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Domestic Discipline

Spanking in books

Can anyone provided samples of references to spanking in ‘normal’ books? I am not talking about books produced specifically for erotic purposes, but books where spanking is mentioned in passing.

For example, Mary McCarthy’s Autobiography (Memories of a Catholic Childhood) goes into some detail of the spankings she had on her bare bottom from her foster uncle and aunt (belt from him, hairbrush from her)

Roald Dahl in “Boy” decribes many of the canings he had in two schools, one a Prep School in Cardiff, the other in Public School.

When I was in the Royal Navy I remember reading the story of Dartmouth College for Midshipmen. This described the beatings given to the cadets. One of my fellow officers told me of the beatings he had been given when he was at that college, and confirmed that the stories in this book were true.

I once read a darned good fictional story where a girl in a Convent school was caught masturbating and was beaten on her bare bottom by the Sister Superior as a punishment, and she had an orgasm while she was being beaten.

I also read in a fiftional story about Eton College where one of the prefects ejaculated while watching a boy being beaten by a fellow prefect. (The Glorious Fourth of June, I think it was called.)

There was also a novel called “Marbella,” where a chap spanked his girl-friend as a punishment when they were plaing games. She had to pretend to be a maid, and was spanked on her bare botom for allegedly spilling coffee on an invisible visitor.

I can also remember reading a good fictional story about a romance between a sixteen-year-old schoolboy and a girl. He did something wrong and was beaten. When he was ordered to take down his trousers he was astounded because he did not consider he had done anything serious enough to justify being beaten on the bare bottom. He showed his disgust by removing all his clothes. He still got caned, however.

Anybody got some other recollections?

‘The Battle of the Villa Fiorita’ by Rumer Godden (1907-1998) has a short description of an M/f spanking. I will find it and post it here tomorrow.

The spanking was included in the film of the same title made in 1963.

Rob is the father of Pia, a girl of about ten. They are seated round a dining table with other members of the family. Pia refuses to eat and Rob

‘jerked Pia out of her chair and, in a second, she was face downwards across his knee. He turned up her skirt, showing her little rump outlined in snowy white briefs edged with lace. “You asked for it; you shall have it,” said Rob, and, before all their eyes, he gave her a good spanking.
Hugh and Caddie sat too shocked to speak; Fanny was white to the lips, only Giulietta watched with amusement in her eyes as if this were entirely natural. At last the sound of the slaps ceased and Rob lifted Pia off that powerful knee.

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