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School Discipline

outdoor school cp

i can recall at my over zealous cp school now over thirty years ago that i used to witness cp outdoors i remember well one pupil being slippered by the gym master bending over holding the goal posts has it was being administered to his bottom , i can also recall a incident where a pupil was to be slippered outdoor but forgot to leave off his underwear under his shorts which broke the gym masters rules !!! the gym master made him strip bare and told him to remove his pants then replace them with just his shorts after that he was slippered again holding the goal posts , please bear in mind that our sports field was surrounded by houses for all to see also pupils / staff in adjacent classroom would be able to witness these events . Has anyone else got experience of this type of punishment at there school ?


At our school the headmasters office was a separate building in the brteen the school building and the playground. Boys were often caned outside of this office in sight of others of the school population


On a nostalgia website a correspondent recalls his time at Glaisdale School, Nottingham 1973-1978:

Public caning was still in existence at that time, and I clearly remember it being used. All the boys in the yard stood silently as Alan Webster swished his cane in the air with vigour. A youth was bent over a chair, which had been placed on one of the raised grass areas in front of the Cloakrooms.

What he had done was uncertain, but it was enough to warrant a public caning in the yard. As Webster took a red-faced run-up, the youth gritted his teeth as the cane, kept supple in Webster’s fish tank, smashed a crippling blow to his flannel trousers.

Five more followed, each time preceded by a run up and a puff of dust from the pupil’s unwashed keks. Despite being a Christian and an RE teacher, Alan Webster took great delight in inflicting pain on other human beings, and we could never understand this.

Compare and contrast with the situation at Glaisdale School in my posting under Should we bring back the cane? on 29 May.

The use of the chair suggests a certain amount of preparation rather than impromptu, so presumably these outdoor canings were organised for break times to add to the humiliation.


After cross country runs, if boys had cheated or not tried hard enough they would be slippered by one of the PE masters outside the coach taking us back to school. Not many people passed by but those that did would have seen and heard it.


At Whitesmore School in Chelmsley Wood in 1977, a boy was caned in front of the rest of the 1st year pupils.

It appeared that someone had told the school cook to f**k off. It was known that it was a 1st year because there were two dinner sittings with 1st, 4th and 5th years on one sitting and 2nd and 3rd years on the other. The Head of Lower school, one Paul Mayes, lined the entire 1st year up and sent another pupil to his office for his cane.  He asked the assembled company who had sworn at the cook and, amazingly, a boy admitted it!

He was told to bend over and caned there and then!


I was slippered in the corridor one break time with another boy for running and basically messing around,we were caught by the p.e master Mr Davis,who gave us a right rollicking,this of course attracted a large crowd of pupils after the telling off he asked the watching crowd if anyone had a plimsoll in their bags,plenty were offered from both boys and girls,Mr Davis finally selected one from one of the older female pupils.We were then both ordered to bend over and touch our toes,he then proceeded to administer six whacks of the slipper to each of us in sets of three,of course being a p.e teacher Mr Davis was an expert with the slipper and he really laid them on hard,there was lots of oohs!! from the watching pupils when a particular hard whack echoed down the corridor accompanied by our howls of pain.Not really outdoor C.P but pretty close


I think it is useful to distinguish between non-private and public canings. The former are carried out regardless of who might see while for the latter are deliberately carried out in front of an audience, assembled specifically for the purpose or otherwise. Both practices are safer than canings carried out in private without an independent  reputable witness.


Hi – Though I would resurect an old thread which I like to do.
This occasion was a punishment that I witnessed. It was a games lesson and us boys were getting changed for football. As usual there were the same pupils handing their notes to the games master from their mums as to why they could.nt do games . On this occasion there were around 5 boys handing in notes. Our changing rooms were situated in a downstairs room on the outside of the school. As myself and the rest of the boys emerged from the dressing room the games master was giving 3 of the boys who had handed in notes a right rollicking , apparantly the 3 boys had got someone else to write the notes for them. Unbeknown to myself and the other boys the games master had sent a boy to his classroom for his metre rule. I had felt this metre rule before and it stings. The three boys were all lined up and ordered to bend over. Of course us boys were going to watch the whacking but just as the punishment was about to begin the girls came from their changing room ,course they all stopped to watch as well, the games master made no effort to move the girls on and began to fold back each boys blazer he then administered 3 tremendous whacks to each bending bottom , the metre rule made a loud slapping noise and all three of the boys howled after each whack much to the amusement of the watching boys and girls



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