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Domestic Discipline

My first Caning

After A-levels, I didn’t go to university but did attend the local technical college for further education. I lived at home for free and had various low-paid evening jobs, such as waitress work, bar work, etc, for pocket money.

My Auntie asked me if I would like to work for her doing general housework such as cleaning, laundry and generally keeping the house tidy with hours to suit me so I agreed.

She was married to a man who had a successful career in the army and who was an officer although I don’t remember the rank. I didn’t see much of him as he was away a lot so my Auntie was alone much of the time.

They were much better off financially than my family and she was a bit posh really although I did like her.  They lived in a fairly large detached house so there was plenty to do as my Auntie preferred to spend her time socializing with her rich friends rather than do housework.

They had two sons who were about two years older than me and both had left home when I started working for her. I did know them quite well as we played together a lot when we were younger. They had told me stories of how strict their mother was and how she disciplined them. Before they were teenagers she spanked them over her knee on their bottoms but once they were older she caned them when they were really naughty. She would cane them while they were bending over the kitchen table just before bedtime over their thin pyjamas . They didn’t have any bad feelings about it and accepted it as normal just as I had accepted it was normal for my father to spank me.

They said it was always six strokes which really did sting and left cane marks but they soon recovered and regarded her as a loving mother doing what she thought was best for them. The cane was used at the school they went to but they told me they were well-behaved and were never caned there. I’m quite sure they would have told me if they had been.

As I’ve said in other posts, I was fascinated by school discipline from a very early age so did prompt them to talk about it as often as possible.

One evening when I was doing some housework at my Auntie’s house there was an opened bottle of wine in the kitchen about half full. I couldn’t resist having a drink and didn’t think of it as stealing although, of course, it was. One glass led to another and I finished the bottle! My Auntie had told me I could make myself a cup of tea if I wanted to when she was out but that’s all.

When my Auntie returned she noticed that the wine bottle was empty and asked me about it. I told her the truth and said I couldn’t resist having a glass and ending up drinking it all. She told me she was very disappointed that I should be tempted to steal from her and told me that she would have to tell my parents and I would not be able to work for her anymore.

I apologized profusely and told her that it would never happen again if she let me carry on working for her. She told me that if either of her sons had done that she would not have hesitated to cane them.  She asked me if I knew that she had been strict with them on occasion and I confirmed that I knew that sometimes she had caned them. She asked me if I had ever been caned at school to which I replied that I hadn’t although I didn’t tell her that I had fantasized about being caned by the headmistress.

Just the mention of the cane had started to arouse all sorts of emotions within me and when she said that I was not too old to be caned myself all my fantasies came flooding back. I knew I wanted her to cane me so I told her that I thought I deserved it and it would teach me a lesson if she wanted to do it. I stressed that I would want it to remain private because I didn’t want my parents to know that she had caned me. She didn’t need much time to think about it and agreed to cane me just as she had caned my cousins. I don’t know what my parents would have thought but would probably have had no objections.

She took me into the kitchen and told me to  wait there while she fetched the cane. I don’t know where she got it as she had never been a schoolteacher before she was married

When she returned I saw a school cane for the first time (apart from pictures in comics) and I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. I cannot remember the exact dimensions but it did have a crook handle just like the school canes in the comics. I did remember my cousins said it was very effective and I was very relieved that I was about to find out for myself after years of fantasizing about it. I was expecting it to be painful as that is the whole purpose of corporal punishment and I wasn’t going to enjoy the pain. I was going to enjoy the whole ritual of a school caning of which experiencing the pain is part of that. Also, I was going to enjoy the satisfaction of submitting to a person in authority and enduring the pain until it was over.

She told me that she had always given my cousins six strokes and she would give me the same. She told me to bend over the end of the kitchen table and remain in position until she told me that I could stand up.

She proceeded to cane me and it was probably over in less than one minute but it really did sting and I realized why it was so effective as a punishment. I did struggle to remain in position but holding onto the sides of the table was a big help. I don’t think I could have remained bent over if in the touching-toes position.


You remark on the mixture of excitement and nervousness you felt on first seeing a real school cane, which in your case would be heightened by knowing that it was shortly to be deployed on you.

I remember the nervousness instilled by such a visual confrontation very well.  Prefects’ court,  1955.  Happily unlike you, I didn’t have to shed my nether over-garment or even bend over to present the tightly stretched seat of the short trousers as the wicked-looking cane on the court table wasn’t deployed


I am now over 70 years old and this happened well over 50 years ago so some detail is a bit hazy although I have done my best to recollect the event as accurately as possible. I cannot remember my exact thoughts when the first stroke was given and I don’t think anything was said during the caning. I think I was just concentrating on remaining in position until it was over, after which my Auntie left the room and I was alone with a very sore bottom. I composed myself and returned home, aware that there had been an awakening within me and my fantasy had been fulfilled at last.  I also knew that I would want it again, particularly after looking in the mirror at some very impressive bruises.

When I next saw my Auntie, absolutely nothing was said about what had happened and I continued to work for her. However, a few weeks later I started to feel that I wanted her to cane me again and saw an opportunity to achieve this. There was another bottle of wine on the kitchen table so I opened it and drank about half of it, expecting my Auntie to cane me again as before. Perhaps I wondered if she would be stricter and pull my knickers down or give me more, or even harder, strokes. Anyway, that didn’t happen and when my Auntie saw what I had done she was absolutely furious and said that the caning had obviously done me no good whatsoever and I hadn’t learned from it. She dismissed me immediately despite my request that I would prefer her to cane me with a promise from me that if she did then it would never happen again. I can only assume that she got no pleasure from using the cane and was not aware that I craved it so that answers the question – no, my Auntie never caned me again.

As I said earlier, it had been an awakening for me and I later met other people for what is now regarded as recreational canings.  I have met some lovely people in my life and got a lot of pleasure from my ‘hobby’


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