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Domestic Discipline

Remembrance V

It was another summer spanking from my stepmom Julie that I fondly recalled at age 11. I got into trouble with Julie and she led me to the master bedroom where she always administered my spankings. After grabbing her hairbrush, Julie began to unzip my short pants. As I watched and began preparing myself for another painful spanking, I was suddenly surprised at the tingle that went up my spine when Julie accidentally grazed her hand across my penis as she tugged my shorts down.  This was another time that as she took me over her lap to spank my bare buttocks with her hairbrush, I found myself actually finding pleasure as well as the usual pain. To be sure, I was left in tears and a sore bottom as I was sent later to my room to recuperate. After the pain subsided a bit as I rubbed my sore bottom, I soon found myself with an erection again. You can imagine Julie’s surprise later when I apologized for my behaviour and admitted that I deserved the spanking and how much more it hurt when administered on the bare buttocks. Julie nodded approvingly at my comment and added that she was so surprised that my parents had not spanked me bare, a practice that she had insisted upon for me when she marrried my dad. Julie then asked me if my mom was now taking my pants down for spankings and I nodded “no”. Julie was seemed surprised that my dad had never mentioned anything to my mom about getting my spankings on the bare bottom, but made no further comments. A few weeks later, I was back home with my mom as I would be spending the next semester of school with her. One afternoon, I came home from soccer practice and as I had always done, I undressed to my shorts in the washroom adjacent to the kitchen and placed all my soiled clothes in the hamper before entering the kitchen. I was about to walk into the kitchen when my mom with an angry look on her face walked over to me and pulled my shorts off and placed them in the hamper too. Mom saw the puzzled look on my face and explained that I was going to be spanked because I failed to tell her about a note from my teacher at school which she found in my room that afternoon. Mom further added that she had had a good conversation with Julie about a week ago and learned that I was being spanked bare and thought it was a good idea. Before I knew it, I was walking naked through the kitchen with mom already applying some swats to my bare buttocks with her hand. I distinctly remembered how my penis would sway with each spank. Mom led me to my room and told me to bend over my bed, while I heard her open my closet door. Mom then let out an order to spread my legs apart some more and seconds later, I felt the sting and bite of a doubled-up belt on my bare buttocks. I could just picture how exposed I was as with each lash of the belt, I could feel the air stir around the rear of my genitals. I could also feel a few licks of the belt hit the crease of my buttocks. Mom really let me have it and soon I was crying and she stopped. Mom then rubbed my sore bottom and commented again that she thought spanking me bare was a good idea. She then added that the spanking I just received was for not telling her about the note from the teacher, and that I was now going to get 10 more lashes for not telling her that I was getting spanked bare. After coming back downstairs from recovering in my room, mom mentioned that she wished she had started giving me bare bottom spankings sooner and would definitely continue to pull my pants down in the future. That spanking had been far worse than anything my stepmom had ever given me and my bottom stayed red for two days.

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