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Domestic Discipline

Chatting about Spanking

When I was about eight I had a Sunday school teacher called Sharon who was a senior at the high school.
she was very pretty but very firm and I loved her dearly.
one Sunday i arrived for class nursing a sore bottom as I had been the object of my mother’s wrath that morning.
I had been playing up with one of my sisters and mom had settled things with a good spanking over her knee for us both.
I was still feeling the effects and shuffling on my poor little butt during class so Sharon asked me what was
I must have looked a bit shame-faced but admitted to her I’d been spanked.
she smiled and gave me a hug.
never mind she said it happens to us all sometimes.
what even to you I gasped.
oh yes, she said my mum sometimes gives me a spanking over her knee to keep me nice.
oh, I said the same as me I guess she said giving her shapely
butter rub.
over the knee on the bottom I don’t think mom knows any other way, she giggled.
wow, I said, even at your age?
yes, she said.
mom believes you’re never too old for a spanking,
that is something which over the years i have
learned to my cost.

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