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School Discipline

More than Six Strokes of Corporal Punishment

Were any girls given more than 6 strokes of the cane/slipper?
and what about using the slipper and cane as the same punishment?
and in the case of male teachers, did some girls have their bum felt up between strokes etc?


You will note that the lady’s own account (allegedly) lacks some detail.  However feel free to imagine her bent over,  Roman Catholic school traditional schoolgirl kilt folded back, while the headmaster delivers 8 agonizing strokes of the cane across the seat of her knickers.  Probably not what you term, ahem, ‘bum feeling up’ though as there were two other staff members present (allegedly).  Doubtless, this profusion of witnesses was to mark both the seriousness of the offense and the uniqueness of the event, the first girl to be caned in the school’s three-year history, allegedly.

But no, I don’t think Bedford, UK is going to be your best starting point.  I’d take an initial look at reports of aberrant and usually unlawful CP in third-world countries where a teacher runs amok.  Africa may prove particularly fruitful.  Mass whackings of girls, and quite often boys as well seem to occur and make their way onto the web as video clips.

The posture may not appeal, lying prone on the ground is popular, but there appears no doubt about the severity of the beatings, and if the teachers can count the strokes they often seem not to bother.  Much depends on how quickly the unfortunate pupil can recover their wits, scramble to their feet under the hail of blows and run away.  Is it SCP?  Not in my book, it’s a brutal assault, but your mileage may differ.

The next category is also brutal assault in my opinion, but this time almost a cultural tradition and widely supported by the population in parts of a Western and allegedly highly civilized nation.  If you are a regular reader here you will know that in US schools that retain the paddle as a punishment, it is often the tradition that pupils can choose whacks rather than detentions or suspension in or out of school.

The option seems particularly popular with secondary school-age girls, often in their final years at school.  They have complex social lives which do not allow time to serve detentions and quite often they have academic ambitions for further education to consider.  Unlike suspensions, corporal punishments do not appear on the record the school forwards to a prospective University or college.

They can, and apparently sometimes do, accrue substantial numbers of due paddle strokes, 15 or more.  Few if any schools seem to allow more than 5 paddle swats in a single session, but some allow 3, or even 5 swats a day on successive days to clear the outstanding balance.  Sometimes there is an actual advantage to opting for 5 swat sessions as they count as two 3 swat sessions and clear 6 of the outstanding strokes.  Doubtless a concession because of the time-saving element for whoever delivers the swats.

A hard paddling is allegedly not quite as painful as the equivalent number of hard cane strokes (at least according to one of our former contributors who claimed, possibly correctly, to have experienced both in his youth while at school, and delivered by persons skilled in the respective implements,   However, I am sure you will agree that 5 paddle swats on 3 successive days would probably qualify as equivalent to more than 6 strokes of the cane.  I certainly don’t envy any girls opting for such a fate, but US contributors I see no reason to doubt seem to have produced evidence that some girls have done exactly that.

And last but not least, watch two schoolgirls actually get more than 6 whacks on the bottom in what appears to me, and to authorities more experienced than I, to be a genuine clandestinely filmed school corporal punishment.  Only 7 strokes each, and one contrives by cunning repositioning to lessen the force of the whacks, but both obviously feel some discomfort and protest accordingly.

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