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Naughty Corner

Fat, Fifty & Back

Talking about truths, is it just me, or do others find that the truth is always far more interesting than mistruths? Personally, I think the latter, however  to say I have never lied would be a lie in itself.  Though I do have to say I have though always considered myself very honest even when I’m lying.

It appears in this day and age some have a real problem with the truth and direct honesty. Come to that I think it might be the case that people have always had a problem with the truth its just that these days it is more prevalent what we have always been up against.

So here is the deal to the best of my knowledge I am going to tell the truth here.

Unfortunately, the truth has not always been very positive, in fact once again to be honest the truth is hard work.

This brings me to another subject, of work in itself.

It is not about how much you can gob of online or offline about how wonderful you are,   how many years you have been about on the scene, how you are the best-looking female, most handsome male, how you are the top  Dom Male the top Mistress and so on , its about the work.

Unfortunately in the past, I fell into the trap of gobbing off online, there has been a little bit of unfortunate behavior from yours truly and I regret it.

Having said that in my defense I was goaded.

I was goaded by the people who were always trying to be the Big I ams who in reality were the big I   am nothing.

It is a little bit negative to bring this all up years later after the event.

However, needs must.

I’ve since then been diagnosed with C-PTSD.

So these people who goaded me and always said that I was a mental case have actually got something right in their lives because  I have been diagnosed with mental health issues. which stem from childhood.

Am I looking for The sympathy vote here?

No, because I  OWN IT.

Maybe it would be a good idea if some of these people got themselves checked out, however they probably never will as they actually are deluded enough to think they are the perfect species in this human race.

Another thing about these certain people is that the majority of them are a little bit unfortunate looking. Now unless they put paper bags over thier heads, go and have a few more  tummy tucks, stop wearing clothing that   Oxfam wont even accept, they can not hide the fact that they are unfortunate looking.

I can hide my mental  health issues.

All I have to do is SHUT UP.

However I am not going to, I have a story to tell.

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