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School Discipline

Wish you’d been punished by a teacher of the opposite sex?

Everybody has to start somewhere, so here goes.  Inspired by the stuff about Miss Simms and her male admirers  at Tolgus School in the Facebook fun and Twitter tonterías thread.  Did anybody here enjoy being punished by a teacher of the opposite sex or wish they had been?


Welcome Liz,

Many thanks for contributing

I wait with  considerable interest to read the responses of this male dominated forum

Suspect there  were not that many females who would have prefered to have been dealt with by a male teacher during their schooldays.


May I join Sir John 2 in saying welcome to the Forum.  I hope you will find it worthwhile to take up long-term residence.

I note that Sir John 2 has not confessed to any past inclinations to be subjected to CP  by a female teacher.  Indeed as you may have gleaned from his avatar he is very much of the opposite persuasion!

Regrettably I cannot ‘fess up’ (that seems to be the term used by the earnest seekers after the truth about SCP who hunt down and infest school Facebook groups) to any desire to be punished by a real lady teacher either.  When I was in secondary school and of an age where such sentiments might have been manifest the school was entirely male.  Nary a female on the staff except the headmaster’s secretary, matron and the dinner ladies.

However they’re out there somewhere, or at least they used to be!  Somewhere in the 80,140 posts currently comprising the Forum is a post from a contributor who recounts how a class of teenage boys manipulated and corrupted an attractive young novice female teacher and induced her to slipper them as a classroom punishment.  Apparently she proved to be a natural and came to rather enjoy it so a good time was had by all – allegedly.

In addition there is an account by another contributor who worked long and hard to induce his Russian teacher, an Anna Kournikova lookalike apparently, to bend him over a desk in the language laboratory and give him four strokes of the strap on the bottom.  A task not made any easier by the fact that school policy mandated that the strap was applied to the hand.

There is also an account of a schoolgirl who insisted on being caned on the bottom in class by the male teacher like the boys rather than accept the usual girlie non-CP alternative.  No indication that she was so inspired by any attributes of the male teacher, but more or less in keeping with the theme.

There may well be other relevant posts that I’ve forgotten and very sadly I can’t find any of the three I’ve mentioned.  Hopefully somebody will come up with something.


Welcome, Liz!  When I was at school, England in 1970s, most primary school teachers were women, and some of them did slap both boy and girls.  Not so much the more severe penalties available as we got older, such as the cane or slipper, but usually just a hand slap to the legs or bum, or being hit by a ruler.  At secondary school, usually children would be punished by same sex teachers, although I can recall an instance where a boy in one of my classes was hit by a woman teacher.  He had annoyed her intensely, and she was quite angry (not the usual play acting that teachers do), and she hit him very hard on the head with a book.  I don’t think he found that experience at all gratifying!  Even by the standards of the time, I think most people would have regarded this as assault rather than punishment,


Hi – In my years at primary school the staff were all female bar the headmaster, i dont think a day went by without some boy or girl (usually boys) being taken across the teachers knee for a spanking.
I suffered quite a few spankings and they brought tears to my eyes
On the other hand i was spanked twice by the headmaster,once with trousers down and then i certainly wished it was one of the female teachers whose knee i was over


I have traced all 3 (well 2½ really) of the posts I mentioned in #3 above.  Here is jay aka Jack aka mimi aka …..  writing on the subject of he and his male classmates persuading an attractive young lady teacher to slipper them.  The post is not exactly as I seem to recall, so perhaps he posted on the subject more than once.

The thread concerned, entitled “Did an attractive women ever give the slipper? (Special edited version)”, is from the very early days of this estimable Forum, and worth a glance to get a feel for those early days.  In finding it I was reminded of another very early thread with some interesting interchanges so I’ll link that as well:    “Corporal Punishment adminstered in front of the whole school.” is lots of fun!  There, that’s all the off-topic stuff in one paragraph, and as a special bonus for some readers there isn’t an Another_Lurker post in either thread!

And now that ½ recovery from my contribution #3 above.  Here former contributor Dave R aka Garshin recalls lusting after being strapped by his Anna Kournikova lookalike Russian language teacher.  Alas the second ½, the post describing how she bent him over a language laboratory desk and gave him 5 strokes for not doing his homework, still eludes me.

The last of the trio of posts I mentioned in #3 above.  In this post contributor Richard describes how a girl in his class requested a caning from a male teacher instead of the ‘girlie’ non-corporal punishment she had been given.  Perhaps not quite in the spirit of the thread, but more or less.  The girl did wish to be caned by a teacher of the opposite sex, and she was!


Thanks to everybody who’s responded.  Very interesting.  Difficult to imagine a schoolgirl asking to be caned, but it takes all sorts.  From what I’ve seen in some other threads I think one of the above contributors may not be being completely frank


Welcome to the group LizJones thanks for posting and I hope you continue to contribute. In answer to your question, in primary school I was only punished by female teachers, as I think we only had 2 male teachers at that time. Being punished by a female was nothing new to me as I was regularly punished by my mum at home, hence I thought it was the norm. In junior school physical punishments were less frequent, and I was punished by female teachers and a male teacher. From what I recall the female teachers were far more slap happy. At the time I got no pleasure from it.

Might I also add that as a youngster my teachers seemed ancient, when in fact they probably weren’t. Perhaps one exception was getting a single smack on the bottom from a student teacher in primary school. This was totally unexpected and it virtually lifted me off my feet. I didn’t cry, but I was certainly subdued for the rest of the day and behaved in her presence for the rest of her placement. From what I remember she was attractive and I long for the invention of a time machine and my revenge.


You wrote in #7 above:

From what I’ve seen in some other threads I think one of the above contributors may not be being completely frank! ?

I really can’t imagine who you mean!  And if you do mean the person I really can’t imagine you mean, please don’t be taken in by foolishness about young lady teachers in long skirts bearing canes.  Or indeed foolishness about young policewomen in somewhat shorter skirts bearing canes either.  And definitely disregard any references to Russian lady medical professors however cheap and beneficial the treatment may be!

It is well known in this estimable Forum that I am resolutely opposed to SCP and almost but not quite resolutely opposed to JCP.   Anything here which might suggest the contrary was almost certainly written under the influence of the Forum Silly Festive Season or designed to drum up a few posts, or both or neither or possibly something else!

And take no notice of that Brian ONC character who crops up from time to time and claims to be intimately acquainted with my every thought and impulse.  He was a creation of the Forum Management, who weren’t prepared to see the name Another_Lurker in the list of Honorary Life Members at the head of the index page when we had Honorary Life Members.  Apparently it was thought to lower the tone or something.  Goodness knows why, because there were two cats in the list!  But anyway Brian ONC went on to become a figment of his own imagination and a complete menace!

No, you can absolutely rest assured that were I to be approached by a lady with a cane I would rapidly run away.  Well perhaps not run these days, but think a brisk walk.  Well at least, brisk if the surface isn’t too uneven and there’s something to grab if I trip!

Of course if we had JCP and I wasn’t exempt by virtue of age retreat might not be an option.  And if you twist my arm really hard I might admit that being caned by an attractive young policewoman might be preferable to a big fine.  Of course, as our resident spoilsport was quick to point out when I admitted that in one of the ‘Caned or fined, you decide’ silly festive season threads , it would actually be a big ugly male copper wielding the cane ?

There is one possible exception where I might not attempt to distance myself from any cane bearing females.  One of our contributors came up with the idea of a time machine to return to schooldays and amend matters relating to SCP.  No names, no pack drill, but there is a clue to his identity in the thread above.  ?  That seemed a good idea to me.

If I could return to my school days and be certain that I could dictate the outcome I know exactly what I’d do.   On that occasion in 1955 when the juvenile Another_Lurker stood apprehensively before the Prefects’ Court, knees knocking with fear in his short trousers, the charge would be something serious.  Third time in a month caught not wearing my cap on the bus to school perhaps, with a record of previous similar incidents.  Not just a trivial running in a quadrangle where only walking was allowed and a first offence to boot.

And the outcome?  Not let off with lines but the maximum three strokes of the cane that the Prefects were allowed to administer.  And when a day or two later I was summoned for the sentence to be executed the luck of the draw would determine that the  ‘bend over’ instruction came from a cane wielding female prefect!

The advantages would be considerable.  When I arrived here some 50 or so years later I’d have a great story to tell and nobody would chide me from time to time about lack of SCP experience.   Insofar as my researches to date indicate I’d be the only living male caned by a female prefect as a schoolboy in the UK.  And that’s got to be worth a few brownie points!

Alas though, even if the time machine comes along it’s not to be.  It was a Boys’ School!


Hi – Looking back to my secondary school days there were quite a few female teachers who i would,nt have minded being punished by,alas it was not to be, but some of them did witness a few of my punishments administered by male teachers after they had sent me to them for misbehavior.
At home mum never spanked me she left that to dad,but i did receive a painful spanking from my aunt, for messing about while we were out shopping and knocking a display over. I remember her apologising to the manager and promising him that i would be severely dealt when we got home,she kept her word ,she took me over her knee ,trousers down and tanned my backside,it hurt. Unfortunately that was not the end ,when my father came to pick me up she told him the full story, i was taken across my fathers knee trousers down again and given a more painful hiding
I know that was domestic c.p but it was the only time i was punished by a female at home


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