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Domestic Discipline

Punished at Home

I knew very little of girls being spanked by their parents when I was growing up. I do remember a few instances of girls being spanked by their parents in the late 1960s when I was in my late teens. I remember the girls at the youth club firmly stressing that one of their numbers had to be home on time in the evenings. They didn’t exactly say why but I did get the impression that she’d get more than just a talking off if she was late home.
A few years after that I remember my mother saying that a teenage girl who worked in the same company told her that she had been spanked by her father the night before. My mother said that she thought the girl was far too old to be punished like that.
Apart from a few casual mentions of parents spanking sons and daughters, I heard a little more. Then in the late 1980s when the state school CP ban had just been made law and few parents still used spanking I worked for a really large company. A lady in my office phoned in one morning saying she wasn’t feeling too good and wouldn’t be at work that day. In line with company policy, I didn’t ask for any details and just said we’d be pleased to see her back when she was feeling better. The next morning she was back to her usual happy self. I welcomed her back saying I hoped she was feeling better. At this, she looked a bit embarrassed but said nothing. Later in the morning, she made coffee and we stopped for a break. Then out of the blue she apologized for her absence the previous day saying that she hadn’t actually been unwell. I must have looked confused and even more so when she explained. She said that she had kept her daughter off school that day. I just listened as she explained that her husband had spanked their daughter the previous evening. I knew the girl was rather spoilt I thought. By now she had my full attention. She said the girl had moved when being spanked and the slipper had hit her leg. Apparently, there was a mark on her leg the next morning and it was decided to keep her off school for the day to save having to explain things. I didn’t really know what to say so probably said nothing. They seemed to be a lovely family, he was ex-force and they’d traveled a lot until he left to work in the aircraft industry.

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