Lochgelly tawse

The Lochgelly tawse (“the belt”) in Scottish schools

I wonder if anyone like me is fascinated by the belt and the way it was used in Scottish schools. This fearful implement, the best of which were made in Lochgelly in Fife, was administered to the upturned palms of Scottish school pupils of both sexes, and it was in common use in classrooms until the mid 1980’s when CP was abolished. In Scottish Approved Schools (for young offenders) it was administered severely across the buttocks. I———————————- I’ve only ever heard of or read of the tawse being used on the heads in Scottish schools of any type. I have seen mention of the tawse by used in Walsall schools in the West Midlands. Walsall was known to be was the centre of the Midlands leather industry in the past so i...

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