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Domestic Discipline

Mrs Wilkins V

There was also something about the experience of having their pants lowered and their bare fannies spanked over their mother’s laps which allowed them to bond intensely with their mothers. The rapid onset of babyish crying and the lack of physical resistance made that clear enough. Each child seemed to recapture a deeply needed dependency and trust which reached a peak in the concluding hug of reconciliation. Of course, these feelings could also be transferred to another woman if she was sensitive to their special insecurities and needs. That was one reason Belinda was Johnny’s favorite babysitter. From Billy’s perspective, a lot more was at stake that summer when Belinda spanked him. A whole new set of sensations went through his mind as she bared his bottom before church and later again that afternoon. On the one hand, Billy felt like the naughtiest little second grader whose fanny was going to get spanked as long and as hard as Belinda felt necessary. It was as if his whole being had been transferred to his bottom and laid bare for her loving yet firm attention. At such moments, Billy felt overwhelming sensations of “little boy” dependency, freedom from all responsibility, and a total enfolding in maternal love. For Billy, there was also a deep trust, a sense that he was being spanked for a particular misdeed like any other naughty child and that he had both earned his spanking and needed it to return to grace. This sense of trust was only deepened by the knowledge that he would be spanked in proportion to the naughtiness at hand and forgiven afterwards. By crying freely right away, Billy unconsciously gave himself a head start on the inner process of correction, repentance, and forgiveness which spankings enabled. His vigorous, unrestrained crying helped purge all anxieties and fears, anger and rebellion. In its wake came an inner peace and tranquility which was particularly strong during the hug of reconciliation and in the warm afterglow of the rest of the day. All that was familiar to enough when his mother or Mrs. Wilkins punished him. But with Belinda, the whole experience took on a new and different quality. On the one hand, her youth made her seem much more accessible and understanding, much closer to them than their mothers were. At the same time, she was a mature woman whose youth made her tremendously desirable in the way the older women were not. And her emotional accessibility made her even more enticing. The sensations of having a sexy, high-school junior vaseline his rectum and slide in a baby thermometer while cupping his bottom to hold it steady had opened up a whole new world for Billy. Even more exciting was the confusion of those sensations with the knowledge that his thermometer trick was about to be uncovered and that this beautiful girl would almost certainly spank him. Seeing Johnny’s spanking later only raised Billy’s excitement. So did the sight of Belinda’s thighs as she pulled her skirts way up before drawing Johnny deception across her lap. And because she spread her legs to provide a stable lap for Johnny, Billy had caught repeated glimpses of her white cotton panties. It wasn’t the first time he had seen panties, of course. But suddenly there was something much more mysterious and exciting about these forbidden glimpses, especially when combined with a spanking. No wonder he was in such a state when Belinda finished with Johnny, put him to bed, and put him over her bare thighs in the living room. Since she was sitting back on the sofa, his upper torso was stretched out comfortably over the sofa to her left. It felt partly like a spanking but also like he had already been put down for a nap. As she began a lengthy scolding, he wasted no time squirming against her warm thighs, determined to enjoy the full effect before the sting of his spanking began. And Belinda allowed him ample opportunity to wriggle by not holding him down firmly while she scolded him for five minutes. Never before had Billy’s loins burned this way before a spanking. Without fully understanding it, he gave himself up these new sensations even as he began crying like a baby and pleading not to be spanked. But spanked he was that afternoon, and well spanked for a good fifteen minutes. As she smacked his cheeks, Belinda continuously scolded him and told him repeatedly what a bad little boy he was and how she would soundly spank his bare bottom every time he misbehaved, how she would never trust him again with an adult thermometer, how he was really a little baby who needed to be treated like a baby. She spanked him expertly and slowly, spanked him until he felt utterly dependent on her and secure and loved all at once. After five minutes, Billy felt like a seven year old. After another five minutes of spanking, he had regressed to a state of pure infantilism where his babyish crying and nakedness below the waist seemed the most natural thing in the world to him. He even assented repeatedly when she scolded, “You need lots of spankings when you’re naughty, don’t you, little Billy … don’t you … yes you do .. don’t you … yes you do. And Belinda’s going to give her Billy lots of spankings when he’s naughty, isn’t she … isn’t she?” Had she placed him on a baby blanket on the floor and left him to play half naked for the rest of the afternoon, he would have done so gladly. Had she diapered him before putting him down for his nap, he would have wet and cried to be changed. Had she wanted to take his temperature, he would have eagerly turned onto his stomach for the baby thermometer. All of those thoughts surged through his mind as his spanking went on and on and on. By the time she finished, Billy was lost in an delicious confusion of “little boy” feelings and new sensations he dimly recognized as something more grown up. Instead of sitting him up right away, Belinda let him lie there until his crying subsided while she gently massaged his sore fanny. Afterwards, when she cuddled him on her lap and told him all was forgiven, he clung to her, hoping it would never end. Almost instinctively, his thumb found its way to his mouth. Sucking it seemed the most natural thing in the whole world, especially when Belinda responded by holding him closer. “Are you going to be my good little boy for now on?,” she asked. “I’ll be your good little boy, Belinda .. I’ll be your good little boy … I promise I will”. “It seems you learned a good lesson, didn’t you?” By then, Billy was too sleepy to answer. He just nodded and nuzzled against her soft breasts, utterly at peace. In the end, he wouldn’t let go of her and so she carried him up to his room, his thumb still in his mouth. After taking off his shirt and tucking him in, she kissed him on the forehead and left. He was asleep within minutes. The two boys later awoke to the sound of Mrs. Wilkins’s voice downstairs. She had come home a little early and was saying good bye to Belinda when Billy woke up. Apparently, Belinda never said anything about their spankings because Mrs. Wilkins never asked nor did she refer to the fixed thermometers. For the rest of the summer, Billy and Johnny enjoyed Mrs. Wilkins’s maternal attention and firm discipline. On average, They earned two or three spankings a week. Mrs. Wilkins even spanked Billy a a number of times by himself in the living room when he misbehaved. At times, the two boys even dared each other to do things knowing full well the consequence would be a joint spanking. On some level, the sharing of spankings became a kind of ritual which deepened their friendship and made them feel like true brothers. So did their mutual crush on Belinda. During the rest of Billy’s stay, she baby sat for them five different evenings. And each time, the two boys misbehaved enough to earn bedtime spankings from her. One thing they liked about Belinda was the way all was forgiven immediately after a bottom warming and they way she generally postponed any punishment until bedtime so she could read the boys a story after tucking them in. If the boys liked being babied in private, Belinda was a sitter who seemed to really enjoy babying them. No wonder the two boys adored her. In the middle of Billy’s last week, Mrs. Wilkins had to take Johnny to the dentist after he got a sudden toothache. Since it was an hour’s drive each way, she arranged for Belinda to come and look after Billy for the afternoon. The chance to spend a whole afternoon with the object of his affections without having to share her attentions with Johnny delighted Billy. So did the sight of Belinda when she arrived straight from the local tennis courts wearing a fetching tennis outfit with short skirt and white ruffled panties. As she got him lunch in the kitchen, Billy was entranced by the sight of her ruffled bottom peeking out which was visible whenever she bent forward over the counter to prepare his sandwich. These panties made her seem like a little girl, as if she was really his age. At the same time, he couldn’t help imagine how those panties would have looked on him. By the time lunch ended, Billy was staring to feel a little overheated, perhaps on account of the 93 degree heat or the continual display of Belinda’s ruffled fanny. When he commented on how hot he felt, Belinda felt his forehead and said, “Why don’t we go up to your room, Billy, and make sure you don’t have a fever?” “OK, Belinda.” She then took his hand and led him upstairs all the way to his bed as if he were a small child. He wondered if this was her way of telling him which thermometer she planned on using. “Sit down here, sweetheart, while I get the thermometer.” “Yes, Belinda.” Billy was trying to be as accommodating as possible. She then disappeared into the bathroom while Billy waited and wondered. Sure enough, she emerged carrying the baby thermometer, the jar of vaseline, and some tissues. “Given what happened last time, Billy, I think it best if we start with this thermometer, don’t you?” Billy blushed but raised no objection. There was nothing he could say after what he had done earlier. And part of him wanted her to use a baby thermometer. Belinda sat down on his bed, put the vaseline and thermometer on the bedside table, and said, “Stand up, sweetheart, so we can get your shorts down”. “OK, Belinda,” Billy said as she helped him to his feet. He moved and stood directly in front of her as she slipped her hands down the back of his shorts and underpants. For a brief moment, she palmed his cheeks and gave them a little squeeze before pushing his clothes down to his knees in one smooth motion. “I think I’ll do this with you over my lap … it’ll be easier that way. Come on, hon.” She took the willing child across her bare thighs and opened the vaseline. With no other business at hand, Belinda took her time, making sure Billy was thoroughly coated. By then, she noticed he was quite stiff against her thighs. Ignoring that for the time being, she reached for the thermometer, removed it from its case, and put the case back down on the little table. She then turned to spread Billy’s cheeks only to find them tightly squeezed shut. Giving him a good spank, she said, “Young man, you relax right now so I can put this baby thermometer in. If you wanted me to use a grown-up thermometer, you shouldn’t have messed around with it last time. You’re going to have to get used to baby thermometers around me because that’s all you’re getting from now on. Now loosen up unless you want a good bottom warming first. Though one part of Billy thought that would be just fine, he relented and allowed her to spread his cheeks and insert the thermometer. As before, she held it in place with her hand resting lightly against his bottom. And this time, she waited a full five minutes. Finally, she pulled it out and said, “Your temperature seems normal, Billy. But let’s be sure by giving it a few more minutes, shall we?” Billy’s only reply was to snuggle his upper torso against the bed as if getting more comfortable. Clearly he was not going to object. When the second reading proved normal, Belinda wiped his bottom carefully with the tissues and then wiped the thermometer and set it aside. She then gave Billy another spank, pronounced him fit as a fiddle and asked him to get up. Only upon lifting him to his feet did his condition become quite visible. Billy knew this would not be well received and he was right. For Belinda began scolding him immediately. “My … my… you are a naughty little thing, aren’t you. One might almost think you like having your temperature taken like a little baby. Perhaps a good spanking will help remind you not to be so naughty when I’m taking your temperature.” Since Billy was already standing in front of Belinda with his shorts and underpants down at his knees, it was a simple matter for her to draw the protesting child back over her knee where he stayed for the next five minutes while she spanked him rosy red. Once again he quickly regressed to an infantile status, crying freely from the start and kicking his legs throughout the ordeal. As his shorts and underpants worked their way down his legs and flew off onto the floor, he felt even more helpless and vulnerable, more like a little boy who wasn’t old enough to wear clothes or to worry about being naked in front of his baby sitter. Afterwards, when he had regained some composure over her knee, Belinda explained she wasn’t finished.

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