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School Discipline

What were the rituals when getting caned?

I have read plenty about how painful the canings were but was wondering what were the various rules once inside the office? Did u have to remove your skirt, where was the cane kept, were u told how to stand, were u told how many strokes etc?


Usually before the caning,i will report to my headmistress,then she will told me the number of the strokes she will gave me,next chose 1 of the 3 canes she put on the desk,then go outside her office,face the wall,spread open my hands & legs & wait for the caning.Usually the caning is given with the skirt & a “thin” underwear on{My headmisress prefer we wear pantyhose during caning.}everything will be finish in 3 mins,after that,cannot sit,squat & walk in big step for 3 hours.!!!


In Singapore schools, the student’s name will be announced during assembly to be spanked in public and he have to bend by putting his hand on a table or chair and lean forward. Shorts under his pants (like PE shorts) would be taken off before he bend over the table. Then the principal or teacher would swing the cane at the air to practice his/her stroke. The teacher would then cane the student on his pants. The amount of strokes would be read out sometimes and his offences as well. For girls, the caning is on their palms. Stand straight, put hands out with palms open and the teacher would whip her palms.


Our caning is always on our buttocks.!It is because,if given on the palms,it can INJURED us,this is what my headmistress thinks.If the caning is given on the buttocks,it only hurts,no other side effect injuries,furthermore we are caned with clothing on,so it is less painful than get caned on the palms.


There is the theory that a caning on tight clothes is more painful than on the bare flesh because the clothing does not let the flesh deflect and absorb the energy in the same way. When the clothing is retained for the sake of modesty it can be more painful. I was caned at school both on my bare bottom and on top of trousers but they both hurt and left bruises. I think it depended which master gave the caning and what mood he was in.


Caned on your bare bum, caned on yours trousers and the girls at the local school let you see the cane marks on their bums too?

Now tell us about the time you saw Lord Lucan riding Shergar through the town centre, Tony.

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