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Domestic Discipline

Euphemisms for Spanking

Over my nearly 82 years, there have been many euphemisms used for spanking, here I a few I am aware of.

Tan your hide
Shine your hine
Pine your hine (paddles made of pine)
Heat to the seat
Barbequed butt
Garden whacks (no clothes at all)
Smoked fanny
Glowing Glutes
Damaged derrière
Warmed ham
Sizzling Seat
Bust your butt
Whip your ass
This here paddle is about to be involved in a contact sport
A rapid rubber (rubbing afterwards)
Tore up tail

What else have any of your heard?


Threats include

Take your knickers down and box your ears
A slipper where it will do the most good
A warmed rear
A painful experience

And if you include caning
Made a Sergeant……(3 stripes)
A dose of stick
A  Striping

These come immediately to mind but it’s been a very long day.


A good hiding
A tanned backside
Your going over my knee
Your father will have a word with you when he gets home (mums favourite)

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