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School Discipline

Where did the Teachers keep thier Cane & Slippers

I was having a talk with a few mates last night & the subject of C.P came up.

One of the points was where the cane or slipper was kept when not in use.

At my school, the deputy head had an umbrella stand in which he kept about 6 canes of different sizes.

When you were in his office and bent over he would select one, and use it to good effect.

Before you had got back up it was back amongst his collection, so you never really knew which one you had got.

The games teacher used to keep his slipper stuffed in the wall bars in the gym and another in the changing room.

This meant that when his slipper was required, it would always seem to be at his hand.

My friends who went to the grammar school said that the head always kept his cane in a draw on his desk and made a great show of waving it about before he made a pupil bend over.

His games teacher used to send them to fetch the slipper from his office.

We were wondering where other heads and teachers kept their canes & slippers

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