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School Discipline

Girls attending boys school for private lessons

In my school which was all girls there was no corporal punishment but girls who took private lessons after school in the boys school nearby were sometimes sent to the headmaster to be punished. The boys school finished later than our school so the boys were still there.


I’ve heard this before, but – other than in fantasy spanking fiction – only in the meanderings of our departed Australian correspondent Dr. Dominum who claimed that the neighbouring girls school sent their top science scholars to his all-boys school for Chemistry – lab safety requirements dictated that anyone messing about dangerously in the lab would get the cane, so on rare occasions he would get to cane girls. I’m afraid I never quite bought this so I’d like to see such claims fleshed out some more.


Although I wouldn’t want to say this never happened, I would think certainly in England the school and headmaster would be on very dodgy ground.  Historically, schools justified being allowed to use corporeal punishment because they are effectively in loco parentis, and so are in charge of the children while they are at school.  However, I would doubt many people would extend that to pupils from another school who were effectively visitors, albeit for lessons.

Having said that, I recall someone on these boards did say that it was proposed that instead of abolishing caning, naughty children from a school that no longer caned could visit another school that did to be whacked.  I don’t think we got to the bottom of that, but maybe there was provision for children to be caned by a teacher from a different school to the one they attended?


I am very sceptical as to where this thread is going.

I’d say we can probably be reasonably confident that it isn’t going anywhere now!

But I hope I’m wrong.  As  regards duty of care, I’d think that in the eyes of the law if one school made a formal arrangement for its pupils to attend another school to take advantage of facilities which were not available at the home school the duty of care would transfer with the pupil and hence so would any rights and responsibilities implicit in the duty of care, such as the right to administer punishment in loco parentis.

I have no idea if such arrangements ever resulted in SCP being administered at the host school, but I am absolutely certain that such transfer arrangements existed, particularly for what were at one stage new fangled and in short supply facilities like modern science labs, computer suites or language labs.

On a lighter note my own boys only secondary school required pupils to attend a neighbouring girls’ school for dancing lessons.  In my entire school career, near  perfect pupil that I was, I only committed two acts of outright rebellion, and one of them was to absent myself from that arrangement.  A pity really and possibly a missed opportunity.  I don’t think there was any SCP involved, but there were certainly a couple of mistresses at the girls school I wouldn’t have minded being whacked by!  And I’d have been totally useless at dancing!

neilmc32 confirms his Forum veteran status by recalling Dr Dominum and the three? senior girls from the associated elite girls’ school caned in line with the Doctor’s absolute and inviolate rule that breaching lab safety rules was a caning offence.  (Numerous mentions here, but for the original accounts see the latter portion of [this post and this post and the subsequent post.)  The claim was that after some heart searching he decided that the rule had to apply to the visiting girls too and, like the boys, if they offended they were conducted to the privacy of an adjoining store room and required to bend over.

The Doctor confessed to some slightly unprofessional feelings while caning the girls, and faced with caning a girl over the thin gingham summer dress they wore rather than the thicker winter skirt he gave a discount of 1 stroke, 3 instead of 4.  Nonetheless some distress was manifest in all cases.  The girls’ school did use the cane but very seldom.

Alas it transpired that Doctor Dominum was not what he claimed.  The evidence was that the individual writing as Doctor Dominum had been employed in an educational capacity and may have used the cane in that employment.  However it was certainly not in an elite school and there was no indication that he might have caned girls.  My own belief is that Doctor Dominum was a fairly young man who lived very much in the past because he didn’t find the present much to his taste.   He possibly had close contact with a former teacher in the elite school system whose persona he assumed and whose accounts he relayed as his own.   I greatly miss him.  There is no question that his knowledge of Australian and British education was excellent and his general knowledge and literary style were both superb

And then of course there was early contributor Trident, allegedly caned on the bare bottom by the headmistress of the adjoining junior girls’ school  in front of several of her classes, having been conducted to the girls’ school as a consequence of an arrangement between the headmaster of his junior boys’ school and the headmistress.  But perhaps he doesn’t count, as he wasn’t at the girls’ school for instructional purposes, he’d accidentally injured one of the girls with a thrown snowball.

As might perhaps be expected Trident got pretty short shrift here.  Some years later however he repeated the account in another Forum where it was extensively commented on and believed.  My own sentiments are that given the claimed date, location and other factors it could just about have been true, though possibly he kept his trousers, or at least his underpants, on.

And finally, Hurst90, I hope very much that responses so far will not deter you from publishing whatever information you intended as a follow-up to your initial contribution in the thread.  It is fairly normal for any hint of the SCP of girls to be greeted with a certain amount of disbelief here.  Rest assured that some of us went at some stage to schools where girls were indeed subjected to SCP very much on the same basis as boys though generally not so often, and will evaluate your contribution fairly and without bias.  Hopefully it may give rise to some relevant comment and discussion.


Having finally persuaded one of Tapatalk’s most useful facilities to work for me again after a long period of difficulty I am doubly disappointed that contributor Hurst90 has probably been dissuaded from continuing her opening theme.  Her past contributions have consistently described some of the relevant elements and I certainly see no reason to doubt them.

It would be most interesting to have a more complete account of  a mode of punishment mentioned here on a number of occasions and certainly extant in some schools at various times, and of how Hurst90 came to be in receipt of it.  I am also intrigued by the significance of Hurst90‘s final sentence in her contribution #1 above.

If you are still reading this thread Hurst90, I hope that you will decide to give us further details despite any discouragement you may have perceived.  You have of course made your gender clear in this thread and I would like to apologise  for confusing it in a response to one of your earlier contributions.


Your post #6 was of your usual excellent standard . I am sure your links to the memoirs of Dr D were enjoyed by many

I am sorry to learn of claimed inability “to trip the light fantastic ”  in your younger days as I am sure this must have limited somewhat your access to the fairer sex . Although an ability to “jive” passably well at the  Palais   on a Saturday night was all that was required in ones teenage years, those ballroom  lessons at the girls school came in very handy later at more formal events.  . I was actually quite an enthusiast and later had Salsa and Bachata  lessons and.,with many others, became a Latin American dancing   fan .  Possibly due to the exhibitionist side of my personality.

Getting back on topic I have no knowledge of girls being disciplined at a Boys only school other than the “inconclusive” Daffers saga which was the subject of many somewhat  drawn out previous posts my me

However I understand that three    2nd year pupils of a boys grammar school were quite soundly slippered by the deputy Headmistress of an associated Girls school. This occurred circa 1957 outside normal school hours although the boys were in uniform . The girls school were putting on a production of The Pirates of Penzance with the aforesaid Deputy head wielding the conductors baton in front of the school orchestra . It seems the young gentleman were rather rudely talking and giggling a bit too much during the performance and failed to cease despite some glowering looks from the said lady. During the interval they were summoned and taken to the Headmistress study;As was usual the deputy did not have her own. After remonstrating about their appalling behavior  the deed was carried out with a threat  that any further behavior during the second half that fell short of impeccable  would result in their being publicly ejected from the performance and an appropriate letter of compliant being sent to their Headmaster .

The rest of the performance passed without issue,  Sadly a couple of teachers from their own school were in the audience and the next morning after assembly they each received further punishment in the from of 3 vigorous strokes of the cane in front of  the class..

As an addendum I would mention that one of the young gentlemen involved subsequently achieved academic distinction.  He retired as Head of Department at Kings, London.


Thank you for your commiserations regarding my terpsichorean career.  They are entirely unnecessary.  Not for nothing is it said that one should try anything once except incest and country dancing.   We survivors of Infant school country dancing are substantial in number and encompass both sexes.  A great many of us have been left with a lifelong hatred of anything involving dance and we stick together!  I have encountered many others in the various areas of activity which have interested me over the course of my life.

There are exceptions of course, and sometimes they are surprising.  I recall telephoning an acquaintance regarding an imminent appointment with a Scottish mountain.  The phone was answered by his charming wife.  After a lengthy discussion of matter of mutual interest and putting the world to rights in general I reluctantly asked if **** was available.

“Oh, he won’t come to the phone just now” came the response, “he’s watching ‘Come Dancing’ and we’re not allowed to even speak to him while that’s on”.  I was truly astounded and more than a little shocked!  This was a man with impeccable credentials in hill walking. climbing and computing.  A man I’d have entrusted my life to, and indeed quite often had.  Alas I was never able to view him in quite the same light after that.

I am glad that you enjoyed the ‘Doctor Dominum’ links.  Or perhaps you didn’t, your comment borders on the equivocal.  But anyway, here are two more.  The superb tram trips around Melbourne, with an emphasis on the elite schools and buildings of distinction.  Two of Doctor Dominum’s finest contributions in my opinion.  One and two, slightly spoilt now by Photobucket’s embittered overstamp on the photographs, but still excellent.

I was greatly enamoured of your account of boys slippered by the deputy headmistress of the associated girls’ school for misbehaviour  during a theatrical performance.  Who knows, with an assurance that something like that might be on offer my own school activities might have taken a very different course, with who knows what results.  It might even have been me watching ‘Come Dancing’!

I could not make up my mind whether you were being a little cautious in recounting activities and consequences rather close to home, or if perhaps you had encountered the account on the web.  With regard to the latter possibility I did a little tentative probing of DuckDuckGo, but alas reached no firm conclusions.  I was temporarily encouraged though rather mystified, in the latter when for some reason Jilly Cooper kept coming up.  I have not of course read any of the lady’s literary efforts but I have seen hints that she is not averse to a little light flagellation therein.

Be that as it may, if you have any personal connection to the theatrical performance slipperings I really think we should be told.  You are after all amoung friends!  As for the mention of your acquaintance ‘Daffers’ a young lady who specifically sought to be caned by the headmaster of a school she did not herself attend, I have not provided links.  But just a little encouragement from our newer readers and ……………..

And on a more serious note.  The first contribution by Hurst90 who initiated this thread mentions a London private boys’ school where until 1994 the ‘cricket bat’ was used as a punitive implement.  Girls from the associated girls’ school  attending the boys’ school for private lessons were also sometimes subjected to the same punishment, though much less often than boys.

This initial post was in the context of a thread where ‘cricket bat’ and ‘paddle’ were not always clearly discriminated so it is not absolutely clear if a full size cricket bat was involved.  It is to be hoped not, as Hurst90 says in that first contribution that she was punished with the bat aged 16, and then later in another thread, also with a paddling overtone, that she had ‘ two big smacks with a cricket bat from the headmaster when I was in form five’

These do not seem outrageous claims to me.  We are talking private schools, and I wonder if they may have been religious schools.  Various of these favoured  US style paddle punishments, and indeed some of them fought hard to retain SCP when it became illegal.  Such schools were often small, increasing the likelyhood that facilities might be shared between associated schools.  Rightly or wrongly, in such schools there was often an emphasis on the omnipotence of the male headmaster as a dispenser of punishment.

Sadly I do not think we shall see Hurst90 again, though I hope very much that I am wrong.  It would be most interesting to hear her account of the punishment and why she emphasised the fact that boys were still on the premises at the time of her punishment.

Lastly, a comment for those who might say why not just come out with the story instead of hinting at things.  This may sound sexist,  It is not intended to be.  I believe in equal but different.  In my experience women who are not out and out spankos often have more difficulty in recounting details of punishment on the bottom than men do.  I recall one contributor who took a substantial number of contributions and some probing and prompting  before it became absolutely clear that her severe and definitely unjustified caning by her headmistress for bullying was of the bent over variety.  I don’t recall any disbelief of her account but nonetheless it took a long time to come out.


Firstly, for the avoidance of any doubt.I very  much appreciated your earlier links and even appreciated Dr Ds fascination with tram routes and schools contained in your links above.

Although usually renown for your accuracy,  I believe you may have slightly misquoted , I think the recommendation  was to only avoid (quite understandably )  Morris dancing as opposed to Country dancing in general although there are probably many who would actually agree with the latter.

I have to confess I would not be among them . In fact I have many fond memories of such dances which called for, as part of the routine .the brisk smack to a shapely  rear  as one changed partners.  Many a lovely bottom wobbled under my hand in such circumstances …Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but I was actually once told by a partner that I spanked *most excellently”.

Although not a great watcher of Television in years gone by and certainly by no means a fan of Strictly I understand that bottom spanking in dance routines on TV is actually not  uncommon


As regards the slippering  of the 3, I can categorically state  that I was  not one of the recipients . However all three were known to me and were of  my age group .  One became a close friend and we shared an enthusiasm for sailing in our 20s.

Like your good self I can see no reason to doubt the veracity of the lady’s earlier contribution and I applaud your efforts to persuade her to continue contributing

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