Naughty Corner

Fat, Fifty & Back

Tell a lie,   I am actually well into my 50s and in comparison to others, I am not exactly fat. However, it sounded good so poetic license and all that its a good enough title. Talking about truths, is it just me, or do others find that the truth is always far more interesting than mistruths? Personally, I think the latter, however  to say I have never lied would be a lie in itself.  Though I do have to say I have though always considered myself very honest even when I’m lying. It appears in this day and age some have a real problem with the truth and direct honesty. Come to that I think it might be the case that people have always had a problem with the truth its just that these days it is more prevalent what we have always been up against. So here is the deal to the best of my knowledge ...

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