to a raised dais in the center of the room. There, I saw the rocking horse with the seat instead of the saddle. I had no idea of what was expected of me, but I knew I surely wouldn’t like it! I was helped up the stairs, and was told to sit on the horse. My hands were cuffed to the handles, and my shoes removed. Another pair of shoes with some kind of appliance on the bottom were slipped onto my feet, and locked there. My feet were then bolted to the foot pegs and I was a prisoner on a rocking horse. Was I just to be displayed for all to laugh at? No such luck! I was told to stand on the pegs as high as I could. Suzi was doing something to the horse behind my back, but I couldn’t see what. Suddenly, I felt her hands on my bottom, heard a zipper open, and felt cool air on my bottom. I twisted to see what was behind me, and saw a huge purple dildo sticking up from the seat, glistening with lube. “Now, Missy,” said Fifi in my ear, “You can either try to stand up on the pegs all night, because you will not be let go until all the guest are gone, or you can sit down like a good little girl and rock on your nice horsey.” I looked back at the dildo, and it looked as thick as my arm, and as long, too! It really wasn’t, but it sure looked like the biggest dildo in the world right then! Slowly, my arms and legs got tired, and I began to sag towards the monster. I thought maybe I could miss it, but Fifi, or was it Suzi, was right behind the horse, with her hands on my hips, guiding me towards my humiliation. Slowly I made contact, and began my agonizing descent in horrible pain and degradation. The whole time everyone in the room was watching. Not only were they watching me, they were watching me on 4 huge plasma screen TVs, because there were 4 cameras filming me. One camera recorded the look on my straining face, and three were recording the progress of the monster dildo up my poor sissy bottom. I was crying with the pain, and trying to scream from behind my gag, but only my tears and a strangled mewling sound could be heard. After what seemed like hours, I was sitting on the wooden sear, with that horrible intruder inside of me, and told to rock. The movement of the horse caused more pain, and my humiliation was completed, when the movie on the TV changed to me in the bookstore! Here I was, in a room full of people, tied to a rocking horse, gagged, with a monster in my pantied backside, and I had to watch helplessly as they all saw my descent into slutty, sissy Hell.

On another occasion, I was dressed as a maid. I was placed in a white corset that was so tight, I could barely breathe, and certainly not bend more than a few inches, black sheer stockings, frothy white petticoats, black satin rumba panties, my black punishment heels, locked on of course, and topped with a black satin maid’s outfit. A little lacy cap, which was more like a little black tiara with white lace, was placed on my head, with a matching choker around my neck. My hands were cuffed in front of me, and I was sent with three young men whom I had never met to go to dinner. We went to a fast food place, which was very crowded. The three men sat down, and one handed me 2 twenty dollar bills, and told me what to order. I had to stand in line, with my panties on full display and order their food, and make at least a dozen trips back up for drink refills, ketchup, a straw, and other things. I was under strict orders to deeply curtsey when I was given an order, and address any of the three as “Young Master.” Of course, humiliation was the main course of that meal! When they left, of course I could not walk as fast, so the got to the car, and drove off, telling me to walk around the building to meet them. I was also to flash my bottom at any man or boy who looked my way. You would think I had built up immunity to embarrassment, but you’d be wrong,

I served Mr. Eric and Mr. Edward in bed as a little girl, as a prostitute, a French Maid, school girl,and many more characters. I was tied up and filmed getting spanked, and getting my bottom well and truly penetrated. On another occasion, I dressed like a little girl in a beauty pageant, and had to go around the room at a party, and ask all the women if they wanted their “Widdle Puddies” licked, and all the men if I could “pwease suck on their lollipops!”

To serve one filthy-minded, but rich and connected guest, I had to do something that I had never even thought about, read about, or dreamed about in my worst nightmare. After having me dressed in a blue satin “L’il Bo Peep” outfit, complete with knee length ruffled knickers, I was led outside. So far so good, right? Wrong! There, I was forced to kneel next to a log that conveniently had iron rings bolted to it. Of course, I was secured over the log. I assumed the man wanted to some outdoor kind of thing, and tried to relax. My knickers were pulled down, and my dress and pettis swished up over my back, and then I felt something very strange. I was mounted by a large dog! They had covered his front paws with cloth so I would not get hurt, but I was getting my bottom filled by a huge dog! Of course, I don’t have to tell you that it hurt so bad I was crying the whole time, nor should I have to tell you that it was, like always, caught on film for later enjoyment. I still cringe thinking about that afternoon! I felt so dirty that day that I didn’t think I would ever get clean.

At night, every night, I was locked into my crib, in my satin bondage sleeper. I still hated sleeping on my back. Every morning, the daily yoga class had made me very lithe and limber, which only meant that the arm binder was tighter and tighter every time I wore it, until finally, the backs of my hands were together, and my elbows were touching. On that day, I was put on display in the hallway with arms bound tight, 7 inch pink punishment heels, diaper, plastic panties, a gag and blindfold. That lasted hours! Bondage? Oh yeah, this place was bondage central! I was tied up, zipped up, laced up, wrapped up, and hung up more ways than I could have imagined Do you know what pony play is? Try pulling a cart with blinders, a corset, a butt plug with a tail attached, and 4 inch high heels! How about watersports for 400, Alex? One guy who was staying for a week just loved to give and receive golden showers. He thought I looked sexy, on my knees, in a bustier, stockings, long silk gloves, and the like, while he peed into my open mouth, and let the rest splash all over me. Then, I was allowed to clean up his thingie, and suck him to a climax. Kinky humiliation was another specialty of the house.

For total humiliation, you can’t beat what happened around Christmas time. A husband and wife came to stay, and the husband became my baby playmate. We were both diapered and dressed, and locked into the playpen to play. He thought it was nice of his wife to indulge him in his adult baby fantasy as a special Christmas present. It was special, alright! There we were, locked into our playpen, like two baby girls when Mr. Eric and the man’s wife walked into the nursery. If my little sissy friend had not been gagged, his jaw would have dropped. Here he was, in diapers, yellow plastic panties, with yellow satin sissy panties on over them. He was wearing yellow satin mittens that made his hands useless, and the prettiest yellow satin baby doll nightie I had ever seen. His hair was covered in a lace trimmed, yellow satin baby bonnet, and his feet were in little yellow baby booties. By way of contrast, Mr. Eric was in an elegant dark blue silk robe and black leather slippers, and this poor man, no, I mean the poor sissy’s wife was wearing a skin tight, silvery-blue silk teddy, a pair of silver high heeled sandals, and a open robe of ivory silk. She was beautiful! The sissy (I was told his name was “Lucy”) just stared at her, and really could not believe his eyes. As her robe slipped off her shoulders, and Mr. Eric began to kiss her, Lucy just sat there and began to quietly cry. Mr. Eric and his wife ended up on the thick carpet, right in front of the playpen, and we were given a front row seat to a magnificent screwing. At its conclusion, the wife looked at Lucy, and told her, “Well, my pathetic sissy husband, what do you think about that? This is the way a real man makes love, not wearing satin baby clothes! If you want to stay married to me, and I’m not saying you will, the only choice you have is to follow every order I give you while you are here. Do you understand?” Poor Lucy only cried harder, but nodded her head. The top of the playpen was unlocked, and he was told to lie on the floor. She undid his gag after warning him not to say a word. Then, she squatted down on his face, and told him to lick Mr. Eric’s nice seed out of her P^ssy like a good little sissy. What could he do? He licked and sucked her to another orgasm, and then he was forced to lick Mr. Eric’s tool clean. While he was doing this, the wife put her beautiful teddy back on, and slipped into her robe and sandals. Before she left the room, we were forced to give each other a blow job, and were finally left, tied together, with that big pink dildo that I met the fist day, in both of our mouths. The difference was, my end had been inside of his wife, and Mr. Eric had peed on his end. Poor cuckolded sissy. To make matters worse, the whole time we lay there with the pink monster connecting our mouths, a video of the whole thing was replaying over three TV screens in the nursery. His humiliation, and his wife’s enthusiastic infidelity, caught on tape for him to watch over and over, with him in bondage, dressed like a baby girl.

On a positive note, Carol and I were allowed to see each other once a month over the year, although each time like the first, with me locked into my diapers, and Carol, my sweet Mommy, in a cruel chastity belt that allowed us no real sexual pleasure. In fact, our pleasure was not considered at all over the course of the year, even though I masturbated sometimes. I had to be careful, because when I was caught it was 10 lashes and a bottle pee for me at beddy-bye time, and 15 lashes and a glass of the same for my dear sister. I was never caught again. Anyway, a lot of the guests liked to give as well as receive, so I wasn’t totally without relief, although I would rather have done it in different circumstances, with someone different. But, the time for the end of the year was approaching, and I knew we had made it. We would have enough money to get started, be together, and be happy, I hoped.

I now had little A cup breasts, and a much softer figure. I had no hair on my face or body, and would never grow any there ever again. My hair was down past my shoulders, and styled in a little girl way, with cute little bangs in the front. I had pierced ears, and wore little pink pearl studs in both ears. The only real problem was that I spent so much time in diapers, that when I didn’t have them on, I had to really remember to go to the potty! One time I didn’t, and peed on the floor, and was forced to lick it all up. Yuch! My body wasn’t boy-strong, but thanks to the yoga, I was very limber, and rather strong for my size, but my strength more like a ballet dancer. I thought about the future, and what it would bring, and decided not to think about it at all until we got out. Then, one morning, it was brought back to my attention.

I was up at my usual time, but no Nanny in sight. This morning, I was being taken care of by Suzi, dressed as always in her satin maid outfit, with high heels, perfectly straight seamed stockings, and the most beautiful shape, thanks to heavy and long-term corseting. Now, being taken care of in the morning by Suzi or Fifi usually meant that I was being prepared for some really perverted guest, or some super humiliating task. But, I knew better than to ask what was going on. Questions were usually answered with the riding crop, or a baby bottle of pee, or some other horrible punishment. I was given a double enema, my hair washed twice, and was given a bath. Once out, my hair was dried, I was towel dried, and I was sprayed with some expensive smelling body spray. I was told to bend over, and the inevitable plug was shoved up my backside, then I was led back into the nursery. A lady was there with a portable table, and she was setting up her things when we entered. I was taken to the changing table, and instead of a diaper, was placed into a pair of heavy, double-layer, ivory satin panties. They were dripping in lace and seed pearls, and were absolutely divine! A simple pink nylon chemise was pulled over my head, and I was told to sit down so this lady could do my nails. An hour or so later, I had long, shapely nails painted in a beautiful shiny pink.

From there it was up into the high chair, where I was fed my usual bottle of apple juice, but also some scrambled eggs with crumbled up bacon in them! I was sure now that I was being treated extra nice, because the day was going to be extra bad. I was now officially scared. I knew we had only a few days, or maybe a week left here, so maybe they were trying to be extra-special kinky for my last few days. I didn’t know what indignities they could inflict on me that hadn’t been tried, but I did NOT want to know if there were any! After my teeth were cleaned, Suzi brushed my hair for what seemed like an hour. Not that I minded, though. She had turned on some soft classical music, and as she caressed my hair with the brush, I almost fell asleep. When she was done, she applied a bit of makeup, and told me to use a new, pink glittery lipstick that she produced from the top of her stocking. Now, my chemise was removed, and I was told to stand at the bar by the armoire. My wrists were cuffed to the bar, and Suzi brought out the expected corset. But first, she showed it to me, and I was amazed! It was brocaded ivory satin and was covered with seed pearls like my wonderful panties. Tighter and tighter she laced the beautiful torture device, until little gasps of air were all I could take. I was uncuffed and led to the dressing table again, where I was sat down, while Suzi rolled a pair of white stockings up my legs. These were sheer, and I’m sure they were silk. They had small, baby blue bows at the top, one on each side, and were heavenly! She fastened them to the garters from my corset, and the pulled out a pair of satin pumps, dyed ivory like my lingerie. These had a “modest” 5 inch heel, which while painful, could be dealt with. Finally she stood me up, and called out to her sister. Fifi came through the door with a huge mass of ivory satin in her arms, and when she laid it on the bed I saw that it was a wedding gown fit for royalty. The gown seemed to have built in petticoats, as it was already poofy, and I didn’t see any separate pettis. I was told to stand still, and put my arms up. The two maids slipped the heavy satin dress over my head, and as it came to my hips, it began to bunch up. At this point, Fifi got in front of me, on her knees, and began to pull and adjust the material. I soon realized that there were three layers to this dress. There was the to-die-for outer dress, the built in crinolines, and the bottom layer was a very, very tight hobble skirt that came down to mid-calf, and would surely restrict my ability to walk in this dress. Still, when it was zipped up in back, and I was turned to the full length mirror, I had to gasp. The gown was made of heavy ivory satin, a princess bodice, topped with a sheer gossamer neckline that was covered in seed pears. The dress came up at the sides into to sleeves that were off the shoulders, but came down my arms, and ended in points on the back of my hands. The whole gown was like something from the wedding of a princess in the fairy stories, and I felt so feminine, and lovely, and, yes, scared, because I had no idea of what was going to happen next. I tiara was placed on my head, and the attached veil was draped over my face. A lovely bouquet of pink roses was placed in my hands, and my wrists were cuffed together around the flowers.

I was led, with slow and mincing steps, down the hallway, and into a part of the house that I rarely was allowed to enter. It was slow, and painful to walk down these halls, not knowing what was at the end. We stopped in front of large wooded double doors, and the two maids stepped forward, and slowly opened the door.
I found myself looking at a parody of church, decorated for a wedding. There was Mr. Eric (He never touched me as he preferred real girls), Mr. Edward (He loved boys, boy-girls, and extreme kink) and several other men and women whom I didn’t know. Also, standing next to the “altar” was another bride. I looked and saw that she, or maybe he, was wearing the same gown as I wore, only instead of ivory, it was a gleaming, shimmering white. To the strains of a recording of “Here Comes the Bride” I slowly made my way down the aisle toward the “altar.” I stared straight ahead, and did not look at the poor bride beside, as I figured that we would “get to know” each other in ways neither of us would like, very soon. Mr. Eric stood in front of us, wearing a very elegant tuxedo, and began to speak a parody of the wedding vows. He finally got to the point where he asked if we would take each other, and my ears really pricked up. “Do you,” he intoned solemnly, “Carol, take this little boy-girl Melissa to be your sissy, to love, pamper, and diaper ‘till whenever you choose to separate?” To my everlasting joy I heard the sound of my “Mommy” saying I Do! He then turned to me and asked, “Do you, Melissa, take Carol to be your mommy and mistress, to obey her in every way, to make her happy, and to be her full-time sissy slave, until such a time as she decides to end the relationship?” I almost yelled, “I DO!!” You may kiss the sissy! I turned, and one maid raised my veil, while another raised Carol’s, and even though we were both handcuffed, and could not hug, we leaned into each other and kissed as though there would be no tomorrow.

It is now almost a year since we finished our contracts at the mansion, and even though we have had an invitation to return to enjoy a party there, and meet the new slaves, we decided that other than taking their money, we wanted nothing to do with any of them, ever again. We bought a small 3 bedroom cottage, sitting on a one acre lot, sort of out of town, so we have our peace. We sleep together in the same big queen sized bed, and make love as man and woman, and sometimes as two women. I am always in lingerie, though. Many nights I so spend the night in the large elaborate and beautiful crib beside the bed, dressed in my diapers and plastic panties, and for my birthday last month, Mommy Carol even arranged to have a very pretty wet nurse come by and feed me in the evening! That was very nice. What do we do now? Well, Carol has opened a very upscale lady’s clothing store, and I, as Melissa, am in charge of the lingerie department. For customers who know and ask, I do carry a complete line of some of the more exotic and frankly kinky lingerie and costumes in the back. In fact, for the right ladies, I will even model on occasion. I can fit ladies, or sissies. Would you like the address?????????
Let me know what you think of my story, or just write to talk! Love, Kisses, and All Things Frilly,

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