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Geoffrey Stirling

Girls’ bottoms, basically. I was always interested in them and from a very tender age. Between 3 and 8 I had a very convenient next door neighbour who let me play with hers, whenever we could find privacy. Then I went away to school.

In junior school, in the 50s, I was hand spanked on my thighs in front of the class and was able to observe girls being spanked on a bare cheek (knickers pulled up). Then I went away to boarding school, where I was slippered regularly and caned occasionally. It did absolutely nothing for me, apart from hurting.¬† I wasn’t excited by it, nor did my behaviour improve. I fantasised about girls’ bottoms.

In the 60s, in my mid teens, I discovered spanking literature and, wow, spanking was a way of playing with girls’ bottoms!

By the time I was eighteen I had realised that submission/domination was an important part of spanking. At that age I wanted to have sex with most girls I knew, most of them said no thank you. If I could dominate like a spanker did, then I could just tell them to have sex with me and they would!

Apart from a little play spanking with my convenient friend, when I was eight, I hadn’t actually done it and thought I was weird for wanting to. Then, aged 20 I met a woman who wanted to be spanked. I have never looked back, and have spanked many girls and women.

Geoffrey Stirling.

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