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School Discipline

Worst Punishment Position

Hi – How many different positions have you been put in for C.P and which was the worst.
My worst position was across the knee, my Father always used this position and as well as the pain it was  embarrassing, more so when there were witnesses usually my Mother sometimes my sister. My Uncle also used this position and the three occasions he spanked me was over his knee, witnessed by my Aunt and her two daughters. Primary/Junior school teachers also used the over knee position quite a lot all of which were female, and as at home witnessed by others in this case my classmates.
Second worst was bending over touching toes, in my case this was soley a school punishment position,normally used for front of class punishments, again witnessed by rest of class, only half of which received C.P as girls were exempt.


As the majority of the CP I received as a boy was in this position, it is over the knee. I was spanked by both my parents (mum by hand, and my dad by hand and with carpet slipper) and female class teachers in this position. At home I was punished in my bedroom, but in school, it was generally at the front of the class, so embarrassing. The position were I felt the most pain, was bending over for either the plimsoll or cane at Secondary school.


Hi – Looks like we all suffered over our Fathers knee, at school we had to assume different positions for punishment depending on which master was administering the tanning. In my time at school i was bent over a desk, the back of a chair, a stool, vaulting horse, a woodwork bench and of course bending over touching toes all by different schoolmasters.
Most of them had their own favourite implement. I have been punished by Cane, Plimsoll, Strap,Cricket bat (small version),Metre rule and a specially made bottom spanker courtesy of the Woodwork master,made of wood with a handle for better grip, he actually carved BOTTOM SPANKER on the front of this instrument of pain and it stung.
Schooldays best days of your life


my Dad was very formal with the punishment he administered and in the way my bottom was positioned on his lap. It was always facing up on top of his right thigh, but so my legs could not touch the floor, I would be flat on my stomach on the remaining room on his lap. Then it was methodologically administered smacks across the middle of the bottom either with the palm of his hand or carpet slipper. At least I had the privacy of just myself and him in my bedroom. Although, any other family members in the house at the time, knew what was happening.

I had to touch my toes for the plimsoll at school, and over the headmaster’s desk for the cane.


Yes my Father was exactly the same as yours, my bottom over his right thigh, different spanking method though Dad used the right , left, centre routine both with his hand and slipper.
As for privacy I wish it was same as yours, I suppose Mum watching was,nt to bad, as she might have stopped the spanking if my howls and tears got to much but that never happened, Father was in total charge of my discipline and administered it strictly.


I suspect luckily on more than one occasion, my Mum intervened a few times, as I waited for my Dad to come up. Sometimes, I just got a good telling off, rather than a spanking. I would not have liked there to have been a family audience. Having an audience at Primary school when I and many other boys were punished over the class teacher’s knee at the front of the class, even though it was a position I was used to being in, the embarrassment was sometimes as worse than what was being done to my backside, with the exception of one female teacher who smacked hard, and gave a lot of smacks.


I didn’t really get spanked over the knee, apart from maybe by my mum when I was at pre-school age, which I can’t remember.  At school, we usually either had to bend over ‘touching toes’ (although that really meant touching knees), or over the end of a table or chair.   When I first started on this forum, I admit I was surprised from reading comments from fellow participants on this board that school teachers administered punishment over the knee of a teacher (or other non-family member), since it does seem quiet an intimate thing to do.   But one thing I have learned here is that we can’t really assume that all schools had the same policy.



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