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Domestic Discipline

The Slipper at Home

I have read many nostalgic posts relating to home slipperings, and as one who was regularly slippered by both parents, i am interested to know what type of slipper was used.

I remember my mum’s flat mule slipper having a nasty sting as I think it had a plastic sole. I also remember an espadrille being used from time to time and various sandals.

As I got older one of Dad’s old gym shoes was introduced, for the special purpose of correcting my behavior.


It was a lady’s slipper with a rubber sole. Stung like anything but no lasting damage. Mum was an expert using it – said she inherited the talent from her own mother!!


The slipper was the implement used for corporal punishment in our house from the time my brother and I went to school I guess. It was dished out by Dad and was the ultimate sanction – the biggest threat that could be issued. As a deterrent it worked pretty well as it stung like hell. Administered while touching toes with the heel end of one of those old checked carpet slippers.


The slipper at home was usually in the form of my mother’s Scholl sandals – if you don’t remember these they were the flat wooden soled shoes with a single thin strap(Popular again now….).She used this simply because it was the only this to hand (they were her house slippers) apart from her own hand. Although I never received the slipper at school, there it was given in the form of a plimsoll, both my brother and I certainly tried not to misbehave at home. Dad only used his hand, mum was the real disciplinarian as dad was always out to work and it was not easy for her to look after two boys.


Mum used an ordinary carpet slipper with a thin rubber sole that was kept for the purpose. It stung like crazy!


I was punished by both my mother and dad. Mother had a light leather-soled bedroom slipper with a silly fluffy top – but it stung like the devil when applied to my bare bottom. Dad called his a slipper but it was really what we called in England a “sandshoe” – a rubber-soled plimsoll. It was much more serious and left bruises that took two weeks to disappear.


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