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School Discipline

CP events in ordinary life

Bit quiet at the moment so I thought I would start a new thread. I would like to hear from anyone who has seen a CP related event in ordinary life.
Perhaps it is easier to give an example than to try to explain what I mean. A_L has related on several threads here of an occasion
when he came to the rescue of a Scottish lassie who was at risk of getting the dreaded belt at her school.
A_L was staying overnight when the lady who owned the house explained that her daughter had missed the bus
to her school that morning and would therefore get the belt for arriving late. A_L gallantly offered to give the girl a lift to her school
so that she could avoid her fate.

I will set the ball rolling by relating an event I witnessed while on holiday at the local supermarket. I was selecting which fruit to purchase when I became aware of a
young couple, about twenty, standing a distance away at the vegetable section. There was a lot of banter going on between them and the girl was laughing.
Although I could not hear what they were saying, I could see from the look on her face that she was teasing him. They made off leaving me to make my selection.
About five minutes later I turned down an aisle to get a jar of coffee and saw the couple ahead of me. The aisle was empty apart from them and they
were still joking about when the guy said something and the girl laughed and stuck her tongue out at him. Without warning he whacked his
hand across her bottom very, very hard. She didn’t even flinch and they walked down the bottom of the aisle and out of sight. The precision
of the blow and the force he used made it obvious that he had had lots of practice. In turn, the fact that she showed no obvious response made it
clear that she was well used to being on the receiving end.

By the time I got to the bottom of the aisle they were making their way through the checkout still laughing and joking about. I suspect they were both going to enjoy themselves
when he got her back home. Lucky sod!

If anyone shows an interest I have a couple more CP related events to share. I’m sure there must be more out there. Let’s hear them.


I had a holiday job when I was at university (this was in the late sixties), doing clerical work. We were in a long open-plan office, with the local boss sitting at a desk at one end. There was then a passageway down the length of the office, with with a line of office desks for the clerks down one side, and a line of telephone desks for the “phone girls” down the other. (They were all young women; this was before sex discrimination in employment was outlawed.)

There was one particularly attractive woman, probably in her mid-twenties: tall, blonde, with a good figure, who was always being chatted up by the outworkers. I remember one time when she walking down the passageway between the desks, engaging in some banter with one of the foremen, when for some reason he gave her an almighty slap on the bum. I think she just said “Ow!” and then giggled; nobody else batted an eyelid.


In the early 1980s my wife was a nurse in Leeds, she shared a house with several other nurses and this formed a base for three marriage and lifelong friendships. Anyway, around 15 years ago we were celebrating the 50th birthday of the husband in couple 2, when I passed by the wife of couple 3 in the pub and she gave me a big smack on the bum. No previous mention of kink or spanking, she just did it in front of everyone. We’re all Christians so we don’t go swinging or sharing sexually but I admit I look back with fondness on that smack.


i have worked at a pizza restaurant for the last 22 years, i couldn’t begin to count the number of ass slappings that has gone on there…. tommy the owners eldest son tends to spank too hard and piss the waitresses off so its not supposed to go on now… but…


Great comments all. Keep them coming. All my experiences happened when I was on holiday. No idea why. I will add another shortly.
A_L – A teacher with belt waiting at entrance – it didn’t happen at my school in Scotland but I have heard of it elsewhere. Like most I didn’t escape the experience several times. I was all of seven years old the first time. Looking back quite shocking but routine then.


This is perhaps slightly off at a tangent, but could fit in this thread.

In the summer of 1967 I’d just taken A-levels. We were still officially at school, but didn’t need to attend unless there was a special reason, and didn’t need to wear uniform when we did so. I remember going to a local pub with some schoolfriends early one evening; we were accompanied by a couple of girls from the school across the road from ours (both were single-sex grammar schools).

For some reason the conversation turned to corporal punishment at school. One of my friends mentioned recollections of the geography master I’ve mentioned before in some posts here several years ago. This man used a belt; my friend recalled a time when one of the regular offenders was told to bend over, but the master decided to “have a practice” on his desk; according to my friend the boy “literally turned green” with fear.

Another of my friends described the procedure for being slippered in the prefects’ room; he said that offenders were told to bend over the back of a chair. I imagine that this was his personal experience from a few years earlier; at the time of this conversation, slippering by prefects was defunct.

What particularly sticks in my mind, though, is the response of one of the girls who had joined us. I can’t remember her name, or what she looked like, but I remember her wanting to know if any of us had been caned. She was quite insistent: the question was addressed to each of us, individually, in turn: “Did you ever get the cane?” In fact none of us had, so she didn’t follow it up.

But I wonder why she was so interested? As far as I know, from memories and also from old posts on Friends Reunited, the girls’ school she attended didn’t use corporal punishment at all. So maybe it came from when she was at primary school, which would have been in the late 1950s. All the primary schools in our area used CP, though mainly on boys. But she might have been threatened with the ruler or the slipper. She would certainly have seen boys slippered in front of her class. She might have seen boys crying after they had been caned in private, and maybe this piqued her interest. I wonder whether, if any of us had admitted to having been caned, her next question would have been “hand or bottom”?

And I wonder whether, as an adult, she might have become acquainted with one or other end of a cane — or maybe even both ends?


My next recollections of CP events in ordinary life. The first was when I was arriving on holiday. The car in front of me at a roundabout had reg plate CP6. To my frustration the traffic at the roundabout held me back and I never caught up with the car so don’t know if it was a male or female driver. I suppose the drivers initials could have been CP but the 6 clinched it for me. A Jillian Keenan moment.

The next event occurred at the supermarket while I was on holiday. I stayed in a holiday let so went shopping for food a few times during my vacation. It was a warm day and most, including myself, were wearing shorts. The supermarket had a long rack outside the main entrance with bedding plants for sale. As I approached a woman, aged about fifty and plump wearing baggy shorts, bent over to look at the plants on the lowest shelf in the rack. As she did so the baggy leg of her shorts rode up her leg to reveal the unmistakable marks left by a wooden spoon. Applied several times with vigour in the same area. It was early morning so I guess she had an enjoyable evening the day before. I managed to avoid the temptation of engaging her in conversation about our mutual interest. In bedding plants I mean of course.


Lansallos, may I be permitted to relate an incident that actually involved me? Forgive me if I’ve related this before. (A_L?)  When I was around 14-15, a few of us lads were playing football on the local green. A girl, probably a year of so younger, whom we knew by sight, but was not actually part of our group, kept interfering with the game, grabbing the ball, running in front of us etc. I suddenly saw red. I grabbed the girl, literally threw her face-down onto the grass, and gave her more than a dozen really hefty wallops on her jeans-clad bottom. Suddenly realising what I was doing, I let her up, and all she did was slink away, red-faced, and elsewhere no doubt. No-one said anything, we just carried on with the game. How would I have possibly have got away with that today?

Funnily enough, as a postscript, a few years later, I was invited to a youth club dance by a friend. In those days I was too shy to ask a girl for a dance, so I was “paired off.” It so happens it was this girl. We had quite a few dances, but she never commented on our previous meeting. She either did not recognise me, or decided to let bygones be bygones. A guilty conscience perhaps?



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