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School Discipline

USA Student Handbook Spanking

I love the parents letter. We define obedience as doing exactly what you are told, doing it immediately and doing it with a cheerful heart.

I love the student handbook. First spanking wipes the slate clean but you don’t want a second spanking.


This teacher chatboard is worth perusing and helps you understand how 200,000 youngsters are paddle every year in the USA. Blacks are more likely to be paddled than Whites but here is a young, bright and articulate Black woman teacher that is all for corporal punishment. I wonder what Barack Obama would think of her? Winona, Missouri is a public school district.


Your chances of getting paddled in Arkansas (Principal’s Office Tru TV) are pretty high over the course of your schooling. With 40,000 paddlings each year with a Number of Students: is 474,206 Number of Teachers: is 32,997. Baseball and paddling are the national past time.


The strangest USA school handbook is Eucon International College on the Northern Mariana Islands. How does the K-12 Eucon International School handbook’s corporal punishment policy applies to the college students? It could be a copy–paste job from one book to the other, but given their strictness, it wouldn’t surprise me if they spanked them also. They coexist on the same campus. Where do you draw the line? Here are the handbooks. Page 54 in the college handbook refers to page 57 and it seems to refer to the K-12 handbook. Ill let you be the judge. That school doesn’t sound very American. Sweet land of liberty!


Corporal punishment in the bottom link, School Discipline,(c.f. page 195-196) was not just for the South but was the American Way. Look at these 6 recommendations and then go to Corpun and check out student handbooks. New teachers in 1914 are learning about classroom management at a time when they had the tools they needed. Spend some time reading the book (Flip Page Mode) and then tell me the author is not forward thinking or that in 2009 this doesn’t make any sense. Isn’t it better to empower the teachers than emboldened the students?

1. Never administer punishment in anger.

2. If a whip is applied use a “light switch” over the backs of the legs or a light ruler on the palm of the hands, do not strike the head, box the ears, or “shake” the offender.

3. If possible have an adult witness

4. Do not administer such punishment before other pupils.

5. Obtain the consent of the parent beforehand (to confer with parents beforehand will often preclude the necessity of punishment.

6. Keep a record of the offense, the nature of the punishment, and the time and manner of its infliction.


CP rate for Alabama is declining less rapidly than other states. Birmingham and Mobile haven’t permitted corporal punishment for years, although your likelihood of being on the receiving end of corporal punishment is only one in twenty in the state, it’s much higher outside those urban areas. Districts are pretty uniform on how corporal punishment is administered physically but the reasons defy reason. Instead of arguing should or shouldn’t, it would be better for them to create disciplinary matrices that are clear and fairly enforced throughout the counties that still have CP and not based on the pet peeves of a particular teacher. For example, in business classes for juniors and seniors in Hartford, Alabama, it is a reasonable surmise there are more girls than boys in the class and the teacher is a woman. Note well, the typo or maybe a spelling error (feat)? Maybe the poor girl was just trying to multi-task, i.e., chewing gum, doing her nails and typing at the same time. They do that all the time in my office. I’m bringing it to work tomorrow; we all need a laugh from time to time. As a Southerner would say: “it’s a hoot”.

Classroom Procedures

Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in the classroom. The following rules apply in the Business Department.

There will be NO eating, drinking, or gum chewing at any time in the classroom. Brushing hair, painting fingernails, and using cosmetics will not be tolerated during class.

Please do not sit or prop feet on tables in the lab.

Failure to adhere to the before mentioned rules will result in the following consequences:
1st Offence: Verbal warning
2nd Offence: Corporal punishment
3rd Offence: Contact parents
4th Offence: Disciplinary referral to Asst. Principal


know it’s off topic but tragedy just struck Samson and Geneva, Alabama. Maybe someday our nation will enact and enforce sensible gun control laws. I’ll now never forget Geneva, Alabama because of the coincidence and as always when a tragedy of this proportion occurs my heart is saddened.


possibly it won’t have made the news in the US but guns also brought tragedy over here in Europe yesterday. 16 people, many of them school children, shot in a small community in Germany when a former pupil entered a school, shooting pupils and teachers and then fighting a gun battle with police.


That is an anti-republican view you hold American Way. I won’t hold it against you though. My views on gun control are anti-liberal so I guess we cancel each other out.

It is my opinion that it is people who kill people not guns. Why not control cars? He used a car to go 12 miles from one house to another. He also used the car to shoot random people on the street.

If we take guns away from law-abiding citizens only criminals will have them.

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