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School Discipline

Hand or bottom

From what I read on Facebook it seems there was a lot of hand caning in schools. Was anyone having been told that they were going to be caned on the hand ask to have it on their bottom?


I think I remember reading in “A Last Resort” a boy was about to be caned on the hand when he informed the teacher that he was prepared to be caned on his backside if the teacher preferred that option.


I consider that caning on the hands is unnecessarily cruel and potentially dangerous whereas a caning across the backside can really hurt but won’t result in any long term damage.


This is a bit off-topic here but your Gallery thread is locked and as there’s a connection with punishment on the bottom in both bits this seems the next best place for the post.  I haven’t worked out how to frig the contributor name yet to show it’s me not him like I could when I  used Another_Lurker’s login  at the other place, but I’m working on it!

The one of the young ladies in gym knickers at Thomas Calton is the picture whose link he screwed up and had to repost  for his original novel length account of his female classmate getting slippered hard on the bottom in bottle green gym knickers in their last year at Junior School.  He’s told me at great length about how but for a probably kinky teacher who wasn’t interested in whacking boys he might well have had to touch his toes alongside her and had his thin cotton gym shorts pulled up really tight for four hard slipper whacks like she got. Personally I think it would probably have done him good, but that’s kinky teachers for you!

And then that picture of our former contributor!  Another_Lurker has waxed lyrical about that offer he very nearly took up for an introduction to a hard caning former deputy headmistress at an elite north of England Grammar School for Girls who had moved in next door to our man and still had her cane.  Apparently this was with a view to her discussing her experiences and explaining  how she’d have caned boys.  I’m not sure this latter bit was meant to include a demonstration, but Another_Lurker eagerly led her on in what purported to be her thread.

Allegedly she’d caned girls on the knickers with skirts raised so there was much discussion about trousers down and over underpants or gym shorts only.  Eventually it turned out the whole thing was a fake, which was a great pity, ‘cos few here will doubt that six of the best in either mode would have greatly benefitted  Another_Lurker, but that’s fake deputy headmistresses for you!

Also there’s that bow tie!  Few will have forgotten how, after he posted this image



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